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Ode to a Grecian Urn, the Universe and my possibility posse

“If your mind isn’t cluttered with unnecessary things, this could be the best day of your life.”—The Zing AKA Ethan Hughesaa4d729c1e0c103cf83c15bcde5b821d

I’m officially screwed.

According to Wharton prof Adam Grant, people who criticize are typically rated 14 percent more intelligent than people who gush in gratitude like I do.

But you know what? I’ll bet they’re not nearly as happy.

Singing praises about my life, whether it be odes to Grecian urns or compliments to my loved ones, is an art I refuse to disavow, even if I appear foolish, ridiculous and well, 14 percent less intelligent.

Today’s sonnet of joy goes out to my possibility posse. I’ve been known to drool just thinking about all the cool things revealed there each week.

Like yesterday, Rhonda told a story about a fender bender. Tempers have a tendency to flare during such events. But Rhonda, rather than get all discombobulated, jumped out of the car and made friends with her “perpetrator.” They even laughed and gave shout-outs because, well, nobody’s hurt and as my friend Annola used to say, “the baby’s still breathing.”

When you choose to join rather than separate, to love rather than fear, the universe takes care of the material world. As Rhonda and her new friend were chatting, they heard a pop. The dent that could potentially have created an enemy literally popped back into perfection.

Another posse member shared a story about being crammed into the New York subway at rush hour. Stuffed like ricotta inside a pasta shell, nobody could move. One beautiful human got pissed, started yelling at the person next to him. My friend thought, “Uh oh, this is not good.”

But the person being yelled at, rather than react, simply acted in love, simply asked with sincere compassion, “What can I do to make this better?” The pissed-off person kept yelling and the other person kept loving him, kept offering a miracle. My friend said that what could have easily turned into a riot turned into an inspiring lesson.

The conditioned mind would say, “They’re doing a bad thing. They must be a bad person.” But instead of “fighting,” instead of creating an “enemy” they simply asked “What’s it like to be you?”

Okay, my friends, that’s my sonnet, my ode, my gush for the day. Would love to hear in the comments section below, what you’re choosing to fall in love with today. I promise not to think you’re 14 percent less intelligent.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

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  1. Thank so much Pam!

    You were right there when I needed a hug from the Universe‹and you provided it. As usualŠ

    HUGS! Maia

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    From: Pam Grout Reply-To: Pam Grout Date: Monday, April 3, 2017 at 11:54 AM To: Maia Beatty Subject: [New post] Ode to a Grecian Urn, the Universe and my possibility posse

    WordPress.com psgrout posted: “³If your mind isn¹t cluttered with unnecessary things, this could be the best day of your life.²‹The Zing AKA Ethan Hughes I¹m officially screwed. According to Wharton prof Adam Grant, people who criticize are typically rated 14 percent more intelligen”

  2. This one stood out for me enough to write a comment. Thank you! I think that 14 percent thing is purely an opinion; albeit, a creative one! More paths of separation. I’m happy to allow them all the extra they want while I injoy what I have. Thank you for all your sharing of your expanding being.

  3. I’m gushing about my 6 hour round trip drive for my yearly MRI because I’m getting to listen to an audio book from one of my favorite authors, Deepak Chopra, that I found at the library. I rarely get alot of uninterrupted time. This is wonderful, just me and Deepak. BTW Pam, I’d love to see you’re books at the library, audio preferably. 🙂

  4. Enjoyed your post! A lesson in taking a lemon situation and making lemonade. The Ego needs to defend itself, needs to be right, needs to be heard rather than listen, or surrender into peace. I especially appreciate the man who asked, “How can I make this better?” I want to remember this question. If asked sincerely, it allows for understanding the other person’s need in a moment of conflict.

  5. Thought provoking for sure
    I live in gratitude and go past negative when it tries to whisper sweet nothings in my ear and I mean nothing’s worth wasting my thinking about
    I now know thinking governs my actions and I remember something great is always about to happen
    Why not choose happy I say
    It’s truly a blast to manifest and watch what the Universe delivers right in your lap!!!!!!!

  6. I love this post! Adam Grant must have a negative point of view because as you wrote last week: “At the 1927 Solvay Conference in Brussels, attended by dozens of future Nobel prize winners, physicists Werner Heisenberg and Neils Bohr made the case that even scientific research wasn’t completely pure and well, scientific because the experimenter, the observer, affects the experiment through his beliefs and expectations.” We get what we expect. Thanks for reminder to expect the best.

  7. Another inspiring post! I’m choosing to love the beauty and generosity of strangers today. Still flying high after my beau and I hosted a Bubble Flash Mob in a San Francisco park. Dozens and dozens of strangers came and shared conversation, smiles, and bubble containers with one another. It was magical to see so much joy + connection! And the best part was all the children who got to experience what love in action feels like!

