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Be recklessly generous and relentlessly kind, Redeux

“All right is almost always where we eventually land, even if we fuck up entirely along the way.”–Cheryl Strayed

I love that advice and decided to headline today’s blog post with those words of wisdom, not because it’s exactly the topic I’ll be discussing, but because those two intentions match mine.

My topic today is Gabrielle Bernstein’s e-Course “God is my Publicist.” Hay House gifted me with this three-week lecture partly, because they’re really cool folks, but mostly because they figured it would help promote my new book. Unlike some publicity campaigns that require big budgets, weekly strategy sessions and countless pleas to the media powers-that-be, Gabby’s course suggests appointing God to handle the details.

That doesn’t mean sitting around polishing your nails and refusing to pick up the phone when say, Oprah calls. It means making a rigorous practice of connecting with the big guy and asking that your message reach the folks who need it. As she points out, the possibilities to connect and make an impact are endless.

Endless possibilities, as far as I’m concerned, is a synonym for God, even though many of us hooked that word up long ago with the exact opposite.

God, to use the synonym I refer to in my book, is the FP (or the Field of Infinite Potentiality). I devoted my life to the FP many years ago. I appointed it the CEO of my career and, so far, it hasn’t let me down. It’s enabled me to write 16 books and create a life without “a real job” for more than 20 years. It’s enabled me to make a living on my wit and my craft.

I believe the only thing keeping anyone apart from the FP is their own walls and judgments.

Judgment, I was relieved to find out, is not my function. Surrender to the FP is really my only job. The less I try to do on my own, the better my life becomes.

Gabby’s other potent publicity strategy is sending love to potential customers….in my case, readers.

She reminds us that all of us have a mission and, no matter what we think it might be, it always involves love. Expansion. Beauty. Joy. So, dear readers, whoever you might be, I send you heartfelt appreciation and, yes, love which is the only thing that’s real.

3 Responses

  1. Great post! Right on time for me!

    I’m taking some big leaps professionally these days and totally relying on the FP for assistance with the details.

    It relieves a lot of internal pressure to know I just have to focus on what’s in front of me and let go of working out all the details. Half the time things never go the way I expect them to anyway.

    Thanks for shining your light!

    Love 2U
    Amy Zoe

  2. Pam, great post.Thanks again for putting it ‘ out there ‘ ! Your timing is impeccable. Best wishes 🙂

  3. For the last two days I have been rereading this post over and over again. Being an artist, it really resonates with me. I see how the underlying intention is different when a musician sells an album (or in your case a book) that comes from a lacking, needy place of solely looking at sales or the artist that comes from a full, abundant place and wants their work to reach people and can just hand it over to the FP. I’m sure this is one of the reasons why you see super talented musicians, authors, or any other artist that don’t thrive when you also see others that prosper with just as much or less skill. Wonderful stuff.

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