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This could be the best day of your life

“Miracles happen all the time. People just fail to notice them.”–Lorna Byrne 00001aaa

Happy Friday, miracle investigators. I trust you’re still enjoying daily miracles.

Thought I’d pop by today with this excerpt from my book, Thank & Grow Rich: a 30-Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

Needless to say, it means even more to me now. Enjoy!

Lorna Byrne’s family thought something was wrong with her. She stared at walls, played with imaginary friends, acted “different” than the other kids. By the time she was 14, she was pulled out of school. She was diagnosed dyslexic, so her dirt-poor Irish family saw no reason to continue buying schoolbooks and clothes for their “retarded” daughter.

As it turns out, Lorna Byrne was actually a lot “smarter” than the rest of us. She sees things the rest of us miss. Miraculous things, beautiful things.

It wasn’t walls she was staring it. She was listening to angels, who forbade her from revealing their presence. Not yet, they said.

Her parents, the angels clearly instructed, would commit her to an institution if she told them. The angels had other plans for her life.

To this day, she sees these beings as clearly as we see our children texting their classmates on cell phones. “They are my teachers and friends,” she says.

One of her many “imaginary friends” was her brother Christopher, who had died before Lorna was even born. It wasn’t until she was 15 that she found out that the rest of her family, caught up in the limited physical plane, believed Christopher had left the planet when he was 10 weeks old. Their strict adherence to conventional reality precluded their seeing Christopher, the angels, and many things that, to Lorna, are an everyday occurrence.

Lorna sees spirals of light, sparkly colors, and waves of energy that the rest of us miss because we’ve been trained to block out all “atypical” information. She often sees dark energy, for example, in people experiencing illness in their bodies.

Her angels led her to interact with nature, taught her how to see. She grew to love and trust these angelic beings, who often asked her to open her hands to find holograms of stars or flowers made of light. They’d shine and expand from her hand as far as she could see.

Lorna, who grew up Catholic, uses the terminology angels to describe the magical entities she interacts with on a daily basis. It jibes with her religious beliefs, and it’s a useful word that most people can identify with. Angels— we’ve all heard of those.

Everything these magical beings ever told her came true.

Once when she was playing with a childhood friend, she could hear her friend’s father, who was far away at the auto body shop where he worked, calling for help. They ran to the shop and found him unconscious and bloody, under a car that had toppled on top of him.

Another time, she saw two young bike riders get hit by a bus. She saw them continue to ride, peacefully and without a care, on up to heaven even though ambulances and paramedics were scrambling around the leftover bodies.

When she was 10, one of her angels pulled down a big screen in the middle of the river. A vision appeared on the screen of a tall, handsome red-headed boy.

“Remember him,” they said. “You will meet him in a few years, and you are going to marry him, have children. You will be very happy.”

The angel also told her God would take him back to heaven when he was still young. Not the kind of thing you want to hear about your future spouse, but Lorna had long ago learned to believe everything they told her.

When she was 16, Joe, the guy in the vision, walked into her father’s shop and applied for a job. And sure enough, the two began dating, eventually fell in love, and got married, just as the angels predicted.

They were also right about Joe’s health. After marrying in 1975 and having four children, Joe began suffering poor health and died in 2000. Their youngest child was only five.

After Joe’s death, at the angels’ prompting, Lorna went public. Her angels had always told her she would eventually write books. She just laughed. But she’d also learned to heed their instructions.

At last count, this diminutive, soft-spoken, uneducated Irishwoman has written four books.

She has gone on to appear on BBC, in The Economist, and at gatherings all over the world. I met her in London at a Hay House conference.

Even though I write about miracles and magic, I tend to scratch my head when people claim to hang out 24/7 with angels. But Lorna is the real deal.

She is one of the humblest, most unassuming women I have ever met.

I tell you Lorna’s story, not to convince you to seek out an angel reading, but so you’ll start to unravel your own strict beliefs about what is and isn’t possible.

Lorna says all babies see angels and spirit, but about the time they speak their first words, they start to “learn” what’s “real” and what’s not. It is only when we begin conforming to the strict paradigms of our culture that we lose touch with this magical world that surrounds us. #222 Forever!!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have both your latest books but need to take the time to read them. Also, I have 2 great grandchildren that I find are gifted. Time will tell. Have an awesome weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful story Pam, I remember it very well from your book! Have the most magical and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend …and everyone else too 😀

  3. Thank you as always, Pam… and thank you Dagmar for your kind greetings to the rest of us our here, I’m sure many like me , are pretty isolated and lonely. You made me feel seen for a minute. That feels like a miracle to me!! Thank you!

