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“Love is the natural condition of all experience before thought divides it into a multiplicity of objects, selves and others.”—Rupert Spira

Something really weird is happening in my life. I’m not traveling much or working on a specific project. In fact, when friends ask, “So what have you been up to?” I have no good, pithy answer.  

I once prided myself on my ability to provide scintillating, conversation-starting responses.  I was usually on my way to Namibia or Helsinki or I was getting ready to interview say, Blake Shelton or Eminem’s mom. My life was rife with engaging happenings.

Now, not so much.

But here’s what’s weird. Or rather incompatible with what society has taught me. I feel blissfully happy, at peace, engaged with each moment. That’s not to say the asshat doesn’t rap its knuckles on the window pane every now and again, but mostly I just laugh and recognize it as a worthless distraction.  

Its murmurings are nothing but temporary whiffs of energy unless I decide to invite them in for chamomile tea and crumpets. Which I don’t seem to do so much anymore.

I’m finding it more absorbing to sit by the fire, to walk around my neighborhood, to live in the presence of each precious moment.  

Writing these words actually floors me, makes me wonder, “Who is this person? And where did she hide the body?”

I can’t really explain it and I’m not suggesting it will last (because, after all, that’s in the future which isn’t right now,) but I have to believe that whatever is mine to do next, whatever it is that Source, Spirit, God has up its sleeve for me will be much easier to ascertain than it was when I was distracted non-stop with past and future.

Happy Wednesday, my beloveds!

Reporting in from small town Kansas,

Grout, Pam, as they called me in a recent book promotion #222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I needed today.
    I’m in the state of ” what next ?”
    Thank You 😊😊😊

  2. Dear Grout, Pam (lol), I believe it is the way of the world. A mystery for us to stop the running and pay attention to the now. I am enjoying it too~!

  3. I love this, Pam!
    I have done a handful of really big things in my life, and compared to some (but who’s comparing) my life is probably pretty interesting. But for the most part, I live a very simple life, full of goodness, gratitude, healthy habits, and a routine that I love.
    I sometimes wonder why I am not a bigger dreamer, if I should be doing even more interesting and exciting things with my life. Ya know – more “Pam Grout-ish” type stuff. But more often than not, that is not me. I have come to really be more than okay with it. When inspiration strikes to Go Big, I sometimes jump in with both feet. Most days, I just revel in my simple life, that some folks actually envy.
    I look forward to our next meeting, with coffee or tea – or something even more exciting!
    Pamela Joy

  4. It must be in the air, because just a half hour before your post arrived, I was also pondering my “then vs. now,” trying to squeeze out a new path of excitement to shake up my oddly quiet and content present (“then” was live performing, art shows, and parties with other creative souls), and wrote “Let go of the idea that you need another “pinnacle” to reach. Effing relax.” I’m nodding to the recent full moon in Cancer for the nudge that sitting by the home fire, all cozy, is exactly “the thing” right now. Cheers to your wisdom, Pam! Glad to get caught in the flow of your river every so often.

  5. Whatever that next things is will be very special and delightful. Can’t wait to hear what that will be.
    Warmest regards,

  6. That is EXACTLY where I am now.
    Just closed a chapter in my life & asked
    What next ??

  7. Oh… gentle feels good! So silent, so strongly scintillating, so powerful and peaceful, so still.
    I feel it too.
    Happy Now, Pam ❤

  8. This sounds amazing! But how do I shut up that asshat in my head! Half the time I don’t recognize that it’s yabbering … any suggestions would be so gratefully received!

  9. Happy Wednesday to you too dear Pam. May your blissful, peaceful happiness living in the precious present moment last throughout all your moments to come. And may we each find our own way to live in that present moment bliss too. 💛🌝🌺☀️⭐️

  10. I must say I enjoy reading every word you right. Brings a deep peace to me. Keep on truckin as my dad would often say.

  11. Well once again you are verbalizing exactly what’s been going on with me. And it’s been wonderful. At first, I was concerned that something must be wrong, I can’t be happy just ‘floating around’ enjoying nature and the world in general. But that’s exactly where I am and you’re right, it feels good.
    Thanks again Grout, Pam! Sending love.

  12. I feel like something major is happening! I am suddenly SO content to do nothing! It’s quite weird and VERY unlike me! I kept putting negative labels on it like disconnected, lazy, hermit, ect. Then one day I realized, “THIS is what contentment feels like! I am happy just being!” Your books have helped me along my journey SO much! I wish you could KNOW how grateful I Am for YOU! Sending SO much LOVE and Light your way!

  13. Happy Wednesday. Your life is much like mine now. I walk 4 miles walking my dogs early in the morning. I’m content being at home. Once a week, my dog ,Sara, and I go grocery shopping. It takes awhile longer to shop as so many people like to stop and talk about Sara. I’m very content.

  14. This is a wonderful post. I am right with you, Pam. Nothing I like better than spending time with my dogs in the garden. Thanks for inspiring me to embrace each moment!


  15. Sounds as if you are living what you have been teaching us. Many of us find ourselves being quieter these days, and if we are lucky enough to have studied what you have been writing, we too can feel that peace and also (more or less successfully) usher bad thoughts out! I have been reading parts of your A Course in Miracles Experiment to my Pilates students at the end of class when they are resting on their mats. So your work is out there even when you are not! My students like the quotes, and though we don’t talk at the end of class, I see arms rising off the mats with thumbs up in thanks and appreciation.

  16. Oh Pam! I am so happy to hear this! I don’t see you sitting on the porch swing very long but I can’t wait for what beautiful creation will come forth as the seed lies dormant. You are #222 forever!!! It’s a magical Angel number and they will guide you (especially Taz Angel) to the next adventure! Rest for now my friend!

