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Getting jiggy with the natural world

“In absolute reality—a reality unaffected by the beliefs or limitations of any finite being—the grace of God is always present.”– Bonnie Rose

One of the experiments in E-Cubed was called Nature vs. the News. Its hypothesis–that a vibrating, pulsing field of information is forever available–is showing off right now.

I love going out each morning to revel in the latest “news” erupting in my backyard—long-forgotten perennials poking through the ground, trees coming back to life and birds serenading me with such joy and promise.  

I even get a kick out of the bachelor robin who keeps banging into my windows as he tries to “protect his territory” from those “other” male robins he thinks he sees in the reflection.

The experiment asks us to question whether we’re seeing and believing in “news” that has no real relevance. And to find out if we’re missing life (that vibrating, pulsing field) by paying attention to the wrong things.

The news (I like to call it “the olds”) specializes in focusing on irrelevant things—often a sound bite or a news peg that will scare us into paying attention.

Putting our faith in such nonsense wouldn’t be an issue if our thoughts and their resulting beliefs and consciousness weren’t such powerhouses. But our consciousness and our thoughts are muscle men, stepping out into the field of potentiality and bringing back the very circumstances, weather, disease, and dysfunction we invest in. Because we form so many of our opinions from the almighty news media, we should all be high-fiving and fist-bumping each other for the mere fact that we haven’t put a razor blade to our wrists yet.

But here’s what I know. What we see in the news media is a tiny speck of a reality far removed from true Reality. It’s so limited in dimension and scope that when we pay such close attention to it we completely miss nature’s Divine Broadcast. This sacred buzz can be heard in every crocus poking through the ground. In every mockingbird ditty. In every cool breeze caressing your cheek.

My main news broadcast comes from my yard, and when I take time to listen, it imparts volumes of information. Getting jiggy with the natural world will always be my main news source.

Any other story only gets in the way.

#222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Bravo Pam, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Proud to say I stopped watching “the news” in 1995, and have never looked back. Guess what, I’m still alive, happy and healthy because of it 🙂

  2. I chuckled about your robin. Easter Sunday I had a turkey doing the same thing with my dining room window. I got the full display of tail feathers.

    1. The thing I love about trees is that even after they’re cut down (which often rips my heart out), they sprout out with branches from the stumps. That life force is SO STRONG!

  3. Thank you for reminding me of your message from long ago. I’m going into my yard right now. I’m going to transplant an Azalea that was given to me when my son died. Right now the sun is coming out.

  4. Dear Pam, this is so beautifully stated. The media (including some of the grumpiness on social media) does seem to devour consciousness at times. What a great reminder you provided of a truer “broadcast.” I am particularly fascinated with the sensations happening in our compost bin at all times. Good stuff! xo

    1. Yes, my compost bin also actively transforms the life force. And thanks, my friend, for your beautiful quote from your beautiful new book.

  5. I love nature. I see so many different shades of green from my 10th story window. It gives me peace and contentment.

  6. Age is only relevant when it comes to wine and cheese. But FYI, getting jiggy with something is a phrase that means to get wild and have fun with something. It was popularized by Will Smith in his 1998 hit song of the same name. I myself love getting jiggy!!

  7. I love that you call the News “the olds”!! Clever and hilarious. I haven’t watched or listened to the news by choice for almost 20 years now. I find it too depressing and too focussed on the negative. It always left me feeling sad, angry, frightened and hopeless, and I knew that it wasn’t good for my mental health to keep feeding my mind all this negativity. I figure that anything I really need to know I’ll find out about one way or another. I’d much rather listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, and the sound of autumn leaves falling, catching glimpses of the wondrous autumn colours out my window as I brew my morning cup of tea. (It’s Autumn for me here in Australia) So yes, “getting jiggy” with the natural world sounds like my kind of fun too Pam! Thanks for reminding us and inspiring us to do so. 🦋🌳🍁🦜🌏

  8. Before I received this message, I was on the small deck of my apartment with a newly purchased bag of soil to start my geraniums and marigolds. As I prepared the pot with soil and poking with a trowel, I thought of my childhood (I’m 81) and how I used to play with the “dirt” in our backyard, my first original plaything. I had a smile on my face and my heart soared because I was so happy!

  9. Thank you Pam for your beautiful post that always touch my heart and my spirit. I love you!!!

    I have a message for Jenny Louise who lives in Australia. I live in Quebec city, Quebec, Canada and here it is spring but I can feel your autumn with the leaves falling from trees.

    Jenny Louise I feel a connection with you because the messages you write in Pam’s blog are always touching my heart and saying what I feel but can’t tell. Everytime you write, we can feel your soul and the truth of your being.
    I love you without knowing you and I wish you the best in everything. Maybe we will meet one day!

    Have a beautiful autumn !

    Sylvie 🦋🌳🍁🌻

  10. Thank you, Pam, for this beautiful reminder! You taught me that what I focus on expands. Time to refocus on the budding trees, the sounds of the frogs, the brilliant blue sky and the Flint Hills turning a lovely shade of green!

  11. Thank you for your wonderful reminder. Yesterday I went into the backyard to smell the blooming lilac tree. Wow, what an awesome fragrance!

  12. Thanks for sharing this, Pam–loved all of it, especially what you shared about your going out to revel in the news erupting in your backyard. This, at least to me, is cherry picking your good news–seeing with a heart that’s filled with, and driven by, love. The other form of news is also cherry picked…in favor of fear. I choose love. 🙏🏻

  13. You are so wise to not listen to the news on TV or radio. It all has an agenda—to make someone or some group wrong. Much better to view and enjoy nature and know that all is well.

  14. “Let us endeavor, then, with the help of the Supreme Power, to get into the thought current of things that are healthy, natural, strong and beautiful” Prentice Mulford

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