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Interrupting my mind chatter with an important non-commercial announcement

“All that I ever hope to say is that I love the world.”–E. B. WHITE
There’s a dry erase board near the elevator in my Seattle hotel. It gives a weather forecast, lists interesting nearby events and offers a daily bit of trivia.

Yesterday, for example, I learned that sea otters, when they sleep, hold hands. It keeps them from drifting apart, getting lost, losing their tribe.

That’s sorta how I see this blog. We’re all here holding hands until we wake back up and realize we could never drift apart or get lost or lose anything.

The only reason we think we’ve drifted or that we’re lost is because of our grievances.

ACIM Lesson 69 (My grievances hide the light of the world in me) is yet another attempt to ”go towards the light.”

Our brilliance, our unending luminosity is in there, temporarily obscured by our complaints, our loudmouth thoughts that like to pretend something is wrong.

Today, I’m encouraged to let go of my mind’s regular programming and rejoice in a higher truth.

And every time the old programming tries to run its commercial message (‘something’s missing,’ ‘you’re not okay,’ ‘gotta strive for this’), I’m just going to lay back, relax and grab my fellow otters’ hands.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side

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  1. Good morning Ms. Pam grout,

    I’ll repeat what I commented a few days ago and in case you didn’t HEAR it,
    I love you Pam Grout along with all the friends here.

    Thank you and blessings my dear for all that you do,

    Michael Stilinovich

  2. I just love this series!!! Makes me smile every day!!!! Xo enjoy Seattle!Kate

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  3. Pam I so appreciate your dedication to all of us in this journey of ACIM’s. It is a huge endeavor on your part. Thank you so much 🙏 for holding our hand! I love that fact about sea otters
    My son, when he was younger asked me every night if we could fall asleep holding hands. It was a wonderful feeling for both of us💤💕💤

  4. The visual of sea otters holding hands while they sleep warms my heart❤ so grateful for these daily emails and comments.

  5. Good Morning and thanks, Pam!

    Clearly, E. B. White had no grievances!

    ACIM Lessons/69 and 68 are great starts to begin to actual Live! Timely too, as the spring season is underway and the clouds are clearing.

    Time to go find some other otters to hold on to! What a cool mascot!


  6. What a gorgeous metaphor for us. I love holding hands with everyone here and knowing I have a wonderful support network helping me stay on this path. Thankyou Pam- your light shines like a warm sun breaking up the clouds of confusion and guiding us toward our own light. 🌝👭

  7. Last evening I got an e-mail from my Unity church saying that due to financial issues (our congregation is small) the services will be ending at the end of April. I was stunned. This is where I go every week to feed my soul, to connect with like minded people and rejoice in pure positivity. I felt sad, but then I remembered that the Universe makes no mistakes and everything happens for a reason and with Divine timing… every ending means a new beginning. So, tomorrow when I get to church to hear whatever plan may be kicked around, I’m going to hold hands with my Unity ‘tribe’ and know without a doubt that no matter what we will not drift apart and that none of us is alone. Thank you Pam for this very timely post that reinforces the connection we all share.
    Much Love!

  8. Pam, I am loving all of your ACIM posts, yet this one I love to infinity and beyond!

    Thanks for sharing, and for putting these all into a book.

    Love, Sara Blumenfeld Houston, TX

  9. “I love you , Pam Grout!” popped out of my mouth after reading today’s blog- Thank you, too🤗

  10. I’m going to have to start checking your website to find out where you are going next because if you are ever in this corner again, my daughter said she will drive us. Had she known you were in Seattle, we would have planned the trip up. Only 4-5 hours. I read this post this morning before we ran out to watch the movie “A Wrinkle in Time” We both loved it. Grievances do cloud our view of what’s possible and our light. Loved learning that about Otters. I wish we were as loving to one another. Hope you had a wonderful time here in the PNW. Maybe next time it will be here in Portland.

  11. “We’re all here holding hands until we wake back up and realize we could never drift apart or get lost or lose anything.” Perfect! I love how this blog has evolved. In the beginning, you were testing it out, a little unsure as to whether it was a project that would work. Now, you have embraced it and love flows through every word. Thank you, Pam. I just love it. This is awesome and people will embrace the Course of Miracles through your words.

  12. Pam, it’s been a few years since I told you this, but you really are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being Pam Grout!

  13. Dear Pam,This-your post of 3/10/18 connecting me to lesson 69-saved my life, I’m so gracious to report. I’ve been reading your books and posts,  (as a prior young student of Louise Hay 20 odd years ago) but nothing this miraculous has happened to me before, and so immediately.  Before reading this, I was The Girl on the Couch with an attitude of despondency about a mistake I made last week at work, paralyzed, and wanting this refuge time to never end so that I could escape my troubles.  My mind was creating my future of unemployment & suffering resulting from my mistake that shamed me. Somehow I was able to take action on tge couch by opening my phone, & my email, deleting junkmail in an effort to feel success at something, even something that small.   I didnt think I had the energy to read anything meaningful but then your subject line, “Interrupting My Mind Chatter With an Important Non-commercial Announcement” caught my attention, & I knew that’s exactly what I needed to do at that moment, so I clung to my tattered hope & read your post.   I wept thru the lesson, & begged for the ability to foster an inckling more of hope, and followed the instructions to peek above the gray cloud in my mind, my grievances.   For the next 2 hours I basked in The Light. It took that much time, but felt like only minutes later when I allowed myself to return with The Light to my life.  During that time, I brought everyone by hand who I could recall knowing, and perhaps had wronged or I felt had wronged me, into The Light. The Girl on the Couch, who felt so lost & alone, was suddenly surrounded by so much love & light. I am transformed, reborn, and now feeling amazingly Light.  Thank you so much for sharing…and saving me from my very own conceived hell.  I’ve known my thoughts control my life, but had not mastered getting sucked in by them, believing them in my self-pity. Whew! Too close to lost! I thank you with all my heart!  ❤❤❤❤❤❤TGOTC-no more 

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  14. Sending you a picture my BF sent me from his recent return flight from Farmington, NM to Chinle, AZ during a medical flight evacuation. When I zoomed in to look closely at the sun coming through the gray clouds, I was immediately transported in my mind to that sense of peace when passing thru the clouds of our “grievances.” Love this!

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