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Throw out the quantum confetti! It’s a non-stop miracle celebration!

“The only obstacle is believing there’s an obstacle.”—Rupert Spira 00001v

Someone asked yesterday, “So what exactly is a miracle?”

To me it’s the restoration of what’s really true.

So when someone opens a drawer and finds money (even though it wasn’t there the last 42 times she opened it), it restores the truth that abundance is our divine nature. We can’t NOT be taken care of.

When estranged brothers decide to get together for the first time in five years, it restores the truth of what I call the biggest secret in the world. That “we all really love each other.”

When someone stumbles into a fairy garden or their own personal jungle (complete with darting hummingbirds and trapeze-performing squirrels) or has three parrots land on their deck, it restores to our awareness the incomparable beauty constantly being bestowed by nature.

When someone is gifted with a microphone, the very thing she needed to start her new podcast, from a friend she just met, it restores the truth that we are constantly being sourced and guided by a beneficent, invisible force.

All these stories, by the way, were reported right here in this very miracle party. They are just a few of hundreds. In fact, I woke up again today to find Day 2 with 222 miracles. Again, restoration of truth that I will never be separated from my brilliant daughter Taz who is now sound, light and color, free from the box.

The only thing that ever gets in the way of us enjoying miracles is believing, as Rupert Spira suggests, that there’s an obstacle.  The cool thing is, even when we’re not privy to all the miracles happening around us, they’re still happening, patiently waiting for us to notice, patiently twiddling their thumbs until we finally look around and say “Wow!”

Today’s party game is to go outside, lay down a blanket and gaze up at the stars, feel your connection with a bigger reality. For kicks, I often look at the Astronomy Picture of the Day reminding me there’s so much more than I’ll ever know.

Lastly, remember to leave today’s miracle (again, this is a daily, even minute-by-minute reality) in the comments section below.

Thank you so much for playing along. I love you guys to the Comet Neowise (today’s Astronomy photo) and back!!!

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).



130 Responses

  1. I have some significant bills right now and ask the universe if I could get some type of part time work. Today one of my coworkers got a really cool side job and needs my help we shall see how it goes. That’s pretty miraculous to me

  2. Today’s miracle was watching a doe and her baby fawn eat, drink, play with each and lick each other’s faces in my backyard at my lake frontage with my husband. Amazing!

  3. I woke up on the right side of the grass and that IS a miracle. Life is a gift every day! Love you Pam!!

  4. This morning my husband and I watched a beautiful doe and her fawn drink from our lake frontage, eat some grass, play together, and lick each other’s faces. For at least 20 minutes. It was magical!

  5. My miracle of the day is how much I’ve got done and enjoying it because I’m in a high vibration and it feels so satisfying. Also the birds in my garden and my new baby grandaughter. So many miracles. Thanks Pam x

  6. Without going into a long backstory, suffice to say, I asked my neighbor for some of his basil. He gave me a small bit and some other herbs. I gave him back a sample of pesto I made. I then asked the Universe for more since my neighbor had quite the patch and could easily spare it. That was 2 weeks ago, last night he came with a huge bag full! So blessed, I danced around the kitchen with a grin on my face. Thank you, thank you!!

    1. I’m a huge basil and pesto fan, as well. This year I planted my basil from seed and it has performed mightily. Such a miracle–that a tiny seed turns into a big green plant. How does that even happen?

  7. Hi Pam:

    Looking and expecting my miracles each day – so far – 2 rabbits, 4 cardinals 6 butterflies, 1 yelllow finch. My daughter sent me pictures of A blue Herron, chipmunks and red squirrel.

    I landed a free grocery cart and Unexpectedly re-connected with folks who played an important role in mine and parents life.

    Thanks Pam and everyone for your miracles.

  8. A few days ago, I purchased some plywood at the local hardware store and had them cut it into pieces I had measured to replace the sides and floor of my utility trailer. Today, when putting the plywood onto my trailer, I notices that one measurement was incorrect and I needed to cut a bit more off one side. When I went to the store and asked to arrange for the cut, the young girl at the cash desk told me I couldn’t get that done without a receipt (which I had discarded). I was stuck. Another senior employee came by and asked what was wrong, and when I explained my problem, he told me to to the barn area and he would arrange to have the cut done. I offered to pay for this but he wouldn’t accept anything. That was my miracle for today.

