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Dancing with the Stars…and the moon and the people in coffee shop lines

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
― Susan Polis Schutz

Just found out the pub date (that’s publication date) for my new book has been moved up from October to August. So, in celebration, here’s an excerpt:

Wanna know one of my most important spiritual practices?

Erupting into spontaneous dance. In places besides dance floors.

Here are five reasons it’s as important as meditation:

1. It cuts thought off at the knees
. All spiritual practice is about getting out of our own way, letting go of all the thoughts that block the Divine Buzz. The majority of our thoughts are boring re-runs from yesterday, the same ole to-do lists, fears and gripes.

And the Truth is that life works just fine without our incessant input. In fact, the more we distract the yammer, the better things actually work. This may seem counterproductive, but your right and perfect path will show up once you quit trying to figure everything out. It’s all the figuring and fretting that keeps it away. Dancing shuts down the mind so Truth can emerge.

2. Dancing puts you on the same wavelength as the F.P. As I’ve repeatedly said, you can’t watch ABC if you’re tuned into NBC. When you’re joyfully dancing, you’re on the same channel as the Big Guy. Which, of course, makes it easier for the F.P. to pour out all those countless blessings with your name on it.

3. It makes other people happy. I spend a lot of time in airports. And for the most part, the thousands of people waiting for flights are doing the same thing. Staring at their cell phones. One day in the Cincinnati airport, my daughter and I spotted (well, there was really no possibility of missing him) this tall gangly young man dancing jubilantly through the terminal. By himself. We were sitting at a Chick Fil A (this is before I began boycotting them) when he zoomed joyfully by. We both began laughing and like the young children in the German fairytale, The Pied Piper, we began to follow him.

Who can forget this wonderful scene from the movie, The Full Monte, where these unemployed steel workers began tapping their feet while waiting in the unemployment line?

4. It heals your body and eliminates other ailments. My friend, Betty, is 82. Most of her peers, when they get together, discuss one thing—their health or lack thereof. What she discovered when she took up dancing, the conversation (between Fox Trots) became elevated and people forgot all about their health issues. They actually started having fun, feeling young again.

5. It jars you into a new reality. Worldview 2.0 is all about leaving ruts and mental architecture that squeezes us into a tiny, uncomfortable box. Worldview 1.0 includes dancing, of course, but, once we’re grown-up, it only occurs when there’s alcohol and a dance floor. By dancing in places where others don’t expect it, you jump out of the box and your consciousness can’t help but follow. Again, life forms around our beliefs and expectations (our consciousness), so the more we can expand our beliefs and expectations, the bigger toehold life has to flow in.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the equally scintillaing sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Blessings Pam

    I practice Yoga and I also go to Zumba classes, dancing is amazing and it makes me happy. When given the opportunity to sit it out or dance, I hope we all dance. 💃💃💃

  2. And where there’s dance, there’s music…..super foods for the soul!

    Thanks Pam. Anxiously awaiting another thought provoking read.


  3. I was at the Copenhagen airport waiting for a connecting flight. With hubby sound asleep beside me, I saw a delightful young man nearby just dancing and twirling and smiling of course. It was so endearing I had to know more. We got talking and have kept in contact ever since. Think hubby and I are going to Brussels to visit him soon. Dancing makes the world go round!

  4. I love this, Pam!! Friends (and friends who I don’t know yet) have all thought me a bit eccentric because one of my fave things to do is a dance I call the “Bo Dance” – Bo is my golden retriever and when I travel, I have someone film me (sometimes I know them, sometimes I don’t…) as a little tribute to my dear boy who is waiting at home for Mom.:) Here’s a link to my San Francisco rendition (with very fun music to accompany the moves.) Blessings to you for sharing so much love, light and inspiration!! Maureen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TqKu8EVf3E

  5. I am saying this with total love in my heart. I don’t understand why people in general (and you especially) have to put digs in your writing about anything. Amid all the awesome wisdom and stories you share with us, why the need to diss anyone? Personally I could care less about C.F. but I do know they do good things, http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Company/Responsibility-Giving/News, as well as whatever made you have a problem with them. I guess I’m just saying that one of the top reasons I read your stuff is because I feel so inspired, happy, even exhilarated at times when I get to the end. When you throw in a dig about someone, it gets in the way of that joy. Plus it is so un-you. Tracy M

  6. Yay Pam! Such great news about your book!!!!!

    We have a fantastic water class teacher who dances all the time. By the time we finish dancing in the water and laughing we forget that we are exercising!!! What a fun way to stay fit.

    Thanks for the preview of the good stuff to come in your book[&#X1f60a]

    My Best,

    Judy LUnd


  7. SOOOO GOOD! and TRUE! Forwarded this to my daughter who is having a shot in her neck today. Hope she feels well enough by this afternoon to do a little jig! THANKS! and I’m at least tapping my foot, since I’m relearning how to walk at 69 these daze!

  8. There we go Pam!…..dancing makes the world go around and around until we all fall down…laughing our heads off!…..Luv, you and everyone else ……

  9. LOVE THIS!!! Nuf said! Thanks again Pam for a “get out of my own way” another amazing post! This is right up my alley…time for some FUN! Looking forward to connecting again (Kim from Matrix)

  10. I do it all the time, especially at work. Sometimes I just couldn’t stop myself, if I tried. Of course, it annoys the crap out of my teenage daughter, but that is probably just a sign that I am on the right track!

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