    1. Sherry, I blew some bubbles on my back patio, at 11:11, my time (which would have been 10:11 your time), but that still counts, right??? I am a big fan of blowing bubbles and keep little bottles around my house, car and backpack. I loved hearing about your bubblel flash mob. xox

      1. Oh, Pamela! That makes me SO HAPPY! You betcha it counts! I love that you keep bubbles around so you’re always at the ready for that joy. When I was buying bubbles for the Flash Mob, I heard this little voice behind me whisper, “bubbles!” This little girl, dressed head to toe in pink, was wide-eyed at my many bottles of bubbles. I asked her if she wanted some + she totally lit up. Bubbles are so inexpensive and they bring people smack dab into the magic of the moment. Thank you for sharing that with us all yesterday! 🙂

  8. My thought–yes, we did complain, until we woke up, used our intelligence, and started living in gratitude!!

  9. Hi Pam,

    I really need your advice.

    I’m raising my 2 years daugther alone. I have a full time job. and i’m starting an internet business.

    My routine is getting up at 7am. REach the job at 9am. During lunch time go to gym. I reach home at 19h. Play with my daughter, cook, clean the house. At 22:30 start working on my Internnet Business, at 1am go to bed.

    Next day same routine.

    So Lately i’m felling tired. Overwelmed, and that I have no life apart from job, tim with daughter and Job again until I go to bed.

    Even if i dedicaed so many time for this 3 tasks, I allways feel short, that I didn’t acomplish all I want.

    Can you tell me about a book that i can read, that allow me to understand how I can manage my time, feel less overwelmed and have to time or felling that i’m enjoying life.


    1. Dear sweet Filipe,

      What a great gift to be able to raise your daughter. If you can focus on the the good things (there are so many) that will help. I promise. Give it a try. Blessings to you and your daughter, Pam

    2. WOW how awesome that you have the energy to do so much! Thank and grow rich can also be called thank and grow you. Just say Thankyou every moment and you will grow in ideas and energy. Step out happily into your future. Have fun in those hours of travel to and from work .

  10. I am getting a project ready to launch tomorrow. I need to add one element to the website for it to be ready and I can’t find the right place to do it and it’s driving me crazy. Instead of criticizing the user interface I’m going to “fall in love” with the fact that I get to thoroughly go through the backend of this platform and when I find the answer I will be that much more skilled for the next project!

  11. Pam, thank you so much for all of your books and everything you write in your blog. You inspire me! Hats off to us 14%ers =) I hope you have a happy, happy day!

  12. Hi beautiful Pam. Today I am choosing to gush at the possibilities of healing within my family and children. I can’t wait to experience all the gushiness ahead and the lessons learned from what has been happening. I know I will be amazed. Thank you for all you do to get us

  13. I gladly take the 14% down. I think I’ve turned another corner recently, a return from grumpy old lady to a me who participates and observes with renewed curiosity, have taken a few steady steps from the mental muck I waded through last winter. I know this works, from experience, but it’s been a while. Trusting has been an issue most of my life, partially due to metaphorical rugs being yanked out from underneath, by others and by myself (sabotage). I can honestly say finances have been a negative issue some 90% of my life. I have zip confidence in my own ability to create a match of my life interests with money to accomplish them. I’ve enough “tried and true” (NOT) methods checked off the list to satisfy my desire to follow any other ‘rows and columns’ people’s ideas. What the heck. Little to lose. If things don’t pan out, I can always step back and manage with my status quo. So, for now, off I go, asking the universe to not be shy about showing me what’s next. Pam, thanks for your enthusiasm.

  14. I am in totally agreement with Good Luck Duck ~ I will take happy, joyful and gratitude over intelligence! You post are the best!

  15. In my classes and in my life, I make it a point to thank or compliment the “little people” who make what I do possible. This could be the worker in duplicating or the security officer who unlocks the building each day. It costs me nothing, but I hope it adds something to their day.

  16. I will always choose joy over intelligence. No question about that.
    Last week, I watched something amazing and beautiful happen with my 15 year old daughter. We were going to take the Amtrak from Albuquerque to San Diego. When we arrived at the station, they announced that the train was at least 3 hours behind. Then the “free wi-fi” that was advertised all over the station, turned out to not work. As it became clear that the delay would get even longer, she quickly went into crisis mode, super pissed off, seething negativity and hatred towards the incompetence of all the Amtrak people, etc… She was prepared to give them terrible reviews online, and get all her friends to do the same. I stayed calm and kept telling her to not put bad and hateful energy out there, as it could really keep things spiraling downward for our trip. Tried really hard to get her to lighten up. She seemed determined. Before too long, my husband, back at home in Colorado, intervened and started working on getting us a hotel for the night in Albuquerque, and an early flight out the next morning. As soon as those wheels started turning, her humor returned, and we went on to enjoy a lovely evening at our hotel. Later that night, she read me the story she posted on facebook and instagram. It gave some details about what we had gone through, but instead of negativity, she went on to tell about how all the very kind service we got from everyone, the cab drivers, the hotel staff, and yes -even all the previously “incompetent” Amtrak employees. She managed to turn that frown upside down, find all the goodness and blessings in the situation, and we went on to have a great vacation. It was truly magical to watch this transformation happen. This is my girl who used to complain about my overly positive attitude and that I sh*t rainbows! I may be rubbing off on her, after all.