  9. Dear Pam and Miracle private Investigators,
    I’ve been reading your miracles and unexpected money receiving. And it not I don’t appreciate a lovely meal and Dragon Flys, I did think to myself yesterday ‘Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to receive some money’.
    Sure enough, today I got refund Of 18,02 euros via PayPal. Does this count as a miracle? 😅💝🤩
    Although the money is from the candy order I placed I think February and didn’t receive the shipment ever. I did write an email but they never responded or it got lost in junk mailbox.
    Still, this money was totally unexpected for me!
    Thank you Universe Thank You Dude and Thank you thank you Pam and Taz!

  10. Getting a 20 min. session from Catherine Beham; being able to reschedule a workshop that I’ll give; having a delicious cloudy and cool morning ☁️ ☕️

  11. I’m a Realtor and had ordered a signpost to be installed at a home I was going to list. In the meantime, I couldn’t come to an agreement with the seller on the length of my contract or commission. He only wanted to sign for 3 months and I do no less than 9 as well as only pay 4% commission and I charge 6% (3% for myself and 3% for the agent who brings a buyer). I was going to cancel the install but was too late as the installer leaves the office at 5 am with the days work. I had sold a home down the street with the house number 11441 and the new home was 11411. I mistakenly made the install for the house I had previously sold. When the owner of the home saw the signpost being installed in his yard, he came out and asked him what was going on. He then called me and I apologized, then explained it was actually supposed to go to the house at 11411. He became very excited and said his friend was looking for a house in this neighborhood and would I show him the house today? And guess what?? His friend loved the home and wanted to put in a contract right away! What was going to be 0 commission turned into a full 4% commission as he didn’t use a Realtor so I received the full 4%! THANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR YOUR DIVINE INTERVENTION!

    1. I love this story Lynn! Booboos becoming big unexpected blessings! Hasn’t the universe got a great sense of humour?! 😁

  12. One of my clients was preparing her budget for next year and emailed to ask me to increase my rate! Wow! So excited by this unexpected – miraculous – abundance!!

  13. And now I remember what a I forgot! Thank you for reminding me. I am Miracle Minded Baby!

  14. My miracle today was being able to do a stretching exercise that I haven’t been able to do in 8 months, limited by a shoulder injury. The body is a miracle! All that it can do, all that it can adapt to; it’s natural ability to work from quantum confetti : )

  15. I had misplaced a piece of paper that I needed a few days ago. Searched everywhere…several times. Searched again this morning; same places as well as now looking in drawers and other unlikely spots. Nothing. I finally asked the Universe to help me find it. Not two minutes later, I picked up a small stack of CD’s (which I had picked up and looked under twice before) and there was the piece of paper. So awesome. Thank you!!

  16. Today my miracle was reading my Course in Miracles lesson 191: “I am the holy Son of God Himself. I who perceive myself as weak and frail, with futile hopes and devastated dreams, born just to die, to weep, and suffer pain, hear this: all power is given me in earth and Heaven. There is nothing I cannot do.” I understood it at a much deeper level than before and lesson 190 sunk in too. Wow! I feel good, like I know that should! Oh, I also received an unplanned missive from my now dead ex-mother-in-law, who said she was sorry for her judgment of me and advised me to let go my mistakes along with any guilt or shame for them. Holy schlomolies! What a difference Love makes!

  17. Last night as I went to bed the clock showed 12:22 and this morning as I looked out my window there was a hawk on my pool screen!

  18. FAIRIES! Pam – you just mentioned them – here’s my today miracle. I’m a playwright who has been been struggling to complete a girl power novel about a strange young woman who is offered a box with secret contents that will make her normal – she chases the box across a dangerous world of twisted fairies only to discover what’s in the box WILL either change her life – or the whole world. She can’t have both…or can she? The story structure has me beat. Like fairies, the story is epic & wild….yet as delicate a dotted blue wings. The structure dances away from me whenever I get too close. Last night I almost gave up. This morning I woke up depleted – walked to the garden to give my sweet brain some rest. I bowed my head – “Dear Dude – is this story worth so much energy? Does the world even need my girl power story? GIVE ME A SIGN. The end.” Opening my eyes I saw her – there…gossamer blue wings stretching in the sun – a blue butterfly. I’d NEVER seen a butterfly doing this. Miracle. I’m writing you – to maybe reach & encourage that one writer about to give up. Thank you for what you do & how you do it.

