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Going up?

“My anthem is the feisty joy parade that goes from my heart to yours.”—Chelan Harkin

So in this video (that I’m going to try to add to the bottom of this post), Mike Dooley asked for my elevator speech.

I said something like, Gosh, “I guess I should write one” even though I know full well nobody can be contained within a label, a description or even an elevator speech.

But since he asked, I looked up the definition and discovered a good elevator speech explains what I’m up to, what project I’m working on, what comes next for me.

And even though my cultural programming instructs me to articulate something that sounds impressive and/or fulfilling, I concluded–upon a bit of inner reflection–that my only mission is to BE love. Right here. Right now.

I know. I know. It sounds flimsy and woo-woo and shouldn’t I have more goals?

But upon even more inner reflection, I concluded that “well, what else could I possibly want? What else beyond love would I ever want to experience or would I ever want anyone else to experience?”

So screw it! That’s my elevator speech. My mission is to overcome all limiting beliefs that would block this indwelling source of love. And to know that love is not something you find in people, places or things. It’s a life energy that dwells within, a powerful force that yearns to make its presence known.

All of us are inherently happy and worthy of love and acceptance. So my elevator pitch, if I ever get asked again, is: I, Pam Grout, am a love activist. #222 Forever.

Here’s the video and here’s where you can join us for our 21-day Magical Mystery Manifestation Adventure.

Have the most extraordinarily epic weekend of your life, my beautiful compatriots of joy. #222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. I have been a huge fan of yours since I read “A Course in Miracles Experiment.” It changed my life. I had tried to do the “real course” three times and could never get through it. I teach 11th and 12th grade remedial reading for students who can’t pass the state required reading and writing test in Florida. It has always been stressful but very rewarding when the kids graduate. Since I worked through your book, I’ve changed my approach to my students and it has worked miracles. The usual stress just faded away. Now I just focus on love. I heard a quote when I was younger, and it has always stayed with me. “All the problems of the world could be solved if everyone just focused on love.” How true! Thank you for helping to change the world.

    1. Ronnie–I am so grateful to hear this! And you are SO RIGHT–all the alleged problems (because they’re not real) will be “solved” once
      we return to the Truth of who we are!

  2. I am a great fan of yours Pam and have read most of your books, mostly listen on Audible. I would love to join your 21 days but i stay in South Africa and have a coffee shop at a retirement village and financially was really affected by Covid. Thank you for being a wonderful, happy person

      1. Thank you for replying. I feel so blessed. You are super amazing xxxx

  3. I was thinking that this morning. I feel fulfilled because my purpose is to spread love and I know I’ve done that and keep doing it everyday. Everything else is just cherries on top. I love this name Love Activist!

  4. Thank You Pam 💝💝💝🦋🦋🦋
    Pure Love, as Always 🦋💝🦋🥰😍😍😍😍
    Have the LoveFullest weekend 🦋🤩💫💝😍💟💫🤩🦋🦋🦋🐇🐥🥰☀️🥰😍

  5. I’m with you on that one Pam! I’ve traveled this country for the last year and a half on a peace tour and always share that it is an inside job!! I love you! #222forever

      1. Everyone is telling me I’m crazy and filling my head with fear but I really want to do it , even the best hotel room or bus trips say doubles only !

  6. Love is who we are and the challenge is to let go of all we are not. Still, it does seem to be becoming easier. Thanks for all your inspiring words. I am enjoying your daily Course in Miracles.

  7. 21 (according to “Angel Numbers 101” means: Your optimism is definitely warranted. The angels are working behind the scenes on your behalf right this very minute. You can help support the angels’ work by saying positive affirmations and believing that your dream is already manifesting. So looking forward to playing with all of you!!

  8. Last Wednesday, my husband underwent a bronchoscopy due to increased breathing problems. It revealed a mass obstructing his airway, causing the lung collapse. Doctor was certain it was a cancer reoccurrence. He had been in remission for 2 years. I was devastated. And then I started this manifesting adventure the next day. And I felt a new calmness. As I manifested the fun things, I also set the intention that the doctor would call with a negative result.
    One week later, I received this text:

    Great news!!!! Jeffrey’s path is all negative for cancer here and at UF. Dr. Mehta who did the procedure at UF thinks this is all the radiation effects…which is what I thought initially. Hallelujah!


    Thank you Mike & Pam.

    My new intention is to go to Scotland and meet Mike in person!

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