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Planting the magical seeds of intention

“The intangible represents the real power of the universe. From it springs all life and power and the love of all.”—Bruce Lee

Just a quick note on this last weekend before Christmas.

My Qigong experience has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It has helped me embody the energy I write about in all my books. I loved learning that even scientists recognize that 96 percent of the universe is completely invisible. All the really important stuff is indiscernible to the naked eye.

To focus on the physical (that measly four percent) is to completely miss the boat. In E-Squared, I compared it to putting all your attention on a fingernail. We must remind ourselves over and over again: There is SO MUCH MORE.

A few things I’ve learned:

1.Eliminate the word chronic. Nothing is chronic except our thoughts that expect things (our bodies, lives, etc) to be repeat copies of yesterday. Life and energy is always moving and it only becomes chronic when we let our energy become stagnant.

2. Get out of the way. Just like I don’t have to think about digestion (my stomach, pancreas and other digestive organs do it without me coming up with a 7-point plan), my life works best when I don’t monitor it, when I allow the unfathomable life force to have its way.

3. Marvel at the energy field. As the Course in Miracles repeats ad nauseum, I am not a body. I am free. So my physicality (my body during this lifetime) is just one blip of the bigger field of who I am. This has helped me reframe my relationship with Taz.

I’ve noticed myself lately thinking, “Wonder what Taz is doing?” When she was in Barcelona, I’d have the same thought, knowing I’d see her again, knowing we were forever connected.

It brings peace to think of her enjoying a new dimension, a place I will one day enjoy, as well. I don’t know exactly where that is or what it’s like. But it makes me excited to know I’ll one day find out.

As Rob Delaney recently said on the BBC, we’re all just temporary gatherings of stardust anyway.

It is my staggering privilege to be here with all of you beautiful gatherings of stardust and I hereby plant the magical seed of intention that each and every one of your holidays will be meaningful, blessed and full of ginormous love.

Signing out from a tiny town somewhere in Kansas.

Have the best holiday season of your life. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World) that has just been turned into a badass app.

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  1. Thank you for those very kind words; I wish you a very wonder filled Christmas season. I’m sure Taz will be trimming that tree beside you.
    God Bless,

  2. What’s so wonderful about us being composed of stardust is that we, all of us, everything, came from *the same star*, the Big Bang. We are, in actuality, the same. Happy Holidays.

    PS where can I find the app you wrote about, your take on The Course in Miracles?

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Pam!

    I recently had a patent granted on the USA after a 5 year battle with the US Patent office. After the examiners last letter rejecting my claims , I felt my energy to fight fade away.

    I said to the patent attorney if he could think of any reply that might somehow address the concerns, then go ahead (guessing it was a waste of time) but I say my prayers every day based oh the FP and faith.

    The attorney never got round to replying and out of the blue he sent me an email to say we had received the Notice Of Allowance (this means it’s being granted) from the examiner at the patent office.

    Strangest thing that ever happened , I shouted for joy in my kitchen that night when I read the email, my boys were like what what what, I said your Dad is an inventor! The FP and faith is 100% real, unexplainable but real.

    Best Regards


    +353 83 8066388

    Skype damien.browne2

    Suite 1L Pairc An Ghno, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland


  4. Dear dear Pam and Taz,
    Have the most blessed holiday.
    I’ve been reading Serge Kahili King’s Huna and yup, my energy is stagnant. But I’llm get it moving. I am feeling the intention. This weekend I paint as a gift three intuitive paintings, for some words these people gave to me. I am already feeling them and their energy.
    Your Qigong experience sounds so wonderful, I wish I could been there too. Well, I guess I might have been. Being the smallstardustietwinkie-Pelonne such as I am vibrationational energetic Being.
    Thank you so much for this love. 🦋🦋🦋💟💟💟 #222Everywhere!
    Sending Only love, Teija And Pelonteet

  5. Thank you Pam for all your email send outs during the year.
    Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and new year!
    Lots of love and heaps of hugs Lyn 🥰💜
    From Sydney, Australia
    Down Under 😘

    Sent from my Galaxy

  6. You GO, StardustGirl!!!!! You are such an inspiration to so many people, especially ME! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Look at it this way if you like: When the body dies, the “chronic” disease dies with it. So it’s not chronic anymore then :). Just that there doesn’t need to be that much time in between. Health can re-establish itself earlier if not resisted.