  19. My hubby, who had become increasingly disheartened, frustrated and discouraged in his job was offered a much better job with higher pay in California. We currently live in Kansas. One day later, his cousin contacted him and asked if we would ever move back to California because she has a big beautiful family home on 81/2 acres of land with a pond and barn she’d like us to move into. The big beautiful home turns out to be just 15 minutes from my hubby’s new job. But there’s more to this miracle! While everything was falling into place perfectly, I kept asking the Universe for a sign that this is what we should do. No sign, nada. He had written his resignation letter and came in the bedroom to read it to me. He put it down on my vanity and a moment later, he said “Look at my letter!” I looked and saw nothing. He said, “Look at my signature!” I looked and there was a tiny but perfect rainbow shining over his signature. I’ll take that as a sign!

  20. A small miracle: for years, I’ve had interesting coincidences involving car license plates: specifically license plates with a white dove against a blue and violet background (their purchase supports violence prevention programs in Illinois). I always look for them when I’m out and about. Since I haven’t been out and about much since Covid hit, I haven’t seen many lately. This morning, I listened to the car radio while running an errand. The song “Believer” by Imagine Dragons came on, and right when the lyrics,
    “All the hate that you’ve heard has turned your spirit to a dove,” played, a car with a white dove license plate approached from opposite lane and went past me. Perfect timing! The plate read: “ZEN.”

  21. I played my favourite numbers in the Australian $80M Powerball tonight. Out of the 7 games I played I got all 7 numbers plus the Powerball! Just not all in the same game 🙂 I did win $10 though! I’m counting that as a miracle. I’m so excited I can’t sleep (it’s 2am and I’m too jazzed to drift off)

  22. I am still on yesterday’s miracles. I combined an appointment with my chiropractor- my social highlight of the month during these times- with some necessary grocery shopping at the Trader Joe’s in that neighborhood. I had a wonderful conversation with a very nice employee who is responsible for the flowers and the plants. I put a pack of fresh lavender flowers ( I love the smell of lavender and could smell them through my mask!) in my basket, had never seen it sold that way before. As I continued with my shopping, suddenly the employee I spoke with came to me, picked up my lavender flowers and put her initials over the price tag and told me that these flowers were on her! I was so moved by her gesture that I bought a thank you card then and there, wrote it to her and went looking for her to give her the card. We had a wonderful exchange and she certainly made my day.

    Later in the day, back home, as I went outside through the back door, a huge monarch butterfly flew towards me, and landed in the flower box about 2 feet away from me. It stayed there for a while, circled around me, flew back and forth, then left. Since my husband transitioned about 3 years ago -we had this thing about butterflies- I have experienced numerous encounters with butterflies and all kinds of nature creatures. I felt him around, and that was my second miracle then and there.

    Curious what miracles will show up today…

    1. Your chiropractor isn’t named Karen, by chance?! Sounds just like mine, including being the social highlight of my weeks!! Plus being close to a Trader Joe’s!! Love all your confetti!!

  23. I walked by the “magic butterfly bush”- there’s a bush in front of a local elementary school that is a haven for these mystical medium-dark orange extra playful butterflies. It’s an unusual shade of orange- almost glowing. There are other similar bushes nearby, but this one particular bush is the one they like, and they’re just playing around, chasing each other, flying close to me. Just this one special bush,,,

    And later, I was doing qi gong in the park, and as I was leaving, I saw some motion down in the grass. I looked closer and saw something that I’d never seen before- a baby grasshopper. He was a brighter green than adults- maybe a lime green, with gentle yellow eyes. He could jump about ten inches (whereas the adults seem to jump ten feet). I just squatted there, looking at him as he blended into the grass…

  24. It’s a miracle: my husband wore shorts today for the first time in 30 years. Bring on the heat!

  25. My best friend became non-physical a few months ago. I happened to be at a park yesterday thinking about her. Usually my thoughts steer towards her transition which leaves me feeling closed off. While in the park I decided to remember the fun she and I had. I felt my heart open and I felt peace. I remembered that she is everywhere now and wondered if she might send me a message confirming that she is around. As I was leaving the park I felt a pull to drive past down this random street that I never go down. While I was at a stop sign on this street, I turned to my right to see a front lawn COVERED in plastic flamingos. I mean covered. It was insane how many flamingos there were. You couldn’t see the ground. I knew it was my beat friend showing it to me because we had a long running inside joke about plastic flamingos.

