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Three easy steps to become a Master of Synchronicity: a guest post by Nathalie Thompson

“My view is the sky view.”–Pharrell Williams

Hey, sports fans! I’m heading to Arkansas for a couple days to see the “State of the Art” exhibit at Crystal Bridges. I wrote an article about it for ArtDesk magazine and I’ve been waiting excitedly for the chance to see it.

In the meantime, I’m getting ready to launch the big E-Cubed Selfie Challenge with lots of great prizes including an Alaskan cruise and four pair of tickets to next year’s North American I Can Do It! events. Can someone say awesome!!!

So to prime the pump, here’s a guest post from author Nathalie Thompson:

One of the things I love most about playing with the FP (and the more time I spend doing the kind of stuff I do, the more I realize it really is all about playing and having fun with things), the more I love the “personality” of it all.

I especially love the fact that when we just trust our instincts and follow our passions, the Universe seems to go out of its way to line up little surprises, coincidences and synchronicities for us. It’s almost as if the consciousness that underlies all things delights in hiding little gifts for us, as guideposts to let us know that we are definitely following the right path.

About a month ago, for example, I wanted to set up an online system for delivering e-courses through my website. I wasn’t set up for it and had to pick a software system that needed to be installed and configured before I could launch my little “university”.

How to solve a problem before it happens

I had no idea where to even begin and was quite daunted by the prospect of even attempting it (not to mention that I really didn’t want to risk breaking the rest of my site in the process!) So what I concentrated on was building my first course and getting it all ready to go.

Then, shortly into my curriculum development process, I got an email from my business coach (who does not do techy stuff for people). He said that he had actually been wanting to create a set of video tutorials for his own audience that would show them how to install and configure the exact software system I had chosen, and he offered to set the whole thing up for me if I would agree to letting him record the process while using my site for his demo videos! Problem solved, before it even became a real problem!

Becoming a Master of Synchronicity

This type of experience is so universal that I’ve even come up with a name for it – I call it the “Master of Synchronicity” process, and it’s so easy to harness the power of this phenomenon to create manifesting miracles in all of our lives.

So how does it work? I’ve found there are only three things that we ever really need to do to master this process and get into the flow of it: 1) decide what we want; 2) start moving towards it; and 3) look for “magical” synchronicities and jump on them!

Decide what you want

The first step in becoming a Master of Synchronicity, and the cornerstone of the entire process, is to decide what it is that you want. Get absolutely clear on what your desire really is and then commit yourself to making it happen. Because there is a difference between committing yourself to what you want and just being “kind of interested” in it.

It’s the difference between becoming a great piano player and just wishing you were great piano player, for example. You’re only going to take the action necessary to becoming a great piano player if you’re committed to the idea, rather than just being interested in it.

Start moving towards it

The second step is to start moving towards what you want: start taking action, in any way that you can, in the direction of that goal or vision. When you’ve made a choice to commit yourself to your vision, you’ll find yourself getting all sorts of spontaneous ideas about things that you could do. When you get those ideas, follow up on them and start doing! You’ll be surprised at how much progress you can make, in crazy-short amounts of time, when action is inspired in this way.
You’ll be working harder than you ever have before, but it won’t feel like work because you’ll be in that zone where everything is just flowing and you’re filled with energy and enthusiasm for what you’re doing. When you feel that energy and drive to do something, this is how you can tell that you’re working with something you’re truly passionate about!

Look for magical synchronicities

The third step is to look for golden opportunities and “magical” synchronicities. Once you start actively working towards a vision or goal that you’ve committed yourself to, things just seem to start lining up to make it happen for you, as if by magic.

These little synchronicities often come at you out of nowhere, and in the strangest ways; they may come in the form of overheard conversations giving you leads on something critical to your project, or just the right book showing up at just the right time, or someone you barely know may learn about what you’re doing and offer up a key piece of information or a contact that will get you exactly what you need.

Seemingly random, serendipitous events will start to happen as you start moving forward. When these opportunities present themselves, jump on them! They are your signals from the FP that you’re doing exactly what it is that you need to be doing in order to get to where you want to be.

