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The secret of people who love their jobs

“The purpose of life is to fart around. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”—Kurt Vonnegut

Happy Wednesday!!! As many of you know, I just gave my first TED talk. It was extremely nerve-wracking, because, instead of viewing it as an opportunity to fart around, I took it very seriously. I tried really hard to make it perfect, awe-inspiring, the best talk I’ve ever given. Trying really hard is never a wise strategy. In doing so, I completely forgot my number one motto which is: “Have fun. No matter what.”

I didn’t exactly bomb the talk, but it wasn’t the firework-inducing success I wanted.

The part that WAS fun was listening to the other speakers. I felt so honored to be chosen for this inaugural TEDX Lawrence and really enjoyed the talks by my fellow co-presenters.

Dr. Shane Lopez, who spoke right before me (when my heart was palpitating so loudly I missed half of it), mentioned that only 13 percent of people like their jobs. For a person who has to pinch herself every now and again to make sure this career of mine isn’t just a wonderful dream, this is a shocking statistic. That means 87 percent of us aren’t jumping up and down when Monday rolls around.

He also mentioned that the secret of those 13 percent who do LOVE their job is they’ve taken ownership of it. They’ve designed their job in a way that brings meaning.

And here’s the thing. We all have the opportunity to do that–no matter what our title is. We get to create our jobs—especially the story in our heads, the story we tell ourselves (and others) about our work. I went king crab fishing with a wonderful guy in Norway. In fact, I’m writing a travel story about it this week. His dad taught him when he was a small child how important it was to realize (and, of course, say) that he GETS to go to his job each day. Never HAS to.

Dr. Lopez asked the audience to clap if they’d ever rented a car. It was pretty unanimous. Then he asked, “How many of you have ever washed a rental car?’ Not a single clap was heard. And not just by the likes of me with the boom-boom-booming heart.

So here’s his point. You can either own your work (and that doesn’t necessarily mean being self-employed). Or you can react to your work. Same with our lives. We can design them how we want. Which, of course, starts with our mental landscape. Or we can keep peddling to someone else’s design.

Tell me in the comments section below how you’ve designed your work and your life. Even if you’re only starting today.

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. I asked the universe for a job where I am abundantly supplied financially and creatively…I also applied for a job at a huge MNC thinking that was it.. and I had a set pay in mind and I visualized and everything. In less than a week , my ex-employer called me in for an interview , offered me a job where SO many considerations & exceptions were made for me to achieve my dreams !!! with pay more than the MNC ! , best part – I WILL BE LOVING MY JOB THERE AND I will be in an environment that I used to LOVE ! and I know I will be loved and appreciated there!!! Still feels like a dream !!! 🙂

    I feel like the FP knew I would be more happier here than I would have been in that MNC. Love you so much Pam for writing this book !! thank you !!!!!

      1. Wow, I really needed to hear this, as im going to attend S.W.I.H.A. for the first time in May, and I was just rehired at my old job in scottsdale, dishwashing while I go to school. When I worked there before Jessica eck and myself would pump each other up about going ti wirk and loving every minute of it. This really mitivated me, thank You So Much….K.M.

  2. I was literally JUST writing my blog about my dream job as your email popped into my inbox. I have always maintained that I am happiest when I am out of an office setting and able to be out and about meeting new people and making connections. I am happy to report that I have been doing just that for 5 years! The only office I report to is the couch with my laptop and otherwise I am out getting to network and meet interesting creative folks. The next stop on my journey will include traveling and writing. (One of the reason I am drawn to your work.) This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I have set the intention and now I will chill out and enjoy the ride.

    Thank you for all you do!

    1. My office is often my couch and a laptop, too. But sometimes I move it to the back porch or my bed or even a hotel room where I’m traveling. But all the good stuff is right here. You probably can’t see this, but I’m pointing to my heart. Thanks!!!

