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Manifesting your perfect partner and other tomfoolery

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.” – Rumi

I’m heading to California tomorrow and wanted to share a couple quick stories.

The first is from Deepak Chopra who was going to introduce me at the workshop I’m giving in San Diego August 1. But he ended up having to go out of town…which is what this story is about.

He was SO out of town a few years ago that his assistant couldn’t get ahold of him. He was in Africa, far from phones, internet, and all the devices we believe we still need to communicate with others.

His assistant was desperate to reach him. She employed my 101 Dalmatians Principle, the one that proves we are interconnected with everyone and everything through an invisible field of intelligence and energy.

She began sending out a message, “Deepak, I really need you to call me. Call me now.”

I’m sure you can guess the end of the story, but if you’re waiting with bated breath, here’s the spoiler alert:

Within a few hours, Deepak called.

This last story popped up in my mailbox this morning. I thought it was a lot of fun and who knows, the right guy may just read this.


“I’ve recently been having fun playing with the Dude to bring the love of my life into physical form. Like my fellow FP teammates, I really enjoy those moments when I envision us laughing as we cook dinner (he’s a great cook), exploring new cultures/communities (he loves people and loves to travel), and sitting at the piano playing and singing (he’s got a beautiful voice and plays the guitar).

“I’ve cleared some space in my closet (no small feat), popped an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, and even find myself talking to him as I’m cooking dinner (does anyone else wonder if they’re crazy when this happens so naturally?!).

“For some reason, I’m really in the zone when I’m driving. Signs will pop up everywhere to make me laugh, and the Dude often uses this time to answer the latest question that I’ve posed to the FP. So, knowing the Dude’s got my back and likes to make me giggle, I asked “What’s my soulmate’s name?” on the way to work the other morning.

“One minute later, stopped at a light and not really paying attention, I glanced at the tow-truck in front of me and the business decal in the back window read, “Tom will be there to pick you up.” It registered in a far corner of my mind, but I didn’t really think much of it.

“Two stoplights later, I was changing the radio channel, and caught the announcer saying, “Tom will be right back after this message…” Laughing, I asked “Okay, is it ‘Tom’? Is that his name?” and within two seconds, I pulled up behind a car with a personalized plate that had the letters “TOM” in it.

“The rest of the day had me grinning, sending love to others, telling trees to send a “hey” to Tom, and after a while the joy overrode my original “question.” Even though the question sort of faded from my memory, later that night I was home and turned on the TV to immediately see a commercial advertising a show that would be airing the next day. It read, “TOM 8/7c.” I think my neighbors might think I’m nuts, since there was an abundance of whooping and laughing at that moment.

“I’ve seen the “TOM 8/7c” many times since the first, and now, whenever I see it, I confirm outloud with the Dude that I’m meeting Tom on August 7th….possibly in the Central Time Zone…we’ll see. I plan to report back to you on August 8th with spectacular news!!”

We can’t wait to hear, Janna.

As for the rest of you, have a spectacular weekend that, like Janna, has you grinning, sending love to others and enjoying signs and blessings that as I said in E-Squared, arrive without email, letters or loud explosions.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Yay! Janna, I can’t wait to hear all about Tom, the amazing cook, singer, world traveler and sweetest boyfriend, ever!

  2. Dear Ms Grout; When will you be in SF? Through Melissa Joy I “found” your books and must write i am loving the 1st one… I am grateful you wrote it. Ali


  3. LOL. Tomfoolery, indeed!

    Okay, first, my name is Tom, as you know. We recently did a podcast interview, as you also know. If I didn’t have a conflict on Sunday, I’d likely have gone there before I saw this post because I’m a fan and I feel that you’re a new friend.

    But, though I’m single, I’m not THAT Tom. Seriously, your post brought home some things for me that I hadn’t thought about in awhile. In Course In Miracles, it said, “Don’t limit the is.” But I do sometimes. For good reason, too.

    What hit me was that I’m too damaged due to multiple cancer surgeries and related challenges. The other reality check that bounced was that I’m also too danged old for you. Even though I run stairs (but am still having to lose 20 pounds) I can hardly believe that I’m 69! What happened! : ) That time does fly.

