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Reawaken to the Mystery

“There is a force within you that gives life. Seek that.”—Rumi

So I heard a story about a five-year-old at the doctor’s office. After answering all the worried mom’s questions, the doctor turned to the child and said, “And how about you? Do you have any questions?”

The child, deep in thought, stopped, nodded and pointed to the ceiling, “Have you ever wondered what a bat feels like hanging from the ceiling?”

I love this story so much because it points out that children still live in the realm of the imagination. They haven’t yet been talked out of loving the things they love–making art, for example, or singing really loud in the backseat of the car. They haven’t been talked out of loving themselves or learned all the things they need “to fix.”

I always wonder at what age we humans forfeit our innocence, turn our attention from wonder to rigidity and rules. At what age does the ever-vigilant, hypercritical ego take charge of the steering wheel?

All I know is that creating something (even if it’s just writing a blog post) is the best tool I have for seeing beyond the prescribed story. To put something out in the world that didn’t exist before is the closest I can get to the Big Kahuna.

In my now ancient TedX Talk, my big idea for changing the world was to get a spiral notebook and jot down three ideas every day.

I never know which ones will catch fire, which ones will produce oranges. But, like the kid in the doctor’s office, I like to imagine stuff that nobody else is thinking about.

Hope you’ll join me in this holy pursuit. In fact, I invite each of you that reads this post to add a new idea to the comments section below. Doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Or even doable. It can be downright crazy–that’s my favorite kind. Just remember this is not a party for the parts of you that like to judge.

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. I would LOVE more than anything to go back to that childhood wonder. There are so many mental blocks; societal “pressures”, etc that have sucked me in. Your post brought chills (good ones) to my skin….just imagining the healing that could take place within me. I need that. I needed this.

      1. I want to be the ages of my grandsons and be their childhood friend. Wild, crazy, fearless, lovers of life. Jump out of bed eager to begin their day. Have one-in-one time at bedtime with my mommy who reads, have conversations with her about my day, and end the time in song. What would my life be like today? But I am proud I raised such a daughter. And I love my times with the them.

  2. I think that adults often wonder things like the child expressed.
    We just do not say these thoughts out loud so freely!

  3. Ok Pam here’s a new idea…well I actually doubt it hasn’t already been thought of before; it should be mandatory for sharing circles to be part of everyday life, whether in the workplace, at school or just in the neighbourhood! They have a healing quality about them and if in some small way I can heal a part of myself by sharing with others, then also will I contribute to help heal the earth/planet/world 😍 blessings and love always x
    David Nathan

    1. When I worked as a second grade TA in Vermont, we had group circles at least four times a day. We’d have a ‘talking piece ‘ prop (stuffed animal) and no one was allowed to talk unless you were holding it. I’ll never forget them all sitting around and contemplating how they could improve lunchtime in a chaotic cafeteria. There was creativity, respect and if you didn’t want to speak you just said ‘pass’. I don’t know why this isn’t done in EVERY school! Restorative practises is the term used but I would rename the morning circle ‘the magical circle’ because of some of the delightful anecdotes they would tell. I love the idea of sharing circles being mandatory! Gianna

  4. I LOVE that quote by Rumi…
    it doesn’t matter what we call it, breath, energy, love, Spirit or God, we can’t deny that there is a force within us that gives us life…it makes most of us strive to be better people.

  5. Tis the Season…I plan to go to the Festival of Lights at a local zoo. I am excited to bathe in the lights, hopefully see some fun animals, ride the train, drink hot chocolate and be amazed at whatever delightful things show up!

  6. Hi Pam- my idea is for the vegetable bin in the refrigerator to automatically put the older vegetables to the front of the drawer!

