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Holiness is your superpower

“I want this now to be the now where we save our place, your place, our earth.”—Louise Erdrich

Do you feel it? The powerful shift in consciousness? Not only have we just entered the Year of the Water Tiger which encourages each of us to take big risks, but it’s the 2nd month of the 2022 year. Hi, Taz!

Big things are abrewin’!  For myself, I’m hyper aware of just how little interest I have in the “old story.” The story of scarcity and consumption and fear has zero appeal. Zip.

I’m being drawn even more to stories of love, of openness, of miracles. And they’re everywhere. I’m hearing stories about indigenous people who can retreat into a cave for a few days and come out without cataracts or say, a broken foot. They simply leave the quantum superposition where that was a “reality” and step into a new reality. In fact, any story that doesn’t have an “anything is possible” narrative at its core goes poof in my brain.

What’s this you say?  War? Disease? It’s just not of interest anymore. It like a bad movie that is begging to be clicked off.

Especially when so much beauty and love is happening right now, in this and in every moment. Just looking deep into the eyes of another human should convince you of the enormous potential, the infinite light that exists within each one of us. All we gotta do is dive below the crust of the psyche. That ego story isn’t real, guys.

The line “holiness is your superpower” from yesterday’s Course lesson really stuck out to me. Every single “problem” that our culture tells us to fear can be healed right now. We don’t need a politician or a product or anything else that society tells us we need. There’s no limitation. There’s nothing we’re not connected to.

I must admit that, as I’m writing this, I feel a little crazy. Or rather, I’m admitting to all the world that I’ve officially departed the bounds of normality. I’m no longer tethered to any semblance of what I’ve been “trained to believe.”

But why would I choose to live in a culture where these truths are considered the provenance of a crazy person.

This whole rant sorta kicked off February 1. As you know, Taz always sends a hedgehog on the first of each month—in really weird, supernatural ways.

I was scheduled to be in surgery all day and was curious, “how will Taz deliver this month’s hedgehog? For one thing, I’ll be under anesthesia.” But lo and behold, I get home from the surgery center and waiting on my front porch is a stuffed hedgehog and a box of chocolates. Keep in mind that this was sent from someone I’ve never met who had NO IDEA I was having surgery. The chocolates were an especially thoughtful touch, don’t you think? 

I believe Taz has emissaries all over the world. As we all do. This connection is so strong right now and I feel so many beautiful souls from what we call “the other side” stepping up to free us from the old story that anyone with a nose can plainly see is breaking down.

Anyway, beloveds, it’s almost 2/22 and, in the meantime, I’m out there employing my superpower to heal every water system, every soil system, every belief system that no longer applies. Consider yourself invited to join in. #222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. “Any story that doesn’t have an ‘anything is possible’ narrative at it’s core goes poof in my brain.”
    I love that! And I love every single reminder you give us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and we can create and live any story that suits our highest good
    and the highest good of all.
    It does not surprise me, in the least, that an angel brought you a hedgehog and chocolate! But what a delightful display of Extraordinary Epic-ness!
    Sending love and healing vibes your way!
    Pamela Joy

  2. Superpower!!! I love this so much!
    I was playing with my g-sons yesterday and overheard this conversation, ages 3 & 7.
    I’m Spiderman, the webs are shooting from my hands said 3 year old Tristen. Brother can you see them, they are flying so high in the sky.
    Yes I can see them, can you see me flying with my cape, I’m so high!
    Yes brother you are so high, watch out for my webs.
    The boys flew around the back yard at top speed living totally in their perfect, very real world.
    Then they said Nana get your cape your not a grown up yet so you can still be a super hero! I totally accept that awesome compliment!

      1. Back at ya Sunflower!!! You got your forever sparkle on just fine, plus your super hero cape…

  3. I love reading your emails! Thank you Pam for all the love! I’m going down the list reading your books. I think you should write 2 more so there will be 22!