    I also don’t play the guitar, except on iTunes and only cook with pots and cans and the Flavorwave Oven, which can’t be beat.

    So, your younger, more vital “Tom” is out there and even if he comes with another name, he’s already been born, he’s walking around some place and may not even yet know of your existence yet. But you, of all people know…you’re about to make that wonderful manifestation…even if you have to go through more than one on your way to the success that will become!

    I know your seminar will be wonderful and I wish I could be there to see it and finally meet in person.

    1. Tom, as the Course would tell you, there ARE no good reasons. And if you can hardly believe you’re 69 – then don’t.

      Here’s an affirmation I’ve been using lately: “Where I go God IS, and all is well. Life loves me.”

      That last part is borrowed from Louise Hay. No fooling.

    2. Hey Tom!

      Thank you so much for your lovely words of support and your insights! You had me chuckling and sending cosmic hugs to you as you listed your “too’s,” and I have to admit that I related to a couple of them and have had wrestling matches with the “too gremlins” on more than one occasion. Just so you know, your “too’s” did something rather amazing today. They played a part in bringing you to this post and writing a response, which in turn put a smile on my face, which then had me love-bombing people at work all afternoon, which hopefully had them spreading the joy to others as well! So thank your “too’s” for me, Tom! You put smiles on the faces of people you never knew existed and were a part of the Divine Buzz happening in this corner of the Great Lakes! For the rest of the day (and days following), I think you should opt for being “too good to be true.” Deal? 🙂

      This latest journey with “Tom” is simply a lot of fun. While I’ll have a riotous blast when “Mr. T” materializes, I’m also ready to grin if a “loose translation” appears. Instead of a guy who cooks, sings, and is awesome to hang out with, I could just as easily manifest a gorgeous tom cat who proudly delivers mice to my door (cooks), yowls in the hedges at night (sings), and will rub up against my leg if I open a can of tuna (love in its finest form). lol Either way it’s guaranteed to be an experience that adds sparkle to my life (just as you did today).

      Simply being open to the possibilities (any possibility) is what keeps the fun percolating! Enjoy your weekend, Tom, and give your “too’s” a wink of appreciation from me! 🙂

      1. Thank you, Janna. That’s so kind of you to take the time to respond. I can’t tell you what a smile that brings to read it today. Very special. : )

  4. I love this on so many levels. These days, I expect to get the great parking spaces and the green lights, and when my husband is with me, he is constantly surprised. I tell him that it’s no surprise, and would he please stop expecting otherwise.

  5. I definitely think its Tom! I read this post this morning and was perusing some art at a show this afternoon. You guessed it- one of the paintings was named “Tom!”

  6. Janna ~ Years and years ago…after a heart-mind-shattering break-up, I went back to the drawing board. I went with the “act as if” technique… worked on the positive programming of HOW I WANTED TO FEEL/EXPERIENCE with my next relationship. I wanted to feel this love, stability, depth, growing ground in/with myself in my next relationship. I wanted to experience being a loving mother to a baby and to have a husband who supported this in me. I wanted to share spiritual growth. I wanted “to know” and grow in that. I played and hung out in this “feeling vision” often…it always filled me with this goodness… I read somewhere, “be the person you want to feel/be if you had what you want” (badly translated)… and so, I pretended or acted as if I was this full, loving, loved, supported me. Interestingly…my “lack” left and I just felt “on track” of what was in the works.

    Not long after (and I mean that…maybe a few months?)…I got a call from an old high school girlfriend helping coordinate our 10 year reunion. She gave me the first section of names to call or to write (before email) to let us 1969 graduates know about the reunion. My boyfriend during my senior year (last name”C”) was on there…I called him to say “hi”, to share about the reunion, we decided to have dinner the night before…we did…I didn’t FEEL anything (wasn’t even looking to)… but SOMETHING happened on reunion night… while the next year was anything but peaceful, when it all settled down, I knew he was the one I would be shifting into my next life chapter with.