Summing it up

That’s all there it to it! The next time you want to manifest something really important to you, try becoming a Master of Synchronicity: decide what you’re going to manifest and commit yourself to your vision; pay attention to any little internal nudges and flashes of insight that give you ideas for action, then start moving; and, finally, be on the lookout for gifts from the Universe – those wonderful, golden opportunities that will magically come your way!

Nathalie Thompson is the author of Seven-Minute Stress Busters and the Head Dream Catcher over at VibeShifting.com, where she helps people master the methods and mindsets of success and transform their dreams into reality. Pick up her free Build Your Best Life quick-start guide and bonus video series and start creating a life you really love, today!

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      1. well Pam always finds the best people to put in her posts so you are welcome. I’m also planning on accessing your website also.
        Barb Raczak

      2. Thanks, Barb! And yes, Pam definitely does find some awesome guest posters! I always enjoy whatever she send out in her emails. 🙂

  1. I wanted to subscribe to this blog. However there are 6 trackers, so I will come back to it from time to time.

    1. Hello Fleur, and thank you for commenting. I’m not sure whose blog you’re referring to here, but many web sites use tracking pixels to count the number of people who go to certain pages from certain other pages. They don’t usually track personally identifiable information — just general statistics.

  2. I’ll double add to the Amazingly Awesome! reading this post made me smile extra hard this morning! I am currently building a new business and the little signs and nudges from the FP having been showing up for me! Just yesterday was a HUGE nudge nudge, wink wink FP style for me, guiding me so directly to a whole new addition to my business. This new idea comes from only a day or so of cranking up the ‘coinkydink machine’ Thank you so much for enhancing this reality.. reading someones else’s words on a similar experience allows your personal mind to go… Ohhh yeah! Check that out! So that is real! WOW! Thanks Pam, you picked an Amazingly Awesome guest! Thank you Nathalie!

    1. Wow — what a great story, Paul! And yes, it is absolutely real… and the more you work with it and trust that it will happen, the more often you’re going to notice that same kind of “serendipity effect”. The little synchronicities that tell you you’re going the right way will start showing up more and more. Good luck with your new business! 🙂

  3. I am such a believer in all this however I do need reminders. Someday sit feels like I live my life by default not paying attention to those gifts coming my way!
    My dream is to live somewhere warm on a beach! So hopefully my next graditude msg is typed from my balcony overlooking the sea!

    I always wanted to have my own little boutique. It seemed all the stars were aligning perfectly for me. Finally the opportunity came up I bought my shop and called it Serendipity! I no longer have my shop but let me tell you the people I’ve met from owning that place has changed my life completely. I’m on a different path today because of it. I am so grateful for all that has come my way and of course is still coming 🙂

    1. What a great name for a shop, Annie! 🙂 Don’t be too hard on yourself — we all have days where we get caught up in “the daily grind” and forget to pay attention to all the gifts the Universe sends our way. And maybe these reminders that cross your path when you need them to are just more of those very same gifts.

      As for your beach dream — have you created some visualization scenes to help you focus on how amazing it will feel when it happens? Created your vision board? Gotten to the root of what it is about that particular dream that so appeals to you? (What does the beach represent to you — the core feelings that underlie that dream? For example, if the beach means “freedom” to you, then find ways to feel “freedom” now, before the beach happens, in any way that you can. Feeling NOW what the dream means to you will help you align yourself with making it happen!) 🙂

  4. This was just great. Thank you! I have a question though. There are two things I really want/need, and that’s the problem. One is to create as a visual artist again. I want to work in an inspired, joyful, non-judgmental way that feels more like play and helps me move forward spiritually and intellectually. The other is a great need for financial improvement. Life has been difficult with lay-offs and increased financial burdens that my husband and I can’t see our way out of. The art thing has been coming along. It’s been feeling really good. I can focus on that, follow my heart, do what you suggest. But what about the money? It is a great need, but I am clueless in figuring it out. So if I have to choose one thing, I guess it can’t be money. I just can’t have that be my goal/purpose in life even though it would change everything for the better. Do you see why I am confused? Do you have some advice?