  3. Perfect timing for this message…of course. Back in 1999 I left a job to pursue a passion of having a career in the beauty industry. I was a banker at the time. I became hair stylist and did that job for 6 years and at some point in 2006 I lost my way. I went back to the corporate world. I enjoyed my new desk job for a few years but after I had a little boy in 2011 my priorities changed and I realized what was important…..Happiness and my family. It’s taken me until now, 4 yrs, to make a change but in 4 wks from today I will leave my job with the government ( a perceived great job to some) to pursue my passions. I have a few passions at this point in my life; fashion is still one but animals and the care and compassion for animals is a big one for me. So excited to become one of the 13% but hope I can be an inspiration and help make that percentage become higher! Thanks Pam for your inspiration.

  4. I’m putting this out to the universe … after years of helping others attain their dreams,and dream jobs, I am going to find the time and money to write a book about my miraculous dog who came back from the dead to teach me about life and how to live it. The Wisdom of Lazarus: Here’s her inspiring story in a two minute video:

    All you adventurous souls out there designing your own futures stay in touch!

      1. She saved me she really did. After 12 years of visiting schools and nursing homes, being a wonderful ambassador for her misunderstood breed, she was diagnosed with bone cancer (one month after we shot that video) She was given 3 weeks to live, but after an amputation which didn’t slow her down one bit she beat the odds once again and lived 13 months. November 1st I put her down, she was happy and peaceful. Since then I’ve been scattering her ashes all over the world. I owe it to her, in the writing of this book, to get her message of love, tolerance, joy and following your own path to the world. She was a much better human, as a canine than I could ever hope to be. I miss her every day, but am committed to helping others through her actions. She taught me so much. Bless you for watching the video and sharing a bit of our life.

    1. What a beautiful story. You touched my heart. I would love to read your book when it’s completed.

      1. Thank you Dani, that means so much to me! Well … thats 2 copies I’ve sold already and it’s not even written yet! 🙂 I can count on you and Lisa. my email address is lazfund@gmail.com if you want to send your email so I can keep in touch when it’s written. I do have a publishing company. Spent 3 years homeless saving enough to publish my boyfriends book after he turned down a half a million dollar advance when they wanted to use a ghost writer. He was the first guy to circle the Earth by human power, here’s a link to his appearance on the tonight show if you like adventure: http://www.expedition360.com/_qt/leno_show.mov
        Anyway I can’t tell you how much your comments lift me up. After all the ONLY thing that matters in this world is how we lift each other up and the love we give. I learned that from my dog Lazarus!
        Much love and many blessings headed your way!!!

      2. Tammie, that’s three copies you’ve sold! Thank you for sharing your amazing heart!

      3. Dear Janna,
        I’m trusting the dude will get this reply to you as there was no reply button, maybe because you were attached to amazing Dani’s, our second buyers post. 🙂 Thanks again Dani! I would be honored to sell you the 3rd copy of The Wisdom of Lazarus!! And Lazarus would be too. When you see this, pop me an email at lazfund@gmail.com so I can stay in touch. Sending you LOTS of great juju from Colorado the abundant energy of FP your way!

  5. Hi there,

    This e-mail resonated with me so much! I have been unwell for a year and a half with a rare incurable disorder (which I know was all my own doing!). I learnt so much during that time, that I don’t regret a second!

    Anyway it meant that I had to leave my charity job that I loved, which lead to me reading lots of books about finding a new career. One of these books suggested trying a job to see what it’s really like – which lead to a light bulb moment!

    I came up with the idea of the ‘100 Job Challenge’ where I am ‘trying’ 100 jobs for a few days each and writing a blog about each one to raise money for The Meditation Trust

    Incidentally as I mentioned there isn’t a cure for my disorder, however I was determined that I was going to find one – which as a result of several things coming together I found it without even looking! I E squared it!