  26. Today’s miracle -is the first bloom of our Crepe Myrtle tree popped out! Such a vibrant pink 😊 🙌🏼

    1. Aren’t those awesome! They’re starting to bloom in my town now, too- just electric!! There are some pink, purple, and a few other colors. I like how they choose to bloom at an unusual time- the middle of summer when it’s crazy hot and most other plants are like, “I’m gonna lay low and conserve my resources now.”

  27. I have suffered with depression my whole life. I sometimes wonder if depression is just seeing the negative and not seeing the miracle? Because since I have been looking for my miracles, they are kinda happening all day! And I think without actively looking for the miracles, I would be seeing the dark instead of looking for the light. Anyway that is just my thoughts today. Since I have been looking for a miracle every day, I am genuinely finding them all day long!

  28. Out of the blue we had a local news station call and want to do a story of our new small business on their morning show!! We got so much needed attention! #miracle

  29. I just had my second child and had been asking the universe for some love and connection from my grandparents, whom I love and miss. We returned home from the hospital to find a row of yellow gladiolus had bloomed (out of nowhere) in our garden. (Previously my grandfather sent me a Daffodil to say he approved of my husband- so yellow flowers are definitely a theme in our communication.) I have never seen these flowers before and it seemed quite obvious to me that this was their congratulations bouquet to me and my family. My favorite miracle thus far although I’ve had several. Thank you, Pam, for this assignment!! I love it.

  30. “I love you guys to the Comet Neowise (today’s Astronomy photo) and back!!!” — right back to you, Pam!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are one of the miracles in my Life! Thanks for popping up just when I need you!

  31. A good friend of mine was up for a much needed job this week. She sent me a text today that she got an offer! This miracle momentum is moving out to those who don’t even know they are playing. Thank you everyone for sharing your vibes!

  32. My miracle is that I came across 222 by accident 🙂 On yesterday evening my workmate had forgotten his phone in town and now we were some 40 miles away from there. So he called from my phone to agree with people about bringing the phone along and back to him while travelling that way anyway. And the phone number of one of the people he called included 222.

  33. This is my perfect miracle today. I was looking for something and picked up my phone.
    The time was 2:22. I smiled because it’s a miracle number.
    I glanced out the window just in time to see a doe and fawn walking by. Perfect miracle.

  34. Yesterday, I happened to find that my book, Piano For Kids Volume 1 was #1 in a new category at Amazon for Children’s Songbooks – nice miracle! And my wife got a referral to a job that sounds perfect for her. blessed!

  35. We used to call our dad lovingly ‘the old buzzard’. He died 9 years ago and I am always on the lookout for buzzards in the sky. Living in a city in the Netherlands, this doesn’t happen often. This morning I opened my bedroom curtains and saw a buzzard on the roof of my shed, calmly eating and looking around. I love these miracles!

  36. Another miracle today!! I was asking the auniverse for someone who resonates with me because I need to rent a room in my apartment. This morning a good friend that I haven’t seen in long long time ,call me asking for a place to rent . Big miracle !! Thanks God

  37. Hi Pam
    I know I’ve already put up a miracle for today but as I missed yesterday I thought I would post another!! just wanted to say that the miracles are happening all the time, too many to write about, all the sales of my art yesterday at the market I was at, then more sales on my website last night.
    BUT Pam, I think you are one of the biggest miracles, the way you keep this going, responding to nearly everyones comments and rising above your own challenges, simply amazing. I am getting a double whamee of miracle motivation as I’m also reading your Course in Miracles , a few a day plus this daily dose. so…

  38. My miracle today is a shift in perception. I have been feeling a bit off-centre due to world events, Taking the time to notice the miracles in my life over the last few days have definitely lifted my vibration and I feel much more centred today. This has gave me a real boost!

  39. I recently moved to Colorado (definitely a miracle manifesting!) and today I went to the DMV to get new plates. EVERYONE was so incredibly nice, upbeat, smiling, helpful – the energy was amazing there!! What a beautiful miracle!

