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Infinite abundance and why it has nothing to do with money

“Our inner worlds are the greatest lever for systems change.”—Mina Lee

I like to pay attention to shifts in consciousness, even when they’re small, especially when they’re overlooked.

Actor Michael Sheen (Good Omens, the Queen, the Prodigal Son) recently declared himself a “not-for-profit.” In an act of spontaneous generosity, he decided to donate all future earnings to social causes. He even sold two of his houses to fund the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff.

The reason I love this SO MUCH is because of the liberation Sheen now enjoys. He’s no longer beholden to the story of fear, the story of separation. He knows that by giving everything away, he’s actually giving everything to himself.

That’s true financial freedom. Traveling light, being free in mind. Knowing full well there’s more where that came from.

Money is nothing but a bunch of green paper and plastic cards and random numbers in a virtual cloud somewhere. Real security lies in feeling complete latitude to love, to give, to surrender to those natural urges to run up to everyone and say, “Hello! I’ve missed you. I adore you.”

Another great consciousness shifter (at least for me) is an interview I heard with Mina Lee. She talked about being taught to listen to tulips. Can you imagine the planet coming alive with the songs and stories of all living beings, seen and unseen? Talk about abundance.

These little points of light are erupting all over the place. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but that’s only because we give our attention to such a tiny sliver of reality.  There are a lot of forces that want to keep it that way, that want to continue to distract us with the idea that something is wrong, that something needs to be fixed. But what if that’s not true? What if the only problem is the idea that there’s a problem?

So my Christmas wish for all of us is that we open ourselves to the bigger reality that is SO obvious once we let go. I love you. I believe in the light. And I proclaim once again, 222 Forever!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. Pam, I am curious! Have you personally given everything you own away so that you have absolutely nothing left in this physical world? Do you have a house, a car, a different set of clothes to wear tomorrow, a bank account, cash or a credit card in your possession? Do you own anything at all?

    1. Dear Ronald, Yes, I have a comfy little house, a bank account, all that I need. My real assets, however, are living simply and feeling completely free, knowing that whatever I need is always available. I pray for that same abundance for all, the recognition that we are all blessed.

  2. Beautiful post and the thought is one I work on daily. When I sold my trailer, I gave away all the furniture to neighbors in need. Figured I’d find what I need at the other end of my journey in the same way. Give aways or thrift store finds. It’s just stuff anyway. Once I’m gone, it will be passed on again. All I kept was books, fabric, patterns and sentimental things family made. I don’t have a lot to give but do what I can. I trust that everything works out in the end.

  3. Thank you so much for this reminder. I live in fear of not having enough. Just scarcity and lack. I’ll be better. Thank you.

  4. Much love and continued joy to you Pam! There is such freedom in giving things away and the lightness of being that accompanies it. Perfect timing for this post. Merci, merci.

  5. Michael Sheen made these actions as a rich man. It is easy for him to make the gestures he made because he probably has a big enough bank account.

  6. Christmas Blessings Pam. Your soul knows what it can give and what it cannot. We all do our very best and that is enough❤

  7. Last month I sold my home and almost all of my possessions, so I could live Lightly in the world. I paid off all my debts, and can now live easily within my income.
    My biggest goal, which I accomplished on November 30, was to visit the amazing Grand Canyon, in Arizona USA. The majesty of this national treasure must be seen in person to be believed.
    Then I stayed a week in beautiful Sedona, in the red rock country, before heading back to California. I now am living in a beautiful home, sharing it with the owner, and free to travel at will. I am SO grateful that my Life is continuing to unfold with ease and grace! Yes, it was a bit scary, but I believed that all would be well, and so it IS.

  8. Yes, I CAN “imagine the planet coming alive with the songs and stories of all living beings, seen and unseen.” Apparently I used to talk to the flowers in the garden when I was a child of about 2 or 3. I don’t exactly remember this, but I do remember the pure love and delight I had as a child for the nasturtiums in our garden, and I feel as though I can see myself squatting in front of them and chatting away. I’ve always felt a kind of connection to nasturtiums, and when I moved into my current home twenty odd years ago I was so delighted there were nasturtiums in the garden! I’m sure the plants communicate with us, and I’m sure the songs and stories would be beautiful and transformative. I think I might go out and listen to the flowers, sing with the stars, and whisper with the trees, and see what stories they sing to me. 🌺🌷✨⭐️🌳🌲 Christmas blessings to you and yours dear Pam, and may your Christmas wish for us all come true. 🌟🎄💛

  9. Here’s what I believe. We all have something to give, your time, your talent or your treasure. If you don’t have ‘treasure’, perhaps you can find time to volunteer. If time is tight, perhaps you have a skill or talent you can teach, share or donate in some way. And if you do have extra cash, then perhaps you can share that. It matters not what you give, but when you give you always receive. You receive love, gratitude, joy, happiness, satisfaction, etc., etc. Blessings to you Pam Grout and to everyone!

  10. We sold our home in Florida, gave everything away including furniture, packed the dog in a small Kia Soul and moved to Mexico. We have never felt so free and unburdened. We had no plan but everything unfolded and it was a joy to watch the universe provide for us. One big bonus: We got to hear your brother, James Twyman perform at the Casa del Sol in Ajijic and knew without doubt we had made the right decision.

  11. Hi Pam,

    Another great article! I really get a new perspective from your article. I love the subject you have chosen today, and I really appreciated Michael Sheen declaring himself as a not-for-profit. I think I can agree with you, how giving everything away gives you the feeling of giving everything to yourself. It was a great read, and I enjoy every single piece you put up. I really look ford to reading more of your amazing articles. Thanks a lot for sharing with the world.

  12. Wonderful post! As a mom and homemaker, I’ve been a not-for-profit for nineteen years! Having left a very well paying job to invest my energies in our home and my son (who lives with a few challenges), led me on a very unexpected path to spiritual awakening and energy healing. Walking a path of healing, I’ve learned first hand that abundance has so much more to do with knowing we’re worth more than rubies and our ability to emanate love, feel empowered and follow our bliss than money.

  13. What a beautiful post , I’ve said before but I always feel as you have written it especially for me , they come at the perfect time and have picked me up so many times. Thank you 🦋

  14. Your articule upsets me. Although I appreciate you very much, I am sad about your consideration of what money is. I beieve it is an intrinsic part of All That Is and its design to provide experience in 3D. Money has brought me so much joy, especially when in my hands resides the faculty of helping ALL forms of life. I believe money is an aspect, a category of Spirit. Without it I may not be any use to It.

    1. Dear Ruben, You are so right. Money is one facet of all the abundance we enjoy in this material realm. Sorry if it seemed I was knocking it. My intention was to say that to me, there are MUCH MORE important aspects of prosperity and one of my highest intentions is that we will all enjoy life’s true gifts.

  15. Thank you Pam, once again for bringing your light to this beautiful season. We all need to look at our world with gratitude and awe at all the positive we can bring through lightening our load❤️

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