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Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Episode 23

“If you want to be chronically unhappy, I’m probably going to annoy you.”—Pamela Gail Johnson

rufus 1234

Just a warning! I’m sort of in the mood to gush. So if you’re committed to being out of sorts today (It’s okay. I do it, too, sometimes), you may want to click out now.

I’m jazzed for many, many reasons. I’m heading to Montreal tomorrow for a press trip on urban gardens. My gorgeous daughter is sending oodles of cool pictures from her trip to Italy. And I’m pumped, because I’m alive and because all of you are JUST. SO. COOL!!! I love every last one of you—all your comments, all your stories, all your beautiful emails. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And if that wasn’t enough, Hay House is currently rolling out the publicity campaign for Thank & Grow Rich. They’re tweeting and posting some of the book’s party games that readers can use to build their abundance portfolio. Even Louise Hay mentioned how much she’s enjoying them.

The first game (there’s a whole scavenger hunt along with gifts from the universe) asks readers to share something insignificant and/or impractical that they love anyway.

So far, just to mention a couple, I’ve seen new crayons, surprise candy bars, whistling, action figures, cold water with fresh peppermint, bluegrass music, cherry blossoms and opening the window to shout “Good morning” to the new day.

And while some might argue these things are “no big deal,” I believe they’re everything. Noticing your gifts (and we all have so many) is truly the secret to a meaningful life.

Gratitude puts you on a frequency of joy and awe that activates the magic.

It helps you see what God sees. It kicks off a magnificent spiritual adventure where you can see the signs, blessings and guidance that do NOT have an on and off switch. The only reason we miss them is because we’re too invested in the old story.

So here’s a NEW story from Melissa J. Haynes, a fellow Course in Miracles fanatic. You may remember her book, Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles (yes, really) that Ellen DeGeneres featured on her show and I featured on my blog after Melissa won the prize from my last book, E-Cubed.

Ten days ago, her best friend, Rufus, died. He was a beautiful German Shepherd who she’d asked to give her a sign that he was okay.

She told him “a beautiful sunset is not a sign. I want something really specific. I need to know it’s you, Rufus.”

Three days passed, no sign.

A few days ago, she took her three-year-old to McDonald’s for breakfast. Her daughter, as three-year-olds are known to do, asked for the obligatory toy.

When Melissa opened it, she nearly fell over. It was a stuffed dog with a blue wheelchair.

Her daughter exclaimed, “Why does he have a blue wheelchair just like Rufus? Is his name Rufus, too?”

“I don’t think so,” Melissa said. “It’s just Rufus’s way of telling us he’s alright. He’s just out of view.”

To see the picture of Rufus and his blue wheelchair and to read Melissa’s wonderful blog, click  here:

So thank you guys for being here on this journey with me. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all you do.

Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the about to be released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy

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  1. Thanks, Pam! Love all your stories and keys to life. Our women’s group is using your book as a group project. LOL—-Dale

    1. Hi Pam thank you very much for your generosity to share us thousand ways of being on this planet creative, fun and engaging way. let me know when we can have the version of your new book in Spanish, I live in Mexico City and your books have helped me a lot to change my focus in life. a big hug and congrats ¡¡¡¡

  2. Enjoy your trip to Montreal. Enjoy the Urban Gardens and for sure enjoy the history of Montreal, old Montreal, all it has to offer.

    Thank you for the mental uplift I needed today. As I read this, I asked for a sign that my Granddogson was going to be okay. Thank you for what might have been insignificant and impractical, but instead the words from your friend, Melissa of the passing of her best furry friend and the sign came of a McDonald’s stuffed dog with a blue wheelchair words staring me in the face made my insignificant very significant and practical. It might not change the situation, but I did feel a weight lift from me in my worried heart.

  3. Hello Pam!

    I live in Montreal and I’m so exited to know you are coming in my town tomorrow. I have E2 and E3 and I love these 2 books you wrote. I would be immensely honoured to meet you.

    I tend to be a good student and learner so I guess I have to ask you the incredible opportunity for me to interview you? 😉

    I would love to put the value on your E2 and E3 books and I would launch our interview on YouTube and put a link to the website I am working one. My mission is to help people be happy by practicing meditation.

    Ok anyway this is a long email lol.

    Well just throwing the idea to you, I join a picture for you to recognize me if we meet. 🙂

    If the interview won’t work, just to meet you would be awesomely awesome 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Best regards

    Martin Wolfe

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  4. Wow Pam in Montreal! 🙂
    If you have some free time let me know I would love to meet you in Montreal. If not, enjoy the city and have fun! 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh! Rufus and the blue wheelchair !

    Gorgeous Pam. Absolutely thank you for your posts.

    Keep em coming gal

    Going out to buy your Thank and Grow Rich, I need more JOY in my life.

    I’m too focused on ‘work’ and have lost the ‘play’ part ….

    Thank you!

    The Light Rider http://www.thelightrider.com

    Sent from my pet chicken🐓


  6. Thank you, Pam — that is an awesome story! I have a similar one . . . When our beloved cat, Bella, passed away from cancer, my husband and I asked her for a sign that she was okay. She was a very vocal cat and as a result vocal in the afterlife, as well. We had many experiences of her presence in the weeks after her passing however our favorite involved the doorbell. On of the days immediately after her passing, we were so distraught that we decided to go for a ride to the library to have a change of environment. As my husband left the front door, he turned to me and said to me, “Did you just ring the doorbell?” I replied that I hadn’t. I thought perhaps he bumped into it . . . but he hadn’t.

