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Who needs a guru when you have a power posse?

“Worry is a misuse of the imagination.”—quote by Dan Zadra that I’ve always loved, but had forgotten until I was reminded of it by Cindy from my Sunday posse

I’ve repeated this at least as many times as you’ve heard Uptown Funk** this week. I cherish, adore, love and appreciate the beloved friends who I get together with every week when I’m in town. This is a group of brilliant lights who happen to know they’re brilliant lights, who live and act like brilliant lights. Lots of folks haven’t learned that tiny, but oh-so-vital piece of universal intelligence.

I, for one, woke up this morning doing everything I know not to do and doing none of the things I know to do. I didn’t consciously create my day, I didn’t repeat my Amazingly Awesome affirmation and, heck, I almost didn’t even go to my group. I was slightly mopey, worrying about my daughter’s semester in Costa Rica, feeling guilty because I’m less-than-perfect. You know, the typical effed-up human thoughts that are only as true as the energy I put into them.

So I walked in late and just seeing the faces of all these beautiful human beings who were deep into meditation completely shifted my nonsensical thinking. By the end of the group, I was swing dancing with Trina.

So here’s the thing I keep saying. It’s imperative to do this high-vibe business with others who are a) committed to bringing their best game b) who know the only thing worth talking about is what’s working and c) who know that we are ALL beautiful lights with beautiful ideas to change the world.

To paraphrase Tiny Tim, “Thank you, everyone ONE.” For bringing it (the light, that is). For believing that together, arm in arm, heart to heart, we CAN change the dominant paradigm.

I love you all.

**Billboard top hit for the past week

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. This is so true. I asked a group of women from around the world to join me in a collective 60 second meditation this morning to manifest positive energy for the “birthing” and success of a company that will connect women globally (and my vision is that these women will have more power and be better able to SAVE the world – together). It was THE most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Being a newbie to meditating, I’m used to sitting and feeling every painful thing and wondering how many seconds have lapsed until I can get up….with this, the electricity that I felt powering through me was like nothing I’d ever experienced and it was a time warp…5 minutes went by in what I thought was one. Unbelievable. All this to say, you are right on. If we use our power posse that we have, there is nothing we can’t do! Go Pam!

      1. You can sign up to get launch info from WorldWideWomen.co too ( and it reall is .co not .com)
        We are all better together!

    1. Hi Sue,

      There are several Facebook groups and internet groups that have sprung up, but I also know that readers all over the world are gathering. I don’t keep a database, but if you make that intention and perhaps even put up a notice at a church or bookstore or juice bar, you can find like-minded folks. We’re all coming together to change this crazy world.

  2. Hi Pam,

    I LOVE hearing about your PP meetings and feel moved to start a power posse group in Fountain Hills, Arizona with a group of bright-lights and like-minded revolutionaries. I’ve got several people in mind but wonder if you could send some tips or an outline or something regarding the format of the group, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to have these going on concurrently around the country. This is my idea of church!

    Thanks for who you are, what you write, what you share. You have no idea how often your words are an anchor for me when I feel like I’m floating out to sea or falling into a deep abyss.

    In deep gratitude,

    Nancy April

    1. Thanks, Nancy!! YOUR words to me are an anchor so thank you!!! I love how the universe lines up just the kind words I need to hear. Thank you for writing and I look forward to hearing about your awesome Fountain Hills group. I don’t know if you’ve seen E-Cubed, but there are a few suggestions in there. As long as there’s dancing and joy, it’s all good. It’s all good anyway.

    2. Nancy April, I Love the idea of this kind of PP church, I live in Phoenix, not to far from FH.
      I totally resonate w/ ALL of Pam’s books & outrageous ideas how we can lift ourselves, others and especially our precious planet, higher & higher.

      Looking for like minded mirthful revolutionaries,

      When we laugh the gods smile,

      Linda Wright

  3. Boy do I ever know this. I asked Nathalie Thompson from Vibe Shifting why negatve thoughts were so much easier than postive to think. She said something interesting that we are sort of geared to be on the lookout for things that can hurt us. Like caveman days. We need to consciously shift ourselves out of that or it sort of creeps up on us. Seeing these positive quotes and being in positive groups sure helps.

