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Break on through–there’s another side

“Every day should be devoted to miracles.”—A Course in Miracles

Perhaps this year’s biggest blessing was the chance to practice the Course in Miracles adage, “I need do nothing.”

It’s one of those Course principles that is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of all we’re indoctrinated to believe. From the moment of birth, we’re trained that it’s all up to us. Rules, expectations, you gotta keep up with the Kardashians.

But what I’ve discovered during this year of hibernation is that blessings haven’t stopped just because I’ve slowed down. Money still shows up. Miracles keep happening. It’s mind-blowing all the things a person can attract from a small home in Kansas. Like yesterday, I got an email from a big shot New York money manager who wants to help with the 222 Foundation.

A tech-savvy whiz from Tasmania offered to create an app with the lessons from my Course in Miracles book. Even better is I finally got the title and the design I wanted.

When it launched this week, I was so thrilled to discover that one of the creators experienced a healing while working on it. As her thinking was being rewritten (that’s what the Course does), she literally “did nothing” to eliminate her chronic pain. It simply disappeared. As the Course says, “No exercise is urged except a deep relinquishment of everything that clutters up the mind.”

So here’s Erika’s story along with a link for those who want to join us in following through on the Course lessons this coming year.  

Take it away, Erika.  

“Early this year I slipped two discs in my back and had sciatica… excruciating chronic pain which left me lying in bed barely able to walk for months. It also led to my redundancy at work. I ended up in chronic pain at 41 years old, unemployed and at a loose end of not knowing what to do with my life. A perfect storm to fall into feeling like a victim that was down and out of luck.

“It wasn’t a fun place! In the meantime, my partner Phoenix offered to create an app around Pam’s Course in Miracles for Baddasses.

“When I helped work on the app, the pain just poof..evaporated! It was indeed a miracle! As I was typing and formatting the lessons for app form, it was like doing ACIM for Baddasses on steroids!! My head would swim with all the new knowledge. My consciousness needed time to catch up so I had to take days off in between just to let it all sink in otherwise my head would explode. 

“As I kept working on the app, my back healed much quicker than expected surprising both my physiotherapist and doctor. My mindset had shifted rapidly and my consciousness was expanding every day.

“Now I’m completely healed without needing surgery and pain free!

“Four months ago I launched a new business making ‘period pants’ for dogs on heat combining my loves of design, sewing and dogs. It was an idea I had ticking around for a year or so. Why didn’t I act on it before? I just never believed I could do it! And besides who would have thought you could start a successful business in the middle of a global pandemic?! Making pants for dogs of all things! Anyone would think you’re crazy  BUT of course you can…if that’s your reality bubble. My business continues to thrive and attract wonderful customers and I love it!

“Change comes from the inside out! Change how you think and it will change your reality. This book and now app is truly a blessings that will change so many lives as it has mine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

And thank you, Erika, and Phoenix for helping ME prove that “I need do nothing.” I don’t have to be good enough. I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to struggle. I just have to, as the Doors so wisely sang, “Break on Through to the Other Side.”

If you’re interested, here’s the link for the app. #222 Forever

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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    1. Tasmania is also called Taz or Tassie by Aussies. Australians just love to shorten everything! ❤️

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Today I am resetting to receive ‘automagic reminders’, per the new app. ‘Automagic’, my new favorite word, has officially been activated.

  2. I love the cover design and the title of your book as well as the other wonderful creations! Erika’s story is amazing. “Anyone would think you’re crazy BUT of course you can…if that’s your reality bubble.” Yes, indeed, it’s Youniverse!! Bubbles bubbling joyfully in the quantum sandbox 😀 <3. I'll pin the quote next to a note on my desk that's from a German author (my translation): "Life is one single answer that wants to be lived. It doesn't need a second opinion just to make you feel understood better." (Janice Jakait)

  3. As a child I loved poetry and always thought someday I would write a book of poetry. Grew to adulthood and never gave it a thought. After all, who cares about poetry anymore, and who would publish it? Well, I started reading your books and miracles started pouring in. And in 2017 self published a mandala coloring book with Chakra inspired poetry. Now I couldn’t quit my day job, but that was never the point. The point is I realized a childhood dream. Who’d a thunk!! Thanks for everything Pam!