  7. I wonder what would our world be like if technology existed that can clear the unwanted energies like your thoughts, emotions, trauma, past experiences, etc. Kind of like plugging into device, lying down for half an hour and having your energy, your thoughts and emotions cleared for you. To be pampered and brought back to center. Something you can download on your phone perhaps. Something that you can set on your phone to reach certain age, when you experienced pain or trauma. You would find a memory and it would clear the pain out of it 🙂 You would put your kids to bed and they will get cleared. Clean slate every single day. Everyone would be able to feel amazing… And when you feel that way, it is easy for you to love others, to give and to be of service to others. To come up with amazing inovations, to change what needs to be changed on this Planet.

      1. I practice A Course In Miracles every day. This may not be as fast as being plugged into a machine; however, it still works great.

    1. Reading Marketa’s response had me thinking next time you take out a pan to cook, you put it on your head and imagine it as beaming out love thoughts and light to the world. Whew, feeling warm all over!!

    2. Close my eyes, whisper “I release, I release, I release…”. Then I’ll take a walk in nature, and say out loud, “Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

  8. Instead of dismissing students by bells, we could have an announcement like “this is your hourly reminder that you are amazingly awesome.” Evwry day and every hour could be a new affirming statement. That would be fun.

    1. I love this idea! I was recently in the hospital, and just as I was being put to sleep, and heading into la la land, I heard a lullaby being played over the speakers, so I asked the anesthesiologist if they were playing that for me, and he said, we can pretend it is, but it actually means a new baby has just been born. I later learned during my stay, that the hospital played Here Comes the Sun (by the Beatles) every time a surviving Covid patient left the hospital. It was wonderful to hear!

      1. Oh! How lovely. That’s such a delightful practise. This story has made my day. Thankyou for sharing it with us Marty. 🎼💛 (& I’m going to imagine that every hospital on earth starts doing something just like this. ⭐️🎶😊)

      2. I love that so much! Sweet music in the hospital!
        And I love that the anesthesiologist suggested that you pretend the lullaby was for you (I believe it was for you, as well as for the baby!).

  9. Everybody should own a really great pair of binoculars so you can look at the wildlife and the Stars around them

    1. And remember to do it every night!!!! As Rachel Carson once said, if the beautiful starry sky only came once a year or decade, we’d be lined up waiting to see it. Instead we so often take it for granted.

  10. I would like a pair of skates that actually going on any surface including water, grass, stairs, pavement, rocks, then I can glide everywhere I go and go anywhere I want.

  11. I would like little micro fiber shoes for me dog so she can dust the floor be as she walks through the house.

    1. That makes me think that I’d like there to be a dog jacket that acts like a lint roller (you know, for all the dog hair that’s everywhere!), so they could clean up the furniture and floor as they go, rather than me having to lint roll everything (including the dog jacket!)

  12. I want to write books for children to teach them about intuition, spirituality, perspective, thinking creates reality, etc. Also, what if there was a machine that could read someone’s attitude/vibe? Particularly teenage daughters….

  13. I wonder where the rubber goes that’s on your tires. Seems the roads would keep getting taller with it all building up on top? I think about this regularly:-)

  14. May we invent a forgiveness, energy ball that we hold and every thought we need to release will flash before our eyes. If forgetfulness occurs, so what? I cam have no fear, if I forgive my past; not just the people in my past, but my thoughts and judgments about my past injuries. So it would work like in-depth hypnotherapy, but it could be achieved in a matter of minutes each day.

    When the ball no longer brought up things to forgive, we would be pure vessels of love and it would be time to pass the ball to others. So, instead of Woody Allen’s orgasmatron, it could be a freedom ball, guranteed to do the work, if you do.

  15. Great idea. Going to add that to my morning pages. Writing from our hotel in Germany. My daughter manifested this out of her desire to see where I came from. I know when I lost my sense of wonder. At 2 and have found it in my 70’s. Never too late.

  16. I want to start a school where the mission statement is fun and inclusion ! Where the classrooms are filled with excitement and laughter! Where students and teachers love learning .

