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Why it’s time to get naked with your desires

“Become committed—fully committed—to the experience of happiness.”—The Way of Mastery

Today, I want to talk about innocence and vulnerability and one of the sidewalk cracks we stumble over when claiming the largesse of the universe.

I call it a sidewalk crack because it’s very subtle. There’s an underlying belief that we shouldn’t admit we want riches, joyous relationships, rewarding work. What if people think we’re selfish? What if we piss God off?

So we’re in conflict. We have desires, but we don’t want to admit them. We pinch them off. We hide them under the bed. Desire, after all, is a blot on the spiritual path. Isn’t it?

But what if desire IS the spiritual path, what if it’s the animating force that propels us forward, that effects beautiful transformation on the planet?

What if desire is actually God in action? And by suppressing our desires, we’re actually crippling God.

So I’d like to suggest that we surrender to the creative force that wells within us and begin to view our desires as wholly innocent, wholly pure, wholly….holy.

So yes, it might be intimidating to admit you desire material comfort and creative expression and unending love. But if we don’t all come out of the closet about our desires, we risk thwarting the full potential of the universe, of God.

I’m read to undress. How about you?

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the equally-scintillaing, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Yes. I totally agree. It’s allowing the Universe to give us all that we desire. Thank you! Miracles Daily.
    Good Morning! It’s Christmas here at my house today. I woke up and went outside to see hanging on the gate from Fed Ex, my gift for free from Apple. an ipod touch 128 GB Pink. I was so excited, I am just now getting to the first cup of coffee. This may be a chapter in my book…broken phone without warranty and I get for free new iphone and ipod. Yes, thank you Universe!

  2. Absolutely!! and so wonderful that your blog post for today is the perfect confirmation to where I have come this morning (after weeks and months of tiny baby steps forward)lol
    Thank YOU!!

  3. Hey girl! Dancin’ nekkid singin’ about all this great stuff is fun! Though, I admit, I doubt “God” could ever be “crippled”. lol You funny girl.

  4. as someone who listens to Abraham-Hicks talk about this all the time, you have done a beautiful job of giving feet to the rightness of desire and receiving-thank you!

    Holly Jaleski

  5. I personally “adore” creature comforts! AND I’m becoming less apologetic for that trait in me. Here’s to “gettin’ nekid”. Youv’e helped a lot with your books and your blog. Thanks! Trish

    1. Love this. Pam you have changed my life in so many wonderful ways. My vision board to own my childhood home so I can live and work there. It is my intention for 6 months now to own it outright by the end of 2016 and so it is. Thanks Pam.

  6. I got Naked with my Desire about a month ago! I started thinking about the Holiday season and all the thing that need to be done. I said to the Universe “I love Outdoor Lights but don’t enjoy putting the up or taking the down. I sure would LOVE to have someone else do it for me!” Soon after that I enter a contest, the Winner gets $2000 worth of Outdoor Holiday Lighting”. Guess who’s coming tomorrow to decorate my house? Yes….I Won! Yes…I’m Naked with Desire!

  7. I never thought of this. Thanks so much for giving me a really new way of looking at what I want to find on my life

  8. Just what I needed to read and learn, I will have to reread this daily till it sinks in.
    Perfect timing thank you Pam.

  9. Oh, so very true, and so needed in our culture. As a wise character aks my protagonist in my novel just out, “Do you think God gives you deep desires of the heart just to thwart your manifestation of them?”
    Those true desires are from the divine–a divine that wants to see us realize them.
    Thank you, Pam!

  10. Dear Pam – you did it again! You made my day. Can’t wait to see you next month in Phoenix. Am hoping your new book will be available. By the way, you changed my life. Thank you.

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