    I am now on job #8 of 100, I am thoroughly enjoying it and am literally following with the flow if the universe. It’s been crazy, with the author of the book tweeting me within a week of starting, on local radio & papers, calls from the national papers! I’ve even been offered paid jobs out of it already and I’ve only been doing it a little over a month. I know that it will be something amazing, and I am so grateful for the journey

    Thank you for your brilliant books, they really helped me to realise the power of the universe!

    My website is http://www.100jobchallenge.co.uk if you would like to take a look!

    Have a great week

    Bobbie 🙂


  6. Celebrating our 20th year owning a really cool General Store, famous for ice cream cones on a huge lake in northern Minnesota this year – we vacationed here, wished to live here and have enjoyed creating a magical life since…now, I am taking the artist that I am, giving her time every day to play with color and art and learning to teach others how to access our right brain to enjoy a more present- fruitful,- on purpose- full of fun life! How does it get any better than that? Thank you Pam for all the reminders to play there now…

  7. I’m intelligent and well-educated and for 30 years I had dead-end office jobs. I was really good at them, but I usually made the least money of anybody in the office and I was never happy. Then I found work using my natural talents (working with my hands – who knew?) and the job was challenging at times but I loved every minute of it. Rather than waiting for people to tell me what they wanted me to do, I started doing what I knew needed doing! I kept getting promoted until I was running the place! Now I am out on my own, working at what I love doing (I’m a bookbinder). I haven’t jumped into a lot of money, but I’m sure it’ll come.

  8. I walked the Camino across northern Spain almost 3 years ago. When I returned I promised myself I would not do anything unless I wanted to. I thought I had to apply for a job when I got back and was really afraid of getting it so when I got the call that I did not get it I was relieved and not surprised . Yes I could have done a great job but it was not what my heart wanted to do. When I think back I have been very fortunate and had some amazing work experiences which helped me to get to this… Now I am launching my own line of children’s clothing designed from the characters in my children’s books along with characters that I have been sculpting over the years. I found the most amazing work partner anyone could have asked for and we get to work with University students and are helping them reconnect to conversation. I love Ester Hicks and Abraham and since I pulled my ores out of the water life is grand~!

  9. I’m sure you did AWESOME! We are always our biggest critics. Let me know when i’ts posted.



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    *Our mission at 8 to Great is to teach a process that enhances happiness, h**ealth, and exceptional success! *

    1. Thanks, MK. I did remember what you said about early on in your speaking career, you’d think about what you left out and indeed I did have those thoughts. Oh no! I left out the best stuff. But it was perfect as is everything. And people will hear what they need to hear.

  10. Well, I love being outdoors. And I like fashion. And I love beauty. And I like arranging things to make a pretty picture. So, I created being a photo stylist (a long time ago) – and now have only one account that pays really well – and we always work outside! I’ve done this creation so well, I’m now ready to try a different one – and the tweaking goes on:-)

  11. Hi Pam,

    Congratulations on your first TED talk and another great post.

    I really liked the advice your friend got from his father “that he GETS to go to his job each day. Never HAS to.” There is a BIG difference(s) there and I am sure one of them is your attitude toward life and how you choose to live it.

    I graduated last year, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, but now I found this “blogging lifestyle” pretty interesting. This is where I am heading now, that lifestyle.

    I am designing my own life, for my family. I don’t mind working at a plant or factory, but if I can own one also, why not?

    every one of them started somewhere, just like I am now.

    Thanks you for your post.


  12. Wow… amazing! All of you! I wish I could figure it out… that’s what I want… to enjoy my job, my life. I can’t quite seem to grasp how to walk away from 2 dead end jobs that I dislike to the point of resentment, but need in order to make the mortgage payment.

    1. Find ways to love little things about your jobs. If you resent them, you need a bridge to take you to the love that you deserve. Again, focus on the little things that are rewiring about your jobs and refuse to label them dead-end. Nothing is a dead-end unless we continue to call it that, continue to believe it is.

