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Nothing can hurt the real you

“Control your own mind. Or somebody else will.”—Tony Robbins 00001b

Thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been using to keep me from jumping on the fear train.

1. Needless to say, I turn to A Course in Miracles where I’m assured that my claim to miracles is not dependent on the rituals of medicine, economics, religion, government, etc. I get miracles for free because of who I am, because of what (not who) the Dude is. And I remember my mantra:  I could see peace instead of this.

2. I practice gratitude. For example, how cool is it that, right now, all that is not essential is being stripped away. Who can even look at ads for tanning beds or smart wash carpet cleaners?

Although Greta Thunberg got a jump on most of us when she refused to comply with society’s accepted structures (school, business as usual, etc), she was basically saying what we’re all being shown right now.

Our culture and its dominant messaging is created by consultants and think tanks and marketers who see us, not as human beings, but as suckers who are only here to buy their stories, their brands and their products. All of that nonsense is going down.

The guy who hoarded all the toilet paper is really no different than the current “winners” of the capitalist, anti-life system we’ve all been playing into. Now, we can see it for the sham it is. It offers no real security. It’s all made up. For this I say hallelujah!

3. I’m also grateful we’ve got proof  of what we spiritual types have been touting for eons: we are all connected and interwoven. We’re all basically the same person.

And if a tiny invisible virus can spread across the globe this quickly, if it can upend everything we mistaken believed was our security, think how fast we could transmit a different, truer story. A story of love. Of connection. Of oneness.

Now’s the time to forget monetizing, marketing, media.  I’m using this enormous gift of time by turning to the natural world that isn’t complaining, isn’t worrying, isn’t stockpiling.

It continues to give of its gifts–music (thank you birds), impending shade (thank you trees), beautiful colors (thank you flowers).

And I ask myself, what gift do I have to give?

That’s all any of us ever wanted to do anyway. To love and to give of our gifts.

Many folks are eager to return to “life as we knew it,” but I no longer want to cling to that made-up world.

I’m eager for the new one that’s emerging. Birth, as we moms know so well, is messy, sometimes painful. But wow! Look at the gift on the other side.

This is our opportunity, guys, to create a better, truer, more loving world.

Pam Grout is the author of 20 books including E-Squared, E-Cubed, Thank & Grow Rich and her latest book, The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (And Therefore Your World)

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    1. Thanks for putting this message out there, we have so much to be grateful for and its amazing how fast people forget that, or just dont see it. Its exactly what people need to read right now, like you, Im hopeful we come out of this tragedy learning the important things are not things we buy. Thank you Pam.

  1. Right on!!! To people who tell me we are all gonna die – I reply, yes, we will and no we won’t. Thank you for your “still small voice” which I am visualizing as being a “still large voice”. I find it ironic that I’m the one who had to calm down the president and pastor of our church!!

  2. I love how you so beautifully articulate what I feel and think, so often.
    Thank you!
    Pamela Joy

    1. Thanks for broadcasting it out to me so I can articulate it. We all need to articulate this message of peace in the best way we know how.

  3. Thank you Pam 🦋
    So soul-touching as ever! 🦋💖🦋
    I signed up to this digital business course and I realized ( a little too late!) that I don’t want to make business at least on the most part of it, thinking my Fearlings, aka Pelonteet 💖🦋💖
    I just wrote and prepared my books With my Fearlings to be loaded and read for free in my site, and the ”payment” is Only to think if the books mattered, to pay-it-forward. To give a gift of yours to whom you want.

    Now I Turn to the Course to really have the trust to see peace instead, if I end up having to pay them (the business course company, I signed up for a whole Year 😳) monthly hundred of euros, for the material I cannot even take into use, considering my recently diagnosed depression too..

    Thank you thank you Pam, you are an inspiration and a gift to us all! ❤️🦋❤️

    1. Thank you for offering your beautiful offering for free. This is how we move the needle, how we move away from fear and the belief that money is some kind of security. Security is ours, but it doesn’t come from the sources we long believed were our sources.

  4. Right freaken on Pam!!! Love love love all the good stuff happening, the stepping back, the opportunities presented to slow down, help our neighbours and basically show up with more compassion and love, especially to those who are afraid. One love, one world… we are all in this together.
    Thanks for your thoughts and sharing with us all.
    Peace, Kate

  5. Love Love Love this and so true!!!

    Cynthia Namaste

    I’m working toward an undergrad degree in confidence, a masters in courage and a PhD in elevating my consciousness,


  6. I loved point #3 about us knowing we are all connected as a tiny virus showed us. So glad we can connect on Love now, recreate and give our gifts. This just eased my heart. So grateful I’ve been following you!

  7. Yeah, let’s see what will be emerging out of that crisis = chance … I also love the slow-down, retreat and alone-time aspect of it.