  4. Such an awesome story – I am glad she was able to go public and help others. What a miracle!

  5. Here is my miracle – forgot to post Wednesday.
    I asked/thanked in my gratitude journal for an unexpected miracle that day, in the morning.
    In the afternoon I went to visit my 87 year old mom in a care home taking my lawn chair as I was a warm day.
    The caseworker unexpectedly allowed me inside to visit.
    Hours to ourselves in the living room.
    Another resident came over to visit. He had a scar on his head, from a hospital visit. He told us he had been in Heaven with God and the Angels. We listened and gave him some of our precious visiting time. My mom would never have introduced herself to him but I did.
    This I knew was my unexpected miracle.
    Great wonderful day!

  6. Thank you. This was very helpful. Too often I ignore their guidance and afterwards, I know better. I need to pay more attention.

  7. I just had to share. This was one of my miracles yesterday. Cutting up a watermelon and love is embedded in the fruit! It tasted great too.

    Investigator, Carol

  8. My energy teacher (who can channel), said it best: “We (meaning source energy) are still here. We’ve never left. It’s just that the world has forgotten how to see us”.

    Oh how true it is. Us earthly dwellers have been trained, conditioned, and instructed to only see what’s REAL. TANGIBLE. Or what fits nicely or subversively into the religious institution’s narrative. Which is so sad. I know my source energy, my guides, are there, and I’m working on retraining my mind to allow it ALL to come thru. Already I am seeing more and more!

    Among the many books I have read about source energy and the LOA, by far my favorites are those by Abraham-Hicks, and you. Thank you for sharing your insights and gifts with the world. We need more truth-sayers!

  9. Today I have much emotional turmoil trying to make a decision. I have read a couple of Lorna’s books. I talk to my guardian angel and I read excerpts from one of your books everyday. I asked FP for a sign that would solidify the right answer.
    After reading your email talking about Lorna I knew the answer. Still overwhelmed and very grateful. ❤️

  10. What a beautiful story! I can’t wait to read her books. Thank you for sharing, dear Pam.
    Love you.

  11. Love this! I’ve heard of young children, asking a new baby in their family to remember their angels. Question those beliefs! So much more is possible. I’m working on befriending my chemo. 🙂

    1. Yes, I love the story from my book, E-Cubed, about the five-year-old who sneaks into visit his baby sister. He peeks over the crib and says, “Tell me about God. I’m starting to forget.”

  12. Pam – thank you for your miraculous gift today and incredible story. I continue to listen to ACIM each day and your words and insight have a tremendous impact. Thanks to you I continue to look for and expect miracles.

  13. HI Pam! Thank you for your amazing work with manifesting miracles every day and I add all day long 🙂
    I connect in so many ways with Lorna and her experiences with Angels. I too was raised Catholic and rely on Angels every day of my life.

    Though a story I would like to share is one about my son when he was 4 years old. My mother-i-law died 6 weeks prior to his birth. Every night at dinner my husband and I would share stories about growing up and our parents, siblings, cousins, etc. One night at dinner, my husband was telling a story about his mom. And my son said oh yea, I met grandmom. I replied oh honey grandmom died before you were born. He said, ” when I was coming down, she was coming up.” Much love! MaryJo

    1. Wow, I had chills reading this and tears when I finished. This is awesome. I’m going to save this to read again and again. There’s something special for me here. I just have to reread it over and over and feel the love. Thank you for sending this.

      1. I’ve never cried reading a book as much as I did with Angels in my hair by Lorna. You can feel her pure heart through her words and you simply know that everything she tells is true; her love trumps our logical mind. You will love her books. She is an angel herself <3

  14. ‘start to unravel your own strict beliefs about what is and isn’t possible.’

    Wow, thank you Pam! just what I needed to hear.

    Even though I’ve experienced a buck load of miraculous things, I still find myself doubting the redoubtable in my face truth sometimes. I would like to share a fond memory of an Angel.

    Once upon a time what I perceived as a spirit showed me a vision of myself standing in a desert, telling me ‘Even if you die in this desert, everything is going to be okay.’ It was a very clear vision which included all my senses, it felt so real. At the same time it felt extremely unrealistic since I live in the Netherlands and there are no deserts here. Beside that I felt fear about this and started to protest. The being then shared a feeling with me that I call divine trust.

