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The rumble in the jungle inside my head

“If you sucked all the thoughts out of your head, you’d find nothing but peace.”—Jill Whalen

“Wonder what we’re having for dinner?’

“I knew I should have shaved. My massage therapist has got to be grossed out by my hairy legs.”

“Are those birds chirping on the CD or are they outside?’

The above is a small sampling of the thoughts I noticed during my massage at the Mont-Tremblant Fairmont Spa. Here I am having one of the best massages of my life in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet and the voice in my head decides it’s time to play color commentator.

ACIM Lesson 39 (My holiness is my salvation) tells me, in no uncertain terms, that my holiness is the answer to every question.

In fact, the only thing that could ever prevent me from enjoying my badass holiness is that little voice, the chatty asshat that seems to talk constantly.

That’s why, whenever I have the presence of mind to do so, I separate myself from the voice by simply observing it. I like to think about it in third person so I’m not tempted to take it on as my identity.

And just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I’m having an absolute blast on this travel writing assignment in Quebec. The amazing awesomeness (the gratitudes I text to my possibility posse) from this morning were: dog sledding with a handsome Canuck who was the spitting image of Jesus, having fondue in a cabin with the last living Algonquin chief and a four-course dinner at a mountain lodge built by a friend of Jackie O.

Have a marvelous Thursday. According to my friend, Christine, who creates a calendar each year documenting useful holidays, today (February 8) is “Laugh and Get Rich Day.”

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Hi Pam ~ these posts are AMAZING! Are you complaining these daily sessions into book form, so we can have (and gift) a “Course in Miracles” companion book? … pretty please with sugar on top! Infinite Love and Gratitude, Sharon


  2. So Happy this is Laugh and Get Rich Day.. I’m moving and woke up this morning bewildered as to where to start packing boxes first. My Holiness is my Salvation…perfect. Thank you for sharing your adventures in Quebec! My guides are telling me to laugh as I pack today and I will.

    1. It’s so great how anything can be fun if you decide that it is. This year when taking down the Christmas tree, I decided that it was going to be just as much fun as putting it up. Whoever decided that it’s fun to put it up, but a drag to take it down. I like changing old programming.

  3. Thank you, Pam! Your blogs have inspired me to pick up and dust off my ACIM book (the newer one which hasn’t fallen apart). Maybe I’ll even start reading from the Text. I’d love to read the Quebec article and hope you’ll post the link on Facebook.

  4. Love using the Observer! It often saves me from my madness. And love this lesson. Sounds like you’re having a ball so go ahead–laugh and be rich!

  5. I so appreciate that you’re continuing this for now! I’m enjoying your ACIM posts a lot, and sharing them with my clients too. They pretty much all read your books eventually!

  6. “That’s why, whenever I have the presence of mind to do so, I separate myself from the voice by simply observing it.” – I love this line. Thank you for the reminder that we can observe without judging or blaming ourselves. Great post, as always. ~ Blessings, KK

  7. Laugh and get rich day? Cool!! I love laughing – in fact I belong to a Laughter club which meets every Saturday morning in a local park. Fabulous way to start the day and the weekend 😁 I also love the term “badass holiness”!! Excellent!! Is that sort of like extra good holiness? Naughty holiness? Wild holiness? Super duper holiness? Whatever it is it sounds fun! 😉👍🏻 (Holiness has always sounded difficult to attain and somewhat boring or dull but badass holiness sounds possible!😁) Thankyou for posting ACIM lessons during your assignment – they brighten my day like the sun ☀️ (& now i know why you’re so cool and spiritually with it – you’ve met Jesus!! Well I assume you must have if you know what he looks like 😉 heehee!)
    Ciao for now ⭐️💛

  8. Hey, that’s so cool – you are practically in my corner of Canada!! Maybe you’ll make a snow angel and eat some clean fresh fluffy snow while you are here 🙂 Anyway, I appreciate and enjoy your stories, playfulness and reaching for the stars beyond and within. Happy Friday!

  9. You are a treasure and I can’t get enough of your wit and wisdom. Amazing! I am re-reading E cubed for the 8th (I am losing track of how many times) I adore the book, you’re amazing writing, your spirit, and your sense of humor. I am thrilled I found you. E squared was also fun and fabulous! I love and adore you!

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