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Practice being fictional

“And you too have come into the world to go easy, to be filled with light and to shine.”—Mary Oliver

Do I look like a badass or what? I blame it on my selfie skills!

My daughter, Taz, is such a genius. Even though she no longer has a body, she’s able to send the most miraculous signs and messages my way. And that’s saying something since her mom, me, the recipient of her messages is still more or less trapped in the primitive belief in space and time. But even so, she’s able to get one of her many emissaries to deliver a hedgehog every first of the month.

This month, I’m in Mexico so she whispered the following to my light-filled friend Dawn: “Hey, you know that sweater you were wondering about? The one you couldn’t figure out where it came from? And what in the heck is that weird animal on the front?

Well, the reason that ended up in your drawer is because when you “just happen” to run into Pam and her friends eating crème brulee at Alex’s, you are going to remember it and say to Pam, “I have something for you. Stop by my place when you’re finished here.”

Dawn told me that as soon as saw me, the guidance was very clear. But then Dawn herself is very clear. I’m sure that’s why Taz asked her to deliver this beautiful, beautiful gift.

I love knowing there are realms way beyond anything I can see, that there are angels and otherworldly beings acting on my behalf. I love recognizing that this world, the one that seems so solid and immutable, is just a figment of my imagination.

This is not something I tell just everyone. It tends to trigger people, especially those with an extreme allegiance to problems and crises, all of which are fictional sequences created by a loud, insistent, distracted mind. When I suggest an oh-so-easy, six-word solution to a disturbance (Simply remove it from your thinking), people tend to look at me as if I just asked them to show me their underwear.

As for me, I’m thrilled that the more I surrender my beliefs and conditioning, the more I recognize that this world is illusion, the the more I feel Taz’s brilliant presence and the radiant joy and unspeakable peace that is my true nature.

FYI. If you’re anywhere near Kansas City, put this on your calendar:

#222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Yay! To miracles, hedgehogs, amazing daughters of beautiful sole parents, to Love, to Joy, to the endless, bountiful rich and silently still Everything.
    Big love, Pam❤

  2. I think I will follow Dorothy’s actions and add your words…Click my heels 3 times and repeat, Simply remove it from your thinking….
    Geez feels a lot lighter in here already!
    Love, Kate in Carmel

  3. Love, love, love the message. Wish we all could purchase that hedgehog top. It is so cute! Pic came out great too!

    1. I forgot to add that no only do we actually literally “live” in our imaginations ( the universe is mental, and all transacts as thoughts) but without concepts, most notably that of time, all that seems to be happening in the now this instant, is some idea of being a separate human being, and furthermore, being captivated by this idea. You know the expression “being captivated by the imagination?” What seems to be happening is we are holding ourselves captive within what can safely be described as a limitless boundless imagination. While i belief for myself anyhow, we are doing this to again play and test out our uncanny extraordinary creative powers, as the nature of nature is constant flux flow change, i’m convinced we are in a mass collective shift in releasing / holding ourselves captive to the lovable but limited usage of the imagination, for full scale expansion into living breathing multidimensionality and even non-dimensionality ( kicking back in Omnipresence or what i refer to as being the single divine spark of ecstatic bliss ..that of being everything everywhere all at once : ) love you pam, thank you for all the radiant love and joy you bring to the world!

  4. I have a little banner that hangs next to me that says, “Sassy, Classy, and Badassy.” You are definitely all of those too!

  5. Yay to hedgehogs on sweaters delivered via Angel Express, for life being just a figment of our imaginations, and yay for being able to change what we don’t like in the world we have created by just removing it from our thinking. Woohoo!! Very cool indeed. Thankyou Pam and happy hedgehog day! 😁🌏🦔🦋💛

  6. Amazing, Pam. Wow, I really love when you share about our essential nature, beyond name and form. As for not sharing with everyone that this world is not independent of the Mind, yes, I sure get you. I’m going to share a quote from “Before I Am,” by Mooji, that deals with this very issue:

    “Word is not. You, me and all esle that you see within and without are unreal, they do not exist independent of yourself. The world you inhabit is created inside your own mind. It is all a dreaming.”