  13. Every day I sing all the way to my wee store. I used to teach high school with all the stressful factors- still love and talk my “kids” who are growing up so fast.
    Took a leap of faith and LOVE what I do- vintage store in Savannah. Repurposing and bringing to life- treasures for new owners. Annually get 13 million tourists here so I get to have amazing conversations with great folks every day. Doesn’t pay the bills yet but getting there and I am now using my space to showcase other small businesses and artisans. Pumping my fists and play your suggested Happy Music on Pandora at the shop. You rock Pam- thank you- she smiles in gratitude 🙂 .

    1. My sister lives in Savannah. I’ll have to send her to your store. And next time I’m in town, I’ll be there for sure. Beautiful dream, my friend!!!

  14. Hello Pam. Five weeks ago I resigned from a job I enjoyed but employers I didn’t enjoy – the ones who have little integrity who I have no respect for any more and who I can’t trust. I have no actual job to go to but am trusting completely in FP because I know my perfect job is coming. I finish on Friday and can’t wait. I no longer wish to waste my precious life working for people who do not value their staff. So …..

  15. I work in a warehouse during the week and as a security guard during the weekend. Both of which have a deep meaning because I really like those jobs. I play drums and jam with my band multiple times a week. Me and my wife are currently bringing up a baby girl and 2 teenagers, both of which play and practice music as much as I do. I am currently building up students for my private drum lessons that I give. Spreading music and drumming knowledge to kids and people in general is what makes me the happiest and gives me THE sense of my PURPOSE. I have this great talent, I’d be a moron not to share it with people! I have grown to love my jobs, my free time I DO get and pretty much everything else that comes up! My life has changed significantly, all because I’ve changed my thoughts! Thank you!

  16. I like cleaning. I also am drawn to certain buildings. A house is being renovated in my street which is worth millions and I would love to live in it.
    I had a call from a friend of a friend who wants a cleaner… And you guessed it, she owns the house that is being renovated…. So I will get to be in the house and keep it clean.

    I use a launderette once a week.
    Today they offered me a job 🙂

    I don’t have to look for anything….it all comes. I am always provided for. Thankyou God <3

    1. Reading through all these wonderful stories is so inspiring and uplifting! And, Jules, for some reason when I read yours, the song “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” popped into my mind. If you don’t know it, look up the lyrics! Guaranteed to make you smile and lighten your step! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Dear Pam

    So truly inspired by E-squared and E-cubed I’ve managed to manifest my ultimate dream job. It took almost a year getting my intentions aligned with my patience and the right timing, and yesterday it finally all came together. This job is only 16 hours a week, however securing me financially and leaving plenty of time to all my crazy creative projects on the side. It’s really about daring to think in best case scenarios and realizing that they can happen just as easily as any other… I feel so grateful and privileged! Thank you so much! 😀

  18. Congratulations Pam,
    I look forward to watching your Ted talk. BTW I wash my rent cars….what’s up with that ! 🙂

  19. For 22-plus years, I worked in the financial industry and had an amazing career. I am the mother of two children and a single parent. When asked, I would have defined myself as a working mother of two. Although both roles job were fulfilling, there never seemed to be enough time for anything else in my life. So nearly two years ago, when I lost my corporate job, in some ways, I lost my identity.

    I have been living by the motto, “Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear” and taking my sweet time to figure this thing out. For as long as I could remember, I had only enough time to keep my head above water. Now that I was off the proverbial hamster wheel, I finally had the opportunity to add much-needed facets to my life. I am now happy to report that I’m a very active Rotarian, I sit on the board of an amazing non-profit helping AIDS orphans in rural Uganda, I play tennis, I bake for a shelter and read to young kids each week, I have read or listened to at least 30 spiritual-based books (like E-squared and E-cubed), and I spend A LOT of time with my two young children. But my savings were running out and with no sugar daddy in sight… I still needed a plan before the pot of gold ran dry.

