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That was easy

“Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.” ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

easyMy beautiful colleague and friend, Annola Charity, presented me with a Staples “Easy” button a few years ago. This three-inch red button, when pressed, repeats “That was easy.”

I take it to all my playshops and tell everyone I know that it’s one of my favorite mantras and one  of the most important beliefs you can have.

In fact, the section that stood out to me when reviewing ACIM Lesson 73 (I will there be light) was how easy it is to pass the barrier of grievances that stand between me and my happiness.

Because it’s a wordy lesson, one of those that rubs me the wrong way, I plucked out two major points:

A) What I see in the world mirrors what is within.

B)  While it seems complicated to let go of my grievances (mainly because they sometimes seem so REAL), it’s a whole lot easier if let go of what I frequently call the most dangerous four-letter word in the English language.

This word that I’ve specifically banned from my vocabulary is especially damning when combined with something you’re trying to do: lose weight, attract money, get a hot date.

The word is “hard,” as in “It is hard to……

You know you’ve said it:

“It’s hard to change old habits.”
“It’s hard to find a better job.”
“It’s hard to empty my mind when meditating.”

Because our beliefs are so powerful, literally sculpting our lives on a moment-by-moment basis, to believe (and especially to say out loud) that anything is difficult is extremely counterproductive.

Still, even those of us who know about (and happily use) the power of our thoughts sometimes speak that ugly word.

I prefer the words “smooth” and “easy” and repeat those beautiful sentiments as often as I can.

I affirm that whatever I want to accomplish is smooth and easy. In fact, the less I do, the better things turn out. The more I hand over to the universe (the field of potentiality that is SO much smarter than me), the better my life becomes.

I hope you will join me in affirming that it’s “smooth” and “easy” to live in and be the light.


Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. I realized that the life I was living was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Whenever I resist changing my beliefs I remind myself of that. I know hard, I know miserable, I don’t need to know those things anymore. Thanks Pam!

  2. Yay! Yes!

    “Easy breezy” is my refrain, along with “Beauty is my duty”, which, if I said out loud when visiting, would really upset my New England family.

    “Abundance is Everywhere” says the bumper sticker hanging in my kitchen – my 30 year old daughter still loves it – got me through years of scary single-motherhood, when I was with you reading your books and practicing metaphysics – we were so cutting edge we forget.

    Thank again, love to you, come on out to California for a visit,


    Danielle Kane Music



  3. Easy! The Course of Miracles is EASY thanks to the explanation of your words, Pam Grout!

      1. Miracle! I found my easy button! I made a video and posted it on your wall.

  4. I’ll join you Pam! I’m all for easy! And to know that not only is it ok to want things to be easy rather than hard, it IS actually how things really are when we stop fighting the universe and stop believing everything is hard. “It’s smooth and easy to live in and be: the light; abundance; healthy; happiness; peace; love……” I think that’s my new mantra Pam 😊 Thankyou! ⭐️

  5. I popped over to read the actual lesson and picked out the same phrase that struck me like lightening! “Your picture of the world can only mirror what is within.” I think that’s THE most important sentence I’ve read and absorbed in quite some time. As for the easy button. That will be part of our Saturday outing. I’m deeply entrenched in hard so I ordered AH’s music CD so I can listen to it’s easy all day long as I walk around. 🙂 It showed up in yesterdays mail just as I said to myself that it would arrive at the perfect time. There is a lot in this lesson so I’ll work on it again today. Thank you, Pam.

      1. It’s a way to lyrically reprogram your brain. I got the CD Joy. I used the 13th song on the list to completely change my life against all the odds. That was back in 2010.

  6. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was, “Rubs me the wrong way”. Thank you for reference to one of ACIM’s wordy flaws because of the times it was written in, and for a sweet memory of my mom.

  7. Yay, love this blog!! When i think of smooth and easy the movie Inspector Gadget always comes to mind. The scene where the heroines dad is trying to get the remote control foot to move and he works and concentrates and works but it won’t move. Then he takes a break, lays back, closes his eyes and when his daughter comes back in the room the foot is moving.
    She laughs and shouts and asks her dad how he made it move, he says he wasn’t trying, instead he was just laying back thinking about his wife with his eyes closed and a big goofy grin on his face!

  8. I just love this group of women and their daily comments..such support for my journey.
    Affirming: It is smooth and easy to live in and be the light❤

  9. Thank you Pam for all your wisdom and the time you spend sending your blog out everyday. I too started doing the Course in Miracles workbook again this year. Your posts assist in remembering them in the middle of the day when I am most likely to fall into my ego patterns. After reading today’s post, I wanted to share one of my favorite similar motto’s, especially when things do not LOOK as easy as “I think they should”… I remind myself, affirmatively, “I move and Life moves with Ease and Grace”.
    Here’s to seeing Miracles on a daily basis!

  10. A right on time lesson that I’m employing now.

    And I have a hilarious manifestation miracle: Time from voicing it to reality was a paltry 70 minutes. I manifested a person I like to call Harlequin Girl: She slips up one specific street in Seattle (I was at your workshop last weekend), in full harlequin regalia, complete with bells on her hat and bells on her toes. I’’ve seen her 3 tines over the years. I was in Seattle, and after describing her to a friend, there she skipped into my reality, right where I had envisioned her being. I laughed!!!!! FUN, FUN, FUN, and a great way to create your reality!!

  11. Hi Pam!

    Just wanted to tell you that this morning I asked the universe to send me something that would make me laugh out loud and boy did it!…

    I can’t stop laughing!!

    Thank you for all your inspiration, Robin Sent from my iPhone


  12. Catching up on your posts: but I was ready to hear this message today. I am learning ti live with a new physical condition, and have been discouraged. I am more hopeful today, and am more ready to say “I got this!” I can add: It’s easy! Thanks!

  13. O what a good post!! I tell you what now, I am so looking forward to reading your posts in book form.. where I can keep up with the daily lessons when not online. I know that day will come. In the mean time, I’ll just take it smooth & easy. 🙂

  14. It was a miracle. I found my easy button in a box upstairs. I was so excited that I made my first live video on Facebook.

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