  4. Thank you for the beautiful post. And what a lovely gift! I love hearing how Taz connects with you.

  5. Dear Pam,

    Thank you for another wonderfully rich post. First, I hope that your surgery went very well–we need your “voice.” I, too, have felt the change in consciousness, for the last few years; so “I’m admitting to all the world that I’ve officially departed the bounds of normality.”
    Love and light, Art

  6. Delicious! Delicious! Love abounds! Thank you for YOU, for sharing our BEING so SELFLESSLY in that beautifully expressed post. Of course your hedgehog was present! Love Abounds.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful post and reminder of what’s real(ly) important.

    I also wanted to share that there’s some amazing work going on in establishing connections to the other side via ITC and EVP. I’m working with a wonderful Brazilian woman, Sonia Rinaldi, who connects parents and others to their loved ones on the other side via voice and images. She has a passion for connecting parents with their children on the other side, and her work continues to evolve in incredible ways. I recommend joining her Patreon group to see her recent work/experiments that are truly mind blowing!

    Also, here’s a link to a documentary about her work that is going to be released on February 22nd – I already saw the complete film and it’s fantastic. I think you’d find it fascinating.

    You can watch the trailer here: https://www.wedontdie.com/rinaldi

  8. I love the”any story that doesn’t have ‘anything is possible’ narrative at its core is gone”. Yes, me too.

    I’m a water tiger. I believe my husband’s healing journey where anything is possible, will feature a talk where we are telling his story of his healing, to many people, because of the superfoods, superlove and superpower within us all.
    How did I find the right books, protocols, stories, painting to heal him? It came to me somehow, through angels, and after I realized the old fear story was gone. Miracles came.

  9. Thank you again and always and forever for the reminders of magic and love that are abundant when we choose to look for them.

  10. Pam, I felt the shift too as I practiced knowing that holiness is my superpower. I’m grateful that you wrote A Course in Miracles Experiment. I recommended it to one of my podcast guests yesterday. She loved our conversation on Story~Power.

  11. Count me IN!!! A hedgehog 🦔 AND chocolates? Life is grand! Glad your surgery went well. Sending love, hedgehogs and chocolate 😎☀️

  12. Good grief thank you thank you!! It’s nice to read something other than a fear driven narrative. I’m so grateful to have you on the same team.

  13. Check inside betchya the chocolates are hedgehogs too….
    You totally delight me to the core!
    Shine On beautiful one. Thanks for bringing so much joy to the world.
    Deep Bow of gratitude

  14. True story. One sleepless night I sat on my sofa wondering what was going on. Then I started receiving messages. I was told to write these books: Ask Your Angel and Learn to Love. When I started writing, the words came to me for Ask Your Angel. I chose an illustrator after praying about it. When I was thinking about a publisher I opened my iPad. The first screen led me to Chandler Bolt’s Ted Talk on Self-publishing. Now I tell people a quote from my book, “Everyone has a guardian angel who will help but first must be asked.”

  15. I loved every inch and word of this 🤩🦋🤩🦋💫💫💫💫
    I so do believe in our guides from the other side. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋💝💝💝💝💝
    We are all connected. Viva la #222 and Blessed be you Sweet, sweet Pam 💝🦋💝💫🙌🙌🙌💫🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔
    With Pure Love, Teija and Pelonteet
    I love the hedgehog & chocolate 💫💫💫💫🦋💝😍🦋💫💫💫🦔
    Pps. First Pelonteet book is now also available in English 😅😅😅😍🤩🦋💫🤩🦋💫💫
    Thank You 🙏 thank you 🤩😍🦋💫🦋💫💝🔥

  16. Any story that doesn’t have an “anything is possible” narrative at its core goes poof in my brain”. This is tattoo worthy! Thank you for this reminder!

