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The freaky math of gratitude

“I will give thanks to you forever and with my whole heart.”—Book of Psalms

Between the above quote and the story I’m about to tell, you can probably surmise that I went to church yesterday. A dear friend joined the Unity church here in town so, of course, I went to cheer her on. That’s what possibility posses do—celebrate each other for any and all spiritual leaps. Go team!

The speaker at the church service reminded us of the Bible story of the fish and loaves. It happens to be a favorite of mine because its math equation doesn’t add up to what we consider “normal, scientific reality.”

5+2=5000 is not an equation that computes for most of us. It doesn’t match what we were taught in school. Every reasonable, educated adult knows that five loaves and two fish do not feed 5000 people. But that’s only because, alongside math, we were taught the erroneous subject of scarcity and limitation.  

When you use the equation of gratitude, when you add blessings to “math problems,” the resulting sums are skewed in your favor. Gratitude compounds and expands everything – even material things.

Jesus and his 12 disciples took 7 measly items (5 loaves and 2 fish) and, by blessing them, by giving gratitude for them, grew their larder into a feast for 5000.

So today someone emailed me they’d “lost $280 in cash and did I have any practices that can find the lost money or an equivalent?”

Here’s my answer, dear correspondent: Give thanks for whatever you have left, whatever you happen to have now. Even if it’s only one dime. If there’s no dime, give thanks that the sun came up this morning. And that your heart is still pumping blood throughout your body. Give thanks that you get to experience this precious life, even when it doesn’t feel so precious!

Every word or thought or even breath of gratitude multiplies whatever you have. It renders old school math problems irrelevant. It adds up to truth and the unfathomable math of miracles.

I know I repeat this over and over and over. (I figure I can get away with it because it happens to be Thanksgiving week here in the United States.)  Counting blessings turns even the tiniest of things into monster-size blessings, abundance and, yes, miracles that defy all laws of mathematics. Happiest of holidays, my friends!

#222 forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. I’m so glad you repeat the message of counting blessings, because the reminder is always welcome, Pam. Happiest of holidays to you too!

  2. I’m grateful for you Pam Grout 🦋💙🦋This just what I needed to hear. Much love and thank you.

  3. Thanks Pam! You are the queen of gratitude! Gratitude and Love are the highest vibration, it just feels so good to live in appreciation! And that’s a good enough reason to muster up the emotion of gratitude! Thanks for your wonderful post here and Happy THANKS~GIVING to you and everyone
    !!!! 💜🙏🏼❤️

    1. Also I love the quote, picture, and most of all the reminder, never stop talking about gratitude, it is such a big topic and as you spoke of brings miracles into all our lives as we are all connected! Thanks 😊

  4. You are simply the best and thank you for reminding us of abundant gratitude equals more abundant gratitude… thank you thank you for the pure joy! I love reading you and I love that you share so much abundance with us dear readers. You are the best, thank you.

  5. I’ll repeat the sentiments here and declare that I am grateful for you, Pam!
    Your wisdom, humor, and grace are wonderful teachers for all of us.

  6. Dear dear Pam, and Everyone 💝🦋💫
    I am filled With so Much Gratitude when reading your posts, that no words match the sensation 🦋🦋🦋💫💫💫
    As always, they seem to touch something limitless inside my soul.
    Sometimes I feel very lost, as regards what I, me now in this body is supposed to do in this earthly time of a lifespan.
    But then Again, When I surrender to the holyness of Gratitude, everything loses its earthly meaning 🦋💫🦋
    Life flows with us, through us, life is what life is. Our heartbeats are the same as life’s heartbeat. Let’s beat in the rhythm of Gratitude.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 💫💫💫🦋🦋🦋💫💫
    With pure love, #222 forever! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
    Teija and Pelonteet 💝💫💝

  7. Thank you, Pam! So true. While I’ve been having a bit of a challenge with some insurance paperwork that could be frustrating, I instead gave thanks for the fact that I am blessed to even have insurance and that I am more blessed to enjoy good health and wellness. I have put the challenge in the Hands of the Universe and know that ultimately All Is Well! Happy Thanksgiving to you and to everyone!

  8. Grateful to be here to celebrate another holiday with my loved ones. Thanksgiving blessings and peace
    To all 💫

  9. Grateful our paths crossed. How? Through a book store, there you were! E-Squared, life changing. ❤️

  10. As it happens, I just got a call from the Jeep dealership where I purchased snow tires this morning & how it relates to your blog today. I have to note that in addition to being on a very limited budget, I am also working very hard to re-establish a good credit rating, which crashed & burned a number of years ago. To say I was a “risky bet” credit-wise would be putting it mildly. Anyway, over the past two years I have restored my credit rating by paying off each bill in full & on time. Back to now. The dealership called to inform me that I had been charged a HUGE amount of money for very expensive snow tires that another customer purchased, instead of the far less expensive snow tires that I purchased. They needed my credit card information in order to refund me what I had been charged & then charge me for what I had been originally quoted. The service guy I spoke to was very apologetic about the mishap & promised to correct it immediately. I had to smile because if this had happened 2 years ago, my card would have been rejected on the spot. But today, having a HUGE amount charged to that card was no big deal. Loaves & fishes, indeed!

  11. Pam, thank you for all you say so articulately! Your attitude of gratitude and love fills my heart and soul!

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