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More miracles from the annals of magic and enchantment

“One of the greatest paradoxes of your physical senses is that your eyes actually show you what you believe, not what you see.”—Mike Dooley1ab

So I’m sitting in a French café in Mexico, having just finished a travel article on a Brazilian steakhouse I visited in the United States. What a small world!

ACIM Lesson 85 is yet another review, reminding us that when we give up our story, when we surrender our grievances, miracles begin happening.

And to prove it, here are a few stories that recently made a bow in my inbox:

1. I have received many blessings because I see the world differently and I now “see” the many gifts and blessings that easily flow to me. I want you to know that I too left $10 bills (10 of them) in random places in my small hometown. I attached positive messages to them. I can’t describe the feeling of pure Divine Bliss I felt each time I left a bill. My eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with so much love!!!

I have received an abundance of blessings. It’s like money and good things easily flow to me. My husband and I recently went on a cruise to beautiful and majestic islands. Every place we visited was filled with beautiful people and pure Divine Bliss! I woke up every morning and asked the Universe for a gift. I received many gifts. A positive message from a stranger, a seashell from a beautiful little girl, a jar of island bbq sauce from a new friend we made on the ship, an oragami dragon from a cruise ship waiter, and are you ready for this? I WON A FREE CRUISE in a raffle I spent $20 dollars on!!!! I’m a believer Pam! The more I have fun and feel good, the more good I receive!

Thank you Universe God! Thank you Pam for both books!

P.S. the button I asked the universe for showed up on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas!!!

2. After losing my expensive black sport sunglasses last week, I thought for experiment #2 which I started last evening, I would see how many people were wearing black sunglasses for the next 48hrs ( in hopes that I could channel my lost ones somehow).

Okay ready Pam? So I’m thinking to myself how am I going to find people wearing black sunglasses since I spend most of my day working from home? And even if I did get out it would be around evening time when most people wouldn’t be wearing their sunglasses, unless of course you’re Jay-Z. And then I heard tomorrows forecast was calling for rain ugh! So, I’m really thinking now I had better change experiment #2 to looking for the dull beige colored cars. Probably see more of them than people wearing black sunglasses right? But..

It happened today after giving up a weekends long search in my car the place I last remembered seeing them. Once I sent out to the universe my pursuit for black sunglass wearing people, I then took a quick work break and went out to do an errand. It wasn’t ten minutes into my car bopping around looking for these men in black( or ladies) when I heard a rattle and there came my black sunglasses flying out from somewhere landing on my floor mat! I’m telling you I looked everywhere is this car and they were not there!

I’m a slight skeptic when it comes to magical moments and I know it’s just sunglasses, but I’m a gonna be a believer in FP from now on:) Watch out universe!

3. I am a 4th grade teacher in Las Vegas, NV. I was so moved by your book E Squared that I felt compelled to share a few of the experiments with my students. My students were manifesting purple trucks, rainbow cars, and gold Lamborghinis! I was so amazed at their enthusiasms, and elated that they were witnessing the power of their intentions that I plan to take it out into the school system.

4. And maybe my favorite: Went to a Beach Boys concert last night and all these months reading your blog helped me unleash immense joy and gratitude in the form of all night dancing.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Love this Pam! Love it, love it, LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing those inspiring delightful stories with us. This universe, this world, this life truly is amazing! Amen 😁

  2. Dear Pam,

    Do you/ can you provide a written list of the experiments in E squared and Thank and grow rich? I listen to you in the car via audible so it skips right past them when im driving and i cant remember which point the experiment is in the book. The universe has been ignoring my first attempts so i think i need to try some of the others. Im now listening to the universe has your back which also asks me to do stuff that i cant do when im driving. I really need to listen while im driving. Im prone to negativity so i like to keep hearing it. The thing is the more the universe ignores the more of a cynic one becomes and that produces the results the cynic believed in the first place. I do know crazy stuff happens. Ive seen it. It just seems to be very selective. I think i need to ask audible to make these written sheets avaible. Maybe as a download with the book.

    Actually i wanted to ask a lot more but im not even sure if this is a do not reply email address.

    Lyndsey x

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    1. Lyndsey, Look on youtube. For example, look for E Squared Experiment 1. My husband was so excited about the experiment with the L-Rods that he made a youtube of it.

  3. I love your readers’ stories – I have so many now that I have lost count. Thank you for creating a groundswell culture of people who expect (and embrace) miracles. You da bomb!

  4. Love the Mike Dooley quote. So true. It’s the joy that does it and darn it all, I’m too pragmatic. (another word for pessimistic and gloomy.) I do look at things from the glass half full perspective but the joy is a tough one for me. Counting my blessings is easy. Joy, not so much. I’ve got lots of work to do. All I want now is a new roof for my trailer. That’s asking for a lot. I have no other needs in this world. Trying to visualize it being there and being grateful for it. Maybe a happy dance will work? This will take a real miracle and I’m expecting it.