  17. My good continues as I find your email the first in my inbox, the pleasure of your positive post, with so many wonderful positive hopeful replies… and the idea of bubbles with a million fun ways to expand upon this lighting up my mind!! Thank you!

  18. I needed to be reminded of this, this morning, Pam after a restless night worrying about my 19-year-old son who has lost hope in the world. I’m choosing to be grateful that he has a benevolent universe at his back, that he has choices that he doesn’t see yet and that I am able to love and support him while leading the way.

    Off to manifest a day of magic. Thanks for the reminder.


  19. As usual I needed to hear this right now.
    Pam can you give me some advice. I have been following E2 and having fabulous results but this past week not so much. I’ve managed to manifest an iPhone 7 and our new car earlier than we were planning using experiments 4 but this week I pulled out the big guns, trying to manifest flowers from my partner, but nothing nada,zip!!
    My question is, in my little bubble of life, just me, life is great. But I have so many external factors going on with stresses from my grown children
    Every day who are both suffering anxiety and other issues that mean at the moment I they are reliant on me. This week has been particularly bad and it’s been harder to keep my energy high. I absolutely practice gratitude still every day but I’m wondering if this is why the experiments aren’t working as well at the moment? I truly believe in them as I have had so much proof already! Thanks for listening xx

  20. Wonderful stories! I suppose it’s a principle in physics that posits an equal and opposite force as a counter to grumpy, angry, irritated actions. Offering unconditional love diffuses even the most ornery of folks. I have been practicing the “send them love thing” for many years, and I can testify that it really works! Sometimes I just “beam it” over to another person in distress (nothing said but a knowing smile), and I swear it hits that sweet spot every time. Thank you Pam!

  21. I’m a “gusher” also….always looking for the good in people. Thanks for all your inspiration!!! Love your style!!!

  22. Hi Pam,
    I used to be 14% more intelligent, in the days when I was a miserable sod, I am so much happier now that I choose gratitude and love over resentment and judgement!
    Thank you for sharing…

  23. After 27 years of marriage I discovered my husband is having an affair. After attempting a false reconciliation (he never stopped seeing affair partner) I am coming to terms that my life as I planned will be different. I am doing my best to care for myself and move forward in grace and dignity and we plan to mediate the divorce. We have 2 grown sons and a lot of history together. To say I was blindsided and still reeling is an understatement, but this is when my practices of gratitude and love really come into focus. I know I will get thru this and come out the other side stronger. I have so much to be grateful for in my life and I am choosing to focus on that.

  24. I’m not convinced that the Wharton Professor can be sure of the facts…and here’s why:
    1. Intelligence tests typically are biased – based on culture and education. Many scientists agree testing grey matter is a “grey area” at best. There are other researchers who identify 8 different intelligences and rate each separately. Even so, most are convinced that intelligence can’t really be tested without cultural bias. Test validity is in question.
    2. Given that each of us experiences life and reality on a personal level (think observer effect here), how do we know this Wharton professor isn’t just seeing what he believes to be true, because those research “results” are what he’s focused on and looking at?

    I’ve lived “smart” many years of my life and I can tell you that being happy is more important than being smart. No matter how smart you are, you can’t do it all yourself. You only need to be smart enough to collaborate/co-create with others. If you have an issue you can’t solve because it’s not in your wheel-house, all you have to do is ask for help. Someone will step into your life to help –bringing their intelligence/passion/experience/focus/abilities. Be open and happy to the collaboration! Like you said Pam, the Universe takes care of the hard, smart stuff for us. Living happy and directing personal energy toward fun is healthier too. I think that is a LOT SMARTER!

  25. you are a God send Pam, I just return to our little town after living a dream observing my son who is so committed to being a Pro soccer player attend a MLS Academy try out only to have vampires all around. He lived a dream and we manifested this dream together for months, it was a trip of a lifetime for him. I love deeply and wish other love and teach my children to be kind and love all. This sharing is so what my soul needed to read to keep my focus and not allow people who show up in this world with FEAR inside take away from the beauty i see!!! THANK YOU Pam for sharing your gift and reminding me to stay with LOVE!

  26. That research is a sample that the observer influences the experiment and probably the experience supports what he thinks, either 14% more or less intelligent

  27. Every day, moment, hour, second I am choosing to trust, to let go, and to be deeply in love with the reality I am creating for myself. Animals come up to me trusting I am safe, and I am so blessed to feel the light in me igniting in others through our smiles.
    May you continue to experience all the joy and miracles you are manifesting!
    Loving hugs,

  28. Do day I am gushing with gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life who wished me happy birthday!!! Awesome to feel so loved and turned around and shared it with as many people as possible!!! It’s going to be a great year!!!😄😄😄

  29. You’re right about sacrificing the appearance of intelligence in favor of gushing positivity. We’re so worried about not looking like we know it and forsake our own mental growth and health. Really am trying to stay on the positivity train and retooling my personal feed. You are one of my go-to sources for that, for sure. Thanks again, Pam.

  30. Yesterday Pam I connected up with the greatest group of pb players and we played outside for over four hours nonstop. So cool! I started out the day very grumpy and after playing pb I felt so grateful for my body and how well it does what I ask it to do.


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