  17. Yes to “There are no limitations.” Yes to “Every single problem that our culture tells us we need to fear can be healed right now.” And yes to “We don’t need a politician or a product or anything else society tells us we need.” Yes, yes, YES!! We just need to remember that everything we need is within us, and that “all things are possible, only believe.”
    Thanks for your encouraging post Pam, and yay to magical hedgehog arrivals and other super synchronicities. If only we really, really knew that all things are possible, imagine how incredible life would be! That’s going to be my motto for 2022 – “ALL things ARE possible so just get believing Jenny Louise!!” 😁🎈🦋💛
    Happy 2nd month of ‘22 dear Pam, and here’s to all the magical 222’s everywhere. 🌺🦔💃🌞

  18. Yay!!! Just had a wonderful unexpected conversation with a man from Russia today. It was a heart to heart soul to soul out of the blue wonder. I want more open-hearted magic and miracles to unfold daily!
    I’m in! Thank you so much for your words Pam!❤️

  19. Anything is possible – I totally agree with you and everyone else here – we must find our own path and stop getting distracted by the media or what others might think or do. It has got nothing to do with us. Something seems to be changing, it is difficult to express it in words. Perhaps it is the fact that spring is just around the corner 😉

    Dear Pam, trust your surgery was successful. Your new little fluffy friend will look after you 🦔

    Happy hump day, everyone 🙂

  20. I can’t emphasise it enough just how inspirational you are. Hopefully your surgery cured whatever was needed

  21. I am 100% about this. Yes, please and thank you! I’ve been living here for a minute now, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to read this post.
    All this negativity is so freaking boring. We are magical, wonderous and are creating our reality by our response to what’s happening around us. If you’re response is continually love, openness, acceptance and eagerness to understand the benefit…. you’ll always see it. Thank you so much for getting this info out to so many folks, Pam. XOXO

  22. Thank-you Pam for your optimism. You give me courage. You remind me that we must teach/demonstrate what we most need to learn. Hence why we are all writing. Thank-you.

  23. Thanks Pam! I’m currently doing ACIM and I replace ‘holiness’ with ‘abundance’ or ‘abundance mindset’ and it helps me to ‘get it.’ Also, a miracle this morning: my 12yo tends to be a bit grumpy in the morning, and as I woke this morning, I visualised her getting up happy. Well, she did! And not only that, her new phone number has a bunch of 2’s in it. (We gifted that to her this morning.) We are all connected, aren’t we?!

  24. Hi Pam,

    It was a great share! I read an amazing book my mom suggested in my native language, and it taught me a lot about consciousness. I have been more aware of things after reading it, and I could relate a lot to this article. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing resource, I gained a new and fresh perspective after reading this. I think consciousness play a massive role in daily life, and I will try to use it as positively as I can.

  25. I started reading your ACIM book at the start of the year, a page a day and the “Calling All Superheroes” has struck a chord the most with me so far; and “voila!” you write this fab blog post about it. There has to be something in the water….:O

  26. You make it sound so easy to do! I’m grateful for this message today. Please Source help me to keep focused on the joy of life, the real narrative.
    In Joy …

  27. Bravo Pam! I have been doing the same thing and people tell me I am idealistic. So I felt guilty and kept all the political emails poring in telling me how terrible things are. Fight this and demand that, they say. I say phooey! I am planning my garden, watching my grandson, reveling in the sunlight sparkling on the snow and the stars that cover the vast firmament at night, even through the light pollution. More and more I am accepting the idea that I am holy, the earth is holy and everything on this living planet is holy.
    Thank you for this encouragement and support.
    Happy Heart Day❤️

  28. Hi Pam,

    It was a great share! Your articles are very inspiring. I feel I have been focusing on the negatives like war, problems, and disease for a long time. I recently noticed it, and have been trying my best to shift my perspective and focus on better things. Your share helped a lot with that. It definitely helped me gain a better perspective, and focus on life and love. Thanks a lot for such a positive share. I can’t tell you how much it helped.

  29. I love your reminders that everything and anything is possible. Every day I feel tiny shifts, I delight in the most ordinary things and I see a beautiful world. ❤️🙏

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