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Question authority

“You know you got it if it makes you feel good.”–Janis Joplin
The first thing I learned in journalism school is “question your source.” Is the source reliable? Knowledgable? Are the “facts” being presented scientifically-provable?

This standard journalistic practice is especially useful when deciding which of the voices in the chorus of your head to listen to.

In ACIM Lesson 29, we learn God is in everything I see.

Feel free to substitute my word (field of infinite potentiality or FP) or make up one of your own. Love, I’ve found, works like a champ.

But if it’s absolute fact that God, love, the FP is in everything, why do I see pain and dysfunction? Why am I afraid?

When thoughts like this arise, it’s time to question your source. Who is this voice that screams, “Get me out of here. Make this stop.”

For me, it’s always my own made-up story. It’s my cultural programming. It’s definitely not love or infinite potentiality.

As Mary Karr jokes, when she listens to her made-up story (as opposed to the truth of love), she wants to “snort cocaine and make out with the FedEx guy.”

Today, I choose to see love in everything. If the chatty asshat starts yammering, as its wont to do, I will question the source and realize that if it doesn’t feel good, it’s just–as Faulkner calls it–my little postage stamp of reality and not the truth.

Pam Grout is the author of 19 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her new book, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Another great way to make an important point. You always hit it with humor and that makes it stick. FP is in everything and everyone so that has to eliminate hate if you have any intelligence at all. This is an easier lesson.

  2. Peggy, Thank you so very much for all the great daily lessons. I was just laid off from an IT job after 17 years. I really enjoyed my job and I am still working on grounding myself after this fast life change. All your wonderful words are keeping in the right frequency. I am re-reading Thank & Grow Rich and everything I read is so helpful on my new journey. I know the universe has my back and has sent me numerous messages. When that silly fear creeps up I smoother it with love. I know something more amazing and awesome is coming my way. I am going to have that amazing, awesome Hollywood ending. I am so excited. I just need to be patient. Thank you xoxox

    1. Hope this doesn’t sound cheeky, but I always believe congratulations are in order when we change jobs or life paths no matter how it comes about. Keep us posted.

  3. I love and look forward to your blogs every day, Pam. Thank you so much! As others have said, if you continue this ACIM theme for the whole year, you would have a wonderful book.

    1. Hi Sally–Instead of God (since that words has a bit of baggage) I often call the bigger thing the field of infinite potentiality or F.P.

  4. Dear Pam,

    Not sure if this email will reach you but I feel the need to try. I’m currently struggling to get pregnant and am trying to start an IVF cycle but there are all of these roadblocks- tests, procedures, waiting, finding out I need another procedure, my husband needs to take another medication, and on and on and on. It certainly doesn’t feel good so does that mean I’m on the wrong path? I feel like whatever’s out there is trying to tell me that this isn’t going to work. Then I feel like it won’t work because I don’t believe. And then my head starts to spin. It looks so easy for everyone else. In fact, I’ve lost count of the friends who’ve had unwanted pregnancies but can’t think of one person who hasn’t gotten pregnant just looking at their significant other. I just don’t know where faith comes in and my stories leave?

    Thank you, your words always bring happiness.

    All the best, Kiki


    1. My parents struggled for ten years to have a baby (me). It wasn’t until they pretty much gave up, relaxed and stopped “trying” so hard that it finally happened. They’d been through the available help back then with no success. I do know the more you stress the less likely conception will occur because you’re filled with all the stress hormones and your body is going I can’t be pregnant right now I have to Fight or Flee. I know this is rather off topic so far, however, part of the whole idea – if I’ve got the Course right, is to relax and let the universe/God/FP do its thing. For what it’s worth I know three couples who were having a terrible time conceiving, gave up, adopted a child and six months later got pregnant so evidently the universe/God/FP has a sense of humor. I wish you all the best and hope you attain your dreams.

    2. Kiki, try listening to dr Robert Morse on utube or go to raw figs.com and type in the search and his video will come addressing your issue. It may something very simple as the wrong diet. Blessings Olivia

  5. Dear Pam,
    I just had a good laugh as my “chatty ass hat” has been yammering overtime this month…. and somehow I have been listening to it more than usual! I have been studying ACIM (off and on) for about 5 years, mostly solo. I delight in your posts and am so grateful for sharing this experience with you (all!).
    The Naming of the chatty ass hat…. thank you!!! Sharing daily, so grateful! No pressure to continue from me, but will read what ever you post, when ever it happens. Love and appreciation to you my friend. Xo

  6. Thought provoking as always. I still struggle a little though with the concept that EVERYTHING is God/Love/theFP. I am learning to see everything through eyes of love and to see acts of hatred etc as a cry out for love but I still find it hard to see things like abusive behaviour AS GOD. I don’t understand that. I can get that God/The Dude/the FP or whatever is IN everything but not IS everything. Does that make sense? Anyway, I absolutely love these ACIM posts, and I also love reading everybody’s comments. It feels like I’m part of a group of like minded souls looking for meaning in this crazy game of life and sharing the joys and challenges of learning these spiritual lessons with each other. It’s a delightful blessing so Thankyou Pam and thanks too to everyone who comments. I’m having a great time here with you all 😉😁👍🏻💙

    1. Heehee! I’m a duffer! I just re-read your post (as I usually do after I post a comment) and realised that the lesson DOESNT say God IS everything, it says God is IN everything I see. And that’s great because that’s how I’m starting to see everything…..but I love that I totally misread your whole post because of my own fear that I’m supposed to see everything (even murder, abuse, war etc) AS God rather than a cry out for God or love. Interesting! Anyway I just thought I’d correct myself here and acknowledge my error, and say Thankyou once again 😊

      1. Thanks for your replies Pam, and I’ve got to tell you something extra cool about the fact you replied to my post today: yesterday I posted that I loved the Sue Monk Kidd bee story and that I’d request a sign of my own and report today. Well my sign was having you reply to my post! Now you didn’t reply to yesterday’s but you did reply to today’s! Twice! That’s a sign in neon! 😁 (& I think this is the first time you’ve replied to any of my posts so it’s extra special and was a scary sign request! But I figured if the windmill guy (Michael Beckwith?) could get a windmill to point to him as a sign then I could ask for a reply from you as a sign!) So thanks! Biggest hugs to my favourite spiritual teacher of all time 😁😘⭐️💛🦋🌠

  7. I have to tell someone…..
    I’m a professional in a hospital, returned to hospital vs private practice recently after a long child raiding hiatus, raise my 10 year old daughter myself, I’ve just started a trial of a shift of 8 days in a row (6 off), was handed 2 students yesterday for 5 weeks- after the first weekend of work where I covered the hospital by myself, AND my phone alarm went off every 20 mins for my Course lesson while I did it!
    I’m so pleased!
    For someone who hasn’t had a good track record for organisation or commitment… I’m doing well! Really well!
    This is my prime commitment (well my daughter is, but I have to say her life depends on me doing the course!) and Thank you, thank you… I’m sticking to it no matter what!
    Big sparkles

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