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The two magic words that can change your life forever

“Resistance is futile.”—The Borg from Star Trek

If you’ve read E-Cubed, you know that one of the experiments involves asking the universe for an inside joke. Here’s a funny story that came in yesterday.

“As I was sitting by my pool reading the first experiment, I had just finished the part about asking the universe for an inside joke. All of a sudden, the wind kicked up. Our eucalyptus tree began raining it’s leaves down on me and all over the yard and pool and it didn’t stop, making a complete mess! All of a sudden, I started laughing and laughing!!!! I got my joke almost immediately!!!!”

Speaking of jokes, I’d like to remind everybody of the two magic words that I use continuously when I need to remember that we’re making this world up. That it’s nothing but a product of our perception. And that at any time, we can change our perception and change our world. Here’s the reminder:

Sherlock Holmes, if he were to get involved, would probably surmise that I learned the magic words I’m about to dispense from one of the speakers at the Rotterdam I Can Do It! Conference.

And he’d be right about one thing. I did learn these words at the conference. But not from one of the speakers.

On one of the breaks, I met this really cool volunteer named Natasja Frowijn. Write that name down. You will be hearing from this fabulous 29-year-old (yes, a mere 29 years old!) who healed her body after a near-fatal scooter accident. For five years, she was bed-ridden in excruciating pain. After doctor after doctor told her she would live the rest of her life in a wheelchair (if she was lucky), she was ready to take a boatload of morphine and call it a life.

But instead, she decided that she would heal herself–not for her family, not for her husband–but for herself.

“I decided that that not only would I heal myself, but I would go on to live an awesome life,” Natasja told me.

She appealed to her grandfathers on the other side. She said to the universe, “Show me.”

That day, she “just happened” to turn on Oprah (yes, Oprah is even in Holland) and saw Louise Hay talking about how she healed herself from cancer. Natasja had never heard of Louise Hay, but that was clear enough guidance. She was on her way.

That week, a woman knocked on her door offering an 8-week course on Louise’s “You Can Heal Your Life.” From that moment on, Natasja has been able to draw into her life pretty much every thing she ever wants. For her, it’s a game.

Today, she’s completely healthy and whole. She works part-time as a nurse and part-time as a medium, talking to folks on the other side. She’s beautiful and fabulous and I’m so grateful I was able to meet her.

As we were talking, I thought, “Wow, this girl should write a book” and guess what? She has already started. Not five minutes later, a publisher came up and said she wanted to see her book. Although Natasja is holding out for Hay House (and believe me if Natasja wants it, it’s as good as a done deal), I was amazed at how quickly she drew this to her. Many people spend decades trying to attract a publisher.

So you’re probably wondering, what are the magic words? Don’t let their simplicity fool you. The words are “It’s okay.”

No matter what. No matter what is happening to you, it’s important to acknowledge that, “it’s okay.

No matter how you feel, “it’s okay”. No matter what you think, “it’s okay.”

Most of us, instead of being “okay” with our lives, get all balled up with judgment and fear. We exhaust ourselves trying to make things different.

The loving intelligence, the big Quantum playground knows exactly how to play out in your life. But when our little pea brains get involved (“Oh, no! I shouldn’t feel this way. I must stop this now.” Kick-kick-kick. “I’d better call my friends and hash this out. Or join a support group, start a blog.”), we put out a murky energy that blocks the healing current.

Our thoughts emit an electrical charge. And when the thoughts are busy “not being okay,” we put up a roadblock to our good.

“It’s okay” is the energy of love. So whatever is happening in your life, simply say, “It’s okay” and let the loving flow of the universe do the heavy lifting.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. As I was reading, I thought the magic words were “show me,” until I found out that they are “it’s OK.” Hahaha, I kinda love SHOW ME too! There’s definitely some magic in those words~ Show me what to do next…show me what to read…show me where to live…
    I’m gonna use both~ it’s OK, right? 😀

    1. Ha! I had the very same thought! Show me really resonated as brilliance, then it’s okay seels good too. Bonus!

    2. That’s what I thought, too. It fits right in, and I will be using that “Show Me” request.

    3. me too, I was sure you would say ‘show me’ when you revealed the two words. And like the others, I’m planning to use both sets of two words. They feel powerful in different ways.

