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Welcome to the miracle party!

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”—Lewis Carroll


Wow! Wow! Wow! I had no idea that this many people would jump on board.

We’ve got miracle investigators from literally all over the world—New Zealand, Paris, Finland, Australia, to name just a few that identified themselves in the comments section.

What we’re doing this week is creating a resonant field of miracles. We’re tapping into that part of us that’s greater than what we see happening out there in the world. More than a seeking, it’s a recognition.

Living in miracles is to demonstrate what’s actually true. It’s what’s available to us when we give up our addiction to our old story. What we’re doing is planting seeds so that everyone can recognize the new story, the true story.

Today, is a new incarnation, a new chance to enjoy a better version of reality. Staying attached and stuck in the dominant paradigm of scarcity, limits and fear is counter to our own design.

Light is in us now. Why in the heck should we wait?

My big whopping miracle (I had many) was waking up to find an angel Taz once hung from her ceiling lying beside my bed. I also noticed, when I fired up my computer, there were exactly 222 messages here on the blog. It has surpassed that number now, but for me, who lives for signs from Taz, these miracles couldn’t be more perfect.

Today’s party game is to bring curiosity into everything you do. Whatever’s in front of you, whatever happens to be presented to you, ask to see it differently, ask to see it through the lens of illustrious possibility.

And remember to please report your daily miracle (the one you HEREBY EXPECT TO HAVE EVERY DAY) in the comments section below.

But mostly, remember to MAKE. THIS. FUN.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Last night I saw a neon rainbow – no joke – it was neon! I’ve never seen anything like it before! 🙂

    1. That is amazing! My daughter woke me up last night worried about the lights flashing outside her window. It was come through the forest. We both got scared and ran to get my husband. When we started looking out all windows we discovered that the whole sky was lit up with a beautiful lightening storm!

      1. My husband and I are selling a tiny home . We purchased this home and Airbnb’d it last year. This year we decided we wanted to move (for a variety of reasons). We’ve had the house listed for several months. Corona virus has made selling slow going.
        Here’s the miracle: For a solid two weeks now: every time someone passes, within minutes a new interested party steps forward. Sometimes 2! It’s incredible. I think as much as selling the home will bring me a a LOT of joy, I will also miss this incredible magic (of course I know to just go looking elsewhere!).

    2. My daily mantra – miracles happen every day something wonderful and amazing is going to happen to me today ☀️😊🍀

      1. Gabi! Thank you for posting your daily mantra. I was asking the universe how to word my own “mantra” before clicking on the comments section. Then I’m scrolling down reading all the comments and BAM! I saw yours. I think that I will coin yours and add a couple of my own personal touches. Thank you so much! This one was a miracle. Thank you Universe.

  2. I’m definitely on board here in Saugatuck Michigan. And I love what you wrote again today – – more hints on how to do this. I’m sure miracles are right in front of me just waiting for my change of perspective

  3. I forgot to post my miracle for yesterday. I had to get the lawn cut and our lawnmower is known for not starting. That was my ask: “please universe, let my lawnmower start!” It didn’t at first. So I just moved to the next option, borrow my parents, well it wouldn’t fit in my car. So I went back to my miracle, knowing it would happen. I went back to my beautiful red lawnmower and tried it again. Nope didn’t start. I decided to give it one more try and there it was , miracles in action!! I smiled the entire time I mowed the lawn!! Thanks universe!! I’m on the lookout today, eyes opening into infinite possibilities!!

    1. Wonderful! This reminds me of a miracle story someone told during a workshop I gave in Austin. One of the participants said earlier that week, she’d casually commented. “My lawn is out of control. I wish someone would just come over and mow it.” Not 15 minutes later, she heard a lawnmower outside revving its engine. She looked our her window to see one guy moving her lawn, another with a weed-eater. She had no idea who they were. There was no sign on their truck, no notice of why they appeared. She never saw them again. But they did a fabulous job executing the very thing she just requested. As I said in my new book, “Isn’t it a fun possibility (and a guaranteed fact according the Course) that everything (healing, every need) could be that incredibly easy?

    2. Oh I had so many miracles!
      *I was offered an interview for a permanent job that I have been doing for 10 months ad hoc
      *my daughter and I had a lovely unexpected dinner at my brother’s last night, and my sister in law gave me dimme home made labna, AND my 13yr old leapt up and did the dishes!😮😍
      *I found myself embracing change at work (that’s a miracle!) … aand it felt really good… no ego, just joy!


      1. My miracle today is knowing that today…all day long… there is a wonderful world behind the fog that is hanging over Blue Hill, Maine. I just need the sunlight to see it.

  4. Here’s my miracle of the day. I have a dear friend (you know her too – Deborah) and we talk each Monday morning and set a “vision” for ourselves for the week. I’m in the middle of a tough physical move and an uncertain future, and I decided my vision for the week was to “have as much fun” during the week as I did talking to Deborah (we laugh a lot). I vowed that I would surround myself with reminders to have fun so that if I did start to get grouchy I would be able to shift my mood.

    So here it is Tuesday morning. I opened your email and LOOK AT THE LAST SENTENCE OF WHAT YOU WROTE. Sent chills up my spine.

  5. Had a knowing that crows were good medicine for me. Didn’t see one in my world but turned to a post on FB and there was a video of thousands of crows in a walmart parking lot in Texas. I mean thousands. it was just soooooooo coool

    1. Birds are some of my favorite truth-tellers. I once asked for bird stories here on the blog and had so many I turned them into a chapter in one of my books–don’t remember now which one. But wow–loads of crows are definitely a miracle.

      1. I too, live for the signs I receive from my brother. One day I got out of my truck and feathers started to rain down on my head. I looked up and saw a crow perched up above, ripping its own feathers out and throwing them in my direction. I connect the Beatles song BlackBird to my brother so needless to say, my heart swelled when I saw that bird and I knew he was showing me some love that day. One of many many miracles he sends to me💜
        P.s my son and I like to start our day by saying ‘ something awesome and wonderful will happen to me today” then we share our awesomeness at bedtime.
        Thank you Pam, I love all your books and share them with all my friends…much love..xo

      2. What is the significance of birds and crows in particular? I once shared an apartment with someone who was very problematic and our apartment was attacked by crows. I came home to find them swarming over our roof and dive-bombing the place and she was inside freaking out. It was incredibly violent and scary. Moments after I entered the attack stopped and they went away. We were told we had to move out (not just because of that) and shortly after she moved into her new place she had an issue with crows again.

    2. Pam, please remove Deborah name from my comment if you post it publicly. Sorry – I didn’t mean to include it in a public post

    3. Crows have been cawwing out my window daily in the morning. Almost waking my soul up everyday. Good medicine indeed! I’m from Idaho

  6. I don’t know why you are surprised by the numbers of folks who want in on this. We all love to party with you, Pam!!!
    I recently bought the most beautiful blue glass hummingbird feeder and wanted to possibly replace one of my other feeders with the red plastic bottoms (that I think are really ugly). But did I really NEED to? No. I saw that the store still has the ones I love, last week. Ummmm…still don’t NEED it. Well yesterday, one of the old feeders got blown to the ground somehow (I’ve never seen that happen before) and the ugly red plastic broke. Boo Hoo…I mean Woo Hoo! I’m going to buy that beautiful blue glass feeder today!

      1. I love that saying too and that post is now my miracle because l needed a good laugh. That post delivered. Thank you all. This is fun
        Oh yeah forgot to say, l’m definitely in! xx

    1. Hey Pamela Joy, I’m doing the second experiment in the E squared book- I wanted to see “blue glass”- so you’re part of my miracle, love it, love it, love it!!