    2. We certainly believe and pronounce things to be chronic, but they only persist because that’s what we expect and look for. Thank you for being a nurse. You are so appreciated!

  7. Have a beautiful holiday Pam! Know that I’m grateful for you and to you! Today is day 307 in ACIM for me. I’ve never gotten past 30 or so before. Your book really helped. Christine


  8. Marvel — I love that word and everything about it … And now my clock shows 22:22! Marvelous times to everyone and everything and the “other” 96 percent! <3

  9. It’s always a good day when you and Taz pop into my inbox. Even the days when I’ve completely lost the plot and am buried in a mental quagmire – in fact you guys are even more of a God-send in those times. Much love and peace to you both from near the bottom of the planet. Eve xx

  10. Pam I absolutely love this post! I’m going to print it out. I would love to know the info on this class and take it. I feel exactly the same way about Sal, you probably got that from my book. But the part that I’m so relieved knowing that he is in an incredible place that I will someday soon be at too. I found this out 2 days after he passed. And as mom’s we just want our kids to be happy and safe, right? It’s always a challenge to stay connected, but we have a huge motivation to do so. I think we, our essence choose this because we were capable and reaching for more awakening.
    But for now we have a present day vibrational relationship. But I feel death will be my next greatest adventure and when our souls decide to exit we will and we have to be good with not knowing anything else about that. ( as far as timing ) Please LMK Thanks for the good wishes and I send them right back to you too. Love and Blessings to you and yours. xx

    1. Hey, my friend. The Qigong was offered through ServiceSpace. It was a 14-day Gong that ends tomorrow. They may possibly offer another??? I think all of us really got a lot out of it.

  11. Thank you Pam for all your words it has got me through and thanks to Taz for her inspiration XXX from Belfast Northern Ireland

  12. Thankyou Pam – one of my favourite brightly shining pieces of the temporary gatherings of stardust that we all are! 😁
    Thanks for the mini lessons from your Qigong experience and the reminders that we are SO much more than our bodies. I love the idea that nothing is “chronic”. That’s pretty mind blowing actually and I’m going to think about that today and over the holidays.
    Best bright wishes for a splendid holiday season for you and Taz – wherever you each may be – and may those beautiful seeds of intention you sowed for us bring forth twice as many magical blessings for you both too. ⭐️🌷🌝🎈💛
    Much love from Melbourne Australia.

  13. hey Pam I am sure you have seen the movie “Forest Gump”? in it he says “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.” well I have put a new twist on that which I say: “If you focus on your good days, your good weeks, your good months and even your good years, you’ll realize that Life is as sweet as a box of chocolate.” so what do you say to that?

  14. Pam, I always LOVE your references to Kansas! I was born there and my family moved to Seattle when I was two years old. All of my grandparents and cousins lived there so we drove there every year since 1963 to visit for several weeks. I have so many fond memories of the sweet smell of the state as we crossed into Kansas. When my dad got tired of the long drive with five children, we began to take the train. Stepping off the train into that familiar setting was such a comfortable feeling. We had so much fun watching the summer storms roll in, the lightening in the summer sky, the flat (as far as the eye could see, stepping on humongous locusts, catching frogs in my grandparents back yard, big family Midwest picnics etc…

    My last trip there when I was 16, I took a Trailways bus with my 14 year old sister. What an adventure that was!

    Thanks for all the inspiring stories and encouragement!

    Jenny Young


  15. My husband of 30 years passed last year. However, he is still with me, makes sure I know he is not happy with something, is always in the other seat in the car, and comes and sits with me as I listen to music or watch a performance. Our relationship continues to evolve albeit in a different way. I’m looking forward to being with him in the non-physical when that time comes.

  16. Thank you for that wonderful message…You simply are the best…to quote a great song..With Great Love….from Kate in Carmel by the Sea Ca.

