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It takes a crazy person to even try this

“Except for the unquestioned thoughts you’re believing, life is always good.”—Byron Katie

So we’re three weeks and a day or two into the Course lessons for this year. And while I certainly hope you’re every bit as pumped up as you were on Day #1, I happen to know from personal experience that enthusiasm sometimes starts to flag about now.

Which is why I want to post this reminder of why we’re doing this, why Morpheus said “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” It can be summed up with one word: unbelievable.

According to Webster’s, the word unbelievable is an adjective describing something (an event) as extraordinary and difficult to believe.

Like the email I got the other day from a mother whose daughter sent her a cloud formation of E2 reminding her (from the other side) to read my book.  Or the 13 crazy squirrels who all stopped and silently meditated with a friend of mine.

These things seem inconceivable, far-fetched. It’s like Gayle King said to me when I was on her show many years ago. “C’mon, Pam!”

But miracles like these are only un-believable because our beliefs are wrapped up in rationality, materiality, limitation. Our egos, the poster child for these beliefs, base everything on what it takes to gain approval, to “stay safe.” Our culture gives us an unwritten rule book that does not allow the unbelievable to happen, not with all that fitting in we’re required to do.

Our cultural belief system holds us in a pattern that precludes us from hearing the still small voice that is always trying to support us, to help us. The cultural pattern, championed by our loud mouth ego, revolves around fear—What will they think? What if they don’t like me? What if I get sick? What if……..

Remember Amanda Eller, the hiker who got lost for 17 days in the Makawao Forest Reserve without her phone, her wallet or her water bottle? Once she let go of the fear (something our culture trains us NEVER to do) she was very clearly guided—eat this, walk this way.

Today’s lesson tells us in no uncertain terms that our ego goals have nothing whatsoever to do with our own best interests. The ego goals are good for maintaining culture, for maintaining the status quo, but they are not useful tools for accessing the benevolent voice that will rise up when you move past fear. Once you begin to recognize that everything you believe, do and think is a product of cultural conditioning, you begin to access more and more of the unbelievable. As the Course reminds us, if miracles are not happening on the daily, something has gone wrong. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into an app. Badass ACIM (badass-acim.com)

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  1. I am following along with the book and the app. I love they way you explain each lesson. I’m hopeful to let the ego go shed all the fearful thoughts.
    Thank you so much 😊

  2. Miracles of all sizes and shapes happening, on the daily, in my world. As I’ve mentioned, I usually read my ACIM Experiment lesson just after my morning meditation. Today, I noticed that it was lesson 333 (my personal version of 222, both of which make me “unreasonably” excited whenever I see them anywhere). Miraculous way to start the day!
    222, 333, Peace, love, miracles, and JOY to all!

  3. Thank you, Dear Girl! Your good sense helps keep me on the path, and from getting tangled in ego riffs that want us COMPLICATE The Course. HA ha! Once we know, there is no going back! It gets better and better!


  4. Pam,
    You bless us. Thank you.
    This weekend, my daughter & I decided to move to Toronto to be close to my mother. We have NO IDEA how to start from scratch in the hometown I fled 24 years ago. But it is what is happening. It’s right.
    13 meditating squirrels, & being lost in the forest– that is EXACTLY the energy I need to embody to take my battered credit rating & ten year old cat into the most expensive and competitive rental market in my country.
    Some job there needs me to do it. Some kid there is yearning for my daughter as a best friend. Some house needs our soup smells. Some old frenemy has missed me after all. We really want to be someone’s answered prayer.
    Thank you for reminding us of everything being OK.

    1. You already are an answered prayer. Your journey sounds a bit like mine when I headed across the country at 7 months pregnant. I couldn’t “see” it then, but I knew it was going to be alright. I’m excited for you.

    2. Hi Alexandra. Blessings to you on your big leap-of-faith journey. I LOVE the way you’ve said that there will be a job that needs you to do it, and a girl who is yearning to have your daughter for her best friend etc. That’s such an uplifting and beautiful way to affirm these experiences and to believe them into reality. Your comments have inspired me to write out my dreams for this year in just that way. Thankyou. Very best wishes from Melbourne Australia to you and your daughter in Toronto Canada. 💙🦋

    3. Thank you Alexandra for sharing your inspirational story. I want to be someone’s answered prayer resonated with me deeply💜

  5. Pam, help please! I have signed up for the ACIM as soon as you wrote about it and never heard from you again, except receiving your blogs…any ideas? Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m the same. I’m sure I signed up for the course in miracles with you but then I never got any notification of go here sign in there etc. so please add me to this list of those who would like to be in the in your class. Pamela Gassaway

  6. Thankyou Pam, this post is perfectly timed and so exciting to me. To think that “the unbelievable” is only something we haven’t been conditioned to recognise or expect makes miracles of all kinds seem absolutely easy and natural to experience. I just have to change MY mind about what is believable and voila- miracles happen. Yay! 😁
    Blessings across time and space from me to you dear Pam. 💙🦋🎈❤️

  7. Hi Pam- I have been having fun with my brother, who left his body behind on Dec 30. It was very sudden and unexpected, but I am not really grieving. I feel he completed his “mission” in this life, and now is soaring free. I still hear his voice in my head anytime I think about him. He was a good man, husband, father, grandpa and brother, and I will love him forever!

    1. Dear sweet Shoshana–I have been praying for you and holding you and your dear brother in the light. I saw you’d posted something about him but didn’t remember where I saw it. It’s such good news to hear you’re already in communication. He sounds remarkable–and, of course, still is. Big hugs to you!

    1. For me, I envisioned fear as a type of plexiglass barrier between where I was and what I wanted. In my mind’s eye, I simply reached over, picked up the fear, and moved it aside. The result of that moment was startling… no foggy haze, no obstruction of any kind… just my heart’s desire right in front of me, and I reveled in it!

      It didn’t take much of that mental reveling until I had the real deal in my actual life.

  8. 2:22 – this morning. I immediately said hello to your daughter. I went to sleep – and had a visit from a friend who passed 3 years ago. Thank you for believing in the ridiculously unbelievable.

  9. Thank you Pam for being on my journey towards creating the so called unbelievable. Another warm hug across cyberspace.

  10. have looked for two days for the name of the sculpture in the photo (teach art and want to have that available to use in class)–cannot find! please help!

  11. As a recovering alcoholic, every day that I wake up sober is a miracle. One of the things we try to do in recovery is let go of our fears, because fear keeps us from fully surrendering to my higher power. I found that when I learned not to let fear affect me, it did a lot to help me deal with my depression. Without fear I can do what God has planned for me and helps me to know what that is.

  12. I’ve seen over and over how fear blocks our intuition. When I can either let go of fear or have a healing session to help me let it go, messages start to flow again. Synchronicities happen and things come to me.

  13. Dear Pam, thank you for being the amazing, beautiful, funny, lighthearted bearer of light and love! I have gotten so much out of The Course in Miracles Experiment. I love it! And talk to my friends about it all the time. You have such a wonderful way of “unlocking” the belief in miracles! Now, every day is a miracle! I feel it more than think it and I do believe that is the point. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’ve made huge differences in my life! I am so appreciative.

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