      1. Reebop, that is so cool! Piggybacking on another’s miracle brings even more magic to the game (in my opinion!). Glad to be part of your miracle today! P.S. I just got back home with my new feeder, and am cooking up some hummingbird food to fill it.

      2. Oh, I have to chime in, here – adding to the blue glass. When starting to clear mum’s house my brother in law had mostly been letting my sister and I get on with it, helping when needed. Right at the end of day, as we were leaving, he said “hey, look at this!” and picked up a blue glass money box!

      3. Wow!! That is so totally cool!! Yeehaaah this stuff really works!!! 😁🎈🎉

  7. Great stuff! Another miraculous day! Because of the pandemic, my income went down by about £400 per month – money I need to live on. Long story short, since Sunday I’ve had £432 extra income come in. Yay, Universe!

  8. Who uses coins these days? very few of us, however, I find them sent as pennies from heaven through my father who transitioned 15 months ago. They just show up out of no where.

    1. Beautiful! I love miracles that prove we are still deeply connected with every person we ever loved. Inseverable connection.

  9. I have a blue jay that shows up during my walk. I haven’t gone walking for awhile since I’m working out at home, was having my coffee out on the patio yesterday and I look up there are two blues jays sitting on the fence. Made my day.

  10. Thank you very much. I am on board. Just got laid off yesterday and I need to look at it differently. I know something better will come of this. I am always at the exact tright place under the exact right circumstances, at the exact right time for my highest good. I am ready universe! Show me you got my back

    1. Hey Theresa, I am certain that just the right opportunity has opened up for you, and that it’s gonna be way better than the job you are leaving.
      Onward and Upward!
      Pamela Joy

    2. I second Pamela Joy’s comment. A couple years ago, someone wrote to me about losing her job and I, rather cheekily, said, “congratulations!” I added that such an event ALWAYS means something better is on the way. And sure enough, she sent me a link some time later to the company she started.

    3. What kind of work do you want to be doing, Theresa? Maybe someone in the miracle group will have a lead on a remote job for you! I volunteer as part of your job search army.

      1. Thank you all for the positive input. Put a smile on my face. I know something better will come about and always does. Just still in the phase of convincing myself 110%. Megan, I am looking for Oracle DBA position.Thank you for my miracle 🙂

  11. I went to bed last night feeling nostalgic and kind of helpless and all of a sudden a got a message from someone on Instagram saying she was praying for me!!! It was a beautiful wonderful Miracle!!! Woohoo!!!

  12. I mentioned to my son that we were going to need a new retractable dog lead. I thought no more of it until I found a purple one (my favourite colour) as I left the car park. There was little chance anyone would come back for it and as soon as I saw it I realised it was for me.

    1. I played with rain before. I began by watching this wonderful Greg Braden video – feeling prayer and rain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nu-nE1feRc It was about being enveloped in the FEELING of RAIN. SMELLING the rain. So then I found this wonderful video of rain and thunder sound. So I listen to the video, and in my imagination, I feel, smell, revel in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm0sToWtatw Delicious! try it if you would like =)

  13. I joined a fantastic fun FB group called The Official Quarantine Cookbook group.
    Well they made 500 cookbooks and all proceeds went to a charity (Canadian Mental Health Association). So now everyone wants to buy one but no more could be printed.
    So I ordered 2. Decided to give away my extra one and offer it to someone who would give to my charity Global Neighbors that helps orphans in Thailand from Myanmar.
    I did and received a bid for it. So now I am giving my book to someone who really wants it. It helps her, me, and Burmese kids. I can’t fly back to Thailand with my sons this year, but this miracle made me happy.
    Anyone can join the cookbook group. So positive, therapeutic, fun and just your kind of group. It’s got 37 K members. Check it out. And it originated from my home in Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada!

  14. I have Systemic Sclerosis, Scleroderma and one of the symptoms or complaint is a not functioning stomach. My stomach has been bothering me for a few years. I have a stomach exam this morning. I woke up after the anesthetic and then I was told that there is nothing with my stomach. So for me a huge relief, my great miracle.

    1. I love when the universe rights the crazy diagnoses we often inflict. Congratulations! That is a wonderful miracle indeed.

  15. I’m a skeptic. But I am willing to try! I want to try, I am exhausted by all the hateful people in the world and current events. I know I hold in my heart a connection to Source, what you call FP, I have your books. I want to believe! Holding space for you all in a place of infinite possibility.

    1. Skeptics are the best. Thank you for agreeing to partake.

      And let me echo what I heard Michael Beckwith say the other day. “If you’re watching the news more than you’re praying (or doing spiritual practices), you’re in trouble.” As for me, I have to turn that story off. I often say–“Watching too much news is like pinning a please kick me sign” to my back.

      Welcome aboard!

      1. We stopped watching the news . Amazing how much pleasanter the world is when all the crazy “if it bleeds it leads” rubbish isn’t filling your head , because life itself really is a miracle of wonders if you look at it and stop believing the lies on that little box.

      2. I too must quit watching so much news or reading about it on twitter. It is so exhausting and depressing. Thank you for this reminder.

  16. Yesterday morning I was thinking about and missing my mom who transitioned about 2 years ago, and recalled that images of peacocks showed up around the time she passed – which to me meant immortality, the sacred, spirit – so in line with a game I’m doing with Abraham-Hicks, I asked to see a peacock. Last evening I decided to watch a movie on Netflix, and Frida “happened” to come up as a featured movie, so I started watching it. Almost the first thing I saw was a peacock parading through the courtyard!! I whooped and hollered!!!

    1. Yay! I just heard a wonderful story about peacocks. It might just be a parable (I didn’t verify it), but the story said that peacocks ingest berries or seeds or something that are poisonous to the rest of us. So in essence they take ‘bad” things and turn them into such beauty.

      1. I love the perspective of that parable! Alchemy and transformation…

  17. I live in Portugal and read your blog yesterday.
    Just now I received two miracles!!!
    1. Somebody is sending me Reiki, out of the blue. I usually send Reiki and hardly receive it.
    2. My daughter send me a story of a lady in the Bahama’s who swims with sharks and pets them.
    I feel so blessed.

  18. This morning I noticed my Health Insurance company not paying very much of my bills. I was SO upset! But the mantra I chose for today came to my mind: “Everything is always working out for me.” I recited this several times and relaxed into it. This made a palpable shift in my consciousness. A situation I felt I had NO control over just settled down. There’s no end of the story yet, except my knowing that Everything is always working out for me. I definitely considered this change from frantic to peace a miracle.

    1. It’s the very best kind of miracle! And it’s true–everything is always working out for all of us. Keep us posted.

  19. Mum died earlier this year and my sister and I went to the house to begin the process of clearing. I found a little silver plastic bow that she must have kept because it was pretty.
    I lifted it up to show my sister and it pinged out of my hand and just stopped in mid air, hovering. Well, the explanation was a single strand of spider web, but miracle enough for me!
    PS omigosh what’s playing on the radio right now? “All I need is a miracle!”

    1. Great song and how generous of that spider to be there at that exact place at that exact moment to suspend the silver bowl just for you. Life is good.