    Years later, I had long forgotten this vision and I found myself in an Australian desert, standing at that exact spot. two weeks earlier when me and my friend rented a car, I had a panic-attack and a strong feeling we were going to have an accident. I somehow felt connected to the guy we were going to have an accident with. I told him in my ‘day-dream’ to not pull the steering wheel, but hit the breaks instead. He followed my advice…

    In real life two weeks later, I still got into an accident, when a giant desert dragon crossed the road. We didn’t hit it, but there was a lady driving behind us that crashed into us. But the guy on the other side of the road did not. He hit the breaks, he said, because something inside him said to hit the break. When I stood in the desert I saw five human-shaped light beings standing there. I felt these were angels who were there to help us cross over.

    It was a very strange miracle to experience. The strangest was the sense of indifference I felt. For in that moment, while I was living that vision I had so many years ago, I sincerely realized that even if I had died there, everything would’ve been okay.

    But my dear fellow miracle investigators, the ‘angel’ message I would like to share with you today may be even more radical:

    ‘Even if you live in this desert, everything is going to be okay. Even if you are alive today, everything is okay. Even if you are you, everything is okay. And if you don’t feel okay, that too is totally okay.’

    Lots of love (and a little shadow for those scorching desert-days),


  15. Hi there Happy Miracle Seekers!
    I wanted to share my miracle from Wednesday. I went to visit my Father in-law’s grave, as it was the anniversary of his passing last year. I felt like I could easily find where his gravestone was, as I had been out there a couple times, but it had been a long time. Well…I got out there, thinking I knew where I was going, and then things didn’t quite seem as familiar (I become a little unsure). I just followed what seemed like my only option, turned down a road, and said “Ok, Henry, I’m here to come visit you but I don’t know if I can find you! Can you help me please?”. I went on down this road, realizing there are hundreds of gravestones (not the stand up kind, the kind that are flat in the ground). I finally decided I would just pull over and see if I could just walk up and down to see if I found any of his family. Well, my first step out of the car I look the left and slightly behind me – and what is the first thing I see? His parent’s grave. And then an empty spot, and then his grave marker! I could not believe my eyes! I figured I would be walking up and down, although I knew they were close to the edge of the road. What an awesome reminder that THEY CAN HEAR US and they are with us!

  16. I completely connect with Lorna! When I was about 9, my brother was struggling to get to the edge of the deep end of a pool and he was panicking. My angel told me to “push him toward the edge.” I did and saved him from drowning. Funny thing is…I didn’t know how to swim!!

    When I was 19 I shared a house with my older brother. We were watching TV and I decided to go for a walk. Evidently within moments of my leaving the house he had fallen asleep on the couch with a cigarette. I was about 2 blocks away and an overwhelming feeling came over me. I could hear my Angel tell me “Go home NOW!” I ran back to the house to find smoke coming up from the couch, straight into his face, his shirt had a huge burn hole it. I grabbed him and pulled him up, he came too and couldn’t believe what was happening. “Thank God you came back, why did you come back so soon? he asked. “My Angel told me to!” I said.

    To this day (40 years later) both brothers thank me. Both have gone on to get married and have children and grand children! I too, have been told to share my stories, so I am here! I am also in the process of writing a book about these and other many daily miracles that I have experienced in my life.

  17. My miracle, I have been wanting to find and surround myself with friends who live in “bliss” and “awe” of everyday life. I googled Pam Grout last weekend because I got her book E2, and look, here you all are, all my new wonderful friends!!

  18. Dear Pam,
    Today I found a lonely Dragonfly wing. And,
    A totally
    (And a teddy-bears face on the other side)
    Beautiful small stone.
    I feel like
    the Dude and the Universe is shouting at me:
    Look at Our Miracles!

  19. Peter and I kayaked the French Broad River today in Asheville. It was like a miracle with the Carolina Blue skies, giant tall brightly green trees, some with flowers, clouds so fuffy and white that they looked like huge cotton balls, huge boulders under us that we glided over. You can’t make this stuff up. Love, you, Pam.

  20. When my daughter was around 2 or 3 she told my mum, my sister and l that “Pa Dobbie is here”. We were all speechless because my Pa Dobbie, my grandfather, had passed before my daughter was born. I wasn’t spiritually educated at that stage. When l started visiting a Meduim she told me that my Pa loved seeing his “girls” all together 💕😇

  21. I asked for another unexpected miracle in my gratitude journal this morning.
    My 21 year old son came home (moved home) today from Montreal and no one knew he was coming! He surprised us, by turning up in the driveway after a flight he booked last week. So happy. He decided to go back to university here.
    2 days ago I had run into his friend whom had planned to move to Montreal next year. I was surprised that he was still here in Saskatchewan. I said “Oh well, someday you two will be together.” I did not expect it to be here!

