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This may be the most reassuring post you’ll ever read

“I just really want people to remember they’re capable of doing everything the people they admire are doing.”—Sophia Amoruso
As some of you know, I have a new book coming out in August. I’ve been pumped about it from word one. But having just left the marketing meeting with Hay House, I’m tingling with excitement and unable to hold it in any longer.

First of all, Hay House is offering all kinds of cool gifts for anybody who preorders it. And second, I truly believe it has the potential to change the world.

It’s called Art & Soul Reloaded and it’s about creativity and spirituality. It’s about making art, yes. But mostly it’s about imagining a new world, about designing a new vision.

Rather than protest and whine about the state of the world today, we must let our frustrations be our muse. We must let our disgruntlements inspire us to sing, to dance, to shout, “This is what we want instead.”

And for those who think they’re not worthy or ready to join the collective force for good, I have two stories that will change your mind.

The first is from Ed Catmull, one of the founders of Pixar Animation Studios. Every project, he says, starts with suck. The first version of Toy Story sucked. They had to start over. The first version of Ratatouille sucked. Once again, back to the drawing board.

What this means is you’re comparing your creations with someone else’s finished project.

“This is the biggest misconception that people have,” Catmull says. “What we’ve found is the first version always sucks. I don’t mean this because I’m self-effacing or that I’m being modest. It mean it in the sense that first versions really do suck.”

The second is a story from Neil Gaiman. Neil is a prolific and very successful author. He has won dozens of awards including the Newberry, the Carnegie and Britain’s Book of the Year. In other words, he’s amazing. His Make Good Art commencement speech has been watched nearly a million times.

In other words, you wouldn’t expect him to suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome, for those lucky enough never to have suffered this psychological phenomenon, is where really cool, really high-achievers chalk up their success to luck or being in the right place at the right time or really anything except their own ability.

He recently blogged about being at some party with a bunch of really accomplished artists and scientists. He was cowering in the corner, feeling like a fraud. Finally, another guy named Neil approached him, mainly because they shared the same name.

Neil Gaiman mentioned to his fellow Neil that he was feeling insecure and out of his league. The other Neil said, “Me, too.”

You’ll never guess who the other Neil was.

It was Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

Writes Gaiman:

“And I felt a bit better. Because if Neil Armstrong felt like an imposter, maybe everyone did. Maybe there weren’t any grown-ups, only people who had worked hard and did the best job they could, which is all we can really hope for.”

So whatever excuse you’ve given for not following your dream, for not starting on your big idea to save the world, just know you’re in good company and that my new book, which even has a section called You’re in Good Company, is a yearlong apprenticeship for Summoning the Muses and Igniting Your Bold, Audacious, Creative Side. In other words, it’ll inspire you to finally give your gifts.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Loved this newest blog. Going immediately after this to Amazon to order your newest book. AND — May I suggest that you get “E Squared” into schools as a textbook. I suggest starting with alternative grammar schools (not ala Betsy DeVos) … which schools truly respect their students as individuals and offer subjects in learning styles to suit each one. No “one size fits nobody”. This would be a tremendous gift to the world. The kids would love those experiments, would be successful, and would take all that into their adult life. What could be better? Please . . . . . . . Aloha, Joy

      1. I am so re-energized by reading these comments that I am going to re-read the book (again) tonight! I look forward to the new book.

  2. I may be the only person who didn’t know you have a new book coming out!! I just pre-ordered it & look forward to reading it as soon as it hits my mailbox. Thanks, Pam ~ I love your work (especially this post).

  3. Thank you for opening my mind and heart with this post. I have often felt like a fraud in the room and never put that concept of what that was together as you have here. Now I know why I was feeling as I did in those situations and now see what to do about that. It reminds me of the adage of there always being a faster gun no matter how fast you think you are, and yet as I shared in my own blog today about Walt Whitman’s words of being enough, of being content, of allowing himself to be in his own largest world, there is this combination speaking some clarity to me. Thank you again for this particular insight.

  4. First of all, thank you for sharing! Your posts always seem relevant to my life and in this case, it is inspiring, especially the Neil Gaiman speech video.

    Secondly, I had no idea you were coming out with a new book and look forward to reading it.

  5. Thank you Pam! Thank you Neils and thank you for the heads up on your new book. I pre-ordered it before keying this note to you. Sweet! As an artist, … I love the morphic field of creativity. 🙂

  6. I remember being so taken with “Art & Soul” that I paid full retail at the Union Station bookstore in DC! Thrilled to know there’s more to come. And…ya know, Amazon.

  7. Hi Pam!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog posts and your books! Thank you for sharing your perspective!! I was feeling a little like it all “sucks” not just my 1st draft- he he, when I went to check my email and hoped to see something from you. Poof! Like magic… I asked and there it was. Perfect message, of course. Right what I needed when I needed it. Here’s the thing… I’ve been in this “transition to right brain mode of creating” as I like to call it… for several years. And it’s been a challenge. Not that I dislike challenges at all. But in this particular case, I’m feeling quite frustrated. I have an idea I’m ready to run with… it hit me last night. And I really want to build on the momentum. But every time I take a step towards it ( whether it be research, writing or recording) I land in confusion and chaos. And slowly eat away at the little momentum I’ve created. I’m tired of this “stuck/ suck cycle”. Your post hits home because I absolutely do that- comparing my initial step with the admired finished product. What I’d love to hear is about the actual 1st and 2nd and 3rd sucky product that people like you (that I admire wholeheartedly) have created and what helped you stick with it… until achieving your dreams. How was the journey? That would, I believe, provide me with a clearer picture of what the journey ahead looks like..and confirm I am somehow on track as I travel 🙂

    Oh and I’ve been meaning to write you ever since I’ve discovered a magical product for my acne rosacea… Dr Bronners Castile soap ( rose scent) It’s been transformational for my skin. I remember reading about your pesky pimples that pop up whenever they want 🙂 Some people have expressed success with the tea tree variation of the soap for acne. Just thought I’d pass along the info. Much love and thank you for sharing your light!