  40. Our tenants have signed the lease for another year. What a blessing to have the universe bring us such wonderful people.

  41. My 96 year old friend was coming for coffee. I know she is lonely  as she has no family and a lot of her friends have passed. This isolation has left me a little cranky and impatient, so before she came I prayed that I would be kind and thoughtful, and patient. During that afternoon,  rain, wind, thunder, lightening, and hail came, but by then we had moved from the back yard to the garage where we laughed and watched the storm.  She said to me, had she been in her house she would have missed all this fun. As she left she thanked me for a wonderful afternoon of watching the storm and laughing. She said she couldn’t remember when she had such a good time. As I waived bye, I was thankful because my prayer had been answered. Who would have thought that a thunderstorm could be a miracle. 

  42. I went for a walk on this beautiful day – sun shinning, blue sky – feel fabulous. How lucky am I?

  43. Hey, Pam, I got your book course in miracles and I was wondering if it’s ok to read it from cover to cover, or should I read 1 miracle page per day? I have been seeing birds and even squirrels running around where I live.

    1. It’s totally up to you. I like doing one a day because it keeps me on track. But everyone must listen to their own guidance on how to proceed.

  44. I went by the bank for a second time after asking about a house loan and being disappointed by the answer and the lady said i will easily qualify and to come back in three months when i have enough savings for the deposit . It really was a miracle!! Im so excited now!

  45. I haven’t seen my partner for over five months because he’s in Ireland and I’m in England. At the moment he’s in a rural area where there has never been any WiFi. But today Broadband got installed so we’re able to have video calls now! 😊 that’s my miracle!

  46. It’s small, but I found a dime and two pennies today. When my mom was in the processes of passing and just after I found so many coins. Then for a long time, none. It was nice to get them today.

  47. Your blog is my miracle today Pam. Our day is just beginning here in Australia and l opened my email to read this wonderful post and my heart is so full of love and happiness. You put a smile on my face with your perfectly pitched words and set me up for a brilliant day. Thank you again. Thank you to all the ‘miracle investigators’ too. Love you all xx

    1. Hello everyone. It is another beautiful sunny but winter’s day here in Thames, New Zealand. I love reading everyone’s miracles. Had a few of my own in the last few days:

      An appointment slot where I had double booked two of my clients – I was just messaging one to say what I had done and she got to me first asking what time our appointment was as she had forgotten. I was able to give her a slightly later time and everyone was happy and none the wiser.

      On the same day many green traffic lights and easy parking, and a friend paying for lunch … return home to 10 long stemmed hot pink roses on my doorstep!

      Today I got in to the dentist in a cancellation spot (instead of having to wait 2 weeks). Opted for no anaesthetic for my big filling and felt NO PAIN. This wasn’t really a surprise to me but it was to the dentist. Now I can go about my day without a numb mouth or biting my cheek. Love it.

      Thank you thank you thank you for the ability to recognise the miracles when they come and for continually providing such an abundance of them! And to Pam for reminding us to open our hearts and eyes.

  48. Funny thing, I just came from outside and watching my lil miracle and opened my email and there was yours telling us to GO OUTSIDE!! I always say, Spirit got humor! A small white feather caught my eye on top of my neighbors roof as I’m sitting on my back steps, mind you there is NO BREEZE right now in Jax. FL, I said hi as I always do and blew a kiss for the Angels to take t my son and daddy that have passed. The weird and funny thing was this feather kept floating in mid air, crossing over my driveway and watched it hover then disappear above and over back back door roofline! I’ve been asking for a specific miracle during this game, but I’ll take that one for today!
    Love n Light Pam

  49. Well, when was the last time you got in your car and heard Johnny Rivers singing Slow Dancing?? Probably forty years ago. Today, as I was leaving work, I turned on my car and there it was start to finish! I love that song & music is one of God’s ways of communicating with me. I know it seems small but what a miracle for me!!

