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Want visible proof of your thoughts in action?

“One reason that so few of us really achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything particular.”
– Tony Robbins

Big shout out today to Light Watkins, a meditation teacher from Venice, California. I offered a prize (although don’t know if Light knew this) to the first person to post a video of the Einstein wands.

Lots of readers have been asking for visual instructions. Apparently, the written explanation in the book was less than crystal—although for every request I’ve received for further instruction, I’ve gotten three “my mind has been blown” thank you notes from readers who figured it out and were astounded.

One reader told me he took his homemade Einstein wands to his favorite pub and performed party tricks.

I’ve tried sending photographs of my own Einstein wands, but as many an Avengers fan can attest: there’s nothing like a good “action movie.”

Thanks, Light, for making this movie.

And check out his sight here.

Giant blessings to all! Make this week extraordinary!!

Pam Grout is the author of 16 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The esquared boom is awesome and I can already see things happening! I lost some items and asked for them to appear and I turned around and they were in the next spot I looked!!! I am positive my house will sell, that I will get to move with my daughters to a new state, and that my business will succeed! I am already seeing it happen and I just started reading the book!!!!!!

  2. Forgot to mention that I used the Einstein demo to open a recent TOASTMASTERS speech I gave on the power of words. I told the audience, I wasn’t going to explain what I was about to do with my ‘rods’ , but to just enjoy the show. I DID mention I’m about to think of the word, ‘NO’, then after the rods behaved accordingly, I told them now, “YES”, and again the successful result as I watched a few jaws drop in the meeting room. 🙂

    1. How cool is that? The Einstein wands put in an appearance at Toastmasters. Thanks for sharing!!

      How’s your MeetUp Group?

      I really think this “doing it together” is the most potent way to do this. We’re multiplying the blessings. Thanks!!

      1. The meetup group, for now, didn’t take off. Had 2 join and only 1 commit to the first meetup, so that wasn’t gonna fly. We’ll try it again later, as your book becomes even more wildly successful, with Dr. Wayne Dyer swearing by it too, I’m SURE that folks will flock to be part of an E² ‘sourcing’ group. Like you said in your other blog article, I surrender this to the FP.

  3. When you mentioned Einstein Wands I didn’t know what they were, but I watched the video.

    In 1969 I was a Marine at Camp Pendleton with orders for Vietnam. We went through “Staging Battalion” in preparation for this, and part of the training included searching a mock-up Vietnamese village. We used bent wires just like those shown to locate hidden tunnels, and they worked with uncanny accuracy – the pair crossing whenever you passed over an underground passage. Nobody knew how it worked, but assumed it had something to do with the Earth’s magnetic field being interrupted by the hollow place below.

    Anyway, a few years later I had to laugh when I read an article that said the Marines were practicing witchcraft.

  4. In the book the size of the wand says 5″ handle and 12″ length. The ones in the video look much bigger. What do you recommend? Thanks and I am enjoying the book and its results.

    1. The length doesn’t really matter. It works either way. I suggested wire clothes hangers simply because they are usually easy to get your hands on. I made quite a few of them, some shorter than others. Again, the length doesn’t make much difference. It is our thoughts that make the difference.

  5. Thank goodness for this video! Don’t laugh! I was having trouble figuring out what the wands were supposed to look like from the description in the book… Did you snip yours to make the shorter size? Just wondering…

  6. hmmmm I thought myself to be a positive person and yet I have barely managed to get much of a reaction to things that make me feel happy, nor when I focus on something to the left or right. Also I did struggle a bit with getting a negative reaction as well, every time I thought of something ‘bad’ I could see the good side of it too! so the rods remained resolutely in place. However I finally got a reaction when I focussed on how mad the neighbours loud music makes me. What could I be doing wrong and has anyone else had this problem?

      1. Well I knew it worked because my niece was moving her wands in no time! So I watched the video and noticed this particular guy had big wands, so decided to give that a go. Ping, off they went in no time. Don’t know why the little ones aren’t reacting to my field of intention lol but there you go everyone is different. So I had started a little facebook group to test the Law of Attraction theory., ‘Coincidentally’ your book was attracted to this strong field of intention and so we have been working with your experiments as our guide. It is absolutely brilliant to see it all unfolding before our very eyes. So obviously we are at Experiment 3 and we are at a point now where we cannot wait for the next one. Thank you so much for this book we love it!

  7. What does it mean when one wand moves to the right or left and the other stays straight?

  8. I don’t have wire hanger so would it still work with paper clips? I would bend a tiny paper clip into a gun shape and then put it into straws.

    I also don’t want to hold the strawed paperclip with my hand because I might be subconsciously tilting my wrists so would it be okay to stick the strawed paperclip/wired hanger onto a place and then try to move it with my thoughts.

    Does this energy affect everything or does it only work on wires. Is a paper clip to small?

    So far I hasn’t worked for me. I tried for about 30 mins.

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