  20. My miracle happened shortly after saying yes to your 1st invitation. I have been in an intense email conversation with a friend who wanted to discuss current events with me. Our views are basically polarized and he wanted me to understand what he was doing and why. My strategy previously has been to just sidestep the issue, but I accepted his invitation to do what he called the messy work.
    We’re both familiar with concepts explained by Harville Hendrix, Non-violent Communication, and Crucial Conversations, all of which basically say – ‘if I walk in your shoes, then I can understand that what you’re saying, seeing, feeling, makes sense.’ We’re not obliged to agree, we simply uphold the intent to listen to understand their point of view. It can be daunting, as Crucial Conversations says, “when opinions vary, stakes are high, emotions run strong.”. I felt that the relationship could dissolve, particularly if I shared my honest thoughts. It was like walking into a mine field knowing that bombs were going to detonate, and they did. His beliefs seared my brain, mine melted a chunk of our relationship. We gave each other time for the smoke to clear and then kept going.
    The night before your posting, I had written my final thoughts. I listed out what I thought were the points that were most important to him, saying that I understood better what he was doing and why, but that I didn’t share his mission or methodology. And I now wanted to set this all aside. I felt that closing the conversation could potentially blow up what was left of the field, but I was done.
    Mon afternoon I got his miraculous response, – he felt heard, respected and valued. He quoted author Kazu Haga, of “Healing Resistance,” who says, “Conflict is the spirit of the relationship that is asking itself to deepen.”
    Oh my. We didn’t dissolve – we deepened. We both went through labor pains to make space for it. Listening was key. Listening even though we disagreed – listening to understand.
    My morning reflection quote sums it up for me – what deepens relationships in the best of times, in the worst of times, is a miracle maker, a miracle mid-wife:

    “So what have I to give? Often it’s as simple as patience, love, and understanding.”
    Harold Klemp, “We Come as Eagles,” p.129

    1. Tracy, this was very helpful for me to read. I have a dear friend who suddenly became politically opposite of me and is sending me “information”. We live in different states and don’t talk regularly, but it is still a cherished relationship. I have been afraid to tell her what I really thought – IF that should ever be necessary. And sadly I was dismayed at my own fear of speaking my truth. Anyway, reading your paragraph gave me a lot of hope if we were to ever have that conversation. She’s actually a pretty mindful person – except when her opinions are strong, lol! Somehow what you wrote gave me strength to stand my ground, kindly, and it removed that personal dismay I was feeling, that fear of speaking up even if she didn’t like it. I’ve given her a lot of power throughout the years, and in reading your words I felt me take back that misplaced power. So I appreciate your sharing this experience. I guess this gave us both another miracle today! And they come in the way we least expect. Thanks so much. 🙂

      1. Miracles do come in ways we least expect–that’s part of why they’re so much fun and so rewarding.

    2. Oh Tracy! That is SUCH A GREAT STORY! And such a needed seed to spread across the universe. May we all listen to each other and remember we are one. Thank you for modeling this for all of us. Beautiful!

  21. Dear Pam, I always wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you. I am from Berlin, Germany and my English is quite limited, so I don´t know if my full enthusiasm for your being will come across. Multiply what I am able to express by a million and that will probably be closer to the truth. You are a miracle to me. (I had two minor miracles throughout the day, too. I wouldn’t have recognized them if it wasn´t for you.) Your books, your outlook on life, the stay at home dance, the clown car driven by love and the fact that you are who you are and do what you do in the face of this brutal loss is so highly inspiring, it makes me cry. I am a single mother of a daughter too and she is the love of my life. I am so so deeply sorry for your loss and at the same time you explode my reality open seeing you making sth so beautiful of sth so inhumanely hard. I am so in awe that I also started to see 222 everywhere.
    Thank you so much ! Lots of Love, Ana

    1. Dear sweet Ana, Thank you so much for this beautiful message. I would say you have perfect command of the English language. Taz, who I love with every breath, every thought, every action of my being, is still so much a part of my life. Hug your beautiful daughter for me. And I’m so glad you’re joining in the 222 magic. Sending love always. From one mother to another

  22. As a writer, my creativity has been suffering a huge block for weeks. I expected a miracle of my creativity returning much stronger than it was when the block set in. I couldn’t wait to start writing this morning when I awoke. The writing is smooth and easier than it has ever been. Thank you FP for my little miracle from you that is a massive miracle for me.

  23. So I asked to see the miracle and I did before 11 am. If I hadn’t been looking for a miracle, I might have called it a lucky set of coincidences, but I’m claiming them for the miracles that they are! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  24. So yesterday, right after I read your message, I received mail from a life insurance company inquiring about my mother’s policy–she has been gone sixteen years and I never knew about this policy. They tracked me down through 10 address changes. I have been affirming about large sums of money coming to me, in increasing amounts, from multiple sources, on a continuous basis, for the benefit of all, and I get to have fun with the money.

  25. I sat down on the couch and glanced up at the ceiling to see a large white orb of light. It was only there for a second, but it was there. Miracles are revealing themselves every day, for sure.

    1. The Course says that as we open to miracles, we begin having what they call “episodes of light.” Sounds like you had a wonderful episode. Rock on!

  26. Pam, the evening of July 3, I started a painful intestinal upset. This upset lasted all of July 4 and 5.

    On July 4th, I quieted myself and called on the Holy Spirit to heal my aching intestines. I am 99% cured and feeling good.

    I am a student of ACIM and studying Lisa Natoli’s 40 Day program. She and her husband Bill Free have a healing center in New England called The Teacher’s of God Foundation.

    I am on Day 34 of her program and it changed my life.

    Love and Light, Nancy Taylor

    1. I love this story SO MUCH. Lisa Natoli was going to be giving the ACIM workshop with me at Omega. I’m so glad you’ve connected with this true miracle worker. I also love Bill who tells THE BEST miracle stories.

  27. Yesterday I received a package in the mail that I ordered on May 28. I had long since reported it lost. It came from the UK and I wish it could talk.

  28. When I turned off the computer this morning, it was 1:11 am. That’s the beginning. Looking forward to the rest of the miracles today

  29. So I was really looking for a miracle yesterday and today. Its been difficult for me. I was recently dumped by a guy after5 months. He went back to his previous girlfriend.
    I lost my marbles. He had to block me. I’m on vacation and couldn’t even enjoy it. I’ve been single for 4 years and have not been able to meet someone to have a relationship. It is devastating me. I just turned 50.
    So my miracle for yesterday would be my 15 year old talking and laughing about a boy and her friends (which is unheard of)!
    Today is my new puppy. I’m staying at a friend’s beach house I asked if i could bring my puppy these few days. She said yes. They have a big Lab. This morning she made a comment about Bean coming back with us in August for a week!!! Sounds silly but I was worried about it!

    1. Have a great time with your new puppy. Love is everywhere—here’s a quote I posted on Twitter the other day. Pam Grout


      “Love is everything that seems to appear. So the one you are seemingly with is your biggest lover. That can be a cake, that can be your wife, that can be the sun. Or that can be a thought or the sadness of someone you lost.”–Jolanda van de berg

  30. My MIRACLE today is: The manifestation of my own place to live: live/work ART Studio. My career going forward in this “5th Season” of my life, and my ever increasing experience of the ABUNDANT LIFE in JESUS CHRIST as my LIFE! Wishing us ALL GOD’S RICH BLESSINGS & MIRACLES… Elle💗

  31. Miracle report ding ding ding! I had just finished reading Pam’s email & was getting even more inspired by some of the comments (from boo hoo to woo hoo is a real keeper!). I wanted to write down some of these, to embed them (well okay miracle #1 is I’m on lesson 21 in Pam’s new ACIM book: I am determined to see differently.” Swoosh! Perfect hoopshot!
    So I go looking for something to write on, yet my scrap paper stash doesn’t seem quite it. I love paper art & have tons of pretty cards—hey what about a nice lookin card? What’s in this box? Holy. Moly. Some pretty cards, yes. Not blank. On top are two treasured letters from an old friend who died young, & she writes,” It’s all so good & short, I want to shout. You should hurl yourself into it, expose yourself fearlessly to yourself and everything else, knock what you are up against everything you are and aren’t, just to see all the lovely glows & sparks.” Woof. Then cards from my mom (now out of her body) with some astonishingly metaphysical messages. Ok. And another card from her that says “wish BIG.” Okay! Messages gratefully received! Will Do! (and I haven’t had my tea yet, y’all)

    1. Mary,
      So glad you like Boo Hoo to Woo Hoo! It almost typed itself w/o my help.
      Have a miraculous day,
      Pamela Joy

  32. Total hip replacement last Wednesday. I slept for 12 hours last night!! Miracle! I feel amazing 😘

  33. My miracle yesterday was amazing! I have been struggling in my communication with my adult son of late. Finally, I just picked up the phone and asked what was going on and why his family had opted out of our family vacation this year. I told him how hurt we were and just opened my heart to what I anticipated would be rejection. Well, an absolute miscommunication has been occurring. He thought his life partner had told me something and she thought he had told me. They have a huge schedule conflict with the vacation plans because of an upcoming trial that we knew nothing about. They came over and we hugged and talked about what was going on. Thank you for giving me the courage to make that phone call and helping me find my miracle. Can’t wait for today’s miracle!