  17. I work as an educator and I spend time with small children everyday. I love their ability to inspire with their wild ideas. Today’s musings, “I wonder how the thread comes out of the spider’s butt to make their web?” Followed by, “I wonder what the web is made of? It looks sticky like marshmallows.”

  18. a step-by-step, self-cleaning station for my dog’s feet – put the paw in to wash, another to towel dry, another to blow dry (think bathroom hand dryers where you put your hand in the space) – she gets a treat for each station and i get cleaner floors!!!

    for anyone who hasn’t tried the spiral notebook/three ideas before, it’s harder than it seems – just the reason to do it more!

  19. Thanks for this suggestion, Pam! I am loving reading these ideas- already 28 great ones. Here’s mine:
    Speak to your pets in Japanese and see if their behavior is different in some way.

  20. Let’s all be happy for just one min a day! If the whole world would just stop and think of happy thoughts . Maybe at 222 every day!

  21. I want to move into a senior mobile home park with ease and grace. My cat speaks Thai mixed with English. We still communicate.

  22. My dream is to have ER capable of saving a room with the needed equipment ready when your Doctor/Specialist tells you to get to ER immediately instead of having waiting to register to see the specific doctor instead of sitting in a room filled with sick people. In this day of technology sending information lighting speed, with work, it is possible but still a dream.

  23. I want to find every foster child in the world a loving home. I’ve worked with at risk youth my entire life. Love heals all wounds…It really does. That is my big huge wish/dream/magnificent idea…xxx

  24. A garbage can that opens from the front so that my mom doesn’t have to lift it up with her bad arm. Or even better, a garbage service that comes into your home to pickup the trash for anyone that has trouble getting it to the curb. It doesn’t cost more. Except maybe a slice of homemade banana bread.

  25. This is EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded of today….THANK YOU!
    I DO remember BEING that kid that asked “Have you ever wondered what a bat feels like hanging from the ceiling?” I’m trying to let go and be that kid again. I KNOW it’s how to truely live life!
    My dream is to have no need for hospitals or Dr.offices because everyone is Healthy & Happy! All health care workers have jobs they love in other fields of FUN!

  26. I’ve wished for awhile now that there were adult size playgrounds… you know… with giant swing sets, maybe a zip line across the park, or some massively long ladders to slides and tall monkey bars, maybe even one of those big albeit dangerous spinning things. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

  27. I work in an office and would love to have a 10 minute get up and dance break every mid afternoon to shake it up and out and reinvigorate the individual and group energy.

  28. 1. Listen to music of Fearless Soul on YouTube everyday
    2.Buy an air fryer and make a new concoction for chicken wings every time
    3. Create a daily encounter with the Archangels, Angels and Spirit Guides…ask for evidence of their presence

  29. Our schooling system & a focus on left brain logical thinking knocks creativity out of people by the end of grace 6, not sure what the equivalent is in the US as I’m an Aussie but it’s 11-12 years old. When creative energies are blocked or not accessed, we don’t feel our authentic selves and potentially disconnected from Source. So it’s wonderful you encourage the ideas to flow. I’m working on an idea to help people with non-detachment and letting go because it’s too easy to be attached to outcomes and disappointment/suffering when things don’t occur.

  30. I love the idea of travelling round the country with my new micro camper (will be ready in February) and teaching meditation to anyone who wants to learn. just to random people walking near the beach. X

  31. Conversation circles at work at least once a week that includes sharing hopes and dreams for the week.

  32. I love children’s questions and thoughts. Thanks for sharing that delightful story. My idea is that instead of a loud, annoying blast, car horns could have voice messages like “Excuse Me!” Or, in case it’s urgent, “Watch Out!!” No swearing or rude messages, just friendly voices giving friendly warnings when another vehicle is dangerously in our path. 🗣📢😁

  33. Just sprinkle sticky fairy dust (LOVE) everywhere. Lucky to have a Mom that instilled the wonderment of life in me. Hi Mom I still feel you and love you!

