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Update on Carpool Karaoke–Changing FB Live date

“I could show and tell your students things they could gain from no other wizards.” –J.K. Rowling

Thanks for all the great questions. And thanks especially for pointing out my bad timing. Guess my brain was muddled from jet lag.

I happen to live right at the eclipse pinnacle and, well duh! of course, I want to experience it. I also want you to have that rare opportunity.

So I’m moving my FB Live debut to the following day, Tuesday, August 22. Same time. 12 EST (9 PST) Same place. Same schtick! It’s the book’s official birthday anyway.

And since you were kind enough to click the link, here’s a quick post:

Woot! Woot! It’s Show and Tell Day!

Yep, we adults need show and tell. Probably more than kindergarteners. Think how much closer we’d all be if, instead of getting together to talk about our dysfunctions, we got together to look at each other’s creations.

Why isn’t this a normal thing? Every week or so we should get together with families and friends and show them something we really like, something unique about us. We should bring in some doodle we made on the side of a Visa bill or something we thought up while waiting at the dry cleaners. Adults still think things up. We just don’t tell anyone. We don’t think it’s important. Not with lawns that need mowing and mufflers that need fixing.

So with that thought in mind, I’ve got a couple stories to share, all sent by readers:


“I`ve got a funny story for you. I enjoyed very much E2 and I found out the Universe is surprising and plenty of humour. So, now I am reading E3. After the chapter 5, I decided modify your experiment (sorry), just for 3 days giving freely whatever amount anyone could ask me for.

“I liked the idea, but in 2 minutes I fell in panic. By joking, someone could ask me for 10,000 € and I should give it ! My mother educated me like a responsible customer and good saver, and I am aware how strong her influence is still in my mind (despite I am 50 years old).

“Later the same day, while paying a visit to a newborn girl, the happy and jesting father suggested me to leave 50 € in the cradle to make the baby to stop crying. I did it as laughing but he felt uneasy and gave me back the note.

Three days later my company sent me on a business trip; my colleagues and I usually complain about all our trips are in Economy class, same for short and long flights. All of us would like to use Business class at least in the long ones. That day I had to take 3 fligths in 25 hours, one of them Francfort-Tokyo, 11 horas and 30 minutes long. As I was waiting to board, it was announced there were some Business class and Premium Economy seats available, with an extracost.

“I remembered your book and decided to upgrade with my own money. Trying to change my attitude! At the counter I was told that Business class seat (in these flights the seat is a bed) was 800 € and Premium Economy only 240 €. I could pay the Business but I thought I was spending too much, and I decided to get the Premium.

“My boarding pass was changed and I gave my credit card to pay. But the machine was unable to read the card, and the staff told me it is quite usual. I tried with another card and the same result. A new cash machine was brought to the counter, and no way. I suggested to pay cash, but not possible. The staff apologized and gave me the upgraded boarding pass for free! (Thank you, Lufthansa). I enjoyed the extra space, and I really had fun by thinking that, if my attitude to the money were more open, I finally could have flied in Business class for free! And by the way I tested my credit cards after that and both are working properly…”

#2: “I just finished reading E2 and the last experiment of The Fish and Loaves Principal and I wanted to share this with you.

My husband’s young sons have now joined our family and have been with myself, my husband and my two teenage daughters for the last two weeks. It has been an adjustment and learning curve for all of us. Tonight, after coming home from work and taking a moment for myself, my oldest step son came up to me out of nowhere and gave me the biggest hug his little self could give. It was a huge way of saying “Chill out and everything will be OK if I look for the “what is right” in every situation instead of the “what is wrong”.

Thanks, guys! Have an extraordinarily epic weekend

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about-to-be released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. Looking for the positive today, and your post is helping a LOT! Keep up the positive and we will all benefit. It’s like having that “group show and tell” that you suggest just to read your blog every time. THANKS!!!

  2. hi Pam when you gave some what if suggestions one of them was ” What if the future was getting brighter each and every year” or something like that but i changed it to saying ” my future is getting brighter each and everyday”. Is that ok?

  3. Hi Pam!
    My question is this: When and how did you first discover the ‘FP’? To me, you seem incredibly brave and self assured, but as your books suggest, this wasn’t always the case.
    Just wondering when you found your FP ‘Mojo’! I discovered mine through you Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Hi there Pam,

    My question: What other advice do you have for keeping a journal? You’ve mentioned that your write quite a bit. I have seen your Ted Talk about keeping 3 blessings and 3 creative ideas. What other topics do you write about?

    I used to write more in my journal but I noticed it was starting to become a venting session.


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