    1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 I actually just did a podcast last week about reasons for not choosing between the things you want most in life — the premise was that you can and should do it all!

      It’s wonderful that your art is going so well, and, yes, definitely keep going with it. It’s obviously something that is very close to your heart, and for that reason alone it’s something you absolutely should be doing.

      For the money part — that is usually pretty high on everybody’s list of biggest frustrations, so you’re definitely not alone in that! I’ve gotten so many emails since yesterday asking about the same thing.

      When we’re dealing with money frustrations, the biggest thing to remember is that it’s not really about the money. It’s never about the money. Money is just a means to an ends — what we really want is not the money, per se, but what we think that money will get us. In order to shift your money situation, you need to make a shift in the way you’re thinking, and more importantly, the way you’re FEELING about money.

      The first thing to do is to figure out what having money would mean to you. What would it feel like to have more money? Once you’ve identified the feeling that money represents for you, the next thing to do is to find ways to feel that right now, before the money comes.

      Most of us have an unfortunate habit of sending out mixed signals when it comes to money — on the one hand, we want it desperately, but on the other hand, we’re so afraid of losing it, of not having enough of it, of what could happen if our money sources dried up, etc.

      So our dominant money-related vibe is one of LACK rather than ABUNDANCE. So that’s what the Universe lines up for us: more situations that perpetuate that feeling of lack. The shift in your energy, feelings, and expectations has to happen before the money can show up in your life.

      I’m not sure it’s polite to post links to my site from Pam’s, but if you’re interested, if you do a keyword search for “money” from my site, you’ll find quite a few articles dealing with it. Specifically look for the ones about money & LOA and shifting your money vibe.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      P.S. One last thing — is there any particular reason why it has to be one or the other? Is it possible that the Universe / FP could help you find a way to be a visual artist AND have money? Maybe by making money through your art? By selling your art maybe? Or teaching other people how to do what you do? Or setting up a blog on your particular kind of art? Or finding the perfect day job while you continue to work on your art in your off hours? Just a few possibilities…

  5. Awesome! Thrilled you are visiting my home state..Welcome though I don’t live near where you are visiting..Merry Christmas , marie

  6. Thank you Nathalie for your helpful and thorough response. And as to your question, I think somewhere along the line I’ve gotten the idea that I need to focus on just one thing. Maybe I’m still just trying to wrap my head around this stuff. The art is an action, an activity – money is something I can’t figure out how to do, especially at age 56…as I type this I realize I still haven’t fully grasped this. But I am smiling as I shake my head at myself.

    1. You’re very welcome, and do check out that podcast episode on not choosing if you get the chance — it might help (it is episode #1445). Also, I have received so many emails this week about the money thing, I’ve actually put together a new post that deals with it — it will be published on Wednesday.

      I think the hardest part about the whole money thing is just that — wrapping our heads around the fact that money is just another form of energy. Once we can get ourselves to understand that, at a core level, it will become that much easier to deal with.

  7. I had been reminding myself to flow with whatever developed as we helped our daughter get ready for her Master’s Degree ceremony at noon Saturday .

    She had also earned some Honors Cords, but when she dumped out the bag containing everything, her cap’s tassel was not there. We searched everywhere and turned the closet inside-out, but to no avail. She was quite upset and thought the event had been ruined for her. I reminded her she still had her degree.

    Finally we had to go, and dropped her off where the 350+ advanced degree graduates were entering, and we parked.

    When we watched her file into the event with a tassel on her cap we asked her afterward what happened.

    She said another graduate, just two people behind her in the procession, had noticed she lacked a tassel and said he had found one. So he put it on her cap and everything was fine.

    1. I love this story! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 It’s amazing how things always just kind of work out when we just let ourselves go with the flow, isn’t it?

      1. Remembering to go-with-the-flow when things get kinda hectic, is the new habit I am trying to acquire. It’s a biggy.

        BTW, you write a great post.

      2. Thanks, Dennis! Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

        Going with the flow is a great habit to start cultivating, and yes, it does tend to be one of the more difficult ones to try and create. But, what a decrease in stress levels when we are able to just go with it, rather than trying to fight circumstances.

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