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“A magically whimsical universe is my favorite flavor of reality.”—Matrix Energetics practitioner

“It’s always a good idea to sit at the fun table.” –Esther Hicks

One of my favorite stories is about a four-year-old boy who kept pestering his parents for some “alone time” with his newborn baby sister.

His parents, avid readers of parenting books, weren’t convinced that was such a good idea.

“What if he pinches her?
” they discussed between themselves, reflecting the current strategies for minimizing sibling rivalry.

Even worse, they surmised: “What if he tries to smother her?”

But little Johnny was not to be deterred.

“We—her and me—have important business to discuss,” he insisted.

Finally, while they waited within earshot outside the door, Johnny’s parents allowed him into the nursery by himself.

He gazed lovingly at his young sister, leaned in over her crib and earnestly whispered, “Tell me about God. I’m starting to forget.”

I was reminded of that story this morning while having coffee with my friend, Joyce. As a scientist, she has had some “problems” with the word “God.” As I point out in several of my books, “that word, after years of religion, has taken on more baggage than the Chicago airport the Sunday after Thanksgiving.”

Yet, despite that, Joyce says she has never stopped longing for that connection with “something bigger.” She was excited today as she read from a translation of Psalms by Stephen Mitchell. As he says in the introduction, “As soon as we try to define God, we are a billion light years away.”

We both agreed that the “something bigger” wasn’t anything we could capably put into words. But we feel it…in those quiet moments when our thoughts let go, when we plug into that connection with the unnameable reality that causes everything to exist.

Mitchell, later in the intro, called it the “Radiant X.”

That definition, minus the baggage we humans heaped onto the Divine, certainly works for me.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Pam — I hope you collect the best of these pieces into a book. You have a way of getting into my ear, then in my head, and ultimately into some kind of frolicking soul space . . .each post here is a celebration confection — Evan

    1. Thanks so much, Evan. It is comments like yours that keep me going. And indeed I am beginning to “work” on my next book. Or rather I am starting to imagine it and ideas are flowing in. Thank you, thank you!!!

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