Rely on the mystical

“Our minds and bodies have been laboring for decades to serve the demands, fears and neuroses of the illusory, finite self.”—Rupert Spira

A golden egg with $222 of two-dollar bills, another gift from Kimmy Rhoads and the Random Acts of Money project funded by the 222 Foundation.

Happy Friday, my friends! Just wanted to share a couple quick things. The above quote by Rupert Spira, a brilliant ceramics artist from Great Britain, pretty much sums up the human condition.

Rather than celebrating the truth of our eternal Divine Nature, we focus—and, yes, serve–the non-stop fears and neuroses of our physical self.

That’s why, whenever I remember, I turn to life’s magic and mystery. When I don’t free myself from the trappings of three-dimensional time and space, when I don’t allow myself to hang out in other dimensions and talk to loved ones on the other side (yes, that’s you, Taz), my days can feel overwhelming.

So today (and I hope you’ll join me), I’m going to take a breath, take a bath, take a nap and rely on God.

00001aaI also want to share the most recent story that popped into my inbox:

“I have been working through Pam’s book (E-squared) and I got to the first experiment. On May 8th, I did what Pam suggested. I asked God to reveal Himself to me in a way that could not be explained as a coincidence… something that I knew could only come from him.

“The next day I decided to write it in my journal and set the timeline for 48 hours starting then… just to buy God some extra time. 😉

“Forty-eight hours went by… nothing happened. I figured it was because maybe I had been quarantined during this lockdown… No big deal. I’ll give God a week. After a week goes by… still nothing noticeable. I wrote in my journal that night, “God, it’s been a little over a week. I haven’t really noticed anything. But I want you to know that I love you and I want you in my life always.”

“Here’s where the story gets incredible and it still gives me goose bumps. The very next day I check my mail (my mailbox is far away and I only check it every 7 to 10 days or so). Inside the mailbox was a card from a lady I had only met once for about 15 minutes. In the card she wrote, ‘This is a gift God has asked me to share with you. He recently gave me more than I need so I am passing some along to you and your children.’

“Inside the card was a check for $400!!! The memo line simply said, “A gift from God.” I was blown away by the generosity from someone that I hardly even know… But when I looked at the date on the check I immediately broke down sobbing in tears of joy. The date was May 8th, 2020. The EXACT same day I had prayed that prayer! Not only that… but the check would have been delivered to my mailbox before that 48 hours would be up!

“I’m still in tears even as I write this. Just had to share with some people I know will appreciate it and inspire others to not be afraid to ask God for a blessing that can only come from Him and not be a coincidence! And when you do… don’t forget to check your mailbox.”

Thanks, Brandon, for sharing yet more proof that relying on God and the mystical is the only way to fly.

I trust you’ll enjoy this song that I’ve been listening to nearly every day. Have the best weekend of your lives, my sweet, dear friends.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World).

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  1. Thank you Pam! Great story & SUCH A BEAUTIFUL TUNE.

    Your email amped up my vibe!

    irene mees (512) 663 – 3715

    1. Thank you Pam. I am just feeling better after a third chemo treatment and that song allowed me to open up to the beautiful being that I am. Grace resplendent

  2. Thank you, Pam!
    I always love reading your posts!
    I was especially excited to see that you posted today 5/22/2020 as it is my birthday. Thank you, and Alexi Murdock, for the wonderful reminder that the grace of God is always with me no matter what.
    I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
    Be safe, we well, and Be You!

  3. I can only thank this greater force that put you in my path. Somehow you came to me. And I am forever grateful for everything you share with us

  4. Loved Brandon’s story! Thanks for sharing it and the sweet song. I can see why you listen to it everyday. That egg with 222 two dollar bills is incredible. How anyone found so many is something else. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  5. I have so many stories like that, I am unsure where to begin. I need to charge my phone and summarize a few. Thank you for sharing the $400 one. Awesome.Appreciative!Andy StebbingLincoln, Nebraska

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  6. Thank you for your continued postsl. I’m going to re-read Esquared! I’m on my third go-round with Art and Soul. I’m an artist and it gives me continued hope.

    I, too, lost a child. My 36 year old son, Anthony, died 4 1/2 years ago and I talk to him daily.

    Bless you.