  34. Playing in the ocean and hide and seek outside after dark like I did as a kid – no stiffness or achy joints – free to be!!!

  35. Pam, thank you for such an inspirational letter. I still daydream a lot at 43, and have a wild imagination. I quite often was wrongly accused by people, that i don’t really live in a real world, as my world is filled with rainbows and unicorns! Lol, they are absolutely right about the rainbows and unicorns! Of course, there is rain too, but so it can clear the skies, so the rainbow can sparkle brighter!

    So, my idea is for everyone to have a BRACELET of Emotions. Every time they say angry words they see red, hurtful angry words murky red, fearful emotions – black, love- pure pearlescent white, joy and laughter yellow and orange, etc. And the most important thing about this awesome bracelet, they can immediately clear those dark clouds of fear or anger with a blessing and golden light. Poof! And make clouds of White and Yellow even bigger or turn them into Gold!

  36. Just what to start our day off ,what sayings,what frame of mind, how to be more positive in life.

  37. I just read the story of who and how the song “ Let There Be Peace On Earth” by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller in the Daily Word November December 2021. To sum it up Jill had a horrible life from being orphaned, divorced, and a suicide attempt to writing a song that is just simple and pure. “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me; Let there be peace on earth, The peace that was meant to be.” We are all meant to be in peace and harmony all the time, but many people fight this everyday.

  38. When I walk in the park in London in the morning I always imagine that all the trees I see have just got back into their holes and that they have been out dancing around the park all night. I also definitely thought that my Shih Tzu, Yum Yum, would one day talk to me …when he did sadly die at the grand old age of 15 he did start speaking as wherever I looked hearts appeared on the street in the paving, on trees, in the sky they were everywhere.

  39. Can we heal the republican and democratic fight going on for years and become one party for all humanity please.
    You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.🎶

  40. When I’m asked for my name (perhaps at a coffee shop) I like to answer, “Sparkle”, or something else that pops up for me. When I had just had surgery on my nose, my response to “Name?” was “Scarface”. The barista and I both laughed. When I was handed my coffee, I said, “Say Hello to my little friend!” I love whimsy and nonsense and laughing. I believe that’s how we earn extra points.

  41. My dream is, when I get far enough through what’s proving to be an immensely challenging spiritual awakening, when I’ve got my brain cells back online, I want to share my healing journey beyond my little blogs. To be the walking, talking example of what someone can live through and heal. (I know you know something walking through fire and healing). And to get the training to help others heal. I know I’ll get there. Just not quite ready yet.

  42. The whole earth is ONE big economy, ONE governance, ONE race, ONE community no separation whatsoever except that of nature.

  43. My daughter runs a forest school and I was out observing and hanging out with the children one day. A boy about 9 pretending to be a panther very vividly asked me to join his pride but said I would have to pass some tests. I said I will try my best. He asks me to climb a tree I said I can’t climb a tree he said ok can you stand on this log for a few seconds. I passed the test. He said I need you to run 6 miles an hr. I said I can’t. He said canbyou walk fast from here to there. I did as he ask and he said he was fine with making this exception. He made several exceptions and adjusted his tests and expectations to fit my abilities. I am proud to be part of his pride and to have learned a lesson that we should all be do excepting of each other.

  44. As a non-native speaker of English, I only rarely have heard or read the word spiral notebook, so the first impression that came in my mind was of a notebook, where the notes form a spiral… 😀

  45. I wish I could have a whole bag of wish chips. You know the ones folded over that you eat in one bite and make a wish? I think about how enjoyable that would be every time I eat a bag of chips, but for now it keeps from eating the whole bag.

  46. I’d love for all people to be able to communicate with plants, animals, water and stars and nature in general.
    It’s such a magnificent wonder. I’m in awe.
    We could all learn so much from nature.
    Sometimes I think I can hear it whisper- “I love you.
    All this beauty is for you”.