    Our doorbell is not ordinary. It is very elaborate and has big, full, beautiful, melodic chimes like Big Ben.

    Just then, it hit us. Bella was playing with the doorbell. It had never gone off by itself — ever! — in the 18 years we’ve owned our home. It was her way of saying hello with the sound of bells.

    The world is a mysterious place and there is so much more than meets the eye!

    All the best,

    Annette Ermini

  7. Had an awesome morning sunrise experience, than driving back l got lost because of the detours than l ask the universe for help and l got it, l saw the bus 6 and instant l know the universe has my back. Even after l had a awesome day Wohoo!
    I even got my Internet back l am a happy girl
    Thanks Pam Grout my life is getting so much better
    Thank you, thank you, thank you Pam Grout

  8. Love your posts, love your energy. Looking forward to the new book. I am great full every day as part of my expression of gratitude for the many blessings in my life is to turn around and live it large, to shine my light, and be the greatness that I am. For many years I hid behind a mask, in fear of whatever. I am now grateful to be me.

    OK for something insignificant or impractical – I love my husbands smile, my daughters hugs and my son’s texts. I love my mom’s presence and the company of my sisters. I love connecting with people and leaving a smile behind. I love biking to work and saying good morning to people I pass by. I love seeing the bunnies on the side of the path on my way home. I love my cat. I love being active. I love yoga. I love my body. I love my spirit. I love sunshine and yes hot weather. I love the full moon. I love meteor showers. I love magic. I love learning. I love creating new stories. I love growing. I love singing. I love feeling. I love being. Oh and I love chocolate too!

  9. Lovely, as always, Pam. I went to check out Melissa’s blog as I was bemused by the wheelchair! Total magic!
    We are so blessed. If I can’t sleep now, I go through a mental list of all the good stuff in my life usually I don’t get far before I fall into a blissful sleep.
    Can’t wait for the new book!
    Enjoy your trip. Jxx

  10. I finally got my free coffee last night. Completely unexpected. I immediately thought of you and E Squared. Gonna read it again.

  11. Blessings Pam

    Just received a notification from Amazon that my book has shipped, 😀😀😀
    I’m so grateful for you and the wonderful stories from your readers. I’m manifesting mine so I can share as well. 🙏🙏🙏

  12. I found one of my daughter’s little stickers- an owl -attached to my hair at school drop off. Insignificant, but a reminder of her good work that earnt it, the wonderful fact that I am a mother and that I was experiencing that moment of time as it should be experienced. A tiny moment of specialness. Looking forward to your new book Pam!

  13. I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that I keep seeing white feathers, which to me is a sign I’m being looked out for. I was driving and thinking about how the universe really does have my back when i glanced over and spotted an escaped chicken pecking around in the hedge… a very feathery white chicken! Still making me smile 🙂

  14. Hi Pam, I am not sure what your email is, so I hope this gets to you. I love your books and am currently starting on E-cubed experiments. But this is not about that…this is about a result of the experiment that I did several weeks ago in E-squared and have been waiting (not so patiently) for results. Today it happened and I am in AWE!! My husband, Charlie, passed away almost a year ago and this year has been a year to end all years. Although I have always had the “gift” of feeling when my loved-ones-that-have-crossed-over are around, I wanted more than this from Charlie. When I hit the 101 Dalmatians Principle experiment I decided to go-for-it and set as my intention in the FP to have a sign from Charlie that he is around — a sign that only he and I would know about and understand. Well…here’s what unfolded: I live currently in Panama, C.A. I was out walking this morning on a country-road, enjoying the beautiful morning here. I started thinking about Charlie and had a wave of sadness come into my body and stopped to feel the emotions with a cry of anguish as I looked up into the “heavens”. Just as a looked up a small hawk flew in and landed on the top of the tree I was gazing at and I could hardly believe my eyes — of course, the sign that Charlie is here, and one that he and I would secretly and unmistakably understand! The rest of the story — several years ago Charlie and I were staying in Salt Lake City while he was getting post-operative treatments for cancer. Every morning I would get up and take long walks up into the hills surrounding our apartment there. One morning I was crossing a pedestrian bridge and a hawk came swooping down and grabbed at my hair. I told Charlie about it when I got home. A few days later it happened again — same place, and again, a hawk. We laughed about it together and wondered if a few strands of my hair were adorning a hawk-nest somewhere. So…..when I spotted that hawk this morning I immediately knew that the FP had brought in my message from my dear Charlie. I am grinning from ear-to-ear! Cathyann Jones gardenwisdom@yahoo.com


    1. You just left a grin on my face and in my heart as much as anyone could possibly do. Ironically, I had “Angel” my Hawk do the same thing. Angels come in different ways and faces and bodies.

  15. Well, people seems to be talking about their happy experiences with animals, I will un- bashfully boast that my dog, Doctor, has finally learned to catch treats instead of follow its trajectory with closed mouth. Though looking back at the video, I realized how embarrassingly crazed I sound…Hope you don’t mind me sharing the link here…: P


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