  50. My wife got a BENIGN result from her partial mastectomy surgery on June 25th. THANK YOU UNIVERSE! WE CLAIMED IT!

  51. Thanks for this wonderful platform, warms my heart to read all the posts.
    My miracle today was finding a sweet volunteer pansy in with the lilies! I didn’t buy any pansies this year, so…even more of a fun surprise. 🙂

  52. Today over breakfast I decided to listen to classical music and read of all the miracles instead of watching the talking heads on TV. As I sat munching through my porridge I noticed the leaves on the flame red camellia outside the window, which is full bloom, bouncing. I opened the screen blind, which I rarely do, and there was a beautiful honey eater helping themselves to a feast of nectar. A miracle.
    In listening to classical music instead of watching the news I have discovered the suite “The Planets” by Gustav Holst. Some very beautiful music, give it a listen, which fits in with my astrology classes at the moment. Another beautiful miracle.

      1. Jupiter was the first part I discovered. It is a lovely bright piece of music and then I moved on to enjoy the rest.

  53. I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday so yesterday’s miracle. I will be leading guided meditations for colleagues at work as part of a wellness initiative as we are all working from home. I was trying to think of what kind of meditations I could do when I received an unexpected call from the Ojibway Healing Centre I belong to that they had a wellness package for me. I was surprised but excited. When I picked it up imagine my surprise *joy* to see a book of Ojibway Meditations.

    I am hoping tonight my miracle will be the skies will be clear so that I can look out for a comet that is orbiting Earth at the moment. I am giddy with anticipation.

  54. This is all so cool and incredible! I’m in the midst of a daily spirituality journal with reading prompts.
    – July 8th, a line read “Each day, give loving consideration to the miracle of your body.”
    – July 9th, the inspiration quote was from one of my dear favorites, Louise L. Hay: “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

    And of course that was not all I had the opportunity to encounter 😉
    – the other day, enjoying a Family Feud rerun, the final score at the end for the fast money round was 222
    – last night I was able to get to bed extra early. I slept so well and during the night had an intense dream of being with my favorite uncle, who passed away over 10 years ago. I thought about him all day today because of how real that dream felt. And this is the other amazing part of all that: during the night, and I can’t really decipher whether it was before or after that vivid dream, I suddenly woke up and just had to know what time it was. I checked my phone. It was 2:22 a.m.!
    – The cherry on top of this miracle sundae— as I was simply doing my job, that I’ve been at for about one month now and am super grateful for…witnessing children in the glory of their play and imagination (I’m a preschool teacher 🙂), I notice the word “MIRACLE” on the playground structure, just part of the equipment. I was stunned. I had another teacher come over and ask if she’d ever seen it there before, because I had to make sure someone else could see it too! It made her face light up with a beautiful smile. Truly wonderful!!!

  55. My friend’s cat who had been missing for 3 days was found. Someone else had been taking good care of her. For me, when I turned out the light this morning, it was 5:55 am!

    Thank you, Pam, for bringing something positive into my life!!

  56. Someone I had had some resentment towards, but had recently cleaned up my attitude about, reached out to reconnect!! We had a warm, wonderful conversation! We are indeed all one.

  57. Hi Pam! I wrote to share the miracle of my two sons rediscovering their love for one another after five years of separation. My daughter, who lives in Alaska, would like to read it but I can’t find it among the hundreds of posts that you receive each day (rightly so and which keep that miracle light beaming!) Is there a way to retrieve it?

    Thank you so much for this gift!! As of Monday, a week of chronic pain has mentally and emotionally dimmed into a soft white light… Today’s miracle made it hum!

    What a relief to have you in my day. Thank you!!!

    Christine Sawyer

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  58. I love reading all the miracle stories. So delightful and affirming. My miracle is in relation to a miracle story in your Course in Miracles Experiment book about a little boy asking the universe for a turtle and how it got delivered that very night! Incredible. Anyway that story sparked a conversation with my sister Kerrie and long story short, turtles have become a symbol of God/The Dude/Miracles for us. So anyway yesterday I asked for a turtle – not a real one, just a turtle story or picture or whatever, and although one didn’t come during the day, one did come during the night in the form of a text message from my sister with a link to a post about turtles!! We each keep seeing turtle things everywhere, unexpectedly, but I hadn’t yet asked specifically for a turtle something, so this was a miracle within a miracle symbol. Yay! 😁🐢⭐️

  59. This afternoon looking east, saw a very large cloud formation that looked like a female angel flying horizontally with a rainbow supporting her. Awesome and inspiring image. Was this Taz?

