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Carpool Karaoke and Me

“Do you have the courage to grab the dreams that picked you?” –Prince Ea

I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been on travel assignment (in Sweden) and giving a workshop (at the London Ritz) and meeting amazing people (Stacey Sargison-Shawe and her JFDI FB group are really rockin’a possibility posse).

But, as Randy Quaid said in the movie Independence Day, and Jack Nicholson said in The Shining, “I’m back!”

I’ve got a quick favor to ask. I’m doing a Facebook Live on the Hay House FB page on August 21 at 12 EST (9 PST). It’s to kick off my new book, Art & Soul, Reloaded. I’m a bit nervous, having to go LIVE…all by myself for 30 whole minutes.

So I’m hoping you will post questions in the comments section below. What would you like to know? What would you like me to talk about? No question is off-limits. If you can think of one, I’ll attempt to answer it.

For sure I’ll be talking about the new book which is all about creativity and spirituality which, to my way of thinking, are essentially the same thing.

The muses, the angels, the bigger thing (call it what you will) are currently advertising for people like you, like me who are willing to be a satellite dish for the new story. The old story, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, isn’t working anymore. The old story of lack and competition and distrust is getting boring. It’s time to birth a new world.

And we artists are the ones who will do it. Not the politicians or the corporations. It’s us, together, sharing.

The best part is that it’s really fun. Despite what you may have heard, creativity doesn’t require a load of hard work. It requires some discipline, but what else would you really rather be doing? Living life with joie de vivre is the absolute best possible way to spend your life.

It turns everything into a party. Here’s one tiny example. When I was in Manila in February, my compatriots and I were stuck in lots of traffic jams. We literally couldn’t move. Normally, that’s not considered a desirable life event. But we decided to make the most of it. We decided to channel James Corden and record our own carpool karaoke.

We had a blast. The point is, creativity is possible in every single situation, even those we previously judged as horrible inconveniences. When we live our lives from the perspective of knowing we’re blessed, knowing that every single thing that happens is for our own betterment, we can all relax and have more fun.

So, I hope you’re interested in coming along on the yearlong apprenticeship offered in Art & Soul. Those who are willing to play will learn to summon their muses and reclaim their bold, audacious, creative side. Or at least that’s what the subtitle promises.

So, please, join me on August 21 for my very first solo Facebook Live and help me out by asking a question in the comments below.

I love you all so, so much.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about-to-be released, Art & Soul,Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship to Summon the Muses and Ignite Your Daring, Audacious, Creative Side.

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  1. My dear beloved Pam, teacher and friend! I’d love to know a quick recipe for one of those days in which everything looks as if it’s going to be wrong, those days in which a loved one has a bad hair day and wants you to have a worse one yet. I try and do say “It’s OK”, but sometimes it isn’t enough. I would love to know what do on those occasions. And of course I’ll be watching you live and sending my best good vibes! You’ll be great, as always!! Love you!

  2. Dear Pam,
    August 21st at 11:50 EST Is when the solar eclipse starts. It will be totally dark at 1:30pm EST. being on the Pacific Coast, I’ll be going to the top of the Space Needle at 10:00am PST. So sorry to miss your talk. Otherwise, I would support you – truly!!! You will have a MAGICAL presentation, because you’ll have the solar and lunar power behind you ❤️

  3. i have got your book, and am still working out how to actually listen to the audio download!! (tech understanding lagging behind my interests!!) can you talk to us about the overlaps between what you are teaching and some of the theories of quantum physics= my ‘imperfect’ understanding is interested in the potential that indicates that – we are all one; things have already happened – we are the observers of them – and that affects how they play out!! and how does that all relate to creativity and why we love it so much? are we a wave and a particle? i love the lightness you bring xxx

  4. Hello Pam. Love your posts and books. I would really love to move back home which is 3 1/2 hrs from where I am. How could I attract this. What would you suggest? <3

    1. I am not replying to Marilene, but isn’t it amazing that his is exactly my same situation…my move is 1 hr 40 min. but I am wanting to attract this and an amazing opportunity I haved asked the FP for….help me also keep this opportunity positive!

