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“I would rather be out on the fringes with angels and miracles and other wondrous things.”—Richard Bartlett

“Discard the classical mess.”—Bruce Lee

Thanks to flat-screen technology, our television sets are no longer shaped like boxes. But they still show us a “box of life” that is limited and constrictive.

For every piece of “news” you watch on TV, there are millions of other possibilities. The conscious mind can only pay attention to one observational frame at a time. So instead of investing in the teensy reality shown on TV, I prefer to ask “What if?”

“What might happen in the next moment?”

“What is possible if I let go of everything I know?”

“How would life be if I surrendered all my beliefs?”

“What if everything is absolutely perfect?”

The only reason your life looks the same today as it did yesterday is because that’s what you’re looking for.

The only reason the news seems so negative is because that’s where we invest our energy.

Playing make-believe, as we did as children, is a much holier tact. In fact, what we see and believe as “reality” now is simply what we’re currently “making believe” is true.

Once you loosen the rules and let go of all those “facts” you learned in school, all the patterns you picked up from your family and culture, you will begin to see a whole different reality.

Right now, you’re stuck in habitual patterns of perception. You miss all kinds of miracles because you focus on what is “known.” You believe in the stringent “rules for life” that have been given you. Those arbitrary rules encase you in a little box that’s not much bigger than that flat-screen TV.

My new intention is to notice what is different and new. To think about extraordinary things and to continually ask questions about what is possible.

As chiropractor Richard Bartlett says, “When we change our consciousness around what is possible, rather than being limited by a reality construct dominated by what isn’t possible, we discover that we are actually able to employ quantum energies and principles in our day-to-day lives in unexpected, and fun–and miraculous–ways.”

He suggests cultivating the habit of asking powerful, mind-altering questions. By asking open-ended questions, you train your right brain to respond to signals from your subconscious.

If you ask questions such as “Why can’t I do this?,” you cultivate the skill of obtaining useless data. It’s important to quit focusing on what’s the same, what’s familiar. As he so correctly points out, “All situations in life are merely patterns of light and information.”

To change anything in your life, change the frequency, density, and or quality of the light patterns that make up that reality.

Here are some “what if” questions of mine that you’re welcome to borrow:

“What if cancer could be healed instantly?”

“What if I wake up tomorrow and look younger?”

“What if 2013 is my best year ever?”

“What if I start each day with a completely clear slate?”

When you ask different questions, apply a different reference frame, you get different—and I would suggest better—information.

It’s like a deck of cards. Pick a reality, any reality.

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

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  1. Amazing timing for me personally, as last night I took part in a stimulating discussion with other ‘adventurers’ and our conversation was centered around what we need to ‘give up’ in order to be open to the delights of quantum energies ….most, if not all the time. We all agreed the most common hindrance to that experience is our belief in what we observe day to day. Great article. Much appreciated.

  2. You are awesome! I love this, Pam. I particularly like “What if cancer could be healed instantly?” Yes. It can!
    I am holding the vision of perfect health, wellness and vitality for everyone with this particular diagnosis and seeing everyone involved being open to this reality.
    “What if everyone recognized that cancer can be healed instantly?”

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