  60. For me the miracle today is how I have refrained traffic jams and crowds , what once was annoying is now reassuring , it’s like everything’s been flipped backwards and I seem to appreciate things that I cursed in the past🤔

  61. Okay, I woke up this morning and realized that I had a t-shirt on that was given to me a few years ago, I really never “read” the shirt, because, well it is kind of gaudy…hello, that’s why it’s a sleep shirt. Anyway, I was giving myself a good pep talk this morning and realized that the shirt said Biloxi! So, what does one do when they see that sign? Go back and read that section of E2! Just what I needed today! Thanks, Pam!

  62. I have two miracles today. Today I started drawing / painting again, after having stopped in 2011. I also got to see a Chestnut Sided Warbler in my backyard and learned it’s song today!! I have not seen one of these beauties in a very long time! Very grateful today!

    1. Congrats on seeing the Chestnut-sided Warbler! They are such handsome birds! You are lucky to have him in your backyard!

      1. Thank you, Lorna! Yes they are, and I do feel lucky! I am at my Weekend house in the Adirondacks. Beauty is everywhere I look 👀🙂👀

  63. Today we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 100th birthday with a Zoom Party! She lives in an assisted living facility and visitors are still not allowed. We had a great time seeing her and all of our cousins!

  64. My miracles today: I reacted with love today, saw my daily yellow butterfly, and took my son to the pool and had a great time.

  65. Pam, words alone cannot begin to thank you for starting this avalanche of miracles. Gigantic virtual hug to you! The miracles in my life are adding up so fast I really can’t even begin to write them all down, just suffice to say I’ve had more fun this week than I’ve had in a long while, and feel blessed beyond measure. Love to all in this wonderful community. <3

  66. Enjoyed a wonderful home cooked meal—comfort food—with my older sister, who I’m spending time with while her husband is on travel. Have been sensing my other sister’s spirit throughout the day. She passed almost 2 years ago after many years fighting cancer. I miss her dearly and feeling her here with us is my miracle!!

  67. For the last two days I’ve been seeing 1111 everywhere letting me know I’m not alone, and a big miracle is that I managed to play my piano piece all the way through for an online performance I was nervous about. I’d struggled to play it all the way through in practice and when the time came I asked spirit to help me and of course she did!! 🥰

  68. I have some signs, that when they show up in my world I feel they are there to remind me that my guides and angels are looking out for me, much like your 222 reminds you Taz is with you. This morning I walked out to the parking lot from my studio and there was a feather lying on the ground. A feather is one of my signs. The feather was from a pigeon, so I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of pigeon. Pigeons represent resilience, which is a word that showed up at least two other times in my day, so something I will remind myself to be. I also saw, 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 5:55 and 10:10 on the clock today, also signs that I am being watched over. Love this game!

  69. Since starting looking for miracles only a couple or so days ago I’ve come to realise how many miracles come to me each day. Hadn’t really noticed them before had just taken them for granted. They are not necessarily big miracles but they are good to receive and some of them are small but amazing. Am very thrilled with all the miracles that are constantly coming my way. There is just a small problem though which I would mention.. I live in Sydney Australia and so am unable to follow todays miracle instructions. No way as we are in mid-winter am I going to throw a blanket down under the stars as it is freezing cold. Also, I live in a place which I would describe as paradise it is just so beautiful with its lovely beaches, great national parks, big rivers, pleasant mountains and an amazing climate. However, we have interesting spiders. One is called a funnel-web. It has a fatal bite. So you don’t go lying on the ground in the dark and neither do you hug trees. Even so I’m still getting miracles today. Thank you so much Pam. You have done so much for me.

  70. Special gift of finding a hawk feather after looking for a week and then giving up and almost stepping on one after forgetting about it.
    Changing all of my notifications from Word press to my reader instead of email. Ahhhhh what a releif. Help from my son that was loving and kind.

  71. Yesterday a close friend who had gone into an unusual hibernation for a month after the death of her grandson, called us at happy hour all happy just to say hi.

  72. Both my brother and sister are ill right now – my sister is in the hospital with heart issues, among other serious things, and my brother has a biopsy of his lung scheduled next week. That being said, I have Angel oracle cards (there is a spiritual process where you connect to them and they are supposed to give you messages) which I gave to my grandbaby this morning to distract her while I was getting ready. I put them all away in their box afterwards and when I was going to leave, I looked under a towel where she was playing and there was a card left behind that said “Improving Health”. I can’t think of a better miracle to start my day!!!! Hallelujah – doing the happy dance!!!