    Also, because of all the turbulence and testing leading up to our wedding day in 1981, I wasn’t thinking a lot about my “positive programming”. However, one Sunday early afternoon, while washing dishes, I looked out the window to see my husband, with our toddler son on his lap, riding the riding lawn mower around and IT ALL JUST FLOODED ME with full realization. THIS was THAT feeling and tears and tears of love, joy, gratitude, thankfulness and more filled me with “yes”.

    There were many many more of those kind of moments… I am deeply grateful for a steady, solid, honest, hard-working relationship that STILL has me growing.

    Keep it coming and going, Janna!! And, I thought of the tom-cat too–which made me laugh. Love your openness, your willingness, your NOTICING the signs saying “yes” and playing with you…awesome awesome!!

    1. Wow, Heather! This is WONDERFUL…gave me chills to read that moment when you had that moment watching your husband and son… I love those magical moments when the thing we’ve hoped for kinda sneaks up on us, so that we get an extra dose of tingles and speechlessness when we realized IT has arrived. Love, love LOVE this story! Thanks!!

  7. I manifested my husband back in 2008.

    Basically, I made a list of everything I wanted in a husband and then I gave the universe a date that I wanted to meet him by. I met him by that date, but I didn’t RECOGNIZE it until later. At the time, I didn’t realize that the universe wanted even more specifics for manifestation.

    Here’s the blog on how I did it.
    And yes, I’m still married to him! 🙂


    *huggles* and blessings,
    I think Janna will have her partner found by August 8 (although she didn’t specify a year??? oopsie)


    1. Ya know, Kris, I thought of that whole year thing too. ha! And then I wondered, what if he’s British/European, in which case it would be July 8th?! lol

      Thanks for the link to your blog too…Loved the excerpt on the 4 characteristics of a soulmate they outlined, and will use it to fine tune some things! Like Heather’s story above, was your husband someone that kinda slowly snuck up on you, so that one day you were looking at him across the kitchen table and had that “flash* and realization that your “list in the flesh” was right there?

      Hughes back attcha, and thanks for the tips! 😉

      1. Yes!! That’s exactly how it happened!
        I got caught up in life and then I started thinking.. hmmm.. wonder..
        oh wait!!
        it’s HIM!!!
        And I was pleased and pleasantly surprised.

        *happy huggles*
        (yeah, I had to add huggles to my autocorrect.. *giggles*)


  8. Hi Janna, I absolutely LOVED your story, it gave me chills as I read it. Don’t you just love it when the signs and signals appear to you so quickly?
    I often ask for those signs as I’m driving and am always amazed at what I begin to notice, usually right away. Two women at work were talking about finding the right guy and I pulled out a piece of paper, one for each, and told them to list the kind of guy they wanted to appear in their lives, and to be as specific as possible. As they rattled off their wishes, I wrote each one down and when they were finished, I instructed them to read their lists out loud and then keep them in a special place. One slept with it under her pillow, one kept it in her purse. This was back in October of 2014. One girl met her “guy” within four months and the other within eight. This listing idea has also turned out well for me in the past when it came to finding the ideal job for me.
    I am hoping that you get the man you wish for and also the very best the world has to offer!

    1. Thanks Jan!! I recently read in an Abraham-Hicks book that a lot of times when we’re driving, our mind enters a “non-resistant” state, which is why we often see answers when we’re bopping around in our cars. Thanks for the support (feelin’ those good vibes), the helpful advice, and the great stories about your coworkers!!

  9. I’m starting to feel disheartened although I have been steadfast in my beliefs fir the past 48 hours, nothing has come to fruition on experiment #8… All others have worked wonderfully & I even received “signs” that this was going to happen; but nothing….

    Any suggestions???

    I’m at a loss…

    Thank you!

    1. It’s now been weeks without results…
      Still trying to stay positive…

      Any suggestions as to why nothing is happening and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Hi JME,

        Here’s what I suggest. Start noticing any seed, even the tiniest thing that IS happening. There’s so much happening and we must get in the space where we can receive it.

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