Advice and why I never give it

“Only wonder leads to knowing.”—St. Gregory of Nyssa

I am frequently asked for advice. On writing. On marketing. On how to go on after losing the one person you can’t live without.

I find it rather humorous that anyone would think I have any kind of good answers. First off, I’m hopelessly unqualified. My mantra, you may remember, was pilfered from Sergeant Schultz, the fictional sergeant in the old TV series, Hogan Heroes, who regularly proclaimed to Wilhelm Klink, “I know nothing.”

It was only a month ago I found out bed linen tags are always on the bottom left side. I could have saved myself 50 years of guessing which side was the long side (and usually getting it wrong).

If anything, I’m a middleman who has made a career writing about where I — when and if I remember — go for answers.  

And it all boils down to this: I stop feeding my thoughts (man those guys are insatiable) and head to the Source. There’s a reason I appointed The Dude as the CEO of my career, why I let him handle all the details.

When I get into coherence, I find silence, peace, aliveness and maybe not ALL the answers, but at least guidance for what to do right now. When I stop, bring my attention back to this moment, it opens a portal.  

So no, I offer no formulas, no all-important guidelines, but I do know this. Living in this right-now moment, in bewilderment and wonder is a mighty fine place to start.

And just so you know, I DO plan to have a word with the Big Guy for waiting so long to fill me in on the sheet situation.

 Have the very best weekend of your life, my treasured friends. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (

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  1. I figured that out about sheets a few years ago! I’d not know which way the fitted sheet went on. Makes one wonder what else do we not know,that would make life easier?

  2. You TRULY are amazing! You give me inspiration, hope, joy and SOOOOOOO many laughs and chuckles. Now….let’s see…..what advice can I ask for this morning? ☺☺☺☺ Bless your Heart, Pam. Thank you for ALL you are and ALL you do for SO MANY of us! Thank you.

  3. Dear Pam, You always “strike a chord” or “ring a bell” when I am going through some ‘stuff’. Thank you so much for making my day once again!!

  4. Thank you Pam. This really spoke to me today. I just wanted to share my gratitude for you.

  5. You and I and probably a million other people didn’t know about the sheet situation so they finally have tagged newer/finer? sheets with a label on one side that says top or bottom. LOL.

  6. hello Pam, thanks for the reminder that Source is available 24/7 for advice, no charge for working overtime. No charge at all… as we are all SO LOVED by her. She sees the big picture and gives perfect direction. Peace and blessings to you and everyone.

  7. Holy smokes – I am 53 and now just learned about sheet tag placement?! Thank you, lol…. I am feeling stuck in my life and always appreciate a Pam Grout Blog post.

  8. I love your blog. Today’s really resonated. I am a serial improver. I am on day twelve of repeating the mantra, ” I release myself into your keeping. I give up my mind and all of its thoughts” when the nasties pop up about a situation or a person. This is from Mary Kupferle’s writings. Strangely, (or not so strangely) little, positive insights pop up and I receive guidance when I ask for it. Gradually losing my headstong, “I can do it” ways. The Chief knows what Its doing. Bless you and you also have a great weekend.

  9. “It was only a month ago I found out bed linen tags are always on the bottom left side.” Mind.blown.
    But, really, I also like: “ Living in this right-now moment, in bewilderment and wonder is a mighty fine place to start.” How I wanna approach stuff!

  10. I never knew that about sheet tags either, Pam! What an uplifting post, thank you. I hope you have the best weekend of your life so far!

  11. Thanks for the heads up on the sheets! I never knew this, and yes, making beds can be a bit frustrating! You are an AMAZING middle man and I’m endlessly thankful for you! ❤️

  12. Thank you for that info, I’m 72 and didn’t know that about the sheets🤣🤣. Love your newsletter and love you books❤️

  13. I never looked for a tag. Top sheets have a right side and a wrong side. The right side faces down on the bed so when you fold the sheet down over the blanket at the top of the bed the sheet is right side up. Easy especially if the sheet is patterned.

    1. When I was little, I asked my mom why the top sheet is put on with the good side down. She must not have replied (it was probably my 40th “why” question of the day). Because I decided that it must be so that when you’re IN(side the) bed, you see the nice side from beneath 🙂

  14. It seems there are heaps of us who didn’t know about the sheet tags!! So thanks for passing on what you learned to those of us who were as clueless as you had been! 😁 My favourite line in your message today is this: “When I stop, bring my attention back to this moment, it opens a portal.” I LOVE that! I got tingles when I read it. In this very moment we have access to all we need, if only we pay attention, and allow ourselves to stop, rest a moment in silence, and let that portal open up to the answers we need. Amen! Thankyou Pam- even if you don’t think you have the answers, you so often do. You are one of the voices Spirit uses to speak the truth that needs to be heard by your blog readers. And I’m so grateful you share your thoughts, experiences, and wonderful words with us here. Blessings galore to you dear Pam for today, your weekend, and always. 😁💃🎈🎉🎁💛

  15. Thank you for this. “Feeding” struck me in a new way. As did “bewilderment,” which hangs around me a lot lately, seemingly/possibly in a very intriguing (vs. get-the-hell-outta-here) way. Sending you love.

  16. It’s because you make people feel better Pam , the times I checked my emails and there’s been a new blog from you that resonates with me, you’ve lifted me up so many times , it’s like reading something that’s been especially written just for me by an old friend, I’ve had a very bad couple of years and you’ve unknowingly have kept me going……keep the wise words coming and thank you 🦋

  17. The thing I learned about bed pillows comically late in life was that it is NOT ILLEGAL to remove the tag. As my mother had always told me. I actually read the damn thing, and it’s illegal to remove it if you’re not the CONSUMER. Not that its being illegal stopped me before, but the truth made me laugh.

  18. Hahaha… it’s my 60th birthday today, so I saved this post to read this morning. Seriously… sheets have a system?! It never even occurred to me that the manufacturers would agree on such a thing as where to place the tags, which have often been a bane of my existence in this lifetime. As others have said, makes me wonder what else we don’t know yet, lol ~ at any level. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. 💖

  19. Thanks for the much needed advice on the sheets. 🤣 I am 80 and now know the secret. 🤩 Love your emails. ❤️

  20. 68 yo finally learning how to make my bed! Thanks for this and much more, Pam. Always a pleasure connecting.

  21. Hi Pam,

    It was a great share! I have read many of your articles, and I know about your habit of not giving advice. But trust me you do so much better. By sharing your experience with the readers you allow us to learn from your experience. I think this is far better than giving advice. I have learned a lot from you and your articles, and I really look forward to keeping learning like this. Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing articles, They have been a great help.

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