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3 thought-twisters that slow down fun and joy

“Love is an act of heroic genius. Pleasure is our birthright. Chronic ecstasy is a learnable skill.” –Rob Brezsny
Merriam-Webster just announced the addition of 850 new words to their dictionary. My favorite, coined by a writer of The Simpsons, is embiggen (to make bigger or more expansive).

That’s what I think A Course in Miracles does. It embiggens my happiness.

In fact, ACIM Lesson 65 (My only function is the one God gave me.) encourages me to be single-minded in my pursuit of joy, to make this my one and only goal.

I know a lot of people can get hung up on the wording, but this lesson is very simple. It’s also very radical.

To believe that happiness, joy and fun is why we are here is a completely foreign concept to most people. As I said, it’s so radical that most people can’t even wrap their heads around it.

Which is why the Course suggests I set aside a time every day to reflect on how important my mission really is.

It also asks me to notice (and then eliminate) all thoughts, cultural paradigms and beliefs that interfere.

Here are 3 biggies that often get in my way:

1. It’s preposterous to believe you can be happy and have fun all the time. This is deeply-engrained cultural paradigm. It’s only true to the extent that I believe it.

2. I don’t really deserve to be happy and have fun. Otherwise, known as guilt, the belief that I’ve done something wrong and deserve to suffer. It often comes with the word “should.”

3. If I work really hard, I might deserve a little happiness and fun. Like on weekends. Or my birthday. Certainly not all the time.

So who’s with me? Who’s willing to take on the 24/7 mission of happiness and joy?

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side

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  1. I’m willing! It will be a 180 for me because of the same beliefs as you. And not giving a rip what others think (still working on this one)! I spend a lot of time listening to Abe and following the Feel Good! So much appreciation for you and this community!

  2. I’ll give it a go! (Although it’s gonna be a challenge! Ha!) And I love that quote by Bob Brezsny, especially the “chronic ecstasy” bit. It sounds like a weird disease!! Heehee! 😁

  3. I read the lesson for today and they don’t explain it the way you do. No wonder I’ve always had a hard time with it. I spent this morning beating myself up for lack of energy to get work done. You know, “should”.. So I’m going to sit and enjoy some stillness and catch up here. The weeds will still be there tomorrow. Thanks for a more clear explanation. Marlene Herself

  4. Amen to that!! I am done with the old stories, the sad stories, the bad stories, the unworthy stories… I am here to be light and love and bring the FP into the world big time!! What a gift the Course is and you Pam Grout for embiggening it with your wisdom and humour!

  5. My newest affirmation, even before reading your blog:
    “There is a way to have fun with this!”
    And all the wonderful opportunities that keep presenting themselves to me, no matter the circumstances!
    Thanks for the confirmation!😻😻😻

  6. Happy, Joy, Fun….YES! I love your explanation of the Course of Miracles and it embiggens me more happiness and laughter. Thank you!

  7. Hellll to the yeahhh! There is no place in our bodies for anything but love, peace & joy!

    Wishing you and all the lovely people on this post the most amazing & joyful day imaginable! Sending love & light 💕💕💕✌🏽

  8. I am in, absolutely. At least more than willing to try!! So done with the stories I chose for myself. I want a new story!!

  9. Learning to slowly reprogram my inner computer with this tribes energy and words❤ I have been wanting this transformation for so long.

  10. Great post Pam! Of course, I’m in!!! I’m going to print this out and hang it as a great reminder to have fun ALL THE TIME. I once put a note in my robe pocket that simply said, enjoy every minute of your life. I loved refinding (a new word) it as it alway brought me back to joy when I saw it!!!

  11. At age 73, I’ve decided that it’s high time I took this step! Your books and blog have prepared me well to embark on this new (to me) path. Thanks so much for blazing the trail!

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