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My attention is my superpower

“Whatever fundamental reality might exist, we live out our lives in a subjective reality defined by what we agree to attend to.”—Maria Popova

Greetings, you precious beings! I’m just back from a travel assignment to Door County, Wisconsin and thought I’d answer a question someone posed on my last blog post.

I mentioned what I called “the droop” and this particular reader asked to hear more about that.

While I appreciate the question, I thought I’d explain why I prefer writing about kinder, truer, bigger things.

In the quantum field, an infinite number of possibilities are on the menu: sorrow, joy, pain, glee — you name it.  And I believe (and have fashioned a career writing about this) that from this unfathomable field of potentiality, we generate our personal reality with our attention and focus. What we’re interested in, where we shine our spotlight nurtures into being the life we experience.   

Consciousness is more than just a cognitive function. It plays the starring role in the creation of reality. What we attend to renders the world we see, taste, hear and smell. This is the startling conclusion of quantum physics.

As I said in one of my books, no one in their right mind would go into a department store, pick out the dress they most dislike and bebop up to the counter with their credit card.

Likewise, I get to curate where I place my attention and focus. That’s not to say I don’t droop from time to time.

But because I know my attention is a rare and precious superpower, I choose to turn my focus to a more pleasing page on the menu. The life wonderland page.

As always, my friends, go out there and have the most extraordinarily epic weekend of your life.

#222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Love your posts Pam. That’s a lot of pressure Pam. I am focused on getting to ‘middle of the road’ given my current emotional wave. Something about holiday weekends that carries a lot of ‘shoulds’. I intend to breeze past the ‘should do’ this or that for today, then tomorrow, then the day after that.

    1. I send you a breathtakingly beautiful holiday weekend. The only thing that could possibly prevent that would be our own thoughts.

  2. Door County, Pam I go there often and live in Milwaukee. I will have to find out what you wrote and for whom.
    It has been cold here last couple days again, but the temperature was great and Lake was great a couple days back I hope you got to enjoy it then
    . All the best, you are wonderful and lift us all up!!!

    1. It was perfect weather, Leslie, when we were there. I had been to Door County many years ago in the winter, wrote a story on the Art Farm, went cross country skiing, ate at Al Johnson’s etc. But this time was spring when everything was coming alive. I particularly enjoyed Washington Island.

      1. Oooh! I took a weaving class and bought my first floor loom at Siever’s School of Fiber Arts, on Washington Island, in 1989. I had just graduated college and my boyfriend at that time had parents who lived on the Island. I have such fond memories of that place, and would love to go back someday.
        Have a glorious weekend!
        I will be raising the vibe of Humanity, working (i.e. playing!) all weekend, serving smiles and great food.

  3. “My attention is my superpower.” I love this. I was just sitting here, preoccupied with thoughts of lack when I saw a notification on my phone, which said these words. I was amused because, lately, I’ve been trying to pull myself out of my own droop. I know the way out but needed a reminder that focusing on what I’m lacking is not the way. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Pam for helping me start my Saturday with a big smile. 😁 I love the idea that when we choose to focus on things we don’t like or that don’t bring us joy, peace, delight etc, that it’s just as though we’re choosing to buy an outfit that we don’t like at all. Why would we do that?? Why indeed do we continue to choose to think thoughts that bring us down, to do things that don’t bring us peace, or to choose from the “page on the menu” that doesn’t include any of our favourites?’ We’re a funny lot us humans! Thank you Pam for reminding us that we get to choose our thoughts and choose what we put our attention on, and therefore, according to quantum physics, we get to create our world. How cool is that? And if we don’t like the “dress” we’ve chosen, or the page we’re looking at on the life menu, we can choose something else. Something from the “life wonderland page.” Yay! Happy shopping in the department store of life folks! 😁

  5. I was diagnosed with Atrilial fibrillation this week and I am having a difficult time with the meds. Going around and around in circles in my mind wanting to figure it all out and find a way to heal my body naturally. My doctors haven’t listen as they want to write prescriptions to keep me alive without really finding the cause of this illness. Yesterday I decided to stop and be grateful that we have such amazing ways to diagnose illness and made a couple of phone calls to schedule an appointment with my Naturopathic doctor and today I found a few Functional medicine practicioners in my area. I am scared to have another event and end up in the emergency room again. But, I am willing to pray for guidance and open to the miraculous limitless possibilities that abound in my life to find healing and the perfect medicine to help with the healing that my body needs.
    Reading your post confirmed my choice and decision to find a solution rather than continue to worry and live in the negative! Thank you for posting and thank you for your books!!! They have helped me a great deal.💖

  6. Thank you Pam I couldn’t have said it better myself. I had something similar happened today and then the humdrum began and I started along with it & then I caught myself, ha this is not what I want to focus on, so what do u want I said and I started focusing on that & I must say I had a wonderful day today. So yes let’s focus on what we want for ourselves and the world and then make it happen.

    Oh I’m also on Lesson 9 in a course in miracles and I must say it fit perfectly with how the day began. Thanks a bunch Pam & have a wonderful weekend!!! 😁

  7. Love this Pam. Thank you for continuing to remind us that everything is a choice. Here’s to creating our best weekend, day and moment. I feel as though I’m living it. And loving it. 🙏💗

    1. Recently I was aware I was only reacting to events. Just going through the motions. Then I remembered the term “locus of control” to reorient the ship.

      Your wisdom, as always, is better, more meaningful and deeper.

  8. Thank you Mrs Grout I am a fan since 2023 , your books changes my live for the better, all thé best for you and more

  9. Thank you Pam for continuously choosing to share your wisdom and inspiring so many of us living a more conscious, happier and successful life. I appreciate your work highly. Lots of love from Switzerland <3

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