  47. Excellent post as always. As a child I remember thinking what if going back in time is possible without going backwards. Imagine space as a rubber band and we are travelling on the outside. In theory you could keep moving forward but end up behind where you started. This is something I think of every day.

  48. When I walk in the woods I always feel that the trees notice my presence & watch me & send messages to the other trees on my path. I always talk to them. I say hello, you’re so beautiful, thank you or whatever comes to mind with a loving heart. I always have the sense that they hear me & I feel surrounded by their love. I’m filled with joy being there!

  49. Good morning Pam. I found some old marbles and jacks at an old hardware store. They were the same as when I was a child. I’m teaching my great grandchildren how tu play them. Also, this summer I played in a huge puddle of water with my great grandchildren and I was transported to my childhood. It will become a tradition now! Have a good one Pam.

  50. I have a piece of property in a remote part of New Mexico. I can’t let go of the idea that I need to discuss this with you some time, as it might be a place where people might want to visit (rough camp mostly, although there is a large cabin/shed) and I don’t have the connections to make this available to the right kind of people. (I live in Olathe, KS if you ever want to meet up.)

    1. I lived in Olathe for a short time, back when I was pregnant with Taz, before I moved to Lawrence. And interesting enough, I’m heading to New Mexico on Wednesday.

  51. The ever-changing autumn leaves are like a beautiful piece of artwork being perpetually painted by Mother Nature. Absolutely soothes my soul……❤️

  52. As a child I used to collect acorns ( mum was not so enthusiastic about this) and look at the huge oak tress, today I still look at acorns and seeds and marvel at the amazing transformations that take place. The natural world is a magical place.

  53. Hi Pam,

    Great post! I really loved how you started the article with a Rumi quote. I love reading Runi, he is one of my favorite poets and I read a poem every day, it has been a ritual for years. I loved the topic you chose from your article. It gave me a new perspective and it was very thought-provoking as well. I will be thinking about this for days to come, and I will definitely share an idea once I have one. Thanks a lot for curating this article, it was a great read.

  54. Creating a safe space fo an honesty hour for other beings to practice radical honesty with themselves or about things in their life. Healing through the voice of truth. Thank you Pam for your encouragement to create and get outside the box! much love

  55. Several people in our street to volunteer to be verge garbage picker-up-erers. Each person has a designated section and as a result, there is no litter on our street!

  56. My idea is for a self-love program for grade schools. Imagine how the world would change if everyone truly loved themselves.

  57. If anyone would like a weekly view of lovely garden portraits (i.e. plants, trees, flowers, critters, etc.) check out my Monday morning posts on Facebook at Richard Matukonis. Feel free to send me a friend request to get a new view each week.

  58. Hello
    I was looking to post on Pam’s last email. This one came up.
    Pam, thank-you for teaching me not to whine about the trivial things. Traffic, prepaid credit card compromised, car no longer driveable due to the whole bottom rusting out due to our Canadian winters of which I was never told that one needs to hose the bottom of the car on a regular basis to avoid the warranty is no longer validate after 10 years. My car that I loved last 12 years before the bottom rusted. Out.
    Point being to me Pam, you are not whining you are moving forward with hope, inspiration and making sense of life.

  59. Hola Pam realmente me encanta seguirte desde E Squared y lo que quiero todos los días es enfocarme en cosas positivas, buenas y a veces impensables para muchos. Imaginarme un trabajo para el 2022 Enero en un lugar extraordinario. Gracias por tus post.

  60. Desde que lei tu libro E al Cuadrado la percepción de muchas cosas cambiaron aunque falta práctica y más práctica estoy en ello
    Bendiciones Pam por demostrar el otro camino.

  61. Close your eyes and speak your dreams and wishes and fantasy. speak to yourself with your whole being, arms, legs and all…listen deeply to the wonderful expressions of your voice. Feel the child within

  62. Almost 20 years ago, I attended a spiritual church group in San Diego, CA. One saying I remember is “Love is the only power.” I still believe that.

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