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This year’s Nobel Prize proves our minds render reality

“Our willingness to place unjustified faith in immediate perception leads us to an inaccurate and starkly limited vision of reality.”—Brian Greene

This video of how we render reality was kindly sent to me by Michael Dawson of the Action Factory who recently interviewed me on his podcast. See how the figures suddenly pop up.

I was super jazzed to learn that the main tenet of my long-time spiritual squeeze (A Course in Miracles) was just awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics. The three physicists who landed the prize called it “experiments with entangled photons,” but to quote the Scientific American headline that announced it, “The Universe is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winner Proved It.”

What that means is that we, as observers, literally create the world from our minds. In other words, we’re not interacting with a fact-based world of material objects, but with our own perceptions. Yes, it appears that objects, our bodies, etc. are real and solid, but John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger, the Nobel award-winners, just proved the key supposition of quantum theory: that local realism is false.

This means that, when not observed, material objects are not there. Nothing exists until it is perceived. Like the first lesson of the Course says, “Nothing I see means anything.” And it goes on to say that I’m the one that gives everything I see its meaning.

This idea that nothing has a position until its observed has been a prediction of quantum theory for years, but it was so stunning that nobody could believe it to be true. It makes absolutely no sense. Even the scientists making the calculations figured there HAS to be a loophole. The Nobel committee, even though they didn’t like this crazy idea that the observer “creates” the “world,” finally consented to award the prize after Clauser, Aspect and Zeilinger were able to eliminate every single escape clause.

What this means for non-scientists like me is that I literally render the world I see from my own consciousness. The nature of reality is defined by how I choose to look at it.

This is throw-out-the-streamers news because it means that the parody of life I’ve thus far created can be rewritten. Individual consciousness, profoundly limited by senses, egoic ideas and cultural messaging, can surrender and synchronize with a vastly greater reality. I mean, how cool is that?

We can literally render a different world. We can relinquish our minds, our consciousness, our beliefs to a reality that transcends time and space.

So that’s my science lesson for today, folks. As I repeatedly say, “Go out there and have the very best weekend of your life.” #222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. 💫So so Amazing!!! 💫
    I love quantum physics, even though I don’t understand it, I just love to read about it! 🤩💫🦋
    And this just proves just about everything, even though we don’t need any assurance. We are pure Love, and create our lives as we sail through the vastness of this Love’a’verse 💝🦋💫💝💝
    Have the best weekend, You too 🦋💫🦋💝💝💝
    With Pure Love,
    Teija and Pelonteet 🦋💫🦋

    1. I love your word “love’a’verse” for the universe Teija. Delightful! 😁💛🧡❤️💖💜🥰

  2. OMG Pam, this is so cool, of course I have heard about those amazing findings that the observer influences the outcome of experiments etc. But this really brings it home! Wow, Nobel prize! I can’t wait to teach a class on this with my students and do some of our own experiments with it as a group! I will share this email with many. You explain it so well, that it makes it easy for all of us to understand the huge significance of this nobel prize study!!! Thank you! Love to you and yours❤️🙏🏼❤️

  3. This stuff does my head in!!! It’s amazing and it’s mind boggling and it’s also so nonsensical that I can’t believe it, even if these brilliant scientists have proved it!! Haha!! Just shows how difficult it is for our rational limited minds to open up to a “new reality” or “new” truth, even if it’s been that way since the beginning of time. But it’s definitely worth trying to get my stubborn mind around this truth because, if it really IS the truth of our reality, then yeah, let’s party!!! 😄💃🎉🎶🥳
    Thankyou Pam for sharing this exciting news with us and, as others here have already said, making it easier for us to understand. Mind blowing, mind boggling, but super exciting stuff! Woohoo!! 😄

  4. Splendid! It’s not like we really needed validation on this. We know; we feel, it honestly resonates to our core and we live that truth. (But it does feel good when science “gets it”. Restores your faith in science….. Mostly🤭 . They do have to deal with that pesky proven evidence thingy) Blessings all❣️

  5. Thank you Pam! This is great news! I LOVE that I can always count on you to have your finger on the pulse of possibility!!! Oh, and I was just bragging about you and your book Art And Soul Reloaded tonight at a small gathering of my poetry peeps. ⚡️ 🎨 ⚡️

  6. Thank-you Pam by constantly reminding us Love is all that is real all else is an illusion. Today I begin again training my mind to sit still.

  7. This is so beautiful thank you so much for sharing I am going to see all of the loved ones in my life exactly as I love them❤️🙏🫶😍🤗

  8. Thank you for explaining that scientific theory for me. It is some of the most beautiful news I have heard in a long time. I am grateful.

  9. I am continually amazed by the wisdom you share with all of us. Thank you dear Pam. I am ‘officially’ 82 years old today and you continue to inspire me and put joy in my heart.

  10. Wonderful! Reading this confirms Neville Goddards teaching, that great mystic of our times! Blessed❤️

  11. Thanks, Pam! I am a Religious Science Practitioner, and I just “borrowed” your topic for the Spiritual Practice portion of our monthly Practitioner Gathering. I am pleased to report that we got two thumbs up, and we all had a blast.

    Thanks for your help!

    Libby Hecker, RScP
    CSL Metro
    Arlington, Va.

  12. I love quantum physics but can´t really prove it myself, 😕 (I´m re-reading TCIM and I have read a lot about quantum).

  13. I’ve been sharing this post on my Facebook via direct link to this post on yours. My post generated no interest at all! Only got two likes. Now I’m trying to re-post to include the cherry on top the announcement to fusion energy is in the pipeline. Another amazing advancement for the new age!
    I also haven’t heard a peep from the news media about the 2022 Nobel prize in physics! What’s the problem? Due to my discipline, I have trouble spotting problems, everything‘s fine in my world. What does anyone have a clue? I’m getting ready to write letters to the editor of the Austin American Statesman, and also the Wall Street Journal. Other ideas?

  14. Thanks so much for informing me of this Pam! This is wonderful news and a giant leap forward. I’m guessing Schroder’s famous cat experiment was one of the inspirations for these Nobel Prize winners. ~*~222 Forever~*~
    Susie H.

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