  2. Also. Meetup is gone completely from meetup.com BUT

    It’s okay

    I’m thinking I would rathe go back to before I created this fiasco.

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  3. Dear Pam, Last week I was going to make a ‘quick’ stop at the grocery store to pick up something for supper. I had just gotten out of the car and was walking towards the door when a pickup came heading straight at me. Didn’t have much reaction time but my last thoughts before impact were “oh s**t!! He’s going to hit me. Well he did and I was knocked about 15 ft back before landing on the pavement. Witnesses said the driver then got out of the truck and pulled me off to the side, got back in his truck and drove off. 5 hours in ER, a CT scan and wrist x-ray showed an amazed ER physician that I had no broken bones, small concussion and a sprained wrist, and no broken ones. I am 74 years old alive and well and yes, a little store still, but oh well. Its too late to say “long story short” but your post today “Its Okay” really spoke to me. All my senior friends are telling me to SUE everyone, the driver, the grocery store, the ad nauseum. I have no anger in me or want revenge. In fact I told the police officer who came for a statement that I had been praying for the guy all afternoon, and he said “Why would you do that??!! I told him that if I had run over an old lady in a parking lot, I might have done the same thing…..he was not amused.
    Anyway, you continue to be such an inspiration to me. Thank you for your books and your posts. Kathleen

    1. Kathleen, being in the same age group and having a similar incident a while back… being thrown off a horse, waking up in an ambulance, etc., and ending up with no broken bones, I can identify with your situation! I didn’t want to sue either though I was advised I should. I didn’t pray for the stable owners (good for you!) but I held no malice or anger towards them either. The horse was a good boy but he apparently had a fear that nobody had identified and his spooking was a mystery. My prayers were with the horse…that nobody would punish him! 🙂 I know you’re on the mend and good luck!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful message, Pam!

    Love your emails and books!

    All the best,


  5. I’m going through a period of confusion, deciding whether I’m 75 years “old” or “young” with a couple of health and weight issues that seem to be pressing down rather hard lately. I facilitated those Louise Hay workshops you mentioned so I’m familiar with the beautiful results they can bring about… but “how soon one forgets”! Your post this morning was like a breath of fresh air – simple, to the point, and such a relief from the readings, the meditations, the mental discussions going on in my head (not saying they’re not helpful) but it can get cluttered up there… so thank you for two words that swept right through the guilt and confusion! I enjoy your books and I’m having fun with the experiments though the results for some still manage to surprise me. Haven’t succeeded with all of them but “it’s okay!”

  6. Thank you for saying it’s okay. Been dealing with caring for aging parents, sometimes it feels very deep and sad. Accepting is part of the process . Giving myself permission to say it’s okay feels very freeing. Thanks Pam.

  7. Pam, you know what I love most about this post? The fact that you are promoting someone else accomplishments, life story and future book. It says so much about your heart and your knowledge that there is MORE than enough, success, healing and love in the universe for everyone. Bless you for that. You get a freebie copy of the Wisdom of Lazarus! Oh .. did 1st experiment yesterday with The Dude. A woman I barely know said she woke up with the feeling she should buy me a guitar. So she did. It’s now in my living room. Truckloads of good mojo coming your way from Beulah Colorado. My heart to yours!

  8. Amazing. I just finished reading You Can Heal Your Life last night and here you are mentioning it in your post. I loved the book. It all made wonderful sense to me. And now after reading your post I am motivated to read it again!