  17. Just in time, I want to retire early but am really scared I won’t be important anymore. You just pushed me off the ledge into the blissful life I’ve been begging for in my journals for years. Love you 😘

  18. Thanks Pam. I’m a guy that told you I have been to Ft Riley twice. I still practice my gratitude. You inspired me again today. Cheering for you my friend.

  19. You go girl! Thank you for putting out your honest heart and soul for all to see. You are my superhero!

  20. Thanks for the laid back awesome post…
    I get it!
    All the best to you and your in the moment goodness.

  21. My son passed three years ago just as your Taz. I have the same feelings running through me. I have spent three years grief stricken soul-searching crying writing and somehow I feel like I’ve come through to the other side

  22. Hello Pam. What you described above came to me with the peacefulness of age. It may of helped, ok it helped considerably that I followed your advice and did my best to keep the moronic babble in my brain from taking hold. And it was quite possibly the years of practice that did the trick but I’ve found a contentment in my later years I never thought was possible. It’s pure bliss watching the grass grow. And from someone who thought sitting still was a crime I am shocked at how much I love it. The art of doing nothing is an achievement in my eyes. The art of doing nothing whilst thinking nothing has created spaces inside me I do not have the words to describe. Thank you.

  23. As a person brought up with no god, I’m loving The Experiment. Have you thought about translating the Text portion of ACIM into your peace-and-joy language?

  24. Hello Pam! I think I remember correctly we are both Aquarius – good for us to rest up now – I retired early last July and feel the same as you just described. Working for 30 years in scientific publishing until I couldn’t any longer. Awaiting the next mission assignment, getting ready. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the fire, practice presence and know that we have a friend in this practice, you somewhere in Kansas, me somewhere in Massachusetts. All the best and thanks for keeping us inspired through all of it. With high flying wishes for your 2022, Laura

  25. Ah, yes, the treasures of the pandemic adventure, I have felt much of the same…although for me it looks a little like “production” even though I am in such a blissed out meditative state most of the time that none of it even approaches feeling like work…I’ve joyfully created more artwork during the pandemic than during the last 10 or 15 years combined. But, as the song requests, they finally stopped the world and some of us got off. Somehow we entered a kind of time warped, non-ordinary reality of bliss. I’m in it. Some people think I’m crazy, and they say they “can’t wait for things to get back to normal.” But I think that’s what’s crazy, LOL! This is better than normal ever was. ‘Way better.

  26. There’s so much joy in the simple, the ordinary every day moments that somehow take on the extraordinary aspects these days. I feel the same, a sense of deep contentment to just Be. Enjoy it all Pam ❤️🙏

  27. My heart is so with you. I cannot imagine what you have been through but I know anything, anywhere, any shape or nothing at all is exactly where you need to be. You be you girl and thank you for giving me more juju to be me and my expereinces.

  28. My mantra for many years has been “easy and effortless.” My life has been on that frequency for quite some time now and I LOVE it. Thanks for validating that “cozy and content” are valued states in and of themselves. Ease in being in the present moment. Delightful!

  29. Whenever I think of you it’s always that calm voice in the middle of of storm or when the ship is sinking. When Mark and I saw and met you in Cherry Creek, Colorado we bought commented how serene and calming you are! Anyways! That’s how we think of you! Blessings Pam!

  30. I end up in Sibiu Romania…. Where I was born 68 years ago…. After 40 some years of travel….
    Is peaceful…. No agenda… just be …
    Love ❤️ to you , love to me

  31. Hola Pam!

    Such a beautiful blog post. I’ve been a fan/reader of yours for years but I only just really twigged on to the bigger meaning of your work in November 2021. Wow. I am going to read your books again to see what I missed because I was only reading with my eyes and processing with my brain but not really being AWARE.

    Maybe it’s just because I think I am experiencing a spiritual awakening but I really feel that we are living in an incredible time in history which is the Great Awakening. And prior to November 2021 I would have thought that statement was a load of 💩 with another serving of 💩 on top.

    I’ll definitely be ordering my copy of your version of ACIM. I wasn’t too sure that ACIM was something I’d be interested in but after listening to Aaron Abke speak on it I realised it wasn’t what I thought it was and that you have created a wonderful complement to understand the work.

    Thank you! And thank you for this blog post. Xxx

  32. Bravo, Pam Grout! Bravo! I have been an artist for all my life. I am 80 and had my first drawing praised when I was 6 or 7. From that time I painted, drew and creates art. I did murals for businesses, signs and even floors. I created digital art in 1999 when people had no idea what painting with a computer was. After all these years of creating art with just about every medium, I finally said “stop”. That’s when the weirdness began. I learned that I was painting for all the wrong reasons like fame, (love) knowing I am good enough, I’m sure you know the drill. After a couple of years of relaxing, playing, exploring just for fun, I am finally able to be comfortable just being. Its a lovely feeling and I’m so glad and happy for you that you have discovered it too. When and if you do go back to that exciting life style I am betting it will be with a different mindset. May you be continually blessed.

  33. One of my most precious teachers reminded me that I am a Human BE-ing, not a Human DO-ing.
    Your post so resonated with me, as I am exactly in the same place! After selling my home and almost all my stuff, in November and December I traveled to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and various other places, thinking I was going to have a housesitting gig for a couple of months. That fell through, so I got a shared house with an elderly woman. It was going great, but she had a bad fall, and the family needed my room for an extra caregiver. Just the other day I found a fully furnished beautiful cottage in the woods to rent all for myself. It is quiet, peaceful and about 5 minutes from a wonderful state park, in the redwoods of Northern California. I am safe, and deeply grateful for this time to just Be.

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