    1. Relationship miracles are the bread and butter of the Course. Again, we are ONE and, because we forgot that important piece of intelligence, any time we reconnect, it’s a true miracle. Thanks for making the call.

  34. I was given the motivational energy to clean and organize things I have been putting off for awhile. Working towards simplicity. I am grateful for a miraculous start 💖

    1. I love knowing that your motivational energy is a seed we can all tap into. Thank you for moving in that direction and for generating that valuable oomph for all of us.

  35. So amazing. I’m in Hawaii now which is a miracle itself! My miracles yesterday were I woke up and my body was feeling amazing. I don’t want to go into how it was feeling the night before and therefore affirm that part. Let’s just say after an amazing scuba trip I had A LOT of different sensations in my body! I woke up and they were gone! I also received a beautiful miracle from a 5 yr old girl named Shiloh. I met her briefly yesterday as she got my attention by seeking me out for a game of peek a boo! We played for a minute, exchanged a few silly words. When I went to leave, she said, “I love you!” I said, “oh I love you too sweetie!” She ran up to me and gave me longest sweetest hug and then her mother did the same! Complete strangers, all of us, and during a time in our society when that kind of interaction is not encouraged!

  36. Hi Pam!
    You know the ‘Ask & It Is Given’ thing…well, I ASK almost daily, & it IS Given daily. I do this when I step outside for a few minutes in the mornings. I’m usually asking for a sign that the Universe has my back & to pump me up for the day..so I ask for a specific thing … like ‘send me a butterfly’, ‘ send me a hummingbird’, ‘send me a dragonfly‘, …I receive them within 10 minutes. Always! & they are sent close to me! Not in the distance to see, but In Your Face Close!! I live in on the outskirts of a city, not the countryside, so this isn’t the normal. It’s so reassuring in these troubled times to feel blessed & surrounded by positive energy…Namaste to the Universe!

  37. I was apprehensive about what this was going to be seen as a lot of life is still in lockdown with limited interaction with the external world… HOWEVER!

    That was until I was on my daily walk. I had to take a shortcut home because it had just started to rain and I wasn’t weather proofed.

    As I scrutinising the fact it was almost 7pm (in London) and I’d not had a single miracle today I noticed I was passing a house who’s number was 222.

    5 mins later I turned a corner and noticed 555 on a car registration plate. About 3 mins later around another corner I spotted 222 on another number plate. Oh, and for good measure less than 10 mins from my house I saw another car number plate, this time 111.

    I’m not scrutinising anymore. I’m here and ready to participate! Let the miracles begin.

  38. I read your post yesterday and thought I’d reply, but, on second thought, would I really notice anything amazing? Not long after that, a goldfinch smacked into the window in front of me, and flew away, then came back around to do it again! He made me look up and pay attention, then a second goldfinch landed on my screen., hanging on and peering in at me and my dog. Constantly for ten min.he flew away, then came back landing, and hanging from a different part of the screen just really looking back and forth at me and my family room! Ok, so, I guess I did notice something amazing yesterday! Sign me up!

  39. Pam Amazing Grout, I may be late to the party, but I’m absolutely all in!! Today my miracle is that you invited me (and everyone) in to help create this resonant field of miracles! I’m at my place in the Adirondack mountains for the week, so I’ll resonate into the field from here! ❤️💥🎵
    AND…It just so happens, there is a little stream here where I like to sit quiet and listen!

  40. Hi I’m so excited to join this group sharing my creations and knowing that I can be do and have anything I desire🤗

  41. A year after my husbands cancer diagnosis, we were still getting bills from nonVA providers. He initially went to a nonVA hospital because it was an emergency, and as long as you give notice within 72 hrs, the care should be covered. However, the VA has been notorious for not paying these bills from nonVA providers. To make a long story short, we called the provider regarding the last one we received, over $600. And they said, not to worry, this is not your responsibility & thank you for your service!!

  42. Within 30 minutes (maybe 29!) of reading your Miracle party post, I received my Miracle! I simply, read your post, thought to myself, that sounds like fun, and decided to join the party. Fast forward to opening my daily mail, in it was a refund check for $150.00 from my insurance company. (I had open heart surgery a year and a half ago, and the expenses have been regularly accumulating.) The letter read, “Dear valued patient” :)…we’ve reviewed your account and discovered a credit balance due to you…yada, yada, yada.

    Thanks, Pam for the fun game, and also thanks Universe!

    p.s. I did see a shiny 2020 silver Jaguar on my lunchtime break, guess what is my next request 🙂

    1. I can see it now–you driving that 2020 silver Jaguar. The fact that you saw it means you’re already in it. So be it. See to it!

  43. Ask to see it differently, I just love that! I am Yoga and Walk Fit leader struggling some with the online right now. I was unable to sleep much last night thinking about today’s online Walk Fit class that I was to lead. I didn’t read your post first, but I got up prepared myself to start the class and I said to myself, this is going to be fun, just go and do it, enjoy it! I changed my perceptive on the whole thing and the class was great! I need to constantly affirm before each class, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be amazingly wonderful! Thank you Pam Grout.

  44. I saw a five-lined skink in my vegetable garden yesterday. It was a juvenile with a vibrate blue tail. 🙂

    Symbolically I found many messages and this resonated:
    ”You have amazing potential & power, more than you know. Blue is about vitality and strength coming from calm and confidence. Through soothing coolness comes great healing. Blue is the throat chakra, helping you find your voice. Combine Skink’s message with the power of Blue, and you have a fantastic animal to guide you!”

  45. A colorful and amazing sunrise this morning; the sweetest, juiciest grapefruit in July; an herb I want is suddenly available at my acupuncturist (it wasn’t yesterday); I read just the right passage in a book that clarified an idea; realized intuitively what I need to do to exercise/change a part of my eyes and it’s only 3:30!

  46. “Abundance flows to me”, is what I say every day, and it does. Yesterday’s Miracle, we looked at a summer camping home, who knows if it will work out, but nice to dream. And today’s miracle, someone installed my microwave, unexpectedly. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  47. Remember the old saying that if you are holding a hammer everything looks like a nail….well, if you are actively looking for miracles and you have opened wide the doors of what is allowed to be a miracle, you find you are always surrounded by a force field of miracles! The mirror in our bathroom is aligned with sun angles from the window and each morning there are little rainbows dancing somewhere about the room. But if you are not looking for them and due to the movement of the sun angle through the year, you may not “see” them! so I have a miracle #1 before I even get dressed every morning. Also, if I am looking for something and can’t find it, I often find it in a place I just looked…..Yes, objects tend to move in my life! My father’s voice sometimes will come to me, he will just be saying my name softly, nothing else (when I am in that between time from sleep to awake)….I know on those days I need to slow down and be looking for some special happening that he does not want me to miss, often it is some nature scene, birds, especially. Yesterday I wrote three poems in a row after months of no poems….it was as if something/someone were gently holding me. Happy Miracle Finding!