  5. Hello Pam. Thank You for being you and bring to the world change that is positive. Do you have a suggestion of a quick exercise that can be done first thing in the day that sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. Can’t wait to read the new book. Hugs . Connie H.

  6. Hi Pam
    Loved emailing you while you were in England. e.g. Father Brown lol.
    I have a question. I find myself confused with a part of of manifesting. I understand we need to be clear and to have conscious positive feelings regarding what we want. Can we overdue thinking about what we want even though we truly believe it is coming?? I tend to let go of the outcome because asking THE MAN over and over makes me feel like I am not trusting the outcome. Blessings and appreciate your advice. Love Michele.💖🌞🌙🌜

  7. Love you too Pam. I needed you today. Thank you for showing up. I reread Thanks and Grow on Sunday, I turned off all news feeds forever after reading.

    My question is: how do you keep it all going when all the numbers are against you; financial, personal and you are 62 and have lost your directions (when you should be a grown up)?

  8. Hi — I’ll be at jury duty during your live event. Will a recording be available at a later time?

  9. Can’t wait for your new book, Pam!!! Question: What’s a good, quick way to remind myself to not take this thing called life so seriously all the time??

  10. Question: if the P of A works sometimes in my life and I remain positive, what could I be doing to hold it back? Better yet, how do I fight or stop those deep-down doubts that are probably what is stopping my P of A from working?

  11. Beyond today’s imminent threat of nuclear war, what can we do about the monstrous current administration in Washington that appears to be trying to destroy our environment and the lives of all people who are not white and privileged outside of hiding our heads in the sand until the year 2020?

  12. What if you have no idea what your vision or your happy life looks like? I am an amazing manifester because I see the magic in little moments here and there and everywhere ( it;s so easy in NYC). But when it comes to what I want things to look like in a year or five, I am stuck. It seems that I am so in the moment I can’t look to the future. HELP!

    1. I have the same clarity hiccup as Stefanie. How do we visualuze a one or five year plan? Thanks! Sorry, I can’t make the Facebook, we’ll be in Idaho for the eclipse. 🙁 I hope a recording will be available.
      Love, Lynne

  13. I love your willingness to share and of course you and others like you are making life better now and for future generations. I am a senior and really need your books to come out in large print. I feel cheated when I see a new book out and know I can’t read it. You seem like you would be a lot of fun and I am sure that would show in your books. Please consider my request. Sandy

  14. Dear Pam,
    As you already know, I am a HUGE fan of yours! After I somehow manifested meeting you in Montreal while you were visiting last month, my question to you is how come some manifestations happen super quickly (ie: my statement to the FP that I would love to meet you someday and say “Thank You!” and then it manifests literally within a few days) and other manifestations seem to take FOREVER to happen?!! You feel it, you think it, you visualize it, you state it, you intend it, and yet… What’s the Universe up to in those instances?
    Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook Live (you’ll rock it!) and of course reading your new book! 😊❤

  15. I’ve been reading your book ‘Thank and Grow Rich’ and love it. One question that’s been on my mind lately is how do I stand being around people that don’t get that gratitude is the way to live life. They think that life is hard, miracles don’t happen and complain all the time. How would you react to people like that? I would like to stay away from them but some of these people are my closest relatives. Do you have a comeback when someone says ‘I’m being realistic.’ when I’m trying to explain to them that anything is possible?

  16. Hello! I am trying to manifest tickets to see Bruno Mars Live when he comes to Dallas in October!! I would like to do that as an experiment for myself, to see if all this good stuff works. More importantly…I really need to manifest money to help us get out of some ongoing problems financially. I am looking forward to easing my finances and keep talking the talk…but the situation is staying the same. Can you offer some advice? Also – as someone else mentioned – will a reply be available, as I will be at work when you are live. I’ve missed your emails and posts, you are getting me through a rough time! 🙂

  17. How awesome the day of the eclipse!! Only you could create on that day! My question, comment..keep on doing what you do so the rest of us can enjoy this planet oh so much more. I am in the process of manifesting a better relationship with my family and I know it’s on the way, it’s just a matter of getting out of my own way and allowing life to unfold! Thank you for all you have given us.