    In Light, Karen Katz


  8. Loved your interview on the Hay House Summit and can’t wait to read the new book! Hugs! Lynne

  9. ready to pre-order…can’t wait for the new book
    YOU are such a blessing !!!!

  10. I have give E-Squared a dozen times or more as gifts. People are always astounded when they try the experiments ( which I sometimes have to strong-arm them into doing) and find they work. E-Squared in schools is a terrific idea. I can’t wait for the new book. I have them all, I think, including the one on Breathing which I highly recommend. I’ve increased my stamina just by breathing differently.

  11. Loved the commencement speech. I pretended I was one of the graduates for a bit. It was so on target as was this whole post. I have an experiment of my own going on and so far it’s been a huge success. I’ll share soon. Thank you for putting an old idea into words anyone can understand and enjoy reading. You write great books. 🙂

  12. Hi Pam, thanks a zillion for your timely post and sharing your wisdom. I have read/ listen to all your previous 3 books- E2, E3 and Thank & Grow Rich. Marvellous!
    TAGR I listened on Audible as I find listening more grasping, absorbing and interesting than reading. Simply mind blowing.
    Excited and eagerly awaiting to get your new book.

    Love and blessings!

  13. This is sooo true! Thank you for this post- at the moment I’m in such a state:having decided to take part in a creative competition there are always two voices in my head. the one- which I know!!! is right: all you need will show up in time- the final idea, the way of doing,ectect- and I’ll follow this way, – and the other: your design idea is boring, you will waste your time and a lot of material, you are doing something absolutely superfluous, also ectect. It is so good to learn that nearly everybody is in the same boat…. I’m absolutely curious to get your new book!!!!

  14. Fantastic! Can’t wait to read this, Pam! I’ll be pre-ordering my copy today!!! Much love and sunny summer shine!! Lucy  xxwww.tinybitmagical.co.uk

  15. Yikes! I didn’t know either about your new book coming out!! I went on Hay House to pre-order but could find no information. Should I pre-order on Amazon?

  16. Can we have a private Facebook page and go through this year-long adventure together? I did Mike Dooley’s Love Your Life in Thirty Days as part of a Facebook page and it made a huge difference, having a group to encourage me. I doubt I woudl have stayed with it if it weren’t for the group.

  17. Pam, I didn’t read this yesterday when it came in my e-mail. But today I’m knocking around feeling like I don’t know where to begin and everything is on the verge of falling apart. Then i remembered your post. Well, I’m going to work in my studio and see what transpires…it might suck but at least I won’t be feeling hopeless. Here goes…I’ll keep you posted!!!!

  18. Hi Pam, I’ve got to say that you almost lost me. I was ready to give it all up. I read E-Cubed and E-Squared and never finished Thank & Grow Rich. In fact, the only experiment that worked for me was the Good Plant vs. Bad Plant. I have been trying to build a website based on “Creativity and Spirituality” for over 2 years and am still stuck on a name. I can’t seem to get past this point. After reading my horoscope all week, everything seems to be pointing in the right direction and then I received your latest email and low and behold it is exactly what I need to hear. You sent me a sign. I will be ordering your latest book and I am asking the Universe once again to drop that name in my lap. Thanks Again

  19. So looking forward to this book! Thanks for everything, Pam! I am always so excited when I get an e-mail/blog post in my in-box, from you.

  20. Really Good one. Am very much looking forward to your new book. And, In the book of John, Chapt 14, Jesus is reported to have said “…The works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, …” Are we ready for that!?
    Ed Fields

  21. Hello :-),

    What is the link where one can pre-order via Hay House?

    I looked on Hay House, but couldn’t find it.

    Thanks and congrats on the new book.



    *All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.*

    *~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~*


  22. Hi, Pam! So excited that when I couldn’t find your pre-order for your book on Hay House that I went and got it from Amazon! WooHoo! Looking forward to the book and the perks from Hay House. Just let me know where to find them. OH! And I ordered your “Oracle of E” cards too. Look Doreen’s and Collette’s so I’m sure yours will be a blast! Hugs!!

  23. Hi! Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. I have been going through a “dark night of my soul” journey and reading your comments reminded me of something someone said (can’t remember where I read it), “we’re all just faking it, it’s just that some people are better at faking it than others.” That has been a go to inspiration for me over the years and I thank you for re-enforcing it for me! I will definitely have to read some of your works, the titles surely sound intriguing 😉 You also give me encouragement to push on by writing my own blog comments on a regular basis-I know it will help my growing journey as well! Bright blessings to you always, Eileen

  24. What does one do if the ‘dude abides’ doesn’t appear to work?

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