  4. Id like to heal please too. Not sure how loud i have to shout but ive had enough of this pain now.
    Also id like a car with a boot suitable and safe for my dog to sit in comfortably.
    Id love a big win so i dont worry sbout what im going to do or where moneys going to come from. From there id like to have some meaningful or enjoyable work done by choice and not because i need to.
    Money to take creative classes.
    Meaningful connections physically and spiritually. Guidance.
    Just putting it out there cos the universe hasnt been listening so maybe saying it in front of you guys will help . Watch this space for an update.

    1. Also id like to feel safe when i walk my dog. Not worried about him getting into trouble so we can just enjoy nature. This would be bliss. It is Christmas holy spirit:)

  5. I would love to download the Badass ACIM app but cannot in Canada. I cannot find it in my app store…sad 😎

    1. Hello Diane, It’s Erika here. The app is a progressive web app so won’t be in your app store. The neat thing about the web app is you can have it on multiple devices at the same time. You can have it on your laptop, mobile phone, desktop computer and it’ll work offline. So please go to the link instead of looking for it in your app store. My lovely soulmate Phoenix is working on mobile apps as well to integrate into it. However the web app is more awesome as it can work for everyone and on all screens. Any problems please reach out my emailing support@badass-acim.com

    2. I think it’s not in the app store YET, but it can be put on a phone. I’ll find the support email and let you know. Thanks for your interest.

    3. Here’s instructions on how to install a progressive web app like A Course in Miracles for Badasses on any device.
      You can have it on multiple devices at the same time too. Pop it on your mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet. It doesn’t matter if they are android, apple, linux, windows, mac..they will all work and synchronise your lessons. When you install it, an icon will appear on your home screen and it will look and function just like a regular app BUT you can have ACIM for Badasses everywhere! It will also work in every country and offline if your internet is flaky. Pretty cool huh! 😎

  6. Hi Pam,

    May I promote you to my audience?

    I am reaching out to interview you for our upcoming “Get Happy Now Summit.” The date is Wednesday, December 16. Our audience would love to hear about your expertise and what you’re doing during the pandemic to maintain your happiness, balance, and success during this challenging time. The timing of this blog is perfection!

    I know your time is valuable, so in exchange for you being a guest, I would love to share your website and/or giveaway to our viewers and afterwards on our list.

    Our course, we can record the interview at your convenience to make sure the time works for you. And we will create all marketing materials, including emails and social media posts, to promote your involvement to our list.

    All we ask is that you share the event with your list at least once and post it on social media. All of the other speakers will do the same, so you will get even more lead generation opportunities throughout the Summit.

    Can we start promoting you as a Speaker?



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  7. My buddy up the street, Irene Vouvalides of Helping Parents Heal, said she just texted you about seeing a hedgehog the same day I told her I was doing an Epsom salt soak for a kayak injury while reading more in your book. What a nice sync!!! I’ve hauled that book all over everywhere.

  8. Cooooooool!! Oh yeah! What a great idea- an app for ACIM! I love the title and the design, and I’ve signed up for the free trial. Yippeeee! The healing story is amazing, as is the fact that the people you needed to help create this app turned up without you searching for them. I love the stories you share with us so Thankyou Pam for all of them. You bless my life richly. 💗🌷💖
    PS as I opened my email this morning I said to myself “let there be an email from Pam Grout today” and voila- there was! And guess what – yours was the ONLY email that I received so far!! It’s most unusual for me to receive only one email first thing in the morning, and the fact it was from the very person I was wishing it to be from is a miracle! Perfect timing – a miracle in the form of a post about the new Course in Miracles app! Yeah! 😁

      1. Hahaha, you’re welcome! And I’m glad to know my emails brighten your day – that’s a lovely thought to hold onto whenever I’m commenting on your posts – and how nice that we both brighten each other’s day. Thanks be to the synchronicity of the universe for helping our paths cross ☺️🌷💛

  9. I subscribed today 12/5/2020 but I don’t want to start till 1/1/2021, can I put it on hold?

  10. Love the App design. From what I’ve seen plenty of people have been making lotsa money during Lockdown, Lockup or whatever. Trust The Dude and quit with the busy, busy, busy stuff. Miracles are everywhere.

  11. Hi Pam,

    Love your new app ~ congrats! 🎉 I just bought a year subscription!

