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Houston, we have a winner or “Why it’s time to play with a lion’s testicles.”

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.
“ — Emory Austin

E-Cubed launched 14 days ago. And already, it has gone into a second printing and, even more miraculously, the Red Pill experiment has already produced a winner of the Hay House prize pack.

Not five days after it’s release, Melissa Haynes, who describes herself as an adventure junkie, conservationist and ink slinger, found all eight signs and tweeted me whilst I was on my way to Rotterdam.

She wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience with E-Cubed which I am including here.

But first, I have to tell you about her amazing book that both Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres have raved about. Well, Jimmy actually put it on his list of books “not to read,” but he was just riffing on the unusual title: Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles. It’s a South African saying that means, “By all means, get out there and take risks.”

I can’t wait to read it. It’s about Melissa’s journey from exhausted executive to volunteer in a South African conservation project. Here’s an Amazon link if you feel so inclined:

But in the meantime, here’s Melissa’s blog about her experience with E-Cubed’s Red Pill corollary. To see the actual pictures (which I couldn’t figure out how to post on my blog), go here:

In the meantime, take it away, Melissa:

“I’m currently reading Pam Grout’s fantastic new book, E-Cubed. It’s a series of experiments that prove the FP (Field of Potentiality) exists and what we want to see, we do.

Experiment #2 The Red Pill Corollary

The Theory: My beliefs and expectations impact what I draw from the FP.

The Question: Is it possible I only see what I expect to see?

The Hypothesis: If I decide to look for the eight things below, I will find them.

Time Allowed: 72 hours. Start Date: Sept 21 9:00 am

1) A Belly Laugh

I had a huge belly laugh while watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix but had no idea how to take a photo of that. I also had a huge belly laugh every time I found one of the things I was looking for – but again, how do I photograph that? But then I saw this guy in my local Vietnamese restaurant – guy (Buddah) with a big belly and laughing.

2) A toy from your childhood

My little pony – not only did I have the identical one in my childhood, it was my favorite. A little girl was playing with this one and I snapped a photo.

3) Favorite song from high school – OK this is when it starts to get weird!

On Monday I was walking down Main street and passed by an old vinyl shop. In the window several covers were displayed – including a Prince album. Yes, I loved, and still love Prince. But, I was rushing and didn’t take a photo! It wasn’t until several hours later I was kicking myself. But then, low and behold while listening to the radio, Prince’s Raspberry beret came on (all his songs were my favorites, but especially this one – I even had a raspberry beret!). I screeched over to the side of the road to take a photo of the radio information listing – and the funny thing is, this radio’s songs NEVER come up on the information setting, it just lists the name of the radio station.

4) The Number 222

I was driving down the street with a big smile on my face because I just knew that as soon as I stopped desperately looking for the number 222 it would jump out at me. The next red light I came to I looked over and there was a bright yellow awning with the number 222 glaring at me.

5) A Beach Ball

With time running out I was searching high and low for a beach ball to no avail. I came home and was sorting through a pile of stickers and kazam! A whole sheet of teddy bears holding beach balls. I laughed because the whole time I had been looking for a big beach ball and these stickers were in front of me every day.

6) A senior citizen in a fashionable hat

On the first morning we went to a coffee shop and at the table behind me, in the middle of the shop was a senior in a fashionable hat. I discreetly took and photo but then questioned how fashionable her hat was, and wondered, is she really a senior citizen? (first photo below). I walked outside and across the street was another senior citizen, also in a fashionable hat with a big red bow. I took her photo as well. The FP was saying, not good enough? Here’s another one for you then!

7) A Smile from a baby

The first morning while in the coffee shop, a young mom walked in with her six month old in a car seat. She plopped the seat down on the floor in the line behind me. I looked at the baby and sure enough, bug gummy smile. But I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of a stranger’s baby and risk getting arrested. I was struggling with how I was going to complete this one while at the hair salon, flipping through a magazine I came across a whole page of smiling babies!

8) A Billboard with a message for you.

OK, so with all these amazingly cool things happening, I thought, hmmm, there aren’t really any billboards near where I live (or so I thought). But I was thinking how cool it was that when we change what we’re looking for i.e. things that piss us off versus things to be grateful for or amazed about, this billboard nearly slapped me in the face! I drive by it every day but had never even noticed it before. The message was clear, this way of thinking is a brighter choice!

