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Break free from your assumptions about the way the world works

“Most of our assumptions have outlived their usefulness.” ― Marshall McLuhan aaeaaqaaaaaaaasyaaaajdu5zti2mgu1lwqzowmtngq3zi04m2zlltrlmdy5owziodm3ma

If I were writing an elevator speech to describe my work, it would have something to do with challenging assumptions.

We all have so many, most of which are invisible to us. We honestly can’t see life as it really is because our assumptions, the stories we tell ourselves block the world’s unlimited largesse.

Instead of keeping track of all the beautiful gifts we’ve been given, we keep track of how many times we’ve been rejected or how many times this or that didn’t work.

But what if the opposite is true? What if the life force is actively working on our behalf at all times to deliver exactly what we ask for?

What if everything we could possibly need is already here? Most of us believe, that if we want something, we have to save up the money, go to a store and buy said thing. But what if that’s an erroneous assumption? What if all we have to do is make the request?

At my workshop in Seattle, I mentioned the story about the mom at the beach who decided to do a Native American healing ritual. She thought to herself, “I wish I had  tobacco.” Not two minutes later,  a seagull swung around and dropped a package right at her feet. Not only was it a pouch of loose tobacco, but it was the very brand (American Spirit) that she uses in her prayers.

On the break, one of the workshop participants mentioned a similar story. She was out for a walk and started sniffling. “I have allergies,” she told me, “so I normally take tissue in my pocket. This time I had forgotten.”

But no sooner did she wish she had tissue then she looked over and underneath the tree was a small packet of Kleenex, unopened and still sealed.

Another reader, an artist, sent this story:

“I made sure to be clear to the Universe that I wanted a physical gift to show up. I don’t really leave the house because I am an artist who works from home, but I said “OK, Universe now is your time to show me.” I started the experiment at 1pm. Around 11am the next day I found out that I had won the Grand Prize in the American Women Artist Spring Online show, an award that included $1000, a $500 art supply gift card and two ads in art magazines. I was super excited but I had made it very clear to the Universe that I wanted a physical object to come to me.

“The following day at 12:40, 20 minutes before the end of the experiment, the doorbell rang. The art supply company had FedExed my check and included in the package an apron. I was blown away and haven’t lived my life the same since.”

So here’s the assumption I suggest questioning today. Is it true that, if you need something, you have to go to the store to buy it? Or will the universe deliver it to you, as long as you simply ask and don’t let your assumptions get in the way?

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Perfect, perfect, absolutely perfect!!! I had just asked for confirmation from the Universe whilst reading another email and bam… The email announcing your post clicked in above the one I was reading!!!! You so ROCK, THANK YOU!!


  2. I so Love your reminders that its all here, and to just get out of my way to see that. Now, I know that to be true …. but sometimes a little reminder helps bring it front and center again 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Squeeeeeee!!!! SOOO many possibilties. I love you and your tales of how the FP/Universe/AllThatIs totally rocks our/my world. Thank you!

  4. I read the post this morning and thought I would also ask for a physical gift to show up within 48 hours. This very afternoon I went to my mail box and there was a gorgeous Navajo rug sent to me by a Navajo weaver I sponsor through the Adopt-a-native-elder program. That’s what I call quick service. Thanks Universe!

  5. Yes Pam! Always going to your blog for inspiration. My boyfriend and I are looking for an apartment right now and we have not found the right one for us yet but I just want to put it out into the Universe that we will find our perfect place and we will move in by this June 1! I cannot question how I just have to believe it will happen!

  6. Thanks a centillion Pam for the reminder. You are awesome and always available like Universe to me. Now I have made it a ritual to daily look for your tweet and your wisdom here. You are doing a great favor to all your followers and mankind.
    Gratitude and blessings!