  48. While taking pictures of the sunset in the Kansas Flint hills, I noticed the view in my camera’s phone was much different than in the sky. I took a few shots, and the pictures showed what looked like the head and profile of a genie smiling at a woman. I declared that the genie was granting a wish to the woman and that the woman was me. 🙂 I didn’t see it when looking directly at the sky, only through the camera.

  49. I am in and am waiting for a miracle. Can’t wait to report it! Thanks Pam for helping us find our gifts.

  50. A couch I’ve wanted for ages appears to be available in the timber and fabric I choose.

  51. I’ve been asking my dad who died over 25 years ago for a sign for a long time.
    And I thought I got one a few days ago but pooh-poohed it.
    I became sure that I had one last night. I was pushing in channel numbers on the remote for the TV to find my TV channel and it came up with 1 possible choice of : “P.S. I Love You”
    With the combo results that should not have appeared. I’ve not been able make it happen since.

  52. It was miracle yesterday that the invite to be included in this journey came into my in box. Today’s miracle entails a bit of home maintenance-all by myself. Sometimes when you think you need to call our a repair person, and then all of a sudden you have an AHA moment (or a little birdie) whispering to you how to fix it yourself! I love those! Thank you for the opportunity to join this group. I love all of your writings and insight Pam Grout!

  53. Hi, started this yesterday and had my miracle, i called to pay off two debts i had been making payments on for years, not knowing the balances. I expected alot more to be owed but turns out i only owed a couple of hundred! What a relief! Day 2, i expect a miracle to happen today!!

  54. Like many hundreds of others
    I am a latent medium…finding out that we are each capable of connecting to the other side and vice versa. While working with my fellow mediums this am..a relative came through for me with an EXACT message I needed to hear… No one in this world knew that question…
    There are no words to describe the miracle of being a part of connecting to the other world on behalf of those souls who are still here..,it is a combination of Zoom…no time and space and a new world of Miracles
    I get to do this everyday
    We are the miracles

  55. I tried multiple times to post but it wouldn’t go.  First it wanted me to set up webpage on Word Press and I didn’t want to do that.  Then I went through facebook and it still wouldn’t.  

  56. Yesterday’s miracle was rain! It hadn’t rained (more than a few drops) in my neighborhood in more than 3 weeks. My garden and I rejoiced. The rain also brought cooler temperatures today–70s rather than 90s.

    Today’s miracle was finally getting everything out of a room in my house. It felt so freeing to reclaim that space; now I can remake it in a more useable fashion.

  57. My miracle today was the appreciation, smell and look of my rosemary bushes after the fresh hair cut I gave them.

  58. Today’s miracle was that yesterday I had been wishing my 86-year-old neighbor’s very tall dandelions between our houses could be cut down, and kinda thinking I could do it, but didn’t want to be rude/intrusive. Today she called me to ask if I had a weed eater, and if I could clear that space! It’s looking much better now!!

  59. I smudge every morning and my intention is always gratitude but today I asked for the limitless opportunities of witnessing miracles. Well ask and ye shall receive. I had a wonderful learning/teaching moment, 2 possible job opportunities, and 2 divine interventions while driving where I should have been in 2 accidents but it was like time slowed right down and the slightest shifts happened to avoid any ‘disaster’.
    I am excited for tomorrow!!!

  60. My miracle today: I realized when I went out to the grocery store after being inside 11 days. Seeing everything as a conversation – a give and take – ART. Here I have been struggling with drawing and painting and forgot how it was once just a wonderful open conversation! Listening for the give and take, the rhythm and rhyme. I am curious and hoping to be more able to respond to everything somehow beautifully, you know?

  61. My (late) mother always loved the song “I’ll Be Seeing You” (“…In all the old familiar places”). Whenever I hear it played somewhere, it seems like a message from my mother. My husband and I usually go to Ireland every summer but this year of course we had to cancel. I was feeling down, wondering if we would ever be able to go back to Ireland at all. I was scrolling through FB and someone posted a picture of Ireland with “I’ll Be Seeing You” (by Vera Lynn). I took it as a message from my mother that yes, I’ll be back in Ireland, in all the old familiar places…

    1. Hello from Scotland! I’m currently building a website for my small business. Sometimes the technology aspect can be overwhelming. I was feeling this today and remembered the lesson from yesterday’s The Course in Miracles Experiment to approach things as being facil. The task, which I was feeling quite stuck at, was extremely easy to do and I actually found it enjoyable. I’m now feeling confident that I can complete my website with ease and will remind myself that it is facil!

  62. I experienced the most illuminating run today (and my longest). A new trail, utter ease and during this also came inspired ideas for a future work venture.
    Then – a free fresh grapefruit hanging over a fence for me on the way home 😋💖🙏

  63. Love your gift from Taz… your sweet angel.
    My gift this morning was a gorgeous Red Hawk Feather. I looked for them this weekend with no luck in a place where hawks fly often and today on the street trail I just looked down and there is was. What a gift. When my mother in law died 3 years ago a hawk swooped down and pecked my husbands head and there was a hawk feather left. No doubt she was telling him to get a hair cut as she continuely nagged him to get one whenever we saw her. I’ve been thinking of her a lot and did find another last week and the next day he got his Covid Cut by my son on the deck. Maybe she’s telling me to get mine cut. It’s always a treat to get a word from her and chuckle. Love you Mom.

  64. In my haste to get to my doctor’s appointment, I forgot to put on my mask and left it in the car. As I got up two elevators and down the long hall to the check-in station, holding my shirt up over my nose and mouth, the attendant asked if I had a mask. I said I left it in my car, but was afraid to go back and get it because I was already a few minutes late. She said I needed to return and get the mask for the appointment. Just as I was about to turn around and go all the way back down the long hall and two elevators, the kind lady behind me reached in her purse and handed me an extra one she had in there. I was so grateful for this small kindness and generosity. Such a miracle. Thank you.

  65. Today I found myself growing frustrated with people in the office building who were not wearing masks as mandated. I consciously decided I did not want to feel badly and decided to pivot and look for the miracle. It came immediately! Now when I travel through the office building, I take pre-packaged disposable masks with me and “gift” them to anyone who needs one. Wahoo!

  66. Wonderful reading everyone’s miracles. My miracle today is that my husband is still recovering so well from his surgery – so thankful.

  67. I applied the curiosity principle to getting email subscriptions set up for my new blog–a huge hurdle for me that was somehow easy today. Thanks to the “lens of possibility” and some creative googling I am now a happy-dancing tech wizard! 🙂

  68. Hi everyone. I’d like to join the party too please. I’ve never joined a chat, ever, so this is me swan diving out of my comfort zone to join the party.

    On any given day I go back & forth between accepting my stressful job & thinking that I can’t do this for much longer. This afternoon it was the latter & I was frustrated. I took a break to check Pam’s blog to see if she had written anything yet for today. At lunchtime I took a quick look but the post wasn’t there yet. Hoping for inspiration so I could steer my thoughts in a much better direction, I checked Pam’s blog again. I couldn’t believe my eyes! That Lewis Carroll quote is my favorite! The Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movies are on my top 10 list of beloved movies. I was hoping for a little inspiration to turn my failing mood around & there it was the very 1st line.

    Thank you Pam Grout! Also, thank you to all the other people who comment because reading what you wrote gave me the courage to join in. Wishing everyone an amazing week! ❤️🍀

  69. My husband and I are selling a tiny home we purchased a year ago. We Airbnb’d it last year – it was great. Since then, we’ve decided to move. With the pandemic, we’ve had the house listed for quite sometime.
    Here is the miracle:
    Solidly, for the last 2 weeks for every person who passes on the home – another interested party reaches out (sometimes 2!). We’ve been showing it (safely) tons!
    It’s incredible.
    While I will be very elated to have this home sold, I also acknowledge that I’ll miss this magic currently at play. Of course, I know I’ll just need to look for it elsewhere when that time comes!

