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Why it’s only prudent to give every event in your life a five-star review

Our thoughts have the power to instantly release positive energy, or to entangle energy.”—Michele Longo-O’Donnell gratitudechangeseverything

The fifth sentence in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You are the Placebo goes like this: “On a beautiful Southern California day in April, I had the privilege of being run over by an SUV in a Palm Springs triathlon.”

Say what? The privilege of being run over? That day, when he broke six vertebrae, changed his life forever. The work he’s doing now as a speaker, author and researcher would never have happened without the experiment he conducted after doctors told him his one chance of ever walking again was to have a very complicated Harrington rod surgery.

He was 23, just cocky enough to think, “I am going to heal myself. I am going to put all my conscious attention on this intelligence within me. I am going to surrender to this greater, unlimited power and allow it to heal me.”

Doctors, of course, thought he was plum nuts. But nine and a half weeks after the accident, he walked back into his life—without a body cast or surgery. Within ten weeks he was again seeing patients at his chiropractic clinic and training with weights.

No matter what happens in our lives, we have the choice of how we will interpret it. For me, it only makes sense to proclaim “This is the best thing that ever happened to me.” No matter what it is.

A treasured member of one of my power posses told two stories that perfectly illustrate this principle.

She lives on a farm, by herself, and noticed last week there were hundreds of wasps swarming her grill. Sure enough, she opened the grill and found a wasps’ nest as big as a Frisbee. At first, like any sensible person, she panicked and began pacing. But only for a short time. Only long enough to remember this important truth: “I have control over the energy I put forth into the universe and this is not what I want to emit.”

She calmly let go of her wasp dilemma and said to the universe, “Okay, this is your deal. I’m going to trust this will all work out.”

On Friday, she noticed the wasps were no longer circling. Very gingerly, she opened the grill and the Frisbee-sized wasp nest was gone. Disappeared. No longer.

That same week, her car broke down on the side of the highway. Her phone, she noticed, had two percent power left. Once again, she started to panic. But again realized, “I only want to put out clear, trusting energy.”

On a hunch, she pulled down her visor and a card fell out. She’d completely forgotten she had AAA roadside assistance. And with her 2 percent phone power, she called and patiently waited while a very slow-talking operator finally took down her details. Within 10 minutes, a tow truck showed up, delivered her car to a repair shop and took her safely to where she needed to be.

The next day her car was ready and, when she pulled out a card to pay, was told: “No charge. Your car’s still under warranty.”

“Under warranty?” she said. “My car is more than 10 years old.”

Not only that, but the tow truck driver asked her out on a date.

So I ask you? What energy do you put out when things do not appear to be working in your favor? It’s always your choice.

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  1. I love this post! Why NOT put out the energy and vision for what we want instead of focusing on what we don’t want?

    I was just talking to a dear friend of mine about one of our favorite memories: we were at the beach (watching baby seals get born!!) when it looked like a huge storm was blowing in. We wanted to stay in our beautiful moment. We both decided to blow the storm away. We huffed and puffed and blew at the dark, ominous clouds. They disappeared!

    Oh … and … NEW PAM GROUT BOOK!!!! Bonuses?!!!! Gotta run! Gotta get ’em!
    Thanks for helping us all live the lives we envision rather than the same old stories monkey mind + culture feeds us! 🙂

    1. It amazes me that we still, after all we know, think we are behind on anything we are trying to accomplish. All is perfect all is well. Thanks Pam.

  2. Dear Pam, You are (to quote you) amazingly awesome. I have been running a 30 day empowerment experiment and everyday part of what I write down is something I want. Write it down, turn it over. On day 2 I wrote down “wide angel lens” for my camera. These can be pretty pricey. yesterday was day 9……I stopped an bought a couple of scratch off lottery tickets on my way home. Won $500! Wide angle lens is ordered from Amazon. Doing your experiments and then inventing my own has brought so much in to my life, so thank you times a bazillion.