    I wasn’t surprised at all (aren’t every day miracles amazing??) when a friend told me about an opportunity that literally checked all the boxes. I can make my own hours, public speak (I’m the less than 1% who love it), and share with others how I found sweet peace and endless joy in the present moment. I’m still in the very beginning stages of building my business but I can feel the powerful wind of the universe at my back. I never wanted to WORK again… but I am so LOVING inspired action.

  20. I ❤️ my job as an occupational therapist, mom, writer and all the other “occupations” I have.
    I find great joy in being helpful to others. I try to start each day by asking, “How can I contribute to the needs of this situation?” The universe loves to respond, as you know, Pam.
    I also affirm to myself and others everything I love about my occupations…I love that I make my own schedule…I love helping others…I love working with children.
    Those affirmations help me create and maintain positive thoughts about my life in general.

  21. First of all, I LOVE your work. I’ve been getting these blog posts for quite some time, but never got a belly laugh to the point of tears like I did this one! “The purpose of life is to fart around.” Love it!!! (I’m one of those people who tends to take things too seriously.) What a great line!!!


  22. Well, PAM, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And actually, the JOB I HAVE RIGHT NOW is because of an E-Cubed experiment I blogged about that doubled my income within 72 hours!!!! All with TEDx, TOOL and you involved in my manifestation – which can be read here for any of or fellow FP Fans interested: http://beginbeingcoach.blogspot.com/2015/01/in-72-hours-universe-proved-itself.html

    How this manifested is a job where I officially am learning ALL I need as a Social Media Marketing Manager for a Best Selling Author to help my own book gain exposure, which in turn, shows me as an ideal Conscious Comedian – Lightening Up Enlightenment and becoming internationally known and well-received as such! Interesting how clever the Universe managed to conspire that! Social Media = International Presence! And the job doubled my income in 72 hours all with SIGNS I used throughout my #E3 experiment! AMAZING!

    I’m right behind you with a TED talk, Pam. And I am so grateful you said “fartin’ around” because FP know I love comedic comparisons using flatulence! 😉 WOOT WOOT!

    I can hardlt wait to tune in… but I am going to screen it on my 32-seat theater at my new complex the first time I watch it and have my friends over! I’ll send you picture when we do so! So honored to have you in my life as my Manifesting Magic, Merriment and Miracles Mentor!

  23. Hi – I have designed my life! I am working online so that I can take my work with me wherever I go – and now that I have it, I want more human contact – and, you know what? I get to create that now. I am creating outstanding relationships and communities of vibrancy to be a part of – and ‘work’ with more people in my physical world – hands to shake, bodies to hug, eyes to look into, smiles to be had, laughter to be heard! Thanks for helping me remember. I had a bit of emotion today – which always causes me to pause and see what has become important now – and I forgot for a little while and got whiny. All for good cause….so I could remember I get to create what I choose! Thank you!

  24. I LOVE my job! I used to think of it as a job, but the day I started to notice that even on my time off I was passionately reading or doing projects related to my job, I realized that it’s not What I Do, it’s Who I Am. That epiphany left me with so much peace that I’ve never felt overworked since, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s an extremely satisfying lifestyle.
    I do massage, Oriental medicine, essential oils, and teach classes in all of it too. Your books relate beautifully to positive attitudes of healing & I love using the experiments as examples in class 🙂

  25. I get to do beautiful art everyday…Ok not only beautiful but meaningful art that makes me very happy. Money comes easy,and exhibiting and selling my artworks is a natural thing. I also get to share creative ideas with awesome people. How is that for a design?
    Beginning right now!
    Thanks Pam…Love you, and wish you all the best!