  70. 222 Tags – totally cool! It’s exciting to be a part of the “miracle team” and watching so much love show up!

  71. Yay!!! Totally on board! One of my miracles is being on vacation in Hawaii and not required to quarantine!!!

  72. Kia Ora All! Please add another Kiwi from New Zealand to the Miracle Investigation Posse!
    The Lens of Illustrious Possibility provided me today with a beautiful peek into a solution to a skill that I have been trying to master in my art class and at home in my studio for many years now: supremely fine detail brushwork.
    Just so you know, for years I have received the same answer over and over from my teacher of several years now, where I take a weekly art class, to the same question about how do you master fine line brush work and I have always received a variation on the following answer: “Oh it takes a long time. It takes years of experience. You’ll get it. Eventually. With lots of practice. Just keep at it. ”
    However, today I asked for help today on the same question not only from my art teacher but this time I added a request for help from the LOIP (Lens of Illustrious Possibility). And low and behold, today something major completely shifted in my teachers answer.
    She volunteered in addition, “Actually I twirl my brush like this, and then I I drag out any of the extra paint in the brush on the pallate like this, and then I place my brush on the canvas at this angle like this, and then I use the very very tip of my brush which I drag along very lightly away from me on the canvas like this. You see?”
    Suddenly it was like a light of “AH HA! I SEE IT NOW!” exploded inside my own head. That was the miracle. The Path from here to the elusive skill was as if suddenly illuminated.
    Then I sat down with this new information and inspiration, took up my brush and my fine detail brushwork entered an entirely new paradym. I sat at my easel in gratitude and wonder, as the brush just flowed over the canvas, as if all these years it had just been waiting to happen in total Flow through me. Truly, it was a miracle, one I will continue to play with in both my art and life from here forward.
    Yes! Miracles abound!

  73. Fireflies. Watching a movie and realizing the last 3 movies I saw, all of which touched me differently, have all featured the same actress.

  74. Yesterday I received an insight into how my parents relationship has affected me, a different perspective indeed. today I am excited about the possibility of a new home by the sea.

  75. I went to get a warrant of fitness for my car before I traded it in, and my mechanic has offered to buy it for the same amount I was going to trade it in for as it is. Just saved me at least $200 😀

  76. Thank you Pam – I’m in! I received your email yesterday but didn’t get a chance to read it – but just now I picked up my phone to set an alarm for the morning and saw it was 2:22 and I remembered the email!! I have spent the last 30 minutes reading through the wonderful comments and am feeling joyful, uplifted and hopeful – a miracle indeed considering how I’ve been feeling recently. So thank you all. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s miracle(s)!!!

  77. Today things are coming together. I have been trying to put together a short course and suddenly today everything is falling in to place and I’m no longer procrastinating -I’m on a roll. Definitely a miracle for me. Excited to see what happens tomorrow…

  78. Love, love, reading all the comments! Thank you everyone for sharing and thank you Pam for the inspiration. My miracle yesterday was your post and the beginning of a miracle hunting journey. Is it possible for an entire day to be a miracle? Today was full from top to bottom of kind and loving birthday wishes from people I haven’t seen or talked to in years. Talk about feeling the love. I also spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours with family just laughing, chatting, and being silly. I‘m excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

  79. I read your intro yesterday and then the first party email today! At 1:30 pm, I stated, “Someone is going to come to me to collaborate on something; I don’t know what it will be, I don’t know who it will be, but it’ll happen TODAY sometime.” I’ve read E-Squared and know that sometimes you say give 48 hours but I said it’s gonna happen TODAY. By 6 pm, an email arrived in my inbox from a woman saying she wanted to have a coaching session with me!! I am new to the field of wellness coaching and this was a gift from the universe – telling me I’m on the right track!!

  80. Today was awesome. I am very grateful for my miracles. Everywhere I went today I found front row parking. I went shopping and the items I needed to pick up were a little pricey but much needed. At check out they rang up at $2 a piece. The store said it was their mistake and honored the price. Lastly we were playing car bingo and the last thing I needed to spot to win was a cow. Highly unlikely in a city but as you may guess I spotted one. Amazing day. Thanks

  81. A coworker I worked with over 10 years ago, when I first started with the company I work for, contacted me today about something work related. We are now in different states, but still work for the same company. After our work discussion he spontaneously shared that after 40 years of wondering about his biological father, last October he found him through Ancestry.com. He went on to share many details about how happy an event this has turned out to be for them both. For me the miracle was that even in our 50s (which he and I both are) miracles can show up and change our whole world. I loved being a witness to his joy.

  82. Oh – and another miracle… I haven’t been out in months but I got out there today… respecting the safety of me, my family, and others… I early voted today! Do it!

  83. Yesterday’s miracle included being unexpectedly gifted with the most beautiful scarf from Nepal! And Today’s miracle was congratulating friends on their new home, and unexpected dinner with my neighbors! The perfect day of miracles!

  84. This wonderful opportunity to be a “Miracle Investigator” is my miracle today. I’ve always said that in another life, I’m probably coming back as a detective/investigator but to be a “miracle” investigator…we’ll, that is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and totally up my alley!!

    Thank you Pam!! What a gift you are 💝!!

  85. My entire day today was a miracle. I have been reading your book “The Course in Miracles Experiment” and today was Lesson 108. I started my day choosing to be a collaborator and the day just flowed. I had very little resistance to anything and the few times I did, I let it move quietly away and moved to the next moment. Tonight I feel very at peace.

  86. OH MY GOSH TODAY!!! it’s a simple day at work some may think … But I had a bomb drop in my mind, I was so present when I ate my crackers as a snack and never have I ever tasted so much of them. YUM, Really savoured every moment. Then later on, I listened to Abraham Hicks audio and her words that Stuck out most to me was “the key isnt to create bigger things that excite you more, the key is getting more sensitive to the things that excite you.” I’ve been on a high for the rest of the day! Weeeehhh

  87. I just realized, having started the miracle game yesterday… my day was far from miraculous. Then on my way to the grocery store, I remembered my intention to look for miracles… when I had to pay, I started smiling, seeing the amount of €22,21,- thank you for your great games and to remind us of the amazing universe we live in. Big hug from the Netherlands <3

  88. A warm and lovely good morning to you from Germany! Well, had my miracle this morning whilst reading all the comments from you lovelies… when I got to the stories involving crows, guess what – I saw 2 crows sitting on the pine tree outside my window! We rarely have crows in summer mind you 😉
    One was peeping towards me for a moment, then they flew away…
    One more proof we are connected to each other, everywhere 🙂
    Can’t wait for more blessings to show up.

  89. Yesterday I met with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in months because of the lock down. He gave me a beautiful gift. A tiny plaster porcupine with tiny paintings and a brush to paint it. We end the afternoon imagining a life for the porcupine, thinking of changing its look each week and sending pictures through watsap to share the life of Fulgencio ( we deciden to give him this name) . It was like being kids again and playing with toys and imagination . We decided to share every week Fulgencio’s life instead of links to bad newspapers news.