    1. That’s so true–that we USED to be wired to look for things that hurt us. Now, we can actively look for things that bring us joy. The old wiring is Worldview and in Worldview 2.0, the new consciousness that we’re birthing, we come to accept that joy is our natural state and that negativity is an ancient old phone book, no longer valid.

    1. Just so you know. You’re not the first in Chicago to look. There could already be a group. Universe, let Vicki find them with ease and grace.

  4. Yes!!! This is SO true! I am so grateful for my community of light beings (and of course, we all are, yet these folks shine brightly as such and in confidence that they dim their light for no one). Even when I feel down or not-so-bright, they remind me that by BEing me, and shining brightly, I give others permission to do the same. So powerful. And so true that like energy attracts like energy…

    I find I am most like the five people I am around most… and that does not have to mean physically. It can also be those I listen to on audio tape (Eckhart Tolle), those I watch on YouTube (TED Fellows), listen to for entertainment (Tool) or tune into daily as mentors through other outlets (Pam Grout, Ellen DeGeneres, Jim Carrey)

    YAY for like-minded beings resonating at the same level of light!

  5. Starting a virtual group next Monday…have four to six of us, spread across the globe…am excited to be reminded when I forget! Thank you for the inspiring post to help me get jazzed!

      1. My affirmations? Hmmmm. These days I so trust in the goodness and abundance of the Divine Buzz that I mostly just surrender to the game board it presents to me. Very little that I can conceive is better than its blessings. I do have four main affirmations, though: peace of mind, surety of purpose, clear, unmistakable guidance and unceasing joy.

  6. I’ve been making major changes in my life-sometimes I lapse. I need to re-group and get back to the basics: Am I staying connected with that amazing force of unbounded love, benevolence, and greatness. I make it simple: Just for one hour I’m going to stay connected: then two then three, now its a new day, and my thoughts are much brighter. What-da-ya-know.

  7. I looooooove reading your posts Pam whenever I’m out of balance one of your emails seem to come through to reflect exactly where I’m at!!
    Thank you and sooooo much love to you… Time to create!!!

    1. Yes, indeed it is time to create. Or rather time to acknowledge that we ALWAYS create so we might as well do it consciously. Let’s have fun!!!

  8. Your book, E-Cubed, has absolutely changed my life and your daily posts keep me going. Can’t thank you enough for your candor, your insight and your gift of love and light.

  9. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
     Thank you Pam! I don’t like feeling terrible but I love the experience of engaging with people who help me remember that “terrible” is just one not-too-appealing choice in the salad bar of emotion. 

     I’m grateful to have discovered your work and for having some wonderful supportive, positive, friends who embody exactly what you talk about in this post.

    Because I mostly live in a bed (for now!) I’ve been unable to get out to groups or meetings but even one positive friend on the phone can snap me out of the gloom spell.

     “It takes a village” doesn’t only apply to children.  It applies to everyone because we aren’t separate little atoms bouncing around in empty space.  We are moving parts in larger systems.  When we help and support the best in one another all the systems we are parts in work better

  10. Thank you pam for your wonderful work , i read your blog on how to start your day on a good note by saying today i am going to have a wonderful and exciting day with something wonderful will happen for me today, i did as you said and my day was so happy, i had to apologies to my supervisor for laughing in the meeting, and before i leave work my manager call me in the office and give me a mazing news … Thank again

  11. Hey pam, I have just completed reading e3, it’s so cool, definitely going to be one of my favorite books! These are some of the things that I really love about it:

    . how “Once we figure everything out, we stop looking for anything else.”
    . Saying ‘thank you’, even in siutations we perceive as ‘not good’
    . setting an intention to see the opposite of our deeply held disempowering beliefs
    . how all the things we say we want in order ‘to be happy’, are exactly that. So why not start by focusing on the end result – being happy
    . starting the day with a happy song and a beautiful intention

    Thanks for sharing the book with us! and may all your beautiful intentions come to fruition!!

  12. Brilliant! Pam, do you have another true law of attraction story (just one lifted from your site would be fine) to share with my readers? As before, I would credit your site, of course (sending my 1000+ readers your way). Email me if you like: mollie@mollieplayer.com. 🙂

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