  3. This post is so perfectly timed to my realization of saying “I know this is going to work out for me better than I expect” When I found my horses turned out in the yard with the front gate to the highway open, then walked in to find the AC drain pan in the ceiling had over flowed all over the living room carpet… I kept reminding myself it would all work out for me. Now a week later I am stripping off paint, plaster, and all kind of old gunk ( inside me as well as the inside of the house I rent) with my landlord (who showed up as I was gingerly walking around in the ac soaked carpet to apologize for being the one who accidently let the horses out earlier) to then contract me to fix all of the necessary repairs, by first having me pay the rent (for his accountant) and then give me the same money back to start the repairs. As I was thanking him, I suggested he should turn it into his insurance… he did they are repaying him for all of my contracted work. All of this working out fantastically because now we are under heavy rain for the next week or so… stopping my usually outdoor riding/training/coaching business, and stilled being awesomely provided.
    Now the asking part with all of the goodies now being awarded to those who pre-purchase your book… does that include those of us who pre-ordered weeks ago? Thank you for all of the continuous uplifting in my email coaching/suggesting/sharing and raising of my vibration that you do!!

    1. Hey Cat, I’m not Pam, but, if you follow the link Pam gives, you just put in your order number, first name and email. Tah dah, instant access to the goodies.
      Thanks SO much for all the great up-beat wonderfulness. Hugs to you and your horses!
      ~ Christina in FL

  4. From your two exceptional stories of Let Source handle it and all the details worked out from wasps to a car that quit. Life is about being thankful do connected to Creator in trust. Pamela

  5. Super hugs to you Pam! Thanks for sharing all the great stuff and I look forward to your newest book. 🙂 I keep going back to E2 and E3. 🙂 I adore how I am retraining my thoughts to go to the GREAT stuff, tell it like I choose it to be, focus on physicists’ learning our expectations change what we receive/create both “forward” and “backward” in “time”.
    Shout out to Michael Talbot!!! Dude, you are still rockin’ it from non-physical.
    Pam, you KNOW that YOU ROCK in physical and non-physical.
    Shout out to Amelia Kincaid teaching these same principals apply to communicating with ALL that is. 🙂
    It is all so ah-MAZ-ing!

  6. Dear Pam,  I continue to be so inspired by your posts and the stories you share, I am putting in my vortex a lot of great manifestations and it´s only a matter of believing, trusting and letting go. I recently got divorced after 10 wonderful years with a magnificent man and now I´m ready for this next phase in my life…so many new things to discover and so many goals to achieve, but the biggest one is now, just now this moment to be happy! I know you must receive a thousand mails but I know you will read mine and have an inspiration phrase to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! All smiles, Erika

  7. Thank you so much Pam for this amazing post and sharing the great stories. It’s perfectly timed as I needed it most and got it too. You are awesome and helping so many people live their dream life and giving courage to dream the impossible and see it through.

  8. Dear Pam, if I might. I am your number one fan 😉 after your books I have become a manifesting machine, so far every material thing I order to the universe, voila!! it is there! Now that I have it “all” I realized that happiness don’t rely on material things 🙁 I wish with all my heart and soul to use this magic tools to manifest a bunch of new friends that have the same interests I have, and what I want the most is to find my life partner to give him all the love trapped in my heart and grow old with. Any ideas on how to change the mode of manifesting material stuff into a soul mate & loving friends? Love,Maritza I bet you could right a book about this subject, I am sure I am not the only one. Do you have a partner? Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 18:25:39 +0000 To: maritzabarreto@hotmail.com

  9. Very learning post,its really worthful for me,it illustrate the way to me,to overcome of my current unwanted situsaion.Many thanks pam.

  10. Thank you for the free downloads! What an unexpected blessing that I should have expected! Aug 30th 2016 I receive your new book! YAY! ~MrsGwennD

  11. Ahh, Ms Pammie Sue Grout, you always know what to say at the exact time I need to hear it. Thank you😍 I’m waiting patiently for your new book to jump on to my kindle. A thousand times gratitude to you from me for your amazing sense of humour and wonderfully entertaining writing style.

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