  90. So I didn’t receive my miracle until last night. I was checking out of a store and the bill came to $222.00!!! What a way to kick things off – thanks, Taz!! And thank you, Pam!! Love and light always XO

  91. Love Taz’s signs! xox I’m visiting my son, Arthur in Portland, OR. We looked at a family compound in the woods yesterday, it was a miracle in itself. My son has been wanting me to move here. I have lived in CA all my life and love it. The most miraculous thing about this incredible compound was the intense feeling of love and peace I felt there. I asked the realtor what has been going on there. He told me that the Dali Lama knew the owners and visited often, he has blessed the homes and entire property. I felt my spirit son, Sal very strong there, he told me… You and Arthur so deserved to live on this incredible property.
    Who knows? I might be moving here, I was resistant to leaving CA, but I feel a crazy shift in my perception??

    Thank-you Pam and all that write here. I am honoured to make your acquaintance
    My miracles on a large part are a shift of thoughts from, this should not be happening, to what Eckhart Tolle recommends, act as if you have chosen this. I do and thank-you Pam for showing us all courage to be happy no matter what.

  93. Love reading these miracles…mine were, a large unexpected check in the mail, and an item back in stock I had been trying to order for months, most importantly of all, a change in perspective for me! Thank you, Pam❤️

  94. My miracle for the first day yesterday is that I was offered a contract for a new job with wonderful prospects and lots of flexibility and travel – so exciting! My miracle for today is waking up to a text from my son who lives away and whom I had not spoken to for a couple of weeks because of some difficulties we were having – he broke up with his girlfriend last night and I was the first person he contacted this morning to have a cry and a virtual hug. Huge healing – a wonderful biggie miracle! Thank you so much for this Pam, it’s powerful!! Hugs from Ireland x

  95. Walking my dogs this morning and usually Mr. Asshat joins me – running all the potential hiccups that could happen during the day… I’ve been trying to shush him (why him? lol) and staying more present during my walks… and I was given a present this morning! I was standing near a bush with my dogs and as I was looking at the bush, one of the leaves bounced… there wasn’t much wind so I bent closer and there was a very small baby geico! It blended in with the leaves so if I hadn’t been present and watching, I would have missed it!! I had never seen one so small before!! Thank You Universe! I’m calling him my Lucky Little Leprechaun!!

  96. I was feeling rather down the last couple of days so I was excited and ready to open to a miracle, which by the way happen quite often for me. But the day went on and nothing. Until I decided to go for one last quick walk before the rain came. As I turned the corner onto a tree lined walking path, I heard the very loud call of a red winged black bird. I looked up and saw him at the very top of a very tall tree. I smiled up at him and suddenly he spread his wings and came straight down towards my upturned face! It was so surreal I just stood there. Just as I thought he was going to crash into me he pulled up like a plane and shot over the top of my head. I couldn’t stop grinning even though it was rather a close call. I went home and looked up the spiritual meaning of red winged black bird and it said that they are a ‘positive omen’ and indicate that I need to draw from my inner self and let go of fear and worry. WOW! What a in your face (almost) reminder of what I already knew. Feeling so much more positive. Thank you Universe!

  97. After watching my single, cherry sized tomato ripening on the vine in a pot on my back porch (a miracle in itself), I walked outside this morning with my eyes trained on where it had been keeping me company the past couple weeks only to find it missing. I had waited too long to “harvest” my one tomato and it was gone! Some nightly marauder had enjoyed the tomato then had very carefully placed the stem and a perfectly round bit of its bright yellow cap on the porch railing right next to the plant. Miracle #1: I am amazed that I am seeing this as the creature thanking me for sharing my treasure. Miracle #2: I am eternally grateful to live in a wooded area that backs up to a creek, making a home for many furry friends (coons, fox, squirrels). While we are at it: I’ve been working on a book since January of this year and yesterday out of the blue, received a call from a publisher asking if I was ready to submit my manuscript – even if it was yet unfinished. Love life!

  98. I’m loving this! My miracle for July 7th was twofold. I was weeding in my yard. We have rock landscaping. So as I pulled a weed, a rock rolled over to reveal a tiny seashell. I mean out of thousands of rocks, I find this shell. A miracle indeed! Then about an hour later, I was watering the plants. I felt compelled to look up at that exact moment and my eyes landed on a feather which was a few feet away. The feather blended with the rocks yet I saw it right away. I knew my husband who transitioned last October had something to do with it. I love getting miraculous signs and I love reading everyone’s story.

  99. I forgot to post my miracle yesterday but it was that my husband was ON TIME for the first time in forever when I went to pick him up from work (my car is in the shop)!!!! It’s a huge miracle because we are usually super late for things because of him and miss out on “time” With our friends or at the pool. I’m so grateful!
    Today’s miracle: I do bootcamp everyday and I have aches and pains all over but I don’t wanna let that stop me because I really love working out. So during the whole bootcamp I just imagined a white light all down my legs, and kept thinking I’m healed and healthy and the pains actually went away when I really focused on the white light!! Mind blown! Love you Pam 😘

  100. My first miracle happened on Tuesday, when a book I had forgotten I had been able to preorder, even though I don’t have a credit card any longer, appeared on my Kindle app. The harcover version of the book is on its way as well and I will be read it as soon as I gets here.

  101. I received an unexpected $7500 from the government!!!! WOW!!!!! And a black dragonfly landed on my hand for 5 minutes!!! And I bumped into two of my favorite people- Jonathan and Phyllis!!! And I’m loving the enthusiasm stirred up by everyone down with the Miracle P.I. challenge!!!! Great stories, keep ’em coming, everyone!!! Thank you, Pam and Taz!!!!!
    And I asked for my dream car- a light blue Ferrari Modena 360 to fall into my life. The next morning, a light blue truck was parked in front of my place- and I never see light blue vehicles in this neighborhood!!! Hmmmm, something’s happening….. !!!!! Miracles are all around!!!!!

  102. I Prayed for a Miracle to make my husband feel better Today when I was on the beach with our children. He was at home (probably) ill in Corona. Seemed really frail.When we got home he was outside clearing the garden and now he says he feels so much better, he just taught the kids How to put Away the dishes after a nice meal together!!! /Ingrid -Sweden

  103. My miracle. I took my car with 165,000 miles on it to my mechanic yesterday. He told me of several repairs needed and couldn’t believe I’d been driving it with no incidents. I’d heard several noises while driving for the last few weeks and wondered about it. Now I feel I was protected these past weeks.

  104. I always wake up during the night. Last night I woke up and looked at the clock. It was exactly 2:22 am. I thought of Taz and felt complete peace. An absolutely perfect miracle! Thank you Pam for sharing Taz with me for that moment in time.

  105. My miracles from yesterday. We woke to seeing 2 baby deer frolicking in the front yard! Such joyful expression of being alive!
    Later, I was driving to see my brother and sister for lunch. It was a route I used to drive often going to visit my Mom who had Alzheimer’s disease and died a year ago. As I was driving I started feeling happy and content and had a big shift in perspective, like stepping in to an alternate universe. Mainly I was hit with an overwhelming sense of ” all is well. Life is good.” I’ve been struggling with a transition in my business and work, as it’s being transformed due to the current situation. And I feel now ready to accept that I can move forward, am capable and have value, that I can help people move and breathe better for a better life.

  106. I was worried about my 11 year old spending too much time on the computer. I usually go walk with a friend in the evening but she has to cancel. So, I asked my son if he would like to gov with me. We enjoyed a one mile walk in the glorious sunshine and he chatted away the whole time we were walking.

  107. My miracle: during our sheltering in place, my mother put out a call for puzzles (which were in short supply online!) and a friend mailed her 3 gorgeous wooden, heirloom puzzles that each took a week or two to finish. They are unique and my mother, daughter and I became hooked! That we 3 generations of women were in one place was a small miracle in itself – a special time during a period of tumult. After 3 months, I left…to meet back up with my husband and set out on an RV trip through the western US. My mom sent me a text yesterday to say she’d been trying to find more of these special puzzles, but the manufacturer was not shipping for several months. She said they are a small, family-run company based on Boulder, Colorado. “Mom!” I wrote back. “I am 20 minutes away from Boulder, leaving Colorado tomorrow!” Their shop was open for curbside pick up and they had the 2 puzzles my mom wanted in stock in their small storefront. Puzzles on their way to Mom!

