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Love like crazy

“Let go all the trivial things that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind.”—A Course in Miracles

hair daysOkay, universe, I get it!

I may be dense, but when I hear something enough times (say like 42), I have no choice but to acknowledge that the bigger thing has come a’knocking. It has an assignment it wants me to take on.

So when my schedule slows down (probably when I’m in Ajijic, Mexico in a couple weeks), I plan to create a book proposal for compiling these daily Course in Miracles lessons into a handy-dandy reference guide. So thank you guys for being so persistent.

And I probably should mention that when I first conceived E-Squared, my bestseller to date, I totally pitched it as a starter kit for understanding the Course. In my proposal, I even mentioned that God had a giant PR problem. That those who claimed to be his minions were not doing him (I prefer the less masculine pronoun “it”) justice.

Because here’s the thing. This unseen energetic force is the biggest badass on the planet. It isn’t limited or finite or a last-minute relief team. Why wouldn’t everyone want to feel this buzz? To use its infinite power? To enjoy its guidance and blessings.

I called the book God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days. As you may know, it was published back in 2005 and proceeded to do a ginormous nosedive into oblivion. A few years later, I found a different publisher and reissued it with the new title. Let’s just say that it did okay. #1 New York Times okay!

This new book, that we in this community are creating together, will be a paraphrasing of the ACIM workbook.

For example, Lesson 63 (The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness)is basically saying that when I give up my old story (that’s what forgiveness is), I’ll find nothing but peace and joy. In the meantime, my role here is to be happy and spread molecules of merriment throughout the planet.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side

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  1. LOL….Awesome ++ i will buy the second copy. When will it be published !!!!!! Thanks for creating it.

  2. Keep ’em coming Pam!! 5 years ago esquared brought me my affirmation that my book will be a national best seller with movie rights attached to it. By manifesting an invitation to the Napa Valley Film Festival to present my book as a potential movie to 5 movie moguls (Weinstein company being one of them) I am now in my final edits and will be sending it out to the world to see this creation blossom, I hold fast to your teachings and believe in the power of love, co-creation and laughter. Thank you for being a beacon keeping me on my course.

  3. Yay! I will love this book! Many thanks, Pam, for your “unravelings” of these ACIM lessons.


  4. Well honey, (imagine me – an Aussie- saying this in a deep Texan or southern accent) you sure are spreading molecules of merriment across the planet! And I am shouting for JOY here that you’re gonna write that proposal! I will be buying that book FOR SURE honey because you say these truths like no other. You make the course FUN! Hilarious in fact and so easy to understand. Oh Pamela (southern accent still going on here) we sure do need your version of ACIM. It will help bring The Dude to LIFE – you hear me? You are definitely God’s PR angel on earth and I just LOVE you like crazy! Amen sister! 😁

  5. Omgoodness – yes! Would love this. Have tried the original but have struggled. Digestible version with the Pam Grout twang would be awesome! Ps. Enjoy Mexico 🙂

  6. Thank you Pam Grout for making a difference in so many lives….more than you know.

    Patricia Bolter

  7. Oh God, I love it! Thank you and I love you! This was a no brainer for me. You have helped me so much with this ACIM guide and I know you will help so many more!

  8. I am so excited to hear this great news!!!! I have been thinking these would make a great book!!!

  9. Of COURSE you’re writing your next book right now. Duh! Put my name on the pre-order list! ~ SJ

  10. I’m definitely buying a couple of copies! Someone in yesterday’s post called the language of ACIM “dry” . Yep -it is a dry as old toast. Pam -you come along and turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich – golden , crunchy and oozing with all the good stuff ( melty cheese) and insanely yummy , palatable and easily digestible. Without you I would have a lot of trouble continuing with ACIM. I try to use different terms when doing the lessons- I get stuck on the word “salvation” – cringeworthy to say the least! Are you able to suggest another word I can use for ” salvation” ??

      1. Glad you love it ( Im actually a food stylist – so I resonate with all things foody Jenny Louise!(

  11. I’ve been dreaming of this. Your posts have made ACIM come to life. So happy! I’ll preorder, too. Thank you!

  12. I wondered if a book would come from this. Makes perfect sense. Love the idea. I get SO much from your thoughts about the lessons. Thank you.

  13. Omg!!
    I think this will make a great book!!!
    I’m ready to order it now!!
    I keep all of your posts flagged so I can reread them!!

  14. I LOVE this idea! I decided this year to try to get thru ACIM (again), and I’ve gotta say, reading your posts along with the daily lessons is making it a lot easier and way more fun.

  15. YES to the book proposal. I’ve felt it from day 1 of the course. Thank you! Exciting!

  16. I’m in! Everything you write resonates with me. You tell it the way many of us who can be those lights/minions can hear it. I’m ecstatic. And have fun at the same time! Amazing! I look forward to being one of the first to buy your newest book.