  73. Day 2 of no news has me feeling lighter, for sure. Since the lockdown and “safe at home” orders, I’ve been paying way too much attention to the news. It definitely wears on you, so I’ve decided to go back to “no news”—-what I need to know will definitely find me. For 7/9, we had scattered thunderstorms, so there wasn’t any gazing at the stars for me. I did get a symphony though from the storms. My miracles for yesterday were seeing that this app that I have is more than meditation. It’s also music and mindful activities, which is great. Discovery is always great! I saw 222 on one of my mobile games, which of course, made me think of you, Pam and acknowledgement of being in sync with Source. I also had some money come in quicker than expected—we always love the flow of money (it’s abundance, indeed).

    It is also feels like such a blessing to read about all of these miracles. We need this “feel good” info now more than ever and I just want to say thank you to all of the wonderful investigators out there recording and reporting their miracles!

  74. I didn’t recognize yesterday’s miracle at first. Due to health issues, I’ve had to learn how to sleep on my back (which I HATE – I’m a side sleeper) due to pain in my legs. However, yesterday morning I tried a wonderful yoga session I found online for stretching. It felt great, but no immediate relief. Then I woke this morning sleeping on my side with no pain at all in my legs. It’s been months (maybe a year) since this has happened. This is indeed a miracle!

  75. Pam! Yesterday I stumbled across a post selling a brand new A Course in Miracle along with a study guide. Total $15. I go to pick it up and she has thrown in a Marianne Williamson book and Gabrielle Bernstein books for free…all brand new. She said “I thought it could go to someone who would appreciate them”. That’s me! Lol
    Can’t wait to see what today brings 🥰

  76. Today, while walking – something I’ve not been able to do for a long while now (ie a miracle in itself) – I realized I had fallen back into the habit of looking down at the ground while I walked rather than at my surroundings.. As soon as I lifted my head, the trees took on a glow and I felt I was having an out of body experience. My body was moving as if on auto-pilot with no pain what-so-ever. I felt as if I was just along for the “ride”. Such a fun reminder that while my body is definitely one of my better tools on this earth, I am not my body.

  77. I won 25.00 yesterday. I will use it to buy dinner for someone so they dont have to cook . Spread the miracles we”ve been given 🌠

  78. I have been looking for an ashtray I found of my Mom‘s, looking, thinking where did I put it. Opened a drawer to get a match to light a candle.
    There it was! Mind you, I’ve opened this drawer before.
    Thank you a Universe!

  79. I was reading an ACIM workbook commentary today that showed the length of it ….. 2:22. Yeah Taz!! My other miracle is a bit weird …. I was able to clean my gutters …. the story is too long to explain but trust me, it was a miracle.

  80. Every morning when I wake up I thank the Universe for all the magic and miracles I’m going to experience, help create, and share with others in the day ahead. I also put out into the Universe my desires–one is a cottage on the beach. I don’t necessarily want to own the cottage or live there full time, I just want access to it whenever I want to go. The other morning, after thanking the Universe for the magic and the miracles and visualizing a cottage on the beach, almost instantly I received a message from a woman whom I’d only met twice in my life. Her message had a photo of a cottage on the beach attached. She said, “This is my cottage on the beach–it’s called The Magical Cottage–and you and your hubby are free to come stay here whenever you like.” Whoa! The smile never left my face for the entire day!

  81. Just got word that a friend’s heart operation was a success. I also started an exercise routine I’ve been putting off for… well, a long time. YEA! Having seen our wrens’ first hatching fledged and leave the nests, they are now refurbishing the bird houses and getting ready for the next batch. Also true for the house swallows and blue birds.

  82. Thought I posted but it didn’t go through.
    So the miracles are this week:
    -I got up-:)
    -Found a red tail hawk feather after looking for a week & then it just appeared
    -Got nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award-:)… very fun altho I do know it just keeps bloggers blogging.

  83. My family and I were camping and my 15 year old daughter who has been having a bit of a rough time this summer was fishing and has never caught a fish. I literally asked God please just let her catch a fish and no lie 1 minute later she had caught her first fish! It was beautiful

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