    Yup, who’d a “thunk” it?
    I’ll be looking forward to your next post! 🙂

  7. Oh how wonderful your hedgehog arrived Pam ❤
    I love hearing about your open line of communication with Taz.

  8. Hells to the yassss, you are so badass.
    Hedgehogs are the best.
    I needed this reminder today.
    I’ve been trapped in a downward spiral of illusion and couldn’t find a way out.
    You reminded me …. I just have to open the door … and walk out!!
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  9. Wishing you all the best Pam. Let Tax guide you to where you need to be! And thank-you for yours & for sharing her amazing guidance. Our world would be such a better place if we allowed ourselves to continually receive the guidance from our loved ones across the veil ( but it’s really not across the veil, is it?!). Happy adventures in Mexico and Cheers to You!

  10. Wow Pam this is just so beautiful… I am so rolling along on my own train of wonder and release. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful stories, the truths that are so obvious now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, this month I surrender 😁!!!

  11. Love your beautiful gift from Taz!
    My Dad passed in May. He said he really wasn’t sure what might happen after he died. (No one can be sure – he thought) Never-the-less we pressed him about sending signs. My daughters and I are the biggest believers in communication with those “no longer with us in the physical”. Dad has sent many signs to us so far – birds, songs etc but last week – and I am sure many people won’t believe this – he set up a profile on my Netflix account with his name on it!!! And the profile picture is a cartoon character with 3 eyes – telling me he sees everything now (third eye open, if you like). My daughters and I are amazed but not entirely surprised at what can be achieved from “the other side” .

    1. Madeline, I am so happy that you are getting messages from your Dad. Those that have passed away do communicate with those of us that are open to hearing what they have to tell us.

  12. Hi Pam – thanks for being such a source of inspiration and delight in my life. I would love to go to the 222 benefit concert, however it’s a long way from Boston. I am also a huge fan of Karen Drucker, and I’m writing to say it would be so amazing if the 2 of you added a weekend workshop to the extravaganza!! I’d be there in a heartbeat, and I think many others would be, too! 💞🦋

  13. You know, I suspect that just as you are here to help spread this message to the world, which is slowly becoming more capable of hearing it, Taz was sent on ahead to pass messages back to you.

  14. I’ll be at the 222 concert in spirit. I live way too far away to be there in person. I love the story today and you look stunning in the pink sweater with the hedgehog.

  15. I love this and Hedgehogs 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔
    My daughters favourite comic book is ’the Cursing hedgehog’ . Such a rough tough but Pure Love Heart 💝🦋💝🦔🦔🦔Have a looksy, if You will


    I will be More fictional I hope and I have had some awesome (some may think small) but in my view some Really awesome reminders From the Dude and the Universe, that I have been able to flow around in this imaginerium 🦋🦋🦋💫💫💫
    And do some CrossFit. Because it is badass. And so is Your selfie! 💝🦋💝💝
    Pure love, always, and Hedgehogs as well 🦋🦔🦋💟💫

    1. I love your word “imaginerium” – it’s fabulous and perfect! Thanks! 🥳💛🎉

      1. Dear Jenny,
        Thank You, but I may not get to take credit for the word – but Who does then. There’s at least a music album and a movie named: Imaginaerum 😅😅😅
        But I love also Imaginerium – get’s everything in perspective 😅🤩🦋🦋🦋💝💎💫💫💫🦔
        With Pure Love, Teija 🦋💝🦔

  16. PAM,
    I always say “hi” to Taz when I see the many 222s in my day-to-day goings on. I love the story about your Hedgehogs. (I have a podcast on my website DiscoveryDaze.com about my friend in England who fosters hedgehogs, and I interviewed her on National Hedgehog day). Your comments about Taz finding ways to stay connected and show you she is around reminds me of another podcast I am now editing for my HungarianAquarian.com podcast “Dying to Know,” in which I interviewed William who says he has an ongoing day-to-day relationship with his wife, Irene, who passed in 2017, and he talks about her signs of flower shapes she makes in the coffee he pours for her every morning, and other signs that come through TV shows and other common experiences. He has a blog and Facebook group called the Red String Society for people who have ongoing relationships with loved ones who have passed. I thought you might be interested in that

  17. Pam, I am your true admirer..
    From my heart to you, which will fly from your hear to the rest of the world, as usual, just a tine offer of loving kindness:
    Muriel Barbery “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”, the most unusual and wonderful story of love..

  18. Such a beautiful piece. I absolutely love the ways that our lovely family and friends on who have crossed over can let us know they’re with us. Thank You for sharing your beautiful experience

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