  17. Pam I’m glad that you are creating a book from this – it’s so life-changing, light and fun – not words that often seem to go together. I am reading your gems almost , and find them so badassly inspiring – you are SUCH A GREAT P.R. PERSON FOR THE INFINITE POWER!!

  18. I’m spewing Molecules of Merriment at the mere THOUGHT of this new book!! In fact I can see myself eating one of Janet Mitchell’s melty grilled cheese while reading it ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Well this news is one of the amazingly awesome things happening for me today, for sure!!! Pam, you have a way with ACIM that I have never encountered before, and it’s clear I’m not the only one who resonates with it. Your interpretation is INSPIRED! Thanks to all the wonderful commenters who have said so in a much more colorful and descriptive way than me. Have a wonderful trip to Mexico!

  20. WHEN i GIVE UP MY OLD STORY, (that’s what forgiveness is), I’ll find nothing but peace and joy. This makes perfect sense to me now. Perfect! Thank you for explaining it so well.

    AWESOME…can’t wait to have that precious book in my hands…
    With Great GRATITUDE…. Kate
    If your ever in Carmel by the Sea let me know…Best beach walks ever……!!!

  22. Hi Pam – love your plan to create a ‘handy dandy’ ref guide to ACIM. Go for it. Your daily posts are awesome. I have loved them. They help so much with the interpretation. Your pics are used as my daily screen savers. Thank you so much.

    1. For me it was realizing I had the choice..”I can choose peace instead of this”. Now I practice this the best I can when the thoughts or challenging situations present themselves..one day at a time.

  23. Pam, great idea ! I think you have a bestseller already. I can’t wait for this book. Start typing woman. 8-))

  24. Cheers Pam,
    Brilliant idea for ACIM 🙂 I love this “my role here is to be happy and spread molecules of merriment throughout the planet.” Something we can do every day. I do this.

    I embrace daily mediation walks. Each walk takes me up a hill overlooking the city with these six amazing painterly trees at my back. While walking, I find hearts everywhere, truly; clouds in the sky, on trees as I pass them, on sidewalks as fallen leaves to name a few. Sometimes the hearts are tiny barely noticeable, I find them and other times they are enormous.

    All that to say, these heartful daily findings make me happy and I spread as you say molecules of merriment to others throughout the day as a result. I move with kindness, love and creativity for all.

    May your cup always be full of goodness.


  25. Love this book idea, I’ve created a folder, since I found you; and save everyone of these posts…..love your take on ACIM, very refreshing……thank you so much…….My love enfolds you and yours with peace profound………Delores

  26. OH YES!!!! I’m so happy I sent one of the 42 messages! We need this handy-dandy reference guide! INFINITE Love and Gratitude Pam! Sharon


  27. I can’t wait to buy it. I love a Course in Miracles but get tangled up in its jungle of words and then become hope(fully) lost. You are doing exactly what it talks about, teaching it to others!!! THANK YOU PAM. xoxoxoxox

  28. Hi Pam: Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your daily comments. Tried reading the “Course” in a 3-year long book club, but just couldn’t relate to it until you started sending these. Now I get it. Thank you and bless you! Hugs, Barb

  29. I know I suggested it here in the comments a while ago. “When you hear something from two or more people who have not talked to each other, listen, it’s God talking to you.” Fr. Dan Mallette. I found that to be true. It figured there would be more people suggesting the book, I’m glad you’re going to do it. I will be getting a copy. I think ACIM is important, the language is difficult for many people and simplicity with a touch of fun sure makes it easier. Thanks, Pam.

  30. I have been looking for a good “translation” of ACIM for a long time. I like your kind of translation in your other books as they make difficult notions simple to grasp (actually it makes you see that our inner story telling makes things overly complicated and difficult). So yes I will be buying your book. Even better I will be using it. Thank you Pam for paving the way! Véronique

  31. God had a giant PR problem. That those who claimed to be his minions were not doing him (I prefer the less masculine pronoun “it”) justice.
    OTOH, if God’s minions were, like, actual MINIONS – out of Despicable Me – then that would have to be pretty awesome. And I think they would do a bang-up job. BANANA!

    1. Can you imagine Minions leading a mass ? In a packed church ? Tripping over their robe (I don’t know how it is called in english, sorry) ? getting bored in the background and making all kind of shenanigans ? Oh my, this is movie-worthy… ^__^ Thank you so much for the mental comedy you sparked in my mind with just this simple idea, LOL !!

  32. I am so thrilled!! you are actually going to do a book proposal of daily posts on the Course in Miracles.. Big hug, Pam. <3 <3 <3

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