  22. Incredible, incredible, incredible story! Full of all types of miracles and blessings. Love it!

  23. Best miracle today. This morning l was feeling a little sad, wondering when l would see my parents again as they live 45 mins drive away in another state and the border is closed. I had just put the kettle on when they pulled up in my driveway. What a lovely surprise. Thank you to the ‘dude’ for orchestrating this catch up . I love your work 😉😊

  24. Love Lorna’s story. Love all the stories shared here from all the beautiful miracle seekers. Love this crazy, beautiful, challenging, sad, wonderful life! And I love you too Pam! 😁 Thanks for your delightful inspiration to us – the miracle seekers team. We are very grateful for you.🙏

  25. Awesome post, Pam! I was looking for my next book to read! Guess I’ll get one of Lorna’s!! Big ❤️to you 🙂💥☕️📚😮💜

  26. I love this story and I am so glad you were able to get to know her. I especially like knowing that babies can still see the spiritual world; this makes me smile thinking of my new granddaughter. I remembered this from your book but am grateful to read it again.

  27. I was watching Lorna on you tube this week and loving her quiet peaceful demeanor. Now I receive this email from you..no coincidences!
    Thank you all for sharing your miracle stories to help me on my journey❤

  28. Thank you for the beautiful story about Lorna Byrne. I had never heard about her but now I will read her books. Thank you.

  29. I have one of Lorne’s books on my headboard that I read years ago. The book lives on the headboard permanently. I don’t see Angels all the time like she does, but they have been around warning me many times in my life or let me know they are there and all is always well. I’ve been witness to so many miracles in my life that there is no way of denying it. I miss the Angels interacting but fully expect to see them again when I finally head home. It’s been one wild ride here and I wouldn’t trade any of it. Just so you know, I remembered the “in between place” when I was 7. And yes, I kept it to myself.

  30. I love rain. I just don’t like to be out in it. So, I have developed a wonderful relationship with the trees to keep me dry.
    I walk our 4 dogs early in the morning in the summer because of the heat. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:00 AM instead of 5:30 AM and the trees told me you have to walk the dogs now. So, my 4 dogs and I started our walk in the forest before first light with the help of a flashlight.
    At 6:15 AM, I took this picture. At 6:47, there was the sunrise and at 7:00 AM, we were in the truck headed back home.
    As soon as I got home, I rinsed the dogs off and they went swimming. A few minutes later, the rain started and I dried them off and we all went into the house.
    This morning, I woke up at 5:30 AM. I had looked at the forecast the night before and it called for rain in the morning so I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk them until the afternoon. I consulted with the trees, and the trees said you must leave now. So, we started our walk right before first light and were home an hour later.
    I rinsed the dogs off and the dogs jumped into the pool. Five minutes later, the rain started. I dried the dogs off and brought them into the house.
    And I thanked the trees for keeping us out of the rain two days in a row.

  31. Reading the Course in Miracles Experiment and seem to be in sync. Many of the same names/stories are matching up with the blogs! Makes me smile. Thank you to all that are helping me find a new job. Have a few leads I am working on. I am also enjoying spending more time with my boys.

  32. My aunt Rose was the real deal, too, but she was a psychic medium.
    She started seeing Spirits when she was still being rolled around in her pram. Her older sister told me she often asked about the ‘people’ who were standing around with the family, but no one ever knew what she meant. Turned out, when she was older and could describe them, they were the spirits of relatives who had perished in the Holocaust. She did fantastical artwork, and was always such a wonderful person to talk with. I consulted a psychic one time after she had passed about something troubling me, and mentioned Rose and her talents. When I said she had died, the psychic said, in Rose’s exact tone and manner of speaking “Not quite so dear, not quite so!” I laughed out loud!

  33. Today another unexpected miracle (which I asked for in my gratitude journal). I got a message from a lady who a month ago wanted to know if she was growing a weed in her shady flower bed.
    I responded and offered her some extra strawberries that grow all over her yard. She said she’d respond after getting rid of the weed. Forgot all about it.
    Yesterday I gave away free some strawberry plants that I spotted up but have some left. Today the lady said she’d buy my plants! I dug up some more for her.
    Miracles come. You just have to ask.

  34. Yesterday I kept busy looking for the signs that the universe was sending me They were numerous throughout the day but the last one felt really special!
    As I was going to bed I looked at my phone and it’s was 22.22! Of course I though of you! Had a big smile and was filled me with joy and gratitude!

  35. I had been listening to the Jive Aces version of “It’s a Wonderful World” on the car stereo for several days. So when I hit Lesson 173 in CIM, I wasn’t at all surprised to see you mention this song!! No, not much!! It has been a wonderful world, and I keep singing the song.

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