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Living in the present tense

“Thoughts that are oriented to the past and the future serve only to restrict and limit the amount of animating current that is available to vitalize your expression.”—Ken Carey

How many of you got up this morning and said, “well it’s time to start looking for my nose?” Not only would that be bat sh*#t crazy, it would be an utter waste of your precious time.

Yet, that’s what we do every moment when we worry, when we go out looking for answers and information to help us navigate our lives.

Everything we need to know and do is right here in this present moment. It’s the portal through which we escape the conceptual prison that keeps us stuck in the past, fretting about the future.

Lost as we are in the spinning commentary of our minds, we fail to notice the clear, specific information being supplied to us by an energetic flow of infinite knowledge. We can’t lose it any more than we can misplace our noses.

I recently read Michael Singer’s new book, Living Untethered. Over and over, he makes the point that our minds, oriented to interpret and make predictions based upon the past, are of absolutely no help on our spiritual journey.

Our minds, he says, might “know” what they experienced, but they have no clue what they didn’t experience. Basically, he says, the mind’s data is statistically insignificant — .00001 percent of what’s really going on. It’s a bunch of reactionary noise that doesn’t deserve the authority and credibility we give it.

Without my mind’s silly hold on reality, I notice these is a natural, simple unfolding to my life. I notice my breath, birds singing, laundry spinning, life emerging.

My main intention is not to interfere, not to energize thoughts of the past, fears for the future. To rest in the Divine Dance of immediacy. #222 Forever, my friends!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. A perfect reminder, so very welcome in times where my mind troubles me like never before, it seems. Breath, birds singing, laundry spinning — funnily that was exactly what was happening here as well while I was reading your blog post … Thank you.

    1. I feel so lucky to be able to experience the simple things like laundry…and today’s gift–the hawk that landed in a squirrel’s nest in the pine tree outside my home. The chorus of grackles was deafening as they tried to shoo him off. I truly felt blessed to witness it all.

  2. My mall walk about today, by myself, stops me for a break at the bookstore. I too browsed Michaels book. I turned the page to the three techniques to control ones thinking. I have used the mantra, I have used phrases to override what you have called the asshat. As a self Help Junkie as in help yourself to sanity , joy, etc, no matter what. I have read thousands of writers, my main teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, said it best. You can control your thinking. It does take thousands of hours of training. Thank-you Pam for todays post. Amongst all my buy stuff emails. I am reading metahuman. Amazing.
    I have not been able to send emails for many months, due to some glitch. Happy to see an email from you.

  3. Thank you, Pam!! 🙂 I love the quote in the image– goooood stuff waiting to explode!! I detonate it now!!!
    I love watching the laundry spin. As did John Lennon in his song? Maybe I’ll start up karaoke laundromats.
    In other news, I am grateful to have had brunch with my great aunt and a a 90-year-old man who were living
    in a local retirement community about 20 years ago– this man was the inventor of the washing machine!
    Oh, one more thing– I am super happy to say that one of my big manifestations made during the
    Magical Mystery Manifesting Adventure came to juicyfruition last week!! I got so many good vibes during
    that adventure and often re-listen to Karen’s song! Oh, and one more thing again! — I was totally happy
    that you mentioned one of the fellow adventurer’s experiences in Playshop 4- and it happened to be mine-
    the dead car battery and getting 3 jump starts to do my gigs that day!! People can be soooo helpful!! 🙂
    Peace be with you!!

    1. Yes, I loved your story. And I completely left out the best part of it–all the wonderful hugs you got from the….was it kindergartners? Anyway, congrats on your juicyfruition manifestation! And thanks!!!

  4. I wake up in the morning and cheer that I’m still here. We tend to take that for granted that there is always tomorrow. I make plans for the day and wait for the Dude to stick his finger in the middle of them and swirl. It teaches me to just go with it. I’ve read Singers’ first book and wonder if the second has enough different to take the time for it. I don’t have much to spare these days. Life is rich and full.

    1. In my humble opinion, Singer’s new book is good, but mostly a repeat–or rather techniques to use in our attempts to escape the confines of the mind. If time is short, I suggest just keeping on enjoying your rich, full life.

  5. Wow Pam I love this and it’s so on the nose since I’m on party game #8 from your wonderful book Thank and Grow Rich. I don’t believe in coincidences so I got the message plain and simple. I am open to see only beauty, only truth, only the Universe as it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pam for all ur fantabulousness (😂 just made a new word) ❤️🥰

  6. Thank you once again dear teacher. I frequently come upon your messages at the exact time that I need them. Now I am really curious about that author you quoted. Will try to get that book ordered today

  7. Amen! Thank you Pam! I love the quote of yours, and the quote by Ken Carey, and all the wonderful reminders you’ve included to help us remember that this moment, each moment, is full to overflowing with possibilities if we stay open to it and be in it. To remember to shut down our conscious minds long enough to “hear” the “still, small voice” giving us whatever information we need for the now moment. Yes! Here’s to “resting in the Divine Dance of immediacy” and remembering to rest there in as many moments as we can. ❤️💃🧡💃💛

  8. Thank you, Pam! Great one!
    I just started reading “The untethered soul” and I’m loving it. ❤️

  9. Thanks Pam for the synchronistic reminder! My friend and I were discussing via whatsapp the current trend of people including ourselves to ensure self-empowerment and self-nourishment over having to be reliant of forces outside our control etc; she said we should re-read Michael Singers Surrender Experiment again! Then we got this wonderful insightful message mentioning his new book too! ☺ wow what alignment…

  10. Pam, this post is precious! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and love with us! We love you!

  11. I too just finished Living Untethered by Michael A Singer! Coupled with your lovely sentiment, I am right where I’m supposed to be 🥰 Thank you xo

  12. I remember reading Singer’s “Untethered Soul” and liking most of it, but also having a few reservations.

    The biggest challenge – for me – has been knowing the Truth, but not consistently applying it (or at least as much as I THINK I know – lol).

    Why I revert to the Ego thought system at all, is the mystery I am currently grappling with. I agree with the Course’s assessment that it (the ego) has never offered my ANYTHING of real lasting value.

    1. The second posting has only a one-word correction. I guess the ego still be in charge – lol.

  13. I remember reading Singer’s “Untethered Soul” and liking most of it, but also having a few reservations.

    The biggest challenge – for me – has been knowing the Truth, but not consistently applying it (or at least as much as I THINK I know – lol).

    Why I revert to the Ego thought system at all, is the mystery I am currently grappling with. I agree with the Course’s assessment that it (the ego) has never offered me ANYTHING of real lasting value.

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