  108. Because of the miracle investigation, I was able to see that I needed to forgive a friend – and myself – for something that happened a year-and-a-half ago. I’d no clue I was still holding on to that blame. I feel so might lighter now!

  109. Hi Pam ! I am not sure if this is a miracle or not, but it sure feels like a sign from the Universe to me.
    I was driving home from work the day you announced this brilliant idea after 10 hours in the office and a few minutes into my drive I see this little Mini Copper with huge bull horns in the front bumper. I giggled and kept driving. A few minutes late a motorcycle stops next to me in a traffic light, the rider was wearing a helmet with large horns attached to it…I giggled even more. That night I home, I was working on a project leftover from my previous job, it was late, I was tired, and I didn’t want to keep working on it for free. Rather than doing the work, I sent my ex boss an email saying I am done! I am not working on this project anymore. Relieved I went swimming with my daughter.
    The next morning I was telling a dear friend that I finally had had the courage to tell my ex boss “enough is enough” and she says: “You grabbed the bull but its horns”! I couldn’t stop laughing…I think it was a sing from the Universe even though I hadn’t connected the dots. My lesson is to pay more attention to what presents to me.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  110. Cuenca, Ecuador is where I live. Yesterday I went in a taxi to look at some furniture and found a couch to buy but how to get it home? So of course, the miracle happened…Here came a neighbor of mine in her pickup truck and I got the couch home. Amazing work going on down here!.

  111. I was pensively driving home…thinking about how much I still would like to move to Spain someday, however with covid and family ¨needs¨ here, it´s not in the near future, so I was feeling a bit sad. I looked up and saw a blue heron flying over my car, which I generally take to be a sign of strength because of their long legs. I thanked Spirit for that nudge that everything will be okay, and a car got in front of me with the license plate 3222 🙂 For many people who speak of angel numbers ¨222¨ means ¨keep the faith¨, and of course, I knew it was also a wink from Taz. I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this particular thread of posts!

  112. Thank you for this post and reminding us that miracles truly abound. I am grateful for and graced by nature. Tall trees, green grass, blue lakes and so on and so forth. Free miracles showing up and out all around!

    1. My miracle is that Ravens have been waking me up every morning for awhile, so I looked of crows and raven animal medicine. It looks like for a long time they have been known for their healing power. I have cancer and am working to have it leave me. Today. Sitting out with my friend, Raven shot down close to our heads and caw caw cawed until I felt their medicine deep within. That’s my miracle for the day

  113. My miracle, and forgive me for being slow to respond, is that I have been suffering from bouts of depression the last couple of months. I’m glad the tinges of darkness that have been hanging around are gone and that optimism is coming back into my life, despite the lockdown that has just been re-instated here in Melbourne. I now feel that over the six weeks of the lockdown my health and creativity will grow. I’m writing again after a long break and I feel inspired to walk everyday. I am so grateful to again be experiencing a feeling of wellness and I know this hunt for miracles will be a big part of my rejuvenation.

  114. I had a miracle happen today. We have had a kitchen renovation going on for too long, 2 1/2 years. We have had the hardest time getting someone to install the vent above our stove. This is the final thing that needs to be completed. After I read this email I thought to myself I want the stove vent to be installed this week. I texted our contractor. He called me back within an hour, which is a minor miracle it’s always more like days before we hear from him or he ignores us. And he said he was coming tomorrow to install it! I am so happy!!!

  115. The weather is staying lovely and cool while the part for my HVAC comes in. I will have AC by the time the heat shows up full tilt. They don’t have to replace the unit and the insurance covers the all but the deductible. I call that quite the miracle.

  116. Hello, my son was only in his 20’s when he passed away recently. I sat at the kitchen table in shock not knowing what to do. I said to him,”if you are there please send me a sign so I know your ok.” The next thing all the lights in my house went out. The power points still worked so I had the fridge and lamps to see by. My mind was in so much turmoil I even went and checked the fuse box but it was ok, I was also so full of grief I didn’t think it could be him. I left it that way for two days until I finally said to him, “ok ok I know it’s you.” And the lights all came back on. My other kids at home knew it was him it was me that took a bit of convincing. He was always the joker so he’d think turning the lights off on us funny. I don’t tell many of my friends this story because one they’d probably not believe me and two the others would just think I’m crazy. But it has given me more comfort than anything else just knowing he is still out there somewhere and he still has a sense of humour.

    1. Dear Leiza, my son was 24 when he passed, yes of course that was your son! My son loves to play with me and give me signs to let me know he is near. It warms my heart and i couldn’t imagine life without him and his signs, although we can also just know they are near even without signs. I wrote a book about this very subject called Together Forever, it will be coming out soon, and my intention is that it will help others to feel comfort from all the signs we get, and the feelings we get from knowing they are near. Thank you for sharing and I totally not only believe you but I KNOW you are right on!

  117. Miracle, Day 2, here in New Zealand.
    My beloved Uncle Scott died last December 2019. I adored him and he was very kind to me. There was nothing like being enveloped in one of his huge bear hugs. He also collected bears of all kinds…stone, stuffed, painted and carved….you name it.
    After he died, his wife Patty offered to box up and ship to me from the US here to New Zealand, one of Uncle Scott’s favorite bears, the one that always sat on his desk and I remembered well,
    But by now, after months and months, we had both absolutely assumed the bear was lost in transit, never to be seen again.
    So, while I had chosen to do my best to let the idea of having Uncles Scott’s bear go, and also wished well whomever I had assumed now had it with the intention that they were now receiving my Uncles Scott’s Huge Bear Hugging Spirit, I noticed that I was still feeling just a wee tiny bit sad that my Uncle Scott’s stone bear had not ever reached me here.
    Well. Today, low and behold, that black stone bear showed up here in NZ in the mail, and along with it a blast of my Uncle Scott’s beautiful bear hugging energy!!!!
    Another miracle!

  118. Another miracle for the day was making a bouquet of sweet peas and it turned out stunning! I’ve always wanted to be able to arrange flowers well, and never liked how they looked. This one just fell into place!!

  119. Day 3. Miracles In New Zealand.
    There is a Zen saying, “The snow falls, each flake in it’s appropriate place.”
    Today, I was sitting with my husband on a wooden bench, swinging my legs back and forth like I used to do when I was a child, as we basked gratefully in the unexpected and saturating warmth of the shining winter sun.
    Gazing out upon the emerald green and sparkling blue water flowing swiftly by in front of us, everything, everywhere felt in it’s proper place, proportion and perspective.
    I felt a permeating and radiant peace.
    This was my beautiful miracle today.

  120. I’m late to this party due to operations on my eyes. I can now see through one eye, and am so grateful. I begin to realise that all the things I’ve thanked the Universe ( or whoever was listening) for, over the many years I’ve practised gratitude, have actually been MIRACLES. I hope soon to report seeing through both eyes, even though the surgeon said that is unlikely to happen. Since he said that i have regained a tiny amount of vision in it …. and everything is possible. Thank you all for being you, and being here

  121. My miracle is realizing that everything I wanted to happen has happened once I opened my eyes to see! My son’s girlfriend, who I didn’t know very well, came to visit. Her state sticker on her JEEP had the date 2/22 and when I commented on it, she said, “That is my Mom’s birthday, too!”.

  122. We do a lot of entertaining and I usually feel some stress. We have two occasions this weekend and one so far next weekend and I am excited and calm. Hooray!!!!

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