  18. For me, finding options always helps, immensely. I am at my lowest when I feel out of doable options. How can we kickstart thinking out of the box. Love your work.

  19. Day of the eclipse – Good Luck!! — comment-reply@wordpress.com wrote:From: Pam Grout <comment-reply@wordpress.com>To: bdenniston@mytocn.comSubject: [New post] Carpool Karaoke and MeDate: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 16:51:30 +0000

    psgrout posted: ”
    “Do you have the courage to grab the dreams that picked you?” –Prince Ea

    I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been on travel assignment (in Sweden) and giving a workshop (at the London Ritz) and meeting amazing people (Stacey Sargison-Shawe and her JFDI FB grou”

  20. Hello Pam, My question is this… can I take you to lunch or dinner the next time you are in Reno? You are amazing… it is past time that we started living in our creativity. Do you have one thing you do everyday to be so inspirational? Thank you💛🙌🏻✨

  21. i have a big imagination but most of the time i imagine bad things happening to me, how can i turn my imagination to positive imagination? i am going to try to see you on Facebook.

  22. I feel like I know about spirituality, but I don’t always use what I know. How can I be more present to the truth?

  23. This actually isn’t a question, but a request. For your next book (after the anxiously awaited one you’re finishing), would you consider a compilation of some of the best manifestations of your followers? I find these as energy boosting as the energizer bunny and a great start to my day. Looking forward to hearing you on Hay House.

  24. Dear Pam, Here is a question for you. I have decided to reinvent myself into a new self that will be happier, more creative, and more able to access my inner powers than my old self has been able to do. How can I go about doing this?
    Linda Haddeman

  25. What steps do I need to manifest to eliminate the insane testing that is taking place in public education? It is destroying creative teaching and creating enormous stress in schools.

  26. Dear Pam,
    I would like to know how and when you discovered the course in miracles ?
    Good luck with your talk , the 21 of august is also my birthday!
    Sabina from Europe

  27. SOOOOO excited about your facebook live adventure!!! You will ROCK IT!!!!!! Just wanted you to know you have a big cheering section here!!! XOXOXO!!!


  29. Question: I love when I can find time to tune into my muse(s) and create something. But day-to-day my time gets eaten up by responsibilities. By the time I’m home at the end of the day after a long commute, I’m too tired to tackle one more thing. I think it’s cool that people who make a living doing what they love are out there, I just haven’t (yet) been able to shift into that gear or even really been able to make it a serious hobby. My creative pursuits are a non-serious hobby but how do I shift this into a higher gear?

  30. Love you and all your books but on August 21st everyone in my neck of the woods will be focusing on the amazing Eclipse on that day and time! Good luck!

  31. Would you please talk about possibility posses? How could a complete newbie find one/create one? (Suggestions for introverts would be extremely helpful, too.) Although it isn’t necessary to have a support system to manifest, I have a feeling that having one could have a similar effect to creating an electrical power surge? How does it feel when you’re with a group of equally enthusiastic people?

  32. Pam if you speak as well as you write I don’t think 30 minutes will be enough! You’re a creative genius and I have no doubt the FP will let you know what we need to know.

    Thank you for being you xxx

  33. Do we ever know when our purpose is over? When we feel there’s nothing left for us to do– kids have flown the coop, done our bit for mankind and more…Is just being a purpose too? Is it creating too? 😘👍

  34. Hi Pam
    Just wondering , your thoughts on positive and negative, good and evil . One can be humming along on the positive buzz when suddenly a string of negatives bombard for no reason. Some people are of the view that there has to be a the negative to counter balance the positive. Do you think there has to be negative vibes, that it can’t all be positive. I will miss you live on facebook but hoping you will send us a link.
    Thanks, best wishes

  35. Please hold, I am downloading a creative excuse for not being on fb on any day, which probably includes the day you are on.
    If I fail to come up with an excuse I would ask:
    The catch I have found in this ‘creating our realities’ is the ‘time lag’. Whereas some things seem to get created almost instantly, many other things can take years. Herein lies a problem, I may decide to create a new sports car in my life. I see it in a magazine and mull it over in my mind, but before it appears in my life, I have moved onto something else. This lag is cruel and makes me wonder what has happened to all these half-created dreams.

