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Why I’m the luckiest person on the planet, Part Seven

“Currently reading Pam Grout’s book E2…get home today and there’s a package with a new rose gold Nixon watch waiting for me… A surprise random gift from a friend- unexpected!! Manifesting in all it’s glory!! –E-Squared reader

You might have heard about the hard freeze here in the Midwest. Minus zero temps. Weather forecasters warning “Frost bite imminent with just 15 minutes of exposure.”

Not weather for wimps.

Which is why I’m so lucky I took the red pill. That’s a reference from the movie, The Matrix, where Neo has the option to either a) take the blue pill and stay unaware or b) take the red pill and realize he can create a different reality.

Last night I was driving to pick up vegetable korma at my favorite Indian restaurant. In my haste, I failed to grab a coat. But because I swallowed the red pill a long time ago, I knew I could create a parking space right up front.

I just had to put in an order.

My other stroke of great luck (although, with the red pill, you create your own luck) is my daughter and I are leaving tomorrow for southern California where, last I checked, temperatures were in the 70’s.

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Over the holidays I was at a friends house and we were talking about raw local honey. A few hours later my partner texted me a picture of a huge jar (I mean HUGE) of raw, unfiltered local honey we received as a gift from another friend. That was fast!
    Have a great year, Pam! I know you will. 🙂

  2. About 17 years ago I had 2 experiences with the shimmering quantum particles and Spirit energy, except I didn’t know what it was then. I want to experience this again. And I’ve had other ‘synchronous’ experiences which I knew were Energy. So I started the experiments. Nothing big happened, except this. At the store y’day, over the 48 hr limit technically, I bought a pkg of carrots because they were on sale, not knowing what I’d do with them. Later at home I was sent a recipe for a golden carrot soup. OK, it’s pretty tiny but I’m counting it as my gift.

  3. Hi Pam,

    It’s sunny and warm here in Southern California.

    Welcome and hope you and your daughter enjoy your visit 🙂

  4. The deep freeze is not upon us in Boston, MA. I have been borrowing my gf’s “parking angel” for the past 5 months. Seems when I ask her angel for a great spot out front, I get it! Makes me wonder if it’s possible to “borrow” good energy like that…sort of the principle of borrowing and wearing that great dress or those cool boots that your “hot” gf gave you –and then, miraculously, you get all this great attention when wearing them! Makes me wonder…

  5. Thanks so much for all you do Pam, as E2 is such a great book… I just bought 2 more, as it makes my heart smile to give these to special people I come across in my path…
    I know you and your daughter will have a wonderful time in Calif… So here is some more FREE time to have and enjoy…
    Victor aka E3 lol…

  6. I loved your book E2 and follow your writing. You inspired me last year to get SERIOUS about following my dream of FINALLY becoming an IFW.
    I had you on my mind today to talk to you soon. And here I see you’re coming to Southern California where I live.
    By some GREAT CHANCE could I talk with you just to say hello?!
    If you’re visiting Laguna Beach by pure luck on Thursday or Friday, I’ll be working nearby. 949-350-8763 for anything you may need! Thank you!

  7. Ur book just put into words what I have believed and have been experiencing my whole life! I grew up with very loving but alcoholic parents so at around 8/9 years old I began tho seek after God with my whole heart and claiming him as my true father weaning him tho hug me goodnight and send angels tho watch over me. I have told the story to my children at least ahundred times but

  8. I received E-Squared for Christmas. I tried an experiment, asking for an unmistakable sign within 48 hours. At about 45 hours I thought, ‘you better hurry up, you’ve got three hours left.’ I was driving through the woods at night on a remote road in a National forest in late December. It was 20 degrees. As I approached a campground I saw a man running through the camp toward the road at full speed. As I got closer I saw that he was wearing pajama bottoms only, and they were falling off. He was holding them up in front, but he was hanging out in the wind from behind. He was still running full speed toward the road, as if to meet me. I was the only car for miles. He leapt onto the road just as I was driving by, turned around, bent over and mooned me on a dark December night in a forest on the side of the road. Was it my sign?

  9. I love your book, Pam. I had great results with most of the experiments and my weight dropped 1,800 kilos (that’s almost 3,600 pounds) in three days!
    I received unexpected and nice phone calls and good job assignments and I will go on expecting the best of the best!!!!!!!!! So thank you!!

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