  8. That is one of the most amazingly awesome stories ever! And I have heard (and experienced) a lot of amazing stories! And The $222 Golden Egg is magical! So excited for whoever finds that!
    Happy Weekend (or whatever!) to Pam, Taz, and everyone else!

  9. Jeannie,

    Just had to forward this message from Pam Grout in her frequent email since I signed up with her. She’s the teacher who reworded the Lessons of the Course in Miracles into her own modern version the Course in Miracles Experiment—for (badasses). The b…..s version appealed to my Shadow.

    This email supports your mystical nature we discussed this morning. I loved it.


  10. Pam I’m definitely going to join you today and everyday that I remember how important it is to rely on the infinite Intelligence and not the finite self. Love the story from Brandon! And thanks so much for the beautiful song, I love it! I also love starting my work day by reading your uplifting and intelligent posts!

  11. One morning a week or so ago when I woke up I had my usual talk with God I said “I wonder sometimes if you hear my prayers.” Then I said “Please send me a sign, and the sign I want is to see a robin today. I hadn’t seen any yet this year and when they come I see them on the lawn looking for bugs. I was cleaning the deck and potted plants and glanced at the lawn several times, no robins.
    After dinner I was watching the news and the news announcer on that station was Robin Gill. I had to laugh and thought “Okay God so you have a sense of homour!”

    1. One morning a week or so ago when I woke up I had my usual talk with God I said “I wonder sometimes if you hear my prayers.” Then I said “Please send me a sign, and the sign I want is to see a robin today. I hadn’t seen any yet this year and when they come I see them on the lawn looking for bugs. I was cleaning the deck and potted plants and glanced at the lawn several times, no robins.
      After dinner I was watching the news and the news announcer on that station was Robin Gill. I had to laugh and thought “Okay God so you have a sense of humour!”

  12. Thank you for the beautiful healing music and walking with me as I learn to trust❤

  13. Wow! Nice one. Thanks Pam for sharing. I want to be with one person. He is far away and he barely knows me, we just met twice. I don’t know how and when but I am sure God is working on my dream. When I made that desire I asked Universe to give me a little sign that means my dream is a little step closer to me. I decided it could be a beautiful butterfly. And it’s interesting that I see butterflies from time to time. And they are not just a butterflies, they always drawn to me, flying around and trying to annoy me. After that I always see some meaningful words, something like: “I love you” or “It’s coming” or “I am working”. I am so grateful to you Pam because I know how to talk to Universe. I read it in your books. 😍

  14. Wow Pam. Thankyou. The story from your inbox is fabulous and that song is truly beautiful. I love it. It’s already playing on repeat in my head 😁
    I was so pleased to see your name in my inbox this morning – always a great way to start my day – and I’m so grateful for your posts. Thankyou for inspiring us, reminding us, encouraging us and sharing your joyful truth with us. Have a splendid weekend yourself my friend. 🌷
    PS when I scrolled down to write a comment there were 22 comments already here, and I thought it was kind of magical that there were 22 comments on the 22nd of May 2020. So many 2’s!! 😁⭐️💛

  15. My dearest Pam I love you more every time I read something you wrote you always bring tears to my eyes and joy and hope to my heart. You make me feel joyful and happy. may I only step out side and bring this to the world because of you blessings and love
    continue to write my dearest ❤love Nancy

  16. Thank you Dear Pam…and I LOVE the song…I will begin many days with it, added to my mornings…You are so awesome …With love, Kate in Carmel by the Sea Ca.

  17. Super cool. Thanks for sharing. I truly look forward to each and every email/blog post. You are such a gift.

  18. Dear Pam,
    How glad I am that I get to hang with people like yourself, who bring me back ro my Truth, who put store into living their Truth. It’s a blessing to have the tap on the shoulder, via people like yourself, from Grace/God/ the Infinite Is, the unlimited within us.

    I want to share this…I haven’t known where to share it, but I figure whoever needs to read it here will read it.

    I have been up to a certain chapter in your book for a while. I found the first chapter manageable, and the yellow cars manifested. And I moved on. But I realised that my thinking mind quietly was discrediting it as coincidence.
    So I went back. And asked for butterflies and feathers (maybe per something I’d heard from Abrahsm and Esther Hicks.)
    This was late last year.
    And I saw a butterfly or two. But feathers seemed elusive. Although there was one in the hospital work car that I had put there, after I found it on a home visit. And I saw it often.