  36. Hi
    I am downloading a creative excuse not to be on fb at any time. This possible includes the time you will be on.
    If this data transfer from the Divine fails, then this is what I would ask:
    The catch I have found in this ‘creating our realities’ is the ‘time lag’. Whereas some things seem to get created almost instantly, many other things can take years. Herein lies a problem, I may decide to create a new sports car in my life. I see it in a magazine and mull it over in my mind, but before it appears in my life, I have moved onto something else. This lag is cruel and makes me wonder what has happened to all these half-created dreams.

  37. Ha, Ha Universe. WordPress told me that my first comment had failed and it didn’t appear in the comment list. I reposted it and the first one showed up as well.
    This poses the question, “Are two thoughts from the head better than one?”
    Cheers Graham

    1. Graham, you are really funny… Things like that usually happen to me in Instagram… It would be nice to know that two thoughts are better than one!

  38. Seems like I have no trouble seeing others as children of God and forgiving them, but forgiving myself is a different story. Any advice?

  39. What is the line between manifesting whatever you want in life and God’s plan for your life, which occassionally doesn’t seem to be in alignment. Sometimes the law of attraction does not work in ways that we (I) expect; as in death of an exceptionally postive, young spouse who died from cancer. A new job that wound up being a horror story. And, seeing a solitary life-long dream go up in flames. I do however often see that my most difficult moments and decisions have buffed my like a diamond and I grew spiritually, but apparently my God or FP must not be a fairy godmother/godfather? I certainly do not think I attracted those things into my life, but if I did, I sure will have a bone to pick with this FP when we meet in person. How do I reconcile this?

    1. I echo what Becky said! I am uprooting my life, leaving my job, friends, and all of my personal belongings, to move 1,000 miles to move in with my mother and become her caregiver as she descends into the pit named Alzheimer’s Disease. I have no job and no income. I am afraid – I am not a caregiver by nature, I am just the only one who can go. How do I reconcile my life becoming submerged into my mother’s. I will not be able to listen to your show, but you will be fabulous! And I suspect that there will be people in the audience who are, or know someone who is, dealing with the questions that Becky and I are asking.

  40. Hey! How about your book/painting/project/whatever being a conduit for the Universe to communicate to you, not just you sending your message out into the world? Know what I’m saying? When it’s as much a surprise to you as anyone?

  41. I’ve been on and off the positive thought train, it working beautifully, to falling face first in the mud repeatedly for 60+ years. I get back on the train with advice from fine folks as you, then I try my own wings only to fall off again within a year or two. Presently, I’m again swimming in one of my (most annoying) lifelong repeating chronic follies of financial lack. Not sitting on my lazy butt of self pity, I’m enjoying life in the small pleasures of home and family without snarling myself in the drama of others to any depth beyond what I can comfortably help with. That’s all good, but wouldn’t life be sweeter with a healthier financial flow? I seem to have a log or ice dam upstream in that regard. Do you have suggestions for the more stubborn mental, emotional, spiritual blocks such as mine?

  42. How can I create and maintain a higher frequency to be more entangled with the field? Sending good juju for a great show Pam!

  43. Pam, I love you and how through your writing you have reached and changed the lives of so many people or rather given us the tools and mind set to change our own lives for the best. I have had a great time putting in practice, experimenting and training my brain to exploit the field of absolutely lovely and infinite possibilities. Thinking of the things I have discovered, no matter how small or “material”, I often laugh out loud…alone (mostly when I am driving)! I guess we would have to give it a new acronym: LOLA, right?