    I’ve been ACIM student for awhile and have practiced the lessons for a good minute and love the way you approach ACIM.

    I’m writing you to also ask for your thoughts on something that I’m feeling. I’ve recently been trying to adopt a dog from North Korea and today I saw a video of the dog meat trade there and I lost it.

    I tried practicing the first two ACIM lessons but found it very difficult.

    Lesson one “nothing I see means anything” and lesson two “I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me,”usually work well.

    However after seeing the video of the sweet loving dogs being terrified, tortured and killed, I suddenly found myself thinking, “but this does mean something!”

    Finding it hard to come back . . . 🤦🏻‍♀️😰😑

    Thank you, Anna Diliberti


  12. Thanks for this post. I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you again. My daughter is still reading each lesson every morning before she goes back to her room with her tea and breakfast to start her work day. A blessing from this isolation that she is most grateful to have. She hated her daily commute.
    I’ve been keeping my eyes open to all the blessings that have come out of a year filled with things no one wants.

    On 12/2/2020 at 3:47 a.m. I received a text from my sister. She was to ready herself for a medical airbus flight to San Francisco. We waited and prayed. The flight left at 11 a. m. taking her to UCSF where at 11 pm she began the lifesaving procedure to have new lungs transplanted. She had maybe 6 months left on hers. It felt like a very “lucky” day when I wrote it down in my journal. So many 2’s.
    It was a 12 hour surgery and she has come through amazingly well. We are in deep gratitude to the donor and that persons family.
    I spend a lot of time writing about silver linings in everything. 2020 might have been a crap year in so many ways but my goodness what a blessing has been brought to our door. ACIM helps me see things in a better way. Your version helps even more. I’ll be looking into the app. Thank you again.

  13. Good morning Pam,

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this app.

    I’m having a problem with the setup.

    What Platform are you using?

    I went through the process as indicated but couldn’t find the application on my Android phone. I tried to send an email to support but got an error message.

    The only way I can access the app right now is through the link in the email.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Lise Rodrigue lise.srodrigue@gmail.com

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m not sure why your support email didn’t come through as we are receiving others 😊 Please see my comment about looking at the support page which has a link for instructions to install the app. I’ll ask Phoenix the app developer to also email you ❤️ Erika

  14. Re my previous email: I installed the program on my pc and bookmarked it. Since COVID is keeping me in lockdown, that will do for now. Once the app is available, I presume you will notify us and I can then get on board on my cell phone.

    I am very grateful for this.


    Lise Rodrigue [image: Picture] lise.srodrigue@gmail.com

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You can install it now as an app on your PC if you like rather than bookmarking it. Once you install it will appear as an icon on your screen. You can also install it as an app on your cell phone. Once installed it’ll look and feel just like a regular app. The PC and cell phone will also synchronise so it will always know which lesson you up to. It’s a new technology called a progressive web app which will replace app stores soon. If you go to the support page in the app you will find instructions on how to install it on any device. Any problems please email support@badass-acim.com

      1. So sorry. I just realised I was spelling your name wrong. Lise is a lovely name ❤️

  15. Woohoo! I easily installed the app on my Android. That article was key.

    I had come over here to thank you, Pam, for your book on ACIM. I love what you write in it and I am also learning lots more by looking up those you quoted in it.

    No doubt I am not the first to think Taz had a hand in your app, especially since someone from TAZmania helped with it. 😍

    Love Erika’s story. Thanks to Phoenix, too.

    Yes to breaking on through.

    Though I have been doing a daily lesson as of 1/1/20, I planned on beginning again in 2021. Now, I can use your app.

    1. Hello there,
      You won’t find it in the app store. It’s a progressive web app which is a new technology soon to replace app stores! It means you can install the app on the phone, tablet, computer, laptop and they’ll all synchronise the lesson for you so you never lose your place. Once installed will look and feel just like a regular app ☺️ Go to the website https://badass-acim.com/
      When you subscribe, please read and follow the instructions on how to install the app. It’s not that tricky so I’m sure you’ll figure it out with the instructions. Any problems please email support@badass-acim.com
      Thanks, Erika (Pam’s badass support crew!)

      1. Such an app technology sounds really cool! I think technology shouldn’t be limited to certain devices, but as free as possible. Thanks for bringing it to life, you tech fairies 🙂 <3.

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