    I told my 12 year old daughter this when we were on a morning walk and we saw a little yellow butterfly, and I excitedly found a seagull feather on our little local beach.
    She said ‘yeah, but it’s a beach mum! And of course there’ll be the odd seagull feather… it would be more surprising NOT to find one! And the little yellow butterflies are always around!’
    And I guess I still had that voice that could deny, and she was speaking it out for me.
    So I stood there and joked out loud- ‘Alright- well I’d better put it out there…I need undeniable butterflies- and indisputable evidence!’

    So then a week or so later I noticed masses of yellow butterflies… on the grass and around our house! More than one day of this. And while there were no indisputable feathers manifesting (one or two I noticed with awareness in our chicken run from our sole chook), I pointed these out to my daughter.
    She matched my own mind. ‘Mum- there is nothing out of the ordinary about those!’
    I had been more convinced, but I again laughed and said:’OK, well then- what about other coloured butterflies!’

    So here I am now, since then,(months and months ago), writing to you on the first month that the indisputable manifestations have simmered down.
    We have had many months of that sole chook moult, for the first time in her life- weeks and weeks of white feathers- a constant daily stream of feathers ALL over our back yard in rural suburbia!
    And, I can’t tell you, from that very day I laughed with her about it, how many masses of different coulored butterflies we have had- day in and day out- for months!!
    I’ve filmed them and photographed them, because noone would believe the numbers and types, nor how long the huge numbers of them have just kept coming!
    I’ve filmed through my windscreen on the way to and from work, driving through clouds of butterflies- different days, different types! Before the shutdown we went swimming at the beach daily for 2 weeks over school holidays- swimming with streams of beautiful blue, white and black butterflies pouring toward shore over our heads! Non stop! All throughout the holidays, every time we swam, any time of day!
    I’ve filmed the bush at the front door of our house; lying out on the path listening to my daughter practice her flute, filming 5 types of butterflies flitting about, to and fro, all around where I was hanging out. Did this on many days, to try to catch photos of them, as they never stayed still long enough, and I wanted photos of all the types!

    The streams have now ceased with the odd one or two now, plus me finding, almost daily, their wings around the place. And the chicken is snowy white with her new ‘coat’, and just the odd feather only now falling from our eiderdowns.

    But that was an undeniable manifestation! Not only masses of them, but week after week after week since January this year. Before, during and now with the opening of restrictions- in that entire time of global change and during the entire second term of school here.

    MASSIVE, undeniable manifestation!!

    I wish I could show you my visual footage! I just want to share to anyone- seeing might be believing- there is no doubt!

    But that’s fine- I myself and my daughter, have no no no doubt at all!

    Big love,
    Thank you for your prompt to go and look,
    Big happy love to us all!


  19. Hey Pam what a cool story !!!! I love hearing these!!!

    I remember I had a similar situation with money. I was working hard to save for a trip of a life time, a big dream of ours, my partner and I wanted to live and work in Canada (I’m from Australia).

    So as my job at the time was not the highest of paying jobs, I cut all extra expenses I could and scrap up every penny leading up to it. At one point I felt a little stressed and thinking we won’t make it, and won’t have quite enough, so I remembered your teachings and on a drive to a work event, I thought ‘okay force field of potential, show me, I need a small sign to know it will be okay and the money will come’ and to be specific, I said ‘allow $100 extra cash my way by Monday’ and this was on a the Saturday.

    So Monday comes around and I check my account to buy groceries, caching, there was a random deposit of $100 in my bank account. Turns out it was from my works side account, however they usually only paid us Thursdays on a weekly basis, and I was on salary. I asked my boss about it and she said ‘oh yeah it was a bonus for a previous month we did well in, sorry it was paid late’.

    To these stories I go… Whhaaattt? And thank the loving force surrounding me and watching over all of us.

    Thankyou for continually writing and casting the beautiful vision a have into the world.

    I appreciate you dearly,



  20. Pam, I really appreciate your post. Your posts come to me in a timely manner when I need to manage something in my life.

    And I got a question tha goes perfectly with this post: why do sometimes we feel “disconnected” from source? Why do we seldom trust the universe has our back and that God finds all ways to please us? Why do we think we need to do all for ourselves? Why is sometimes so complicated to trust?

    I wish you could answer my questions from your perspective.


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