  17. You! Fellow gathering of stardust are amazing at expressing yourself.

    Thankyou for the love you share. I am forever grateful to have stumbled upon you in this life.

    I hope to spread such wisdom and knowledge like you are. Keep loving and doing interesting things.

    Ginormous love for you and everyone around you,


  18. Christmas blessings to you too Pam. I just loved your analogy of Taz being on vacation💜 I will hold that in my heart. A warm hug to you from a little town on Long Island.

  19. Dear Pam, you never cease to amaze me. I especially enjoyed this blog and wonder what little percent of your brain speaks so lovingly and inspirational you. At 86 I am still searching for it in my brain. Ha. Will always remember my Mother’s Day celebration with you at Omega with my daughter S BONNIE and WENDY Contemplating E Squared… I think your first session at Omega. What fun! Love and good wishes to you always and always. Jane

    1. I remember YOU! And the wonderful–wasn’t it a pink car?–that you manifested. Such a treat to have you in my very first Omega workshop.

  20. Download full resolution images Available until Jan 18, 2021 Dear Pam,

    I will start by saying “You ARE going to believe this” because you and I believe in miracles! Back in 2017 after filing for personal bankruptcy and foreclosure we were forced to leave our dream home where we raised our 2 children and literally built it ourselves to find a place to rent. My husband, 21-year-old son, a dog a 2 cats. The challenge was real; we had saved some money but had terrible credit. We looked at a few places that we could afford and they were awful! Most places didn’t want pets and wanted good credit of course.

    I was feeling sad, hopeless and defeated which are emotions I am not used to. I have always felt lucky and things usually went our way. A friend – Christina recommended your book “Thank and Grow Rich” I read, listened in my car all the time and decided I would create my own happiness. I practiced what you preached.

    Please read attached photos from my journal for the 1st story:

    Since June 1st of 2017 we have been loving our home, we feel like we are on vacation 24/7! We fish, swim, kayak and paddleboard on the lake, we sleep on the screened in porch, have fires overlooking the lake, it’s just been wonderful!

    Right before Covid our family plumbing business started experiencing financial difficulties again. The pandemic certainly didn’t help, we were planning what to do year end, unable to keep up with our bills or pay our employees… I had been reading the secret, then decided to start listening to your “Course in Miracle’s” I listened more than practiced but really listened, I truly believe in miracle’s, I started to play lotto, lol! I have fierce temper and one day while out for my run (that is when I do a lot of thinking and praying) I was angry, I have been doing everything I was supposed to, I even tried to surrender to God. I was so angry I yelled “Why are you doing this to me?” I was so scared, I saged the house and just decided that I would chose love above all. I was nice to everyone even if they weren’t nice to me. I went out of my way to speak with strangers, just spread love, be kind and understanding and have fun. I started to do new and old things that I annoyed and looking for the signs and trying to hear my intuition about the ass hat in my head! Things started to change, a couple hundred saved here, checks I didn’t expect came in. Little by little things started to get better. Then one day a someone asked if I had applied for the Disaster Relief loan? I thought because I had received money from the PPP I wasn’t eligible so never completed the application. I had the application re-opened and was approved for a 131,000. Loan at 3.75% a game changer to help build our 40-year old business back!!!

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of wisdom. I will continue to spread love, light, have fun and listen to your books! I plan on actually starting the Course January 1st with you! I would love to meet you one day to give you a big hug, but for now accept and feel my love and appreciation via email <3 #222

    Debi Fossati debfossati@gmail.com 914-403-6810


  21. Wishing you a beautiful joyous Holiday Season as well. Taz is forever in my thoughts, I bring her to thought every time the clocks strikes 2:22. May the energy of our love be shared with all <3

  22. And all the amazing Blessings of this Holy Season to you, Pam. You have made my Life better. Thank you and may the Dude Bless You!!!

  23. Sending love and best wishes for a beautiful holiday season to you, Pam! I am the one to feel privileged to be part of your community. Each day, when I read my ACIM lesson from your book, I give thanks to you for writing it and making it comprehensible to me, with lots of humor, fun, and good musical recommendations to boot. Looking forward (with you) to a new year filled with 222 joy!