    Well, people who market that other people are “suckers who are only here to buy their stories, their brands and their products” are playing the same game together with the people who buy that stuff out of such a consciousness. It always requires two parties for a game, so I don’t feel like blaming anybody. Also, capitalism and with it the money system aren’t necessarily bad because by exponential growth and creating money out of nowhere they interestingly hint at the infinite, spiritual, energetic nature of life. Material stuff isn’t less “spiritual” than immaterial stuff. And our wonderful planet is probably capable of providing all the resources for ever-growing needs and desires and may even expand as we go along … I mean, if it’s all energy resp. just stories in our minds, why settle for any limits? The key seems to be a joyous and appreciative journey, tuning in to the magic of life instead of settling for the rat race, robot, fear etc. route. By the way, I enjoyed your book about gratitude a lot; thanks for that :).

    Best wishes from Germany! Stay tuned, healthy and eager for the good that’s coming out of this – and continues to be here now; see the birds, trees and flowers … <3

    PS: "Corona" means crown, and "cor" means heart :).

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out blinders in my thinking. You are so right! We have all been playing the game–which means we can all change the game. Love this so much!

  8. Beyond true! Thank you for “being an instrument of peace.” I needed to hear all of this today – Thank you Pam!

    1. I could not agree with you more.
      Thank you so much for being you and reminding us that we are one and all come from love.

  9. I am so grateful that you are in my life! Thank you so much for all you do & say.. Much love..

  10. The opposite of fear is love. Please join me every day in sending love to our planet and everyone on it.

  11. HI Pam

    I so agree… take the time, slow down and shut that TV off… the hype and fear is not true.

    What is true, is my family (I have time to spend it with them now), good, slow-cooked wholesome food (I have time to prepare it now), my garden (I have time to water and watch it all grow now), my animals (I have time to watch them play now)….

    Love this…

    Imagine how much less plastic is being produced right now, how much less pollution is happening right now, how cleaner the air is with less planes flying, right now, the whole planet is in slow mode…. Right now. WOW!

    God is smiling…. Right now!

    Amen and Love!!


    1. I read that in Wuhan, China, where this all started, they can hear the birds sing, and the air is clear for the first time in ages!

    2. Hi Sharon,
      I love that you mentioned the pollution aspect. I saw a CNN report showing the drastic reduction in air pollution in parts of the world already – like in China people are able to see blue skies in places they normally cannot! That thought is simultaneously wonderful and just terrible! Imagine no blue sky?! Anyway, it’s a positive result coming out of the pandemic.
      Take good care,

  12. Gosh I needed to hear this so much today. I’m quarantined because I am immune suppressed and I was just starting to feel sorry for myself. Thank you for helping me see the truth!

  13. Ahhhh, yes! I’m in my comfy home, watching the birds play in the rain outside, and just feeling so grateful for my life. WE are ONE Family on Earth, and are finally waking up to that Truth. May we never go back to the old ‘normal’ but beat our swords into plowshares and unite to save our beautiful little green planet…
    Bless you ALL!

  14. Wonderful! Thankyou Pam for your perfectly timed reminders of the underlying truth, and for the hope you offer us in navigating this current “reality” we’re in and in creating a new one. Amen! 😁🌹🦋💛

    1. Yes, we’re creating a new reality. I like to think we’re finally seeing the TRUTH–about who we really are–love, peace, united.

  15. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for finding this within you and then sharing it with us.

  16. Wow Pam this post really hit home with me, it hit something deep inside and you expressed it so well. All your post are brilliant, but this one was extra extra brilliant! Thanks for being a bright light for all to bathe in! Namaste and Blessings to you and all that read and share on this site.

  17. Although expressed beautifully, there are people who live paycheck to paycheck who jobs are in great jeopardy. Just wondering if they will have the luxury of smelling the flowers. I do every day often, but I do wonder about how these people will.

  18. Worry and fear are not innately negative. They are emotions that can help us access our most tender and vulnerable heart.From that space, genuine love and courage can prevail. I can feel within this short time Mother Earth is starting to heal. I have read more dolphins are coming closer to shore in Italy, due to less cruise ships not dominating the coastline. I love your posts Pam and I appreciate you sharing your light. Thank you 🙂

    1. I love that we’re always home even though we sometimes go on scary vacations in our minds. Or at least I do. Always wonderful coming back home to the truth.

  19. Thanks to an idea Kimmy gave me we have started a womens/mens prayer group on long island at 2:22pm each day for world healing and protection of families. The group is spreading across USA and now in Virginia, Texas, New York as of today..peace and health to all ❤

    1. Love this! Prayers at 2:22 EST! Might as well join together at 2:22 CST, MST and PST, too. While we’re at it. Thanks, dear Taz!!!

  20. In a world full of scary stuff yout messages are becoming all the more important. I look forward to your hopeful, optimistic messages. They really help. It’s easy to get discouraged. Being upbeat requires a bit more spiritual discipline. That is a daily practice. Thank you again.

  21. The flowers, shade and birds – all gifts for free. I am also thankful that this pandemic gives the eart a chance to breathe from our demands on it. There are fish in the canals of Venice! A sign of good things to come. An inspiring post. Thank you.

  22. I’m so surprised to read your negativity toward capitalism! Without a free market, would you be selling your books? I advise you to do some research !

  23. Love it! I´m planning to learn something that I´ve been postponing because I work all day long with a computer, when I get home my mind is too tired to take an online course.
    So this is my opportunity! Tomorrow I start.

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