    I will share lovely stories with you next time, but let’s do the questions first. There are two things that come to mind often:
    As I am trying to phrase my question I can imagine what you are going to say already…
    I struggle with people I love (mostly family) that I am constantly trying to show and convince about their infinite potential, their ability to change whatever is not working in their lives (mostly finances) and they say: yeah, yeah, yeah…but! And basically don’t get it, or don’t want to get it? I come up with my super enthusiastic list of examples of how it does work to think yourself a positive event and how magical it can be but they go back to old patterns of thinking or become hopeless, sad complaining about their “problems” or they start telling me that I want to control their lives…. really??..when I think of myself as being their best cheerleader. So, how can I be influential effectively and see them flourish and happy? Please don’t say I am wasting my energy and that I can’t think for another, you must have a bag of tricks I can use.

    The other question is not really a question, is something that I would like to invest my energy and thoughts more and achieve success as with other stuff in my life (creativity, finances, wellbeeing). I would like to work towards the finding of a life companion: LOVE. I have been walking on this earth by myself too long! I can’t figure out anymore what is keeping that wonderful man from finding me. I set it up as my next project, because the other stuff I mentioned before seemed to be first in my priority list, but now that I am getting some practice and have seen success in other areas I want to focus, focus, focus on finding a loving life partner and what do I do? I give you question number one about my family and friends first and this shows what is really the priority in my head.

    I can’t wait to hear about your new book on creativity. This is the savior in my life, I am so creative with Art and my hands with so many new ideas that it is like an explosion, I mean, my secret dream is to work at PIXAR if only as an Admin Assistant, but just to breathe the air in that place. Love you,

  44. I’m feeling stuck and out of flow. What’s an easy trick to get back into the flow in a quick and easy way? BTW: I absolutely love you! You’re fantastically fun!

  45. Hello Pam;
    I have read two of your books and loved them. I also will be buying this new one as I am an artist and it has peaked my interest. My question to you is this: I know you shy away from politics and really keep a neutral ground and I think most people appreciate it, but the real dangers of potential nuclear war or even conventional war is at our doorstep. I want to stay positive I really do, but do you have any specific ideas for me and others like me who are overwelmed and feel so hopeless by the negative news and political situation we are currently experiencing?

  46. I normally would join you, but you have scheduled your event precisely at ECLIPSE time.  I’ll be outside with my eclipse glasses.  Keep up the good work though.  I love your message.

  47. Hi Pam. You’ve been an amazing life changing person for me. Now I’m looking to change careers and find a new calling and other than being somewhere warm and tropical I’m not sure how to proceed or manifest a new future

  48. I embraced traditional Christianity some years ago after a crisis. It has served my life well, but I am no longer the creative that I used to be. Why am I finding it hard to recover my creative self?

  49. Interesting that you will be live on the Eclipse day. What a perfect way to be creatively sharing your truth & authenticity!!! Question: Why does FEAR seem to be the catalyst for blocking our creativity???

  50. Was all set to listen on 21st cuz its my day off.22nd I will be at the dentist at that time.Will you repost answers to some of these questions?Love all your books! So sorry to miss you on FB as I know you will be awesome!Much love,Anita

  51. Pam, I think you might like to know, the solar eclipse will be happening in Oregon during your live time. This includes the Portland populous and 1 million others converging is what is predicted.

    And, thank you so much for you!

  52. Pam: Infinite heartfelt thanks for all you are doing…

    My question is: –

    How best to bridge that gap between belief at a cerebral level (all the stuff you have laid out for us), and belief at a cellular level where Life has taught with force and/or pain and repetition?

    I find that the latter seems to automatically get into gear and I have to work at getting the former to dominate, and would like your suggestions on quickest way to do it.

    Thank you again, always!

  53. Having always been successful with getting all that I want in life except one thing…..
    are we stuck with a certain amount of destiny or bad luck as they say or can we have
    it all.
    I can not lose weight no matter how I envision being thin..what am I doing wrong! Without going into too much detail……Thanks so much for everything
    you do…. Lynn from Toronto….

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