  26. I love my industry and I used to love my job in my last company but currently I’m not in my best fit and looking to move on. I’ve been manifesting my vision of a new job within my field for about 8 months and I’m getting excited at how it all will play out. What I’m noticing is that opportunities are coming up but seem to be hovering just a tiny bit beyond reach, I’m getting lots of we would love to have you but… timing, money, no position open yet. Any ideas what’s happening? Also my current place appears to be pulling me further away from what I’m trying to manifest and the opposite of what I want. Has anyone had this kind of thing when they are manifesting?

  27. Thank you, I have a job interview tommorrow and I was panicked. I am not prepared as I really only sent the application out as a whim. And feel not really qualified or confident.
    but it is the job I want, so thanks for helping by reminding me to have fun and relax. Read both books, superb. Thanks and love.

  28. I took the big leap a few years ago and now work for myself. It was the best decision I’ve ever made…..it was scary but so so liberating! Being the driver of my own life I now tweak my job week by week to move even closer to my dream life (let alone my dream job). My partner saw how well it was working for me so he has just followed suit and we work together from home and are absolutely loving the freedom. You see, we enable change through example, so powerful.
    For anyone out there wishing to do the same, trust in yourself and the universe will support you.
    Thank you Pam for your inspiring books, I recommend them to all my naturopathic clients and spread the love! E-Squared was a real game changer back when I was about to take the leap haha.

  29. I took the big leap a few years ago and now work for myself. It was the best decision I’ve ever made…..it was scary but so so liberating! Being the driver of my own life I now tweak my job week by week to move even closer to my dream life (let alone my dream job). My partner saw how well it was working for me so he has just followed suit and we work together from home and are absolutely loving the freedom. You see, we enable change through example, so powerful.
    For anyone out there wishing to do the same, trust in yourself and the universe will support you.
    Thank you Pam for your inspiring books, I recommend them to all my naturopathic clients and spread the love! E-Squared was a real game changer back when I was about to take the leap haha.

  30. Pam,
    I have always disliked it when kids are told that Santa Claus isn’t real — lol! So I told my step kids my version (he was a real person and still exists today in spirit) and then my own two kids, and word spread around my neighborhood parents– they started using my version too! I could never find a book out there for kids who were right at that age that could help parents answer those tough Santa questions. So I wrote and published my own book that does so– it’s called I Heard Santa. It took two years, but I always felt alive and “zingy” when working on it. Well, I got your book E-Squared around November, just as I hit the pavement with my book, going into gift shops to ask if they wanted to sell I Heard Santa in their stores. Not one store turned me away! They all bought copies of my book– I was stunned. I realized I needed more time to devote to this travel and marketing — but my current job had become increasingly stressful and overwhelming. I asked for a gift from the Force using your book. I said, wouldn’t it be great if I got paid to stay home for 6 months so I could take a moment to strategize my book marketing for next year? Two weeks later, I was laid off — another shocker. Then it dawned on me: now I “get” to collect unemployment benefits that I am so grateful for each day. I got exactly what I asked for and I saw it as a blessing. Yes, it’s a huge pay cut, but it’s not showing up in my life that way– I feel like I’m living in MORE wealth and abundance, weird! So my comment to your post is — YES! This is life. I design each day of mine, and there’s no going back now! I get to focus on my kids and also getting my book out there for Christmas 2015! Thank you for your books and your blog, truly.

    May The Force Be With You,
    Kelly Ford

  31. Not too long ago, I found a paper my mother had saved from my elementary school days. In 2nd grade, the teacher had asked us what we wanted to do when we grew up. There were plenty of firemen and police officers, but my answer was that I wanted to sing and travel the world.
    When my daughter turned 6 she was invited to audition for a children’s chorus in Baltimore. She made it in and during her 12 years of study, I continuously volunteered and slowly took on more and more admin work for the chorus. Just before she graduated, I became the full time Chorus Manager for the chorus, a job that was essentially created for me and hadn’t previously existed as part of Johns Hopkins University. I am now doing the three things I love the most. I’m around children, I am surrounded by music and the chorus is on a touring schedule of every other year. So far, I’ve been to England, Spain, Italy and France, Puerto Rico and Mexico. I’m off this summer to Germany and Austria. I work from home and am able to work independently. I have to admit, it’s pretty awesome and I’m extremely grateful!

