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It’s alive!! Whatever you put your attention on comes alive

“Let’s live, baby. Let’s feel alive at all times. Make this moment your reckoning. Your head has been held under water for too long and now it is time to rise up and take your first true breath.”― Brian Krans

Kids’ computer games have undoubtedly evolved since my daughter Taz played them on the giant desktop (compared to today’s laptops, that early Gateway is a veritable behemoth) in my office.

But back then, she had several games where, by pointing a cursor at an item in a scene, it would came alive. For example, if she clicked on a cupboard door, it would open, music would play and a duet of dancing mice would pirouette across the shelf. Or she’d click on a flowerpot and it would shimmy and shake until its beautiful red petals rained to the ground.

Life is a little like those old computer games. When you put your attention on something, it literally comes alive. If you put your cursor on all the opportunities and love in the scenes of your life, that reality comes alive. But if you continue to click on the monsters under the bed, they, too, are more than happy to put in an appearance. The thing is we’re the ones manning the dials. We’re the ones deciding where to point our cursors, where to send our attention.

Here’s something that drew my attention last week. I loved it and thought it was a good start to a weekend that better include dancing.

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  1. Wow, Awsome can’t wait to come to NY this summer with my girls. Hope we see him I want to dance! Buy the man a computer so he can follow his fans!

  2. Great post!
    So funny your comment that your weekend better include dancing!:) I am manifesting in the Future leading retreats and the ONE thing I have decided on is that my LOA retreats HAVE to include a dance party!!!
    Thanks for that!!!

    1. Hey Laura,

      Not sure what kind of retreats you have but we have a Boutique Inn near Puerto Vallarta and would love to discuss retreats with you. Anyone who follows, Pam, most definitely has the kinda energy we’re looking for! http://www.VillaAmorDelMar.com Let me know if you want to discuss further… dancing is fabulous!

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