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“Everybody is a magnet, attracting to themselves that which they are.” –David Hawkins

“Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.”–e. e. cummings

Okay, so you’ve made some goals, set some intentions. But, so far, nothing has shown up. Wanna know why?

You’re trying too hard. You’re trying to force things instead of just relaxing and connecting with the power and genius of the universe.

See this picture. It’s green bean seeds from Experiment No# 6 (The Superhero Principle) in my book, E-Squared.

The reader who sent me this picture made the intention that the back row of seeds would grow faster than the front row.

It worked like a charm, because she knew there was nothing she could personally do to make those green beans grow faster. Except be willing. She had to surrender and believe that her focus and attention was enough.

With most goals and intentions, the ones where there’s something we perceive we should do, we think surrender is not an option. We insist on trying to make our intentions happen. We use force, we manipulate. We get personally involved instead of letting go and letting the majesty of the universe do its glorious thing. The tactic of aggressiveness sometimes works, but it invariably employs “weak energy,” an energy that will always play second fiddle to the simple power of willingness.

Willingness brings openness and flexibility and new possibilities. It’s the prerequisite for changing anything in your life, the starting point for manifesting goodness.

I understand your desire to push, to go, go, go. It’s the cultural norm. We’ve all heard some version of these statements:

“You have to fight for what you want in this world.”

“You have to put your nose to the grindstone.”

“Nothing comes easy.”

“If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”

But there is another way. And it’s simple willingness.

By cultivating a willing mind and being willing to approach things in a new way, you’ll come from a place of power. You’ll find an energy that unifies, that encourages wholeness.

Yes, this energy is invisible (making it a lot harder to trust for some folks), but, in reality, it’s more tangible and powerful than forcing and grunting and groaning will ever be.

To change your life for the better, you simply connect with the power of the universe and then step back and allow it all to unfold with ease and grace.

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Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. Hello Pam, I tagged you in a photo on my FB Page, it is my cover photo, had asked for a sign (experiment #2) from my Mom and Dad, gave it 48 hours, the picture was taken around the 47th hour, went to bed thinking they didn’t send a sign…. Until I saw the photo the next day…wow wow wow……
    Love your books…doing the Breathing one now .

    Thank you

    Jeani Cashman DeAngelis
    [cid:image001.png@01D03190.4D47D7F0]think GREEN

  2. The timing of this post was perfect for me. I have been pushing, thinking (oops) I must do more.


    1. Hey Dave,

      It seems to be the human condition. I always love saying my two magic words–it’s okay–and re-surrender everything over to the bigger thing that is so much savvier than me.

    1. Hey, we ALL have everything we’ve ever wanted. That’s the whole point. But until we can acknowledge that, say thank you for our power as quantum effects animators, we sometimes don’t realize it. I’m a big fan of David Hawkins. Thanks for weighing in.

  3. But how ? How do we let go and connect with the power of the universe? I am currently looking for work, and have been to numerous interviews, without success… I see my bank account dwindling every day, and  I was wondering how I can be free of worry, how I can relax and let go…Kind Regards, Natalia

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  4. I’ve learned, that after 9 years, all I could do is place my intention, let go, surrender, and trust God’s timing… I have my periods of “doubts”, since it’s taking so long, but I am at peace as to God’s timing..

  5. I love this one! Thank you Pam. Sometimes your perceptions about “cultural” ideas about where you’re supposed to be at this point in your life can really get you in that aggressive ‘push push push’ energy, not leaving so much space for ‘willingness’. Really like this post, thank you!

  6. This one, was of course, timely and helpful. I am so aware that there is much more that is coming to light than the #E3 Selfie Challenge / New Year Vision. I am becoming aware of many other emotions and opportunities to express – which in turn, gives me the conscious content I need to share… which is then embraced by my community and in that openness and willingness to just express and the permission from my community to just let it go, I find the HUMOR in such and then I have the opportunities to write about conscious content in an inspirational and intriguing way. This is all so divine and it is really interesting how what may not seem like it is tied into the overall vision is intimately interconnected. I just have to BE with it and allow it, without fighting it. SIGH…. What a breath of relief! Thank you, Pam. For BEING and sharing. Oh yeah, by the way, the expression has opened me up to an opportunity with four film producers on various topics of conscious comedy or a piece on me as a being, as well as, the chance to speak in front of students in a business class at a holistic school. So, yes, it is all intertwined.

  7. Hello Pam, Happy New Year !! Here it is , my picture with my book E-cubed on my tablet . My vision board is on my laptop as my screen saver. I’m creating music for the world. I’m also telling people’s life stories , all their journey/success.

    Ps. I’m the one who left those notes with $1 around campus.

    Have a super fun day !!! Vilma

    Doing my e-cubed journey.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks, Vilma! Would love to see the actual photo? Can you send it either to my email or tag it to my Facebook page?

      I LOVE your $1 story!!!

  8. Hello Ms.Grout,
    Thank you for your books and this newsletter. I have read the posts and I agree I need to surrender (although I thought I had). I have to finish the experiments to help with my surrender. I need a little help.

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