  32. Love this post, Pam. Many times we feel “stuck” in a job we don’t like but maybe we’re just “stuck” in the kind of thinking that doesn’t serve us…

  33. I start work at noon. I don’t like getting up early, waking up alarmed, or rushing. I have my Sunday coffee every day. And I send personal thank you cards, birthday cards just because I want to. Everyday is a good day.

  34. I love this! I am one of the incredibly fortuante (and grateful) 13%! I started visualizing and talking about my dream job 2 years ago… and six months later it manifested! For the past year and half, I have traveled and trained instructors across the country how to teach others compassion and an understanding for individuals developing/experiencing a mental illness – helping eliminate stigma within their communities. I have literally said, “Is this really my “job” – pinch me, it seems more like a dream.”

  35. What a great article, Pam. I choose to love what I do. No matter what I’m doing, I find a way to, at least, enjoy it. If something proves particularly onerous I make a game out of it. Seriously – a game.

    Case in point: I’ve been known to pretend I am a shark swimming among fish on a coral reef when I’m supervising a high school dance. It’s a silly game, watching all the nervous “fish” as the “shark” “swims” past them. But it turns what could be a tiresome few hours into some fun entertainment.

    Being child-like, in this manner, is incredibly rewarding. Often confused with being “childish”, being child-like simply means finding the wonder and joy inherent in every moment. We did it naturally when we were children; we don’t need to “learn” to do it today, we can simply “re-member” ourselves!

    Of course, I have also chosen to pursue a second career as a writer. I can’t recommend following your passion highly enough; as an author, I’ve never “worked” a day! 😉

    1. I was hesitant to rip the page, but I completely trusted that you had a very good reason for the request. So I ripped it out!! I was on an airplane, and I hope I made some people wonder “what the heck?”.

    2. Greg, I bought and enjoyed “Grow a Greater You”, based on Pam’s mention in E3. I get it, but can’t quite reconcile the G.a.G.Y. philosophy with the E3 philosophy. Mainly, the difference between bit by bit growing into beliefs, and jumping in with both feet and imagining/believing only what you want to see.
      Any thoughts from Greg, or Pam, on this??
      Thanks to both of you for your “work”.

  36. Thanks Pam Grout.  Love your posts. The Joyful Palette  –  Art by Jaquith

    http://thejoyfulpalette.com Jaquith Travis – Art by Jaquith

    “A mind once stretched by a new idea can never go back to it’s original dimensions” Albert EinsteinGreat love and great achievements involve great riskThe Dalai Lama

  37. I have had to start over at 50 and I hate this job I want to buy a camera and laptop and travel and document all my places I go to .that is what I would really like as a job

  38. I want to be a ‘Life Coach’ currently I am working as a Trainer which I realize is me connecting the tiny magical dots to my goal, I have now decided to bring more creativity, ideas and enthusiasm to my current work which I know will eventually lead me to being a ‘Life Coach’ , along the way I realize all the experiences either big or small along with my creative contribution and hardwork is helping me shape my ultimate goal. This way of thinking had made my work days fun and pushes the envelope for me everyday. Its a win-win all the way. I will always believe and say this ‘Always Follow Your Passion’ & ‘Never, Never Give Up’ . Thank You Pam for everything. You are one of the reasons for changing my thought process considerably.

  39. I LOVE what I do. Since 1996 , I have followed MY path. Many opportunities for growth along the way. Only recently ( since connecting with Law of Attractio,n in a conscious way.) I have found my sense of humor again. Thank YOU! Love E2 and E3!! Most importantly I now begin each day with. I AM committed to being prosperous And successful In my work! Owning my life and career works!