Pam Grout is the author of 17 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the just-released sequel, E-Cubed, 9 More Experiments that Prove Mirth, Magic and Merriment is your Full-time Gig.

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  1. 30 seconds after i read your message, i got another email: it was number 222!!! hahahaha!! ps – i have three of your books, and i recommend them to everyone.

  2. Thank you Pam! This completes experiment #3 where I changed my beliefs about my book and said, I’m going to get a celebrity plug – and if this isn’t a celebrity plug then I don’t know what is! THANK YOU XOXO

  3. Hi

    I must let you know of my experiences with E Cubed, although I didn’t take photos.

    I have been feeling really depressed as my husband passed away unexpectedly 7 months ago, and my daughter decided to take me away for a few days to Hampshire, UK, somewhere I had never been before. I was reading E Cubed on the first evening and decided to do the Red Pill experiment.

    1. The very next day we travelled on a ferry and there was a billboard with the word ‘smile’ emblazoned in large letters.

    2. Went into a shop and there was an old favourite song of mine playing “This is my song” by Petula Clark

    3. Whilst having coffee saw an elderly lady in a wonderful straw hat

    The next day:

    4. Went into a shed and there was a beach ball hanging in a net from the ceiling

    Travelled home the next day:

    5. Whilst having lunch at a farm park and sitting outside, a very small baby kept looking at me and my daughter, smiling and pulling faces

    6. Went out for dinner with my daughter and her partner and in an adjoining room a group of people were having real belly laughs, which caused us to belly laugh too

    As the 72 hours was drawing to a close, I thought I would not find the other two, how mistaken I was:

    7. On checking emails at home there was pages of sweets from my childhood – I know this was not a toy, but I always loved my sweets more.

    8. On opening my post delivered whilst I was away, the tax man had sent me a cheque for £222 – wow!

    I was overwhelmed, so thought I’d try a few of my own for the next 72 hours, and they all came through, the most notable one was I had asked to have a coffee with someone unexpectedly, and as I was getting my shopping from the car, a new neighbour approached me and asked me in for coffee!

    Thank you for such a wonderful book, and I will continue reading as I makes me feel so much better.

    Thanks again


    Sent from my iPad


  4. Reblogged this on Natures Healing and commented:
    You have to love a title of a blog that talks about playing with lion’s testicles! Pam Grout has released a book about the Field of Potentiality – everything we ever desire is out there, we just need to take our blinkers off and see it properly and for what it is. This aligns so much with my previous posts on being grateful, taking the time to say your gratitudes, what makes your life the beautiful fulfilled life it is meant to be! Enjoy the results of this experiment and try it out for yourself too.

  5. WOW…following your instructions…I wrote…I, Fauna ask that within 48 hours a huge gift come to me….2 days later a giant scroll with a 1,000 chinese characters all hand done by an artist was delivered to me she had it framed in Beijing especially to give to me. I had no clue this was being made for me…..WOW….this stuff WORKS….where is my pen…ready to write for more:))) Fauna Hodel

  6. I had cruised through many of the “red pill items” fairly quickly, thanks to a friend dragging me to a local Oktoberfest celebration in the small town of Frankenmuth, Michigan–the crowd was rife with senior citizens in fancy hats (you know, those German fedora-type with the feather on the side), smiling babies, and even a polka rendition of my favorite high school song….Livin’ on a Prayer a la Bon Jovi.

    Since I live in an area relatively devoid of billboards, that one was stumping me. Two weeks later (today), I wandered into the “science hall” of the university that I work at, and plastered everywhere on walls, tables, doors, and even light switches, were post-it notes from our campus Optimist club….notes like, “I love you like a pig loves being bacon!,” or “You’re awesome! Give your awesome to someone else!,” “I love your face,” and one that gave me an additional belly laugh: “Bring it around town!” (can’t read that without seeing SpongeBob giving Squidward bubble blowing lessons, can you?)

    I love how this new-found alertness has opened up a bumper crop of smiles, and I smiled even more as I watched bustling/stressed students slow down in the hallways to read these notes and watch grins cover their faces too.

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