  7. Here is a similar story about manifesting something quite straight forward. A few years ago, in between Christmas and New Year I watched the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” with George Clooney. In it he wore blue jeans, white shirt and a classic blue blazer. I liked the look; I already had the shirt and jeans so I ‘intended’ to buy the classic blue blazzer.
    Given that I did not need another jacket I set myself a $50 buudget limit. The next day, at lunch time, I walked from my office to a nearby department store. I searched thru about 40 items but none of the jackets were under $150. During the course of the day I checked in 3 more stores, even leaving work early as I ‘was on a mission’.
    The next day I was still feeling bummed at not finding a $50 blue classic blazer. At lunch time the little voice in my head told me to go back to the first department store. I argued (with myself) that I had arealdy invested/wasted my last lunch hour searching for something that existed except it cost 3-4 times what I had set my budget at.
    Of course the little voice won! I went back to the very same store and checked the very same racks of jackets. The sceptic in me was about to tell that little voice “I told you so!” when out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a blue blazer hanging on the wrong rack… there was no price tag. I checked the size – perfect. I took it to the cashier and asked the price. She scanned the label and announced that… “this one is on sale. It is only $50.” The little voice wishpered: “of course it is”.

  8. Thanks for the reminder Pam. One of my favourite manifesting stories (and one of my first deliberate ones after I started learning about law of attraction) if of a similar vein. If you want to go to a concert, you have to find tickets, buy them and go, right?
    Well, 3 days before a sold-out Taylor Swift concert, I decided that I wanted to go, and didn’t want to sit in crappy seats or pay exhorbitant scalper prices for tickets. Not to mention, I didn’t really have anyone to go with as my friends weren’t really fans. So, I did the only thing a sane person would do, I told the Universe that I wanted to go to the concert and to make it happen.
    The next morning, while sitting in my office behind a closed door, someone knocks. It was someone I hadn’t seen in a year who had just returned back to work (it was literally her first day back) so she stopped by to say hello. A couple minutes into the conversation, she mentioned that she had tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. I remarked that I was a fan but wasn’t going to the show, at which point she invited me to go with her. Her fiancé had bought her two tickets and couldn’t go after all. So, not even 24 hours after my request, someone literally knocked on my door with Taylor Swift tickets, invited me to go with her, for free, and did I mention that they were front row tickets?

    1. How awesome! Thank you for sharing this! What an excellent example of ‘smooth and easy.’

  9. And again… all these manifestations are about physical gitfs. Not one single proof that someone has already managed to manifest a wish concerning love, like : “I wish that the man I’m in love with doubtlessy shows me that he loves me back” or “I wish that the man I’m in love with eventually asks me to make plans for a common future”. Something like that. I’ve sent out several comments concerning this topic already, but nobody would reply. May be because we can only manifest something “financial”?

    1. Hi, I hope you found what you were looking for. And I have to say finding someone special is one of the first things I manifested…even before I knew about manifestation.

      I had realized that I would “fall” into relationships without ever really being clear about what I wanted. It was enough that someone was paying attention to me. So I created a list of 5 characteristics that the person I wanted in my life MUST have. These were not superficial things. As an example playfulness is on my list. I wrote this list as an anchor of what to look for in a person. I also wrote a list of 5 things that I would NOT put up with like “negativity or being insulting” but honestly I did not pay much attention to these as I found that their positive counterpoints would automatically take care of the NOT wanted list.

      Like I said, I did not know anything about manifestation. I had was no sense of urgency to actually find someone. I was merely going to have fun and meet people. This was mainly a list to hold me accountable and not fall for the first person that paid attention to me. I’d look at the list without attachment. I just focused on the character traits and I just knew there was someone out there for me with these qualities all I had to do was be patient.

      I did find someone, pretty quickly after writing these traits. And she fit all of the character traits. It wasn’t until I started to read about LOA that found out what I had actually done.

      I am now attempting to learn how to use this information to manifest physical things into my life. Looking back at that list, while I did not exactly set it and forget it, I was never attached to an outcome. I just KNEW, not in the magical sense it was just a fact. There had to be a woman out there with these character traits and all I had to do was focus on them and settle for nothing less. In other words I focused on the positive attributes the good feelings, as they say in some LOA circles, and it happened.

      I hope you found/or find someone. They are out there. Focus on the positive and expect it to happen. As for me, I struggled up until now on how to manifest as you say the physical. By answering your question I think I may have have stumbled upon how to correctly approach those things I do want.

      Thank you and much luck.

      1. great. you have to be sure you are not doing it out of loneliness or you will be blind sighted

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