  9. Hi Pam!  

    I know you are inundated with positive, amazing stories about all of the Universal Abundance and synchronicity all around….  I am writing to ask about what to do when the experiments are not working for me?  I LOVE your books and get so excited to conduct each experiment, but when the FP doesn’t deliver, I get frustrated and upset that I somehow don’t possess the magic.  I just tried the scavenger hunt in E3 and literally got none:(.  I feel like I’m searching for things and grasping at straws if I see anything remotely on the list!  I am such a believer, and am so inspired by the stories, but I’m also wishing for that amazing coincidence to come my way.  

    Thanks for listening! Jessica      

  10. Hi Pam In the vein of happy turns of events.

    Last October I went to the hospital with a 102 fever and chills at 2AM. It was kinda’ scary and they found an infection in my tooth. After a round of antibiotics I was fine but my insurance company refused to pay the doctors $700+ bill. I appealed twice and was denied twice and then told that I should arrange a payment schedule with the hospital. I was expecting my first bill in mid-March but hadn’t received one. Today I opened one of the flood of envelopes the company sends me. It was a thin envelope with a letter that said, “After careful review, we agree with you. We’ve decided to reprocess your claim…we made a mistake processing the claim. It has been paid. You have no member responsibility for this claim.”

    A nice present of $765. Yeah!! and It’s OK.

    Stan Slaughter

  11. Your email today was the cherry on top of a day of messages from the FP!

    I’m thinking about giving up my apartment tomorrow and, as of May 1st, going homeless for a dream. I know the FP wants me to be a successful comedian and I know that I need to get better at letting the FP do the heavy lifting (I always want to figure everything out). So I’m throwing my financial struggles to the universe and asking them to help me find a home that I can afford without giving up my performing/creating time.

    Today I’ve had THREE conversations with complete strangers who have told me in different ways to do it…without even knowing I was debating, thinking, anything. 1 said that the best thing she did was leaving safety to travel/couch surf while following dreams of roller derby. 2 discussed the expense of NYC and how it’s not worth giving everything up to be here (about his business), unless being here is your dream. 3 told me that the universe loves courage and always catches us when we jump with intention (about the website he is starting). None knew, before they spoke, that I was thinking about this plan or asking for signs.

    And then your message! My finances are a mess and rather than obsessing about how to fix them I’ve started saying to myself, “It’s okay.” I’ve created a blog embracing my situation and calling it a blessing. I pick up pennies on the street and dance around and celebrate them, regardless of the funny looks, and I am excited about looking for the next batch of blessings.

    I feel a little like the FP is playing hardball, really making sure I get it, so I’m listening and going for it and it’s okay! My blessings will be recorded at 40daysand40mics.weebly.com if you want to hear about the magic that comes in the next month.

  12. Today is my birthday and I am saying those magic words all day. “It’s OKAY!” to the Universe. Thank you.

  13. Reblogged this on Strongernow's Blog and commented:
    This blog turned into my Inside Joke for the day. Its been a hard few days, and I have been flipping out a bit, but “It’s all Okay!”
    Thank you Pam Grout!

  14. I’m hoping you can once again advise me. For many years, I have been helping out a friend who is on disability. He does not make enough money to make his bills and rent. However, this has impacted the relationship I am currently in and I have to stop but this is extremely hard for me. I’ve shed tears over this and want to find a way to help my friend.

    May I ask what you would suggest? I would so appreciate some direction and focus.

    gratefully yours,

    Pam Christmas

  15. Hi Pam – You are one of the best things to come into my life. I just love you. Thank you!

  16. I appreciate ALL your shares that you post; and I reeeeeeeeeeeeally felt a beautiful connection about Natasja’s (from Holland) story. In La’ Kesh~ Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 14:29:25 +0000 To: innerpeace12@hotmail.com

  17. After reading this I had to chuckle. For the past couple of years my now ten year old Granddaughter has been telling me. “It’s okay Grammy”… I always knew she was a very smart cookie.. ♡
    Thank you for the stories Pam and readers.. they give me hope..

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