  40. Pam, I have read both E squared & E cubed. But some of the experiments like the purple feather, old man wearing hat, toys from childhood didn’t show up. Although many of them like the green cars, beach ball, belly laugh did show up! Also.. I did not understand.. why did you ask us to tear that page in E cubed?

    1. Here’s what the back of that page said:

      (I hope this was printed in all the different languages)

      The page I’ve politely asked you to tear out is of absolutely no value, says nothing of any importance, and is totally and irrefutably irrelevant to the contents of this book.

      Except for one thing, it demonstrates a principle this book is going to repeat over and over again. You and all humans like you have learned a lot of lessons in life that are getting in your way. You have picked up a lot of information that doesn’t serve you.

      You’re educated about a lot of things that aren’t true, and in fact, are actually keeping you from becoming all you are capable of being.

      It also demonstrates the one thing that makes this book different than any book you have read before. The message is not in the printed type on these pages. The message is in you. And the only way you’re going to get the message is by getting up off your keister and doing the experiments exactly as I instruct you. Now, would you please do me a favor and rip this damned page out of the book?

  41. Even as a kid, I was often called upon to be help people figure out where they were headed in life and was always amused by the places the Dude would put me in to line up these opportunities. Especially funny is the fact that people would ask me what I “wanted to be when I grew up,” and I didn’t have a clue. I would always tell people, “I want to be happy.” Confused looks, or comebacks of “No, seriously, what do you want to be?” were (and still are) common.

    In my journey of being a pathfinder/guide for others, I landed the perfect job almost 20 years ago…I’m an academic advisor at a smallish university in the midwest, and each day I get to ask students what lights them up, what gives them joy, and help them to find majors and jobs that will help get them there. But that’s not it! I also get to entice them to stretch out of their comfort zone and study abroad. Pam, you’ll appreciate this… I managed to get so many students to study abroad over the years that the study abroad office has sent me on 5…count em…FIVE trips to universities overseas for FREE so that I could continue to promote these programs to our students! Year end bonus? Nah. I’ll just go to Prague, if that’s all the same to you.

    So, yeah. I get to help people find their true north, point them in that general direction, encourage them to veer off the “standard tourist map” and try the scenic route. Am I rolling in dough? Nope. Am I rolling in joy every day? Yep. Am I humbled and speechless when students who graduated over fifteen years ago send me a note thanking me for playing a role in their lives? Seriously, who can put a price on that sort of amazing?!

    1. Sounds amazing! I wish you had been my academic advisor. Keep inspiring those kiddos, and having a blast, doing it.

      1. Pamela, if you ever decide to go (back) to school and need an advisor, you just let me know! 🙂 PS: love your middle name!

  42. I’ve opened this email on what has turned into yet another lousy day at work. I thought Friday was going to put me over the edge but upon entering the door this morning I was right back in the fray of it with more of the same drama from last week. I spend the day spinning my wheels over things that I couldn’t seem to make any headway on and feeling like I’m drowning.

    I have over-stayed my welcome with this job and everything I did today reminded me it’s time to find a job that I find rewarding. Fear has kept me in several places for so long.

  43. You are right when you say the universe has a sense of humour… I have been feeling very frustrated with my job these days, very conscious that it’s not my dream job. Ive known that I need to shake this and just throw myself into it and find things to love in it and that is when my dream will come knocking, but I’ve been finding it hard to get behind.
    I asked the universe today to align myself with my dream, and then here you are on my wordpress feed (which I almost never check) telling me exactly the same message I’ve been telling myself for weeks and not heeding.
    I think I’ve got the message now 😉

  44. Thirty odd years ago, I had small children and worked as a caretaker of a large apartment building. I don’t particularly like cleaning, but i love people. I thought of myself as taking care of the people, and just happened to be vacuuming while i did it. Eventually I turned into a psychologist, still taking care of people. Part of me knew where I was headed, even while I was doing some of the grimiest jobs.

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