    1. Laugh more! Count backwards from 100 until you laugh. If you get to zero and didn’t laugh, do it again and again until you laugh. Laughter and play brings in the miracles.

      1. I hunt down things that make me laugh. You are correct as to how important it is. I watch You tube videos of puppies and kittens a lot and anything else that makes me laugh. I have a play list with happy tunes that I listen to so I can find the happy that is possibly there. It’s been a long time coming. I call myself content. A little late in life to be learning this but never too late. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I love the Miracle Stories. Time for me to read E Squared again.

    It was 2 years ago that a miracle happened right after I posted about my magical life on the Friday before Easter, March 25, 2016. My dear friend, Austin Sloan, sent me a response that he was painting me something. He had not been able to paint for 7 years. He finished it and sent it to me on Easter Sunday. It was the cover for my book…exactly what I had been wanting to ask him to paint for me, but couldn’t ask him because he was not able to paint anything. And this new painting for me was a new way of painting, something his guides suggested that he do.

    Here’s the post: My life is magical. I wake up in the morning and thank the Universe for everything that I can think of. While I am lying in bed, if there is a place that I have to go to that day, I finger dowse to find out what time I am supposed to be there. While driving my car, I’ll ask if there’s some place I am supposed to stop. I always go where my Inner Child suggests, no matter if I have no idea why I am going there.

    Yesterday, I saw three people whom I have had on my mind but not seen in months. One had moved to Copenhagen, Denmark two years ago and was here for only 17 days. When I was at the grocery store standing in line, I had the opportunity to share with three small children about looking in the mirror each morning and saying I love me, I am beautiful. The little girl told the manager on the way out of the store, I am beautiful which brought him over to help me with the help yourself machine to check out. I’ll walk into a store and ask my Inner Child, what do you want me to look at here. Sometimes, it’s a person to talk to…sometimes it actually is something to purchase. If I find myself having to wait, I look at my surroundings to notice who and what my Inner Child wants me to see.

    My life was not always so magical, although I was intuitive. I had many lessons to learn before I was ready to invite my subconscious or Inner Child to help me.

    Life is much more fun now! I invite all to join me. Our laughing and playing raises our frequency and that is how we create a New Earth.

    1. I love your comments Delaine 😊 I always read everybody’s comments because sometimes I find them just as inspiring as the message from Pam. But it’s also really helpful to read about other people’s experiences or perspectives, and to realise that I am a part of an amazing worldwide group of ACIM students and Pam Grout followers 😉 (she’s my favourite spiritual teacher because she makes it all so accessible, funny and ordinary even whilst demonstrating how extraordinary these truths really are.) Anyway thanks for your comments and many blessings to you 😊🌷🌸

      1. Thank you, Jenny Louise. I read all the comments each day and love Pam Grout and this awesome group of followers of the ACIM. Blessings and miracles to you, my friend. 😊🌷🌸

  6. Love the Course-Love You-Love Miracles and plan on bringing in some Beach Boys Music and Dancin!!!!
    Always in Gratitude to our Loving Super Source…

  7. Dear Pam, being a passionate reader of your blog as well as your books – after having read above stories, I decided I should post one of my miracles (which seem to have increased after I read your books). I asked the universe for a blessing. I said I’d prefer a small and inexpensive gift – sent by post in a small, preferably white or clear envelope (C5 or long-Din as it’s called here in Germany). Since I wasn’t expecting anything at that time given I hadn’t ordered anything online, nor had been my birthday or any other occasion where I might have received something by mail – 48 hours for my blessing – well, it took a couple of hours more – needless to say that the universe does seem to have a great sense of humour ! I was gifted a sample of one Ariel compact washing tab, wrapped up in a white inlet inside a clear envelope. However, the weirdest thing of it all is that I am not sure whether my neighbours received this envelope, too 🙂 I love, love your books, your blog and can really sense the positive energy emanating from you, the people in this blog – and elsewhere. Thanks very much for starting this “revolution” – looks like we’re on the right path. Lots of love and blessings from Germany x

  8. I honestly don’t remember if I have said this before, but, because I read your 2 books on FP (if any others of yours are, let me know!) I was drawn to read “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani on my Kindle…It has, again, drastically altered my life! I now list 3 books as the best I have ever read…E-Squared, Anita’s book, and Neale Donald Walsh CWG 1.
    You 3 have helped the universe rock my world!

  9. I just want to tell you that of all the things that show up in my email I look for yours everyday. I will even stock pile them until I get a chance to read them…then read a bunch of your posts. I want to give you a giant thank you for putting acim in a easy to understand nutshell.  Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated so much. Roseanne…a fan. Ps.have you thought about putting each of the acim lessons in a book.  One of the post per page? I would buy that!

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