  24. Qi gong is totally rad! I am happy to hear about your wonderful experience with it. I, among many, wholeheartedly accept your powerful holiday well-wishes, and reflect supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and tasty holiday intentions to you (and your several octillion loved ones!! ) 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Dear Pam, I am so. so grateful to have you in my life and I know you’ll also be in the next life, and the next and the next…..
    Love Linda x

  26. Hi Pam & team,

    I’d like to alert you on a possible fake profile by the name Pam Grout on fb. It’s sent a friend request to me and whoever they are, claim to be giving away $1000. Looks like the registration process also requires card details. It has a pink ‘A course in miracles for badasses’ profile pic and has some photos of Pam in it’s posts.

    Thanks and much love


  27. Hi Pam

    I received a message from this group and I’m wondering if it is your Facebook page or someone else’s? I am wondering if it is a scam…

    Thanks, Jill

    Sent from my iPhone


  28. Pam, I got a friend request on FB this morning that appeared to be from you. I clicked it and then got this private message. It felt fraudulent so I thought I’d make you aware of it. It could be that you have been hacked or I have been. Here is the message:
    Congratulations, you are in luck today, to be selected as the winner of my sponsor’s $ 1,000 cash prize.
    Follow my instructions to get your reward
    Respond prepared if you are ready to receive gifts or you can visit my profile to register on my official site.
    This opportunity is only valid for one hour. And I will give this opportunity to others. Thank you very much

  29. Your words (your truths) are always so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It’s a privilege to have your guidance.

  30. Have the most wonderful Christmas, dear Pam and everybody here on the blog. Today is winter solstice which brings hope and light after the darkness we have had to face everywhere. Sending lots of love from Germany ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Dear Pam

    It’s Kate Gould here, you won’t remember me but I sent a video of me and two of my daughters dancing.

    I am a song writer, and this year my husband, family and I streamed a Christmas concert of my songs.

    We are happy to tell you that the replay is now available, and will be online until the 6th January 2021 🙂

    This is the link to the page: http://www.performershub.com.au/cloud9books_music/special-events.html

    Please feel free to share with anyone who might enjoy it. It has been created with love, and the sincere desire to spread joy and good cheer for the festive season.

    Much love and Merry Christmas

    Kate, Philip, Hamish, Caterina, Ellery and Phoebe

  32. Merry Christmas, Pam! Thank you for all the wisdom you share. You’ve changed my life 222!

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  33. Hi Pam Ive followed your work for quite a few years now and Im so grateful for all of your books and teachings. I also read other spiritual teachers work such as wayne dyer, Esther hicks, Anita moorjani and several other hayhouse authors. Recently my oldest son (23) was diagnosed with cancer. Just writing those words make me was to vomit. All i could think of was what you went through in the passing of your daughter Taz. Its unthinkable. Im trying every day to apply what I know to be so true about creating our own reality and the law of attraction ect. But my mind and body aren’t cooperating I feel terrified and i know that isn’t productive at all My mind is constantly spinning. More that the physical things hes going to endure im worried about his emotional wellbeing. I can see hes internalizing all of this. I feel so helpless. My other children are frightened as well. The dr suggested we have them checked as well. Its skin cancer (melanoma) Im lost as to where to even begin to help my son heal physically, emotionally,and mentally. Any suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Matina 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Dear Matina,

      I join Linda and all others who read this in sending light, love and prayers. May your son’s journey be healing for all. My sister had a melanoma–maybe 10 years ago–but because they caught it early, she is fine now–beyond fine. If you look at this as a temporary blockage of energy, rather than a diagnosis, it might help. I send you peace above all. Love, always love, Pam

  34. I’ve got to enter 222-and can’t find the deadline. I think it’s Thursday. Is it Thursday? 

    Sent from Yahoo for iPhone

  35. Good morning Pam, Thank you for your inspirational books and blogs. Your writings have been such an inspiration to me wver since I picked up E-Squared. I am so grateful for your kind and loving spirit. May God continue to bless you. Love and hugs, Jan Folmar Dallas, Texas

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