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For best results, wait ‘til you’re snorting

“Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing. My soul probably looks like Fred Astaire.”– Jarod Kintz 1lilly
It’s Monday, first day of a new week and I’m betting you’re launching some new goal, some new fitness regime, some new wannabe manifestation.

Whatever it is, you should know that it’s already happening. You’re already thinner, happier, eating healthier food. In one of the quantum probabilities, that is fact. You made the intention, it’s out there, it’s in the field of potentiality.

In fact, you can’t stop it…


you block it with your mental architecture, your beliefs, your stubborn insistence on focusing over and over on what appears to be.

Take your mind off those old habits. They’re annoying and getting tiresome.

That’s why the first step to accomplishing anything is to get on a frequency that can hold the new vision. A frequency where your connection to the bigger thing is fluid and open and where things can materialize easily, quickly, no muss, no fuss.

Getting on the joy and gratitude frequency is by far the best thing you can do for yourself. Better than counting calories, or making lists of thing you want to change.

That’s why I proclaim joy and happiness every day. That’s why I laugh every chance I get. I figure I’m ready to begin a new project, a new goal only when I’m happy and feeling good. As I said in the headline, once you’re snorting in laughter, your frequency is very close to God.

And with that little tidbit of New Year’s glee, I’ll close with this fun little story from Yvonne who asked the FP to jump through some hoops:

“I read your book while on a month long trip to Barcelona. I’m still here as I write. I decided to look for purple shoes as my sign in the Volkswagen Jetta experiment. I thought that would be a significant challenge. I’ve never seen purple shoes or a purple feather.

“As it turns out purple is the new “in” color! Not one to follow fashion, I couldn’t believe it. There are purple shoes in every shoe store and on feet everywhere! The purple feathers were harder to find. A day after I found hundreds of purple shoes, I found an art piece by Salvatore Dali (in the Dali Museum in Figueres, Spain) using peasant feathers and part of the feathers were purple, but then in a woman’s accessory shop there was a large necklace scarf type piece that was made exclusively of purple feathers!”

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and its equally-scintillating sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Attitude is my focus today–and every day! And yep, it takes practice, just as you say, Pam. Your exercises help!

  2. Love this story of the purple. It is exciting to see the manifestations coming into fruition. I know that when I put myself into it there is nothing stopping it. I love a good snorting laugh too Pam. I know a very lovely person on FB and she always starts her messages with the term SNORT, GIGGLE. I love it. Thanks for being there and making our lives so much better.
    Blessings & Bliss

  3. This is such a great way to put things, Pam! I’m finding that when I appreciate the small manifestations, the larger ones just roll right up!
    My story involves a butter dish. I had a nice glass one but it broke, so I just put out to the FB that I wanted a new butter dish. I searched in all the thrift shops but could not find one. Finally I attended a jumble sale that was a fund raiser for a local charity I support. Jumble was a great word, since everything was piled up willy nilly. There had been some effort to set the dishware and kitchen stuff aside, but it was still quite a mess. As I carefully looked at each table I continued my “butter dish” mantra. All of a sudden, perched right on top of a pile of stuff, I found it! A lovely white china dish with cover, priced at $2! Needless to say, I now am the proud owner. But it gets better. The other day I was browsing in Goodwill and found white china salt and pepper shakers, which I had NOT thought about, which matched the butter dish perfectly. Happy Manifesting!

  4. I broke my wonderful butter dish a few months ago, and a replacement was one of only two things I wanted and asked for, for Christmas. Of course, I got one. But now, another Pam Grout fan has a butter dish story, of all things. So now, maybe I will be “collecting” butter dish stories as one of my experiments.
    Always a good idea to add more laughter, singing and dancing to our lives. And opening up our e-mails from our Dear Pam is a great way to improve our frequencies.

  5. I couldn’t find my wallet. I thought it must have fallen out of my pocket in the gas station parking lot. I look everywhere I could think of, ask the attendant if anyone turned it in but no wallet. I was making a list of all the steps it would take to replace everything. What a nightmare that was going to be! DMV, the bank, insurance company etc.

    I made up my mind “It will be found, I see it in my hand!” I kept saying that over and over. I was determined it was NOT lost! I saw myself laughing til I Snorted because I found it!
    I had looked everywhere in my car, except UNDER the seat. That’s where it was! Thank you Universe! That’s my New Years Glee!!

  6. Thank you Pam, I’m really grateful for receiving your emails. They really center me again whenever my old me brings me down and makes me think of the half empty glass instead of the half full. Thank you for being a constant reminder of all the possibilities the FP provides us, makes living this life so much better. Paola Zolezzi Lima – Peru

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  7. Hi Pam. I just read your book E-Squared and I loved it. You have such a warm and fun way of writing. I want to share my incredible LOA experience because it reminds the purple shoes story.

    I couple of years ago I was working in Oman where I had escaped my marital problems. One night I asked the Univers to show me a pink Jeep. I needed a sign. I needed my Volkswagen Jetta experience. But nothing. I never saw a pink Jeep. Two years later I went to Sedona, Arizona, for my meditation course intensive. The whole idea of becoming a meditation teacher was due to a celestial intervention which is a story in itself. Anyway, I arrived Sedona late at night and did not see much of what was around. The next morning I went out to get some breakfast. I opened the front door. For a while I thought I was hallucinating. The whole place was full of pink Jeeps. They were everywhere. I learned that there is tour company called The Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona! I was blown away. I knew I was at the right place : )

  8. Why don’t you add a wheeze to the snort and really rip up with the joy! You might even start laughing at yourself for how funny you